George R.R. Martin Says GAME OF THRONES Book Winds Of Winter Isn’t Coming In 2018

There's procrastination, and then there's George R.R. Martin. The author confirmed today that while 2018 will see the release of a Game of Thrones book, it will not be the much-anticipated Winds of Winter. Instead, the author will be releasing Fire and Blood, which Martin proclaimed will be his version of J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion, or the first half of it anyway:

The book will chronicle the Targaryen Civil War, which played a big part in the history of Game of Thrones, but does nothing towards advancing the book's story. I'm not a betting man, but if I were I'm guessing it's far more profitable at this stage in Martin's career to flesh out his universe for future generations to adapt than it is to finish a story the television series based off it will wrap up in 2019 anyway. Of course, I'm just speculating on that, and it's not like Martin doesn't already have a precedent of making fans wait a long time on his work. 

As morbid as it may be too do this, I'm frustrated enough by this news to put on this poll. Do you think George R.R. Martin will complete A Song of Ice and Fire before he dies? Yes or no?

H1Z1 Battle Royale Is Launching A Free-to-Play Open Beta On The Playstation 4

The variety of games that offer a Battle Royale mode has grown since the popularity of PUBGand Fortnite. One of the popular original games that offered a Battle Royale mode, on the PC, was H1Z1which has a still growing fan base. Currently, Fortniteis unrivaled on the PS4 as the game to play for Battle Royale, but that won't be the case much longer. Now PS4 console players can look forward to a new-to-them, free-to-play Battle Royale game as Daybreakannounced that H1Z1will be available on PS4 in an open beta this May 22nd!

This console launch will be more than just a port over though. H1Z1 will be launching with all new weapons, gear, vehicles and more! There's something new for even the experienced players on PC to check out. Here's what the games producer, Terrence Yee, had to say about the launch:

"This is the battle-royale game for fans of action console shooters. Battle royale should be about the adrenaline rush you get from being one of the last few remaining, so we’ve drilled down to that core gameplay experience to keep players engaged in all the action. This means more guns, more vehicles, more weapons, a streamlined UI, familiar console controls and faster matches—it’s pure battle royale."
download (16).jpeg

If you are too excited to wait for May 22nd you can sign up for the closed beta and help the developers bring the best form of the game over to the PS4. You can also check out the full official announcement on the PlayStation blog.

I'm personally a fan of Fortniteand don't see myself making the switch, but a new free game is always worth at least checking out. Do you think you will end up on H1Z1or are you too hooked on Fortniteto say if you will switch without trying the game for comparison first?


The First Footage From M. Night Shyamalan’s GLASS Just Screened and it Was Amazing!


During the Universal Pictures presentation as CinemaCon, M. Night Shyamalan, Bruce Willis, Samuel L. Jackson, and Sarah Paulson came up on stage to present the very first footage from the upcoming film Glass! This is the sequel to both Unbreakable and Split, and this movie looks like it's going to be incredible! In fact, Glass is now one of my most anticipated films of 2019!

Before showing the footage, the filmmaker said, "In Spilt, I created the origin story for an anarchist that could be good or could be bad. The worlds of Unbreakable and Split finally collide in Glass." Paulson went on to add, "What if these real-life superheroes and supervillains are somehow locked up together? What could go wrong?"

Shyamalan went on to talk about how grounded in reality this movie is and says that it is "the first truly grounded comic book movie." He goes on to say:

“Eighteen years ago I had this idea: What if comic books were based on reality? I tried to tell the story of superheros in the real world with David Dunn. Then two years ago, I got another crazy notion: What if the afflictions and disorders that everyone in society thinks make a person bad were actually gifts? And I created the origin story for an anarchist who could be good or bad.”

The story that the film will tell is fascinating as we see David Dunn, Mr. Glass, and Kevin Crumb a.k.a The Beast in a psychiatric ward where Doctor Ellie Staple (Paulson) is treating them. Why? Because they all think they have superpowers! 

The footage we saw starts out with Doctor Staple saying, "It's amazing to meet you, it is simply extraordinary." She focuses on individuals who believe they are superheroes. Sitting in the room with her are Kevin, Glass, and David and they are looking at her like she is the crazy one. She begins to talk to them about their pasts. David surviving the train and not being hurt, Glass' brittle bones, and Kevin's multiple personalities. They all talk about them and what they can do. 

Glass says "And yet it is true. My bones break easily, I have 94 breaks in my life." The doctor, then points out that he has a super high IQ, which could be a superpower in itself. She goes on to tell Glass, "Some of you don’t die with bullets, some of you bend steel."

We see some quick shots in the trailer of The Beast holding a group of cheerleaders chained up in a basement. At one point Glass is talking to Kevin and he says that he wants to meet The Beast, and he thinks that the villains are teaming up with him. We also get a shot of David holding his iconic raincoat superhero costume. 

We also got our first look at the return of Anya Taylor-Joy as Casey Cooke, the survivor at the end of Split. In the footage, we see her once again coming face to face with Kevin, who is very happy to see her. It looks like this meeting takes place in the hospital where all these characters are being held.

We also see a shot of The Beast throw someone and run through a field as he roars. The final part we saw is Mr. Glass being asked to introduce himself, in which he says, "First name, Mister. Last name, Glass."

There are a ton of cool shots in the trailer, but going from memory, it's hard to remember them all. Hopefully, the trailer will be released soon so you can all see it! One thing is for sure... Shyamalan is preparing to give us one hell of an unexpected twist at the end of this thing!

Glass premieres on January 18, 2019. I also included an image from the event below that gives you your first look at the three main characters coming together.

The IMAX Trailer For DEADPOOL 2 Is Here With Slightly More New Footage

The trailer for Deadpool 2 has arrived, and it has slightly different footage than the official trailer. At least I think so anyway; it's really hard to differentiate between the two even after watching them back to back. That said, I believe that powdering up scene is new and there were a couple other quick shots that seemed to be different.

Check it out below, and get hyped for all the action May 18:

Harrison Ford Joins THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS 2 In His First Animation Role

For the first time in his film career, Harrison Ford is joining an animated feature. Ford will lead the cast in The Secret Life of Pets 2, the sequel to the successful CGI film. Deadline reports Ford will be joined by Patton Oswalt, Tiffany Haddish, Nick Kroll and Pete Holmes who will all join the franchise for the first time. Oswalt will take over the role of Max, who was originally voiced by Louis C.K. 

Beyond C.K.'s absence, much of the cast from the original film will be reprising their roles. The film's script will be written by Minions writer Brian Lynch, and Despicable Me's Chris Renaud will direct.

No details have been released regarding Ford's character, so we can only speculate on the pet he will play. Does anyone have any guesses?

Here’s How The Characters Of AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Would Do In A Royal Rumble


We can all assume Thanos fairs pretty well in the first half of Avengers: Infinity War, but how would he fare in a WWE style Royal Rumble? IGN sought out the answer, and while their results weren't completely scientific, the video is quite hilarious. My only disappointment is that this wasn't a full 30-man Royal Rumble, because goodness knows there are certainly enough heroes in this film to justify it. Check out the throwdown below:

Disney Finds It’s Cast For Their Live-Action KIM POSSIBLE Movie

A few months ago we learned that Disney was going to be developing a live-action film adaptation of their classic animated series Kim Possible. The movie will air on the Disney Channel and today we've learned the two actors who will play Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable. Those young actors are newcomer Sadie Stanley and Sean Giambrone (The Goldbergs).

Kim Possible centers on a typical high school girl who, in her spare time, saves the world from evil villains. Along with her hapless sidekick Ron and his naked mole-rat Rufus, Kim took on power-hungry villains like Drakken and Shego. The comedy/adventure series ran for 87 episodes and aired two original animated movies.

Judy Taylor, Senior VP of casting and talent relations at Disney Channel had this to say about the casting in a statement:

"Sadie delivers Kim's confidence, smarts, and agility; most importantly, she's an everyday girl with an extraordinary spirit. Sean is such a magnetic actor; he always finds the right balance of physical comedy and heart. We're excited for audiences to see Sadie and Sean bring these iconic roles to life."

Fans of the original series will be happy to hear that the show's creators, Mark McCorkle and Robert Schooley, wrote the script for the live-action movie along with Josh Cagan (The DUFF). The movie will be co-directed and co-produced by Adam B. Stein and Zach Lipovsky, who were finalists on Fox's On the Lot, the directing competition series from Steven Spielberg and Mark Burnett.

The comedy-adventure will go into production this summer and is set to premiere in 2019.

You can watch a casting announcement video below featuring original Kim Possible stars Christy Carlson Romano and Will Friedle.

Via: THR

DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN First Impression: Sets New Standard For Interactive Story Games

Games are constantly being judged by three main categories: graphics, gameplay, and story. While many games tend to have two of the three main categories that make them worth it, there are very few that make the story the front runnerof the game's focus.

Taking on the challenge, Quantic Dream has been developing Detroit: Become Human. This game is a choice-based title that lets players control the decisions that their character makes giving them control of the story. Recently launching a demo, we have finally been given a chance to dive into this Heavy Rain-like experience.


While the overall story remains a mystery, we have gotten to know a little bit about our character; or one of them at least, given that the trailers have shown multiple character options. Playing as Connor, or detective android RK800, you arrive on the scene of a hostage situation to handle what the human police have failed to do so far; diffuse the situation and secure the hostage.

The story takes place in the futuristic year of 2038 where there are a variety of humanoid androids designed for all walks of life. Whether they are designed to do police work, house work, office work, or simply be a nanny companion for the family, they are all supposed to be designed without flaw. As both the demo and name of the game imply, it seems that some of the androids begin to feel a more human side in their existence.

download (13).jpeg


When you start a new mission, you will find countless objects to interact with throughout the level. While some may seem to be unimportant, there is a chance that even the smallest of changes will affect the outcome of the mission.

The variety of Interactive objects featured in the demo ranged from ineffective, to investigative, to directly impactingthe mission. While some actions were just fun or interesting, you knew which actions were helpful thanks to a percentage that would appear and change afterwards. An example of this would be that after talking to the officer in command, your chance of success is lowered while examining the empty gun case raised your chance of success.

Once you have played through the mission for the first time, there is something unique offered. Completed missions can be looked over in the levels Flowchart. This feature allows players to see what options and interactive objects  they missed, as well as what path they took. This feature allows players to truly experience each mission to its fullest without too much curiosity eating at them as they wonder if they missed anything.

download (14).jpeg


While I was hoping to play through a mission that I had yet to see and experience a new area that Detroit: Become Humanoffers, the demo did give me an idea of what lies ahead.

While the missions are going to seem random as players jump between scenarios and characters, I think there will be a much larger story being told underneath what we will be directly experiencing. With how detailed they are with one mission, I think that this demo barely scratches the surface of what the game will hold.


Detroit: Become Humanis an intriguing game that is going to set a new standard for the interactive story genre. The game shows a lot of promise and is one of the most detailed games I've played in the genre, and I've only gotten to play a demo. I'm hoping for a massive game with an impressive amount of missions, but most of all I'm hopeful that the story will be deeper than what appears on the surface. Easily a game to look forward to owning and worth keeping a close eye on until release.


Chris Pratt Reveals What James Gunn Told Him After Watching AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR; Plus Two new TV Spots!

Everything changes in the MCU this week with the release of Marvel's Avengers: Infinity War. It's amazing to see what Marvel has accomplished over the past ten years, and after this, it's going to be really interesting to see where things go from here.

A lot of fans of the Marvel films appreciate what the various filmmakers think of each other's films. One of the more popular directors who works with Marvel is James Gunn, and this was his initial reaction of the film:

In an interview with E! NewsChris Pratt talks about a conversation that he had with Gunn about the movie after he saw it because he wanted to know what he thought of it. After all, the movie does feature all of the main Guardians of the Galaxy characters, and they are being played with by other directors. Personally, I think the Russo Bros. did a fantastic job with all of the characters in the film! Anyway, here's what Pratt had to say:

I trust him. He's got great taste and he's really difficult. He's not like complicated as a person but he's difficult to please as an artist. And he watched this movie and he was blown away. And he was, like, thinking about it for days. He texted me immediately and was like, 'Oh my god, dude, I'm so happy with the movie; I'm so proud of it.' So, I feel like the pressure's off.

It's good to know that James Gunn loved the movie. The director is currently working on developing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, and I can't help but wonder how that movie is going to turn out after the events of Infinity War. Speaking of which, I have two new TV spots for you to watch as well!