Mario Dresses Up as James Bond in Awesome GOLDENEYE 007 Mod

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Goldeneye 007 was the first-person shooter game that introduced many gamers to the genre. The game also became a smash hit on consoles. While there were other titles before Goldeneye, they weren’t as big. Goldeneye has had a lasting impression on both the industry and the players alike. I think it’s safe to say that most of us have fond memories of killing our friends with DK Mode and Paintball Mode enabled.

Have you been wanting to revisit that classic game? Maybe you tried out the 4K mod to breathe new life into it already. Well, what if you wanted to change things up more? A mod team consisting of StupidMarioBros1Fan, Graslu00, Carivorous, and Sogun created a fun looking mod that replaces all of the characters with characters from Mario. James Bond becomes Mario, Alex Trevelyan is Luigi, Soldiers and Civilians are Koopa Troopas, and of course, Oddjob is Toad.

This is not a multiplayer only mod either. The team edited some of the dialogue in the story and even changed some things around to bring some characters into it such as Toad/Oddjob.  If you are really feeling that nostalgic itch and have the know-how, this mod will run on the N64 hardware. You will want to be careful of the more demanding levels having big characters such as Bowser and Rainbow Bowser though since that can slow the performance.

I think this mod would be a lot of fun to play. I would love to get 3 friends to come over and either take turns shooting up Koopas or murdering each other in multiplayer (paintball mode enabled of course). I do wonder if Toad throws his head (or is that a hat?) like Oddjob or if he just magically produces a top hat. Check out the trailer below.

Are you going to try this mod out? Let us know in the comments!


DEN OF THIEVES Is The Best Action Movie of 2018, So Far – One Minute Movie Review


Christian Gudegast is the writer behind some pretty good action films like London Has Fallen and A Man Apart. Now in his directorial debut he brings us Den Of Thieves, the action thriller that pits two crews on both sides of the law against each other in modern day Los Angeles. Gerard Butler and Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson co-star in this action-packed heist film, but is it just another mediocre movie?

Watch the 60-second review from One Minute Critic:

You can check out more 1-minute reviews on One Minute Critic's Instagram or Youtube page.

Rian Johnson Just Defended A Plot Point Of STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI In A Hilarious Way

You can hound Rian Johnson day in and day and complain about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, but it doesn't seem like you're going to break him. The director has been making it his goal to address each and every issue fans have had with his film, and his latest might just be his best yet. 

Johnson spent today on Twitter specifically addressing the scene in which Luke uses "Force Projection," to transport himself to the field of battle. Those who dislike the scene have remarked Luke's appearance is far outside of the realm of possibility for what a Jedi can do. I could explain how Johnson proved that's not true, but it's a lot better if you just follow the pictures by clicking the tweet thread (yes there's more than two pictures) below:

Yep, turns out Force Projection is canon. Of course, this is a silly argument to make as if it wasn't, someone would've stepped in and told Johnson he couldn't do it well before the film made its way to theaters. Now if he can just explain how people can survive the freezing cold of space but die of sadness...

Did you have a problem with Luke's scene? Thanks to Comicbook for bringing this to our attention.

Lindsay Lohan Still Wants to Be BATGIRL and Explains How Her Past is Keeping Her From Getting It

First things first, I don’t think Lindsay Lohan should be Batgirl in Joss Whedon’s film. I just don’t think she’d be a good fit. However, the actress really wants this role. She even uploaded this picture to Twitter:

Sadly, she has mentioned that people are bringing up her past mistakes as reasons to not cast her. I didn't realize people were disqualifying her because of her personal past, but I'm not terribly surprised by it given the world we currently live in. To address these haters, Lohan was recently on The Wendy Williams Show and talks about how by bringing up her past, people are distracting from possibilities of her “meeting with people to do Batgirl or maybe doing a Mean Girls 2.” I sympathize with Lohan here. Yeah, she messed up, but it seems she’s trying to fix things and get back into acting. I applaud her for that. I still don’t think she should be Batgirl, but maybe we the people shouldn’t keep dragging her through the mud for things she’s working on. I really enjoyed her in Mean Girls and Freaky Friday. I think she could be great in a more comedic role. I could see her follow in the same vein as Tina Fey even. Maybe instead of drudging up the past, we can just point to her just not being the right fit. I’d love to see her come back into acting though, just not as Batgirl.

Rian Johnson Once Again Explained Rey’s Parents In An Effort To Put It To Rest

If you're someone who is still convinced Rian Johnson intentionally misled people with who Rey's parents were in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, you gotta let the past die. Johnson has once again stated that the call was his to make regarding Rey's parents, and that he ultimately chose Rey's parents to be drug-addicts to show that the Force is not a tool exclusive to a handful of individuals within a Jedi bloodline. 

Check out Johnson's latest comments regarding that in the video below, and continue on below:

I get there were people who wanted Rey to be a Kenobi or something like that, but I have to say I like Johnson's reasoning here if only because it ultimately ensures the health of the Star Wars franchise. Whether you like it or not, Disney is going to continue these films up until the day you draw your last breath, and the only way to ensure that continues to happen is to establish that the story of the Force expands well beyond the Skywalker family.

Whether you agree with it or not, I think ultimately this move is going to be remembered as a pivotal step in the future of the Star Wars franchise be it good or bad. Do you agree, or do you think J.J. Abrams is just going to retcon Rey's parentage in Episode IX? 

Life Found A Way To Bring These JURASSIC PARK Funko Pop To Stores!


For the first time ever, folks will get their chance to own a Jurassic Park Funko Pop. Set to hit store shelves Thursday, March 15, every character you could ever want from the original film is in tow. Here's the official list:

  • Dilophosaurus
  • Velicoraptor
  • T-Rex
  • Dr. Alan Grant
  • Dr. Ian Malcolm
  • Dennis Nedry
  • John Hammond
  • Park Vehicle (with Dr. Ellie Sattler)

Check out some pictures of the Pops above and below, and be on the lookout for more this Summer as a Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom line is supposedly on the way as well!

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JUSTICE LEAGUE Blu-Ray Trailer Hints at New Scene


Justice League is one of the many films that seemed to divide fans in 2017. I’ve heard so many mixed reviews from people saying it was great, to meh, to don’t waste your time. Some fans even started a petition to get a Zack Snyder version of the film which as I understand it, would be impossible for Warner Bros to provide. However, the trailer for the Blu-Ray version of the film dropped and it says there is a major deleted scene that would be included. Now, whether this is enough to appease those Snyder fans or even help boost the movie in other fans eyes, we’ll just have to see. Here’s the full list of Bonus Features for the DVD and Blu-Ray bundles:

Road to Justice
Heart of Justice
Technology of the Justice League
Justice League: The New Heroes
Steppenwolf the Conqueror
Scene Studies: Revisiting the Amazons
Scene Studies: Wonder Woman’s Rescue
Scene Studies: Heroes Park
Scene Studies: The Tunnel Battle
Suit Up: The Look of the League

Road to Justice
Heart of Justice
Technology of the Justice League
Justice League: The New Heroes
Steppenwolf the Conqueror
Scene Studies: Revisiting the Amazons
Scene Studies: Wonder Woman’s Rescue
Scene Studies: Heroes Park
Scene Studies: The Tunnel Battle
Suit Up: The Look of the League
The Return of Superman (Never Before Seen)

Physical copies will be available March 13, and digital copies on February 13 with preorders available now.

The SWORD IN THE STONE Live-Action Remake Now Has A Director

The Sword in the Stone live-action remake just got a director, and it's looking like this film may have a much darker tone than the original animated Disney film. THR reports director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo has gotten the job, and will take on the script written by Game of Thrones writer Bryan Cogman. 

If the name of the director isn't ringing any bells, perhaps you'll remember him from his film 28 Weeks Later. Now, we're not expecting Disney to let Fresnadillo go quite as dark as he's capable of with this film, but the casting certainly indicates they're not looking to do a live-action shot for shot recreation of the original film. Beyond the zombie film, Fresnadillo has also directed episodes of Falling Water and Salvation, which definitely show Disney has a different vision for this film. 

How do you feel about a darker Sword in the Stone? I'll be honest I have no strong feelings towards the original so I have no issue with Disney trying something new. What's your take?

A Director Of THE HANDMAID’S TALE Could Be Directing A Future STAR WARS Film


A director of The Handmaid's Tale, Reed Morano, could be at the helm of a future Star Wars film. THR reports the director recently met with Kathleen Kennedy, and while she couldn't say what the discussion was about, she did have nothing but positive things to say about the producer:

“[Kathleen Kennedy is] amazing. We’re talking about adventure movies, and I’m not even remembering that she produced Goonies. Any movie that I put my finger on that I loved when I was growing up was a movie that she produced. Anyway, it was a great meeting. Obviously, I can’t say anything about what else we were talking about...I guess [Kathleen Kennedy] was watching [The Handmaid’s Tale] with her daughter and then called people and was like, ‘Who’s this Reed person?’ She probably thought I was a guy because of my name.

Episode IX is already off limits, but it's been well established Disney is looking to pump out a healthy amount of Star Wars films throughout the next decade and beyond, so it's possible Kennedy was gauging Morano's interest in helming a future film for the franchise. 

Morano has directed three episodes of The Handmaid's Tale, as well as an episode of ShowTime's Billions and AMC's Halt And Catch Fire. That's too wide of a range to speculate what Kennedy might have in mind for Morano and Star Wars, but considering Kennedy noticed her while watching The Handmaid's Tale...could it have to do with a story like that? Anybody got any ideas?

Steven Spielberg Might Be Directing Another INDIANA JONES Film And A WEST SIDE STORY Reboot Next

Steven Spielberg just finished directing The Post and Ready Player One, but if you thought that meant he was taking a break, you were dead wrong. Deadline reports the director is already eyeballing his next two features and that a new Indiana Jones film and a reboot of West Side Story are both distinct possibilities. There are other options on the table, of course, but obviously, these are the most exciting. 

Well one of them anyway. Right now current sources seem to indicate the Indiana Jones film is holding the top spot, and that whatever second film he chooses would either precede or follow that. Spielberg's camp, of course, denies any of this, but it wouldn't be Hollywood without loose lips to get the fans excited. 

If Spielberg is getting back into the Indiana Jones game, Disney is undoubtedly high fiving each other as we speak for that Lucasfilm acquisition. There were rumors at one point that Spielberg wanted to relaunch the franchise with Chris Pratt and Harrison Ford attached, but I'll be honest that sounds a little more rumory than this rumor we're currently discussing. Honestly, I wouldn't be mad if Shia Labeouf returned the the franchise now that he's older and took another shot at things! 

The West Side Story rumor, while far less exciting for a geek audience, does give the rumor a bit more weight as its a film Spielberg expressed interest in before. We'll keep an eye out for more updates, but while we do, are you ready for another Indiana Jones film? What would it take to get you excited for that?