WINNIE THE ROBOT Art Series by Carlos Dattoli

If you liked Winnie the Pooh when you were a kid but wished it had a little more in common with Mega Man, you are in for a treat. Artist Carlos Dattoli created these giant robot versions of the gang from the Hundred Acre Wood, and he explains a little bit of his inspiration in this note:

Yes... yes I did haha, I've turned Winnie Pooh and his friends into Giant robots!
But this has a very good reason for it...
The idea came up because when I was a little boy, McDonald's in one of their happy meals, gave some hamburgers toys, cups and fries, that you could turn into robots, and as a kid I remember loving those, even though they were very simple, so one day this idea got stocked in my mind, and I had to do it! and mix two things with nothing in common, and this is the result! 
(And yes... that little guy right there is Christopher Robin haha)

I actually remember those toys, although I’m still not quite sure how he made the leap to Winnie the Pooh…I guess those kinds of creative leaps are why he’s an artist and I’m an occasional blogger. You can check out the individual robots below. You can't quite call them "cuddly little puffs all stuffed with fluff" anymore.


Kara Stands Strong on SUPERGIRL Season 2 Poster

The first season of Supergirl aired on CBS, but the network dropped the show after season one. Thankfully for fans, The CW — a network that's a much better fit for the series — swooped in and picked it up for season two, and it seems like it's gearing up for its best season yet, with the added bonuses of a new musical crossover with The Flash, the epic four-show crossover, and a new Superman coming along for the ride.

After a hoax poster hit the internet a little while back, The CW has debuted the first official poster for the new season that has star Melissa Benoist front and center, as she should be. It's her show, after all.

Season two of Supergirl lands on The CW on October 10th, 2016 at 8pm.

You Gotta See Footage From This Amazing Japanese Puppet Action Show

They called this an anime on Reddit, but I feel that's a bit misleading. Thunderbolt Fantasy, while technically a Japanese animation, uses puppets as opposed to drawings to tell what looks to be a bonkers story. The action and cinematography in this show is absolutely insane looking! Here's a description for the show:

Set in an Eastern fantasy setting, Dān Fěi and her brother, guardians of a sword known as the Tiān Xíng Jiàn, are pursued by the evil Xuán Guǐ Zōng clan, who seek to obtain the sword for their master, Miè Tiān Hái. 

Below is footage from the opening of the first episode. I think I'm going to have to watch this entire series after!

Here’s The Latest Batch of ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY Photos

Empire Magazine has been teasing little bits of information about Rogue One: A Star Wars Story over the past couple of weeks, from the multiple covers to director Gareth Edwards' interpretation about the meaning(s) of the title. Now we finally have (what appears to be) all of the images from the magazine's coverage of the movie, complete with their own commentary in the photos themselves. Take a look:

Rogue One Empire 2.jpg
Rogue One Empire 1.jpg
Rogue One Empire 3.jpg
Rogue One Empire 6.jpg
Rogue One Empire 5.jpg
Rogue One Empire 4.jpg

Some very quick thoughts:

Baze Malbus is still the most perfect Star Wars character name ever.

I have a bad feeling that Riz Ahmed isn't going to be in the movie very much. I can't exactly put my finger on why I feel that way — it's just a sense I've gotten from his limited appearances in the trailers, footage, and photos we've seen so far. My (completely speculative) guess is that he dies relatively early on.

Felicity Jones continues to look awesome as Jyn Erso, especially in that header photo at the very top of the post.

And finally, I'm going to guess that Donnie Yen's blind badass Chirrut Imwe is going to be the MVP supporting character (well, at least a flesh-based one — Alan Tudyk's K-2SO might ultimately take that prize).

Rogue One blasts into theaters on December 16th.

NBC Wanted Robert Kirkman to Remove Zombies and Make THE WALKING DEAD a Crime Show

We often hear about stupid things that happen in behind-the-scenes pitches to networks, but this one is about the best I've heard yet! Bloody Disgusting says that before Robert Kirkman signed a deal with AMC, he first pitched The Walking Dead to NBC executives. They liked the concept, but wondered if the show really needed zombies...oh, and he needed to add two crime fighting detectives, according to producer Gale Ann Hurd.

I'm guessing eventually the title of the show would have been changed to Law & Order: SZU or something. Clearly, the network executives weren't familiar with the source material, nor did they want to be! Lucky for us, AMC picked it up and began its reign of good cable television. Thank goodness for that — could you imagine how quick a show like that would be cancelled? Then again, iZombie does pretty well...

Kate Mara Says She’d Join Miles Teller For A FANTASTIC FOUR Sequel

Someone tell me this isn't happening. After Miles Teller sent a collective groan through movie fans after publicly stating he would do a Fantastic Four sequel, Kate Mara announced she would be up for it as well. The actress shared her thoughts during an interview about her upcoming film Morgan with IGN:

“I know all the guys feel the same way. We love working with each other. We would love to actually play these characters in another way, somehow, in the future. I have no idea if that’s actually true, if that will happen, but I’d be really happy to do it.”

NO! It looks like it's up to Michael B. Jordan to put his foot down and save us all, right? Surely he will walk away with his busy filming schedule?! Please, Michael...please don't let this become a reality. 

Alison Brie Gets Into The Ring For Netflix Wrestling Series G.L.O.W.

Alison Brie has stayed busy since the end of Community, appearing in tons of indie films and providing voice work for video games and Netflix's BoJack Horseman. But now she's secured her return to live-action comedy on the small screen, and she's reuniting with Netflix for the show: Deadline reports she'll star in G.L.O.W., a series executive produced by Orange is the New Black's Jenji Kohan (another Netflix connection!) that's created by Liz Flahive and Carly Mensch.

G.L.O.W. was inspired by the real story of the 1980s female wrestling league. Set in Los Angeles and showcasing big hair and body slams, the series tells the fictionalized story of Ruth (Brie), an out-of-work, struggling actress who finds one last attempt to live her dreams when she’s thrust into the glitter and spandex world of women’s wrestling via a weekly series about female wrestlers.
The Reagan-era female wrestling league G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling), a female answer to the male-dominated World Wrestling Federation, was showcased in the eponymous kitschy, Las Vegas-based syndicated TV series, which ran for four seasons, featuring sketches, songs and wrestling.

Kohan has been killing it with Orange is the New Black, and Brie definitely has the chops to pull off the comedic aspects of this premise. I do wonder if she'll have the physicality to get in the ring and wreck some people, but based on this intro, I'm not sure that was ever actually the reason for this league to exist:

Watch: John Oliver Offers an Option for People Sick of Superhero Films

Superhero film fatigue has yet to set in with mainstream audiences, but John Oliver has some valid points about the genre. We can only see the same movie with different characters so many times before we get tired of them! Luckily, these past couple years have brought a welcome variety of styles of superhero films, and John and Last Week Tonight have one more they would like to pitch for your consideration. 

I know it's a joke, but I think a kid superhero film would actually be pretty entertaining if it kept the same narrative as Oliver's storytelling. Check it out below!

Deathstroke Will Reportedly Be The Main Villain in Ben Affleck’s Solo Batman Film

Early this morning, Ben Affleck shared a video of some live-action footage featuring the villainous assassin Deathstroke on his Twitter page. The majority of the speculation online pointed toward this footage being from Justice League, and that still may be the case. But Justice League may not be the only appearance in the DC Extended Universe from the one-eyed badass: The Wrap reports that "Deathstroke will, in fact, be the main antagonist of the Batman standalone movie [Affleck is] directing."

The report claims they heard this information from "an individual with knowledge of the situation," but since it's not corroborated by multiple sources and it's still very early on in the script process for The Batman (or whatever it ends up being called), I'm not quite sure that I totally buy this. Sure, it's plausible. DC has shown that they're willing to drop their characters into other movies to give the cinematic universe a feeling of connectedness (see: The Flash and Batman in Suicide Squad), and I wouldn't be surprised if Deathstroke pops up to go toe to toe with The Dark Knight in the solo movie. But the primary antagonist? I don't know...maybe it was getting burned after all of the talk about how Deathstroke was going to show up in Suicide Squad (he didn't), most of which originated with the same Wrap reporter who's putting forth this story now. He was so certain Deathstroke was going to have the "breakout" role in that movie. I know things it's common for things to change during pre-production and even during production on big superhero movies these days, but that's exactly why I'm skeptical of this announcement this early on. There's just too much time for things to change.

I think I'm just going to need to hear this from more than just one person before I start entertaining the notion of an entire movie being based around the conflict between Batman and Deathstroke.