Michael B. Jordan Will Play a Deadly Assassin in a New Thriller Called THE SILVER BEAR

Michael B. Jordan (Black Panther, Creed II) has signed on to a new action thriller called The Silver Bear. He will play a deadly assassin named Columbus and it’s based on the book series by Wanted and 3:10 to Yuma screenwriter Derek Haas.

The film is set up at Lionsgate and they are hoping that this will be a successful franchise for them. The script for the film was written by Frank Baldwin (The Godmother, Hard Powder) and it tells the formative story of a man who becomes the most feared and respected hit man in the criminal underworld.

There are five books in the series and they center on an assassin “who is so effective he becomes what Russian criminals call a silver bear: he never fails, and he seems immune to the stresses of his work. But he comes up against his own nightmarish origins when he takes on the job of killing the Speaker of the House, who is also a leading presidential candidate—and Columbus’ father.”

Jordan has become such an incredible and powerful actor. Who would have thought that after his run on The Wire and Friday Night Lights his career would have exploded. He’s taking on one great film project after another. The next film we’ll see him in is Creed II. He’s shooting the Destin Daniel Cretton-directed Just Mercy.

The Silver Bear sounds like another film for him to take on. Lionsgate Motion Picture Group chairman Joe Drake called The Silver Bear “the kind of story that needs to be experienced on the big screen and Michael is the perfect movie star to inhabit the skin of this dynamic character and take us into the cinematic world of Columbus.”

Source: Deadline

The Spirits From INFLICTION Are Finally Released


It wasn’t too long ago that we got a taste of what Caustic Reality had in store with their horror game Infliction. While there was no release date set, the excitement for the games full release was built off the short demo they shared on Steam. The wait is finally over though as Infliction has officially launched as of today!

Venture through a house while trying to find out why you are there and what lurks within the shadows. With a disturbing surrounding full of questionable moments and unnerving truths, players will need to make their way out of the house while avoiding the evil spirits that haunt the home.

If you saw my first impression of Infliction, then you already know that this horror game shows some serious promise. While it has a rather classic set up, knowing what is coming for you doesn’t make it any easier to handle! After playing the demo I found myself wondering how bad the things I don’t see coming are going to be.

With Infliction fully released on Steam as of today, now is the time to see just how brave you are in the face of certain danger. Do you have what it takes to face the spirits that haunt the shadows of a home that you don’t recognize?


FAST AND FURIOUS Producer Sues Universal Pictures over HOBBS AND SHAW Spinoff Film

Sheesh! This Fast and Furious spinoff film Hobbs and Shaw has caused a lot of drama since it was announced! It caused heated issues between Dwayne Johnson, Vin Diesel, and Tyrese Gibson.

Now Fast and Furious producer Neal Moritz is looking to cause a little drama of his own. He is suing Universal Pictures over the film for “breach of oral contract and promissory fraud over being tossed out the door of the spinoff led by Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham.”

In the lawsuit filed with Los Angeles Superior Court, it says, “This case presents a classic example of Hollywood greed.” Basically, Moritz wants to be reinstated as lead producer on Hobbs and Shaw, which recently started shooting, or be paid out “tens of millions dollars in damages in lost compensation” from the studio. The complaint says:

“In an extraordinary show of bad faith, and just a few days before filming was set to begin on Hobbs and Shaw, Universal took the position that Moritz either had to amend his oral producer deal to accept substantially inferior financial terms, or be cut out of the Picture altogether. Remarkably, despite Moritz having complete Pay-or-Play protection on all of his last several deals on the FF Franchise and having relied on Universal’s oral promises, Universal also took the extraordinary position that it was free to exploit Moritz’s ideas for Hobbs and Shaw, and his work product over an approximately year-and-a-half period, without honoring its oral producer agreement.”

The court filling goes on to say that, “Indeed, Universal has claimed that it can move forward with Hobbs and Shaw without providing Moritz with any credit or compensation.” Then adds, “If Universal believes that it can treat one of its most successful producers with such extraordinary bad faith, one can only imagine how Universal treats its lesser established producers.”

Apparently, the initial pitch for Hobbs and Shaw between Universal Pictures president Jimmy Horowitz and writer Chris Morgan resulted in verbal deal in which Moritz was supposed to receive “$2 million in fixed compensation applicable against a 6% first dollar gross participation.” That “participation would be reducible with all other first dollar gross proceeds participation on a pro rata basis, along with a defined Over Budget Adjustment provision, which was the first dollar gross compensation option in the FF8-10 Agreement.” Then the studio changed things up on him right before the film started shooting.

They all believed that the deal was solid. I’m actually pretty surprised that big producers and studios like this are still making verbal deals! You’d think they’d want to protect themselves by signing contracts! It’s not surprising that people in Hollywood are trying to screw each other over. They’ve been doing it for years!

The lawsuit isn’t going to effect the production of the film. It will move forward and will be released on August 11th, 2019. But, you can bet that this lawsuit is going to leave bad blood between Moritz and the studio.

Source: Deadline

Yep, There’s Now a POWER RANGERS-Themed Lingerie Line

Geeks are into all kinds of different things and they all have their own fetishes. Well, for those of you hardcore Power Rangers fans, there’s now a line of Power Rangers-themed lingerie.

It’s called the Morphin Babe Squad line and it comes from Yandy, who has created other geek themed lines of lingerie based on popular franchises like Harry Potter and the Disney Princesses. The line includes lingerie costumes for the Red, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Black, and Green Rangers. Here’s the description:

Ready to transform into your sexiest version yet? Take command of the bedroom in this exclusive Morphin Babe Squad lingerie costume featuring a bra top with sheer, eyelash lace, underwire cups, strappy detailing, sheer white mesh panels, lace cap sleeves with a scalloped trim, a hook and eye back closure, a matching high waisted panty with strappy detailing, a cheeky cut back, and a matching eye mask with a black mesh panel.

I think it’s hilarious that they come with the masks. The Power Rangers-inspired lingerie was released just in time for Halloween, but I’m pretty sure that people won’t be wearing these outside of the house!

EY_4007_3_MorphinBabe_PS082018 (1).jpg

THE SIMPSONS 2019 “Treehouse Of Horror” Will Be Episode 666


Not to downplay this year’s upcoming “Treehouse Of Horror,” but The Simpsons next installment in 2019 is primed to be its greatest of all time! Why? Executive producer Al Jean revealed to EW that next year’s Halloween episode will be episode 666:

Next year, ‘Treehouse of Horror XXX‘ will coincidentally be Simpsons episode 666. As we planned it in 1989!

We can all assume that second sentence was tongue-in-cheek, as who would’ve thought back in 1989 this series would STILL be on the air? I’m not complaining of course, but you gotta wonder just how many more seasons the series can go at this point before hanging it up? Let’s hope it goes at least one more season so we can see this awesome and coincidental milestone achieved!

A Young Man Suspects His Dad is a Serial Killer in Trailer For THE CLOVEHITCH KILLER

A trailer has been released for a new serial killer thriller called The Clovehitch Killer, which tells the story of a young man who starts to suspect his dad is a serial killer after coming across some unsettling evidence while rummaging through his dad’s shed.

The movie looks like it’s going to be pretty intense as the boys dad starts to suspect his son is on to him. I imagine that this story isn’t going to end well for anyone. The movie stars Charlie Plummer (from Lean on PeteThe DinnerAll the Money in the World) as the boy Tyler and Dylan McDermott as his dad. Here’s the synopsis:

Tyler Burnside (Charlie Plummer) is a Boy Scout, a volunteer at his local church, and the dutiful son of an upstanding, community leader dad (Dylan McDermott). Only one thing troubles the quiet Kentucky town he lives in: the unsolved murders -- in which ten women were brutally tortured and killed by a psychopath known as Clovehitch -- that rocked the community more than a decade ago. When Tyler discovers a cache of disturbing images in his father's possession, he begins to suspect that the man he trusts most in the world may be Clovehitch -- and that his deadly rampage may not be over. 

The movie was directed by Duncan Skiles and also stars Samantha MathisMadisen BeatyBrenna Sherman, and Lance Chantiles-Wertz. The Clovehitch Killer will be released on November 16th. Check out the trailer below and let us know if it’s a film you think is worth checking out.

Honest Trailer For ANT-MAN AND THE WASP Pokes Fun at The Feature Length Game, Capture The Lab


The Screen Junkies have released their latest episode of Honest Trailers and this one has some fun joking around at the expense of Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp. I love the Ant-Man films! I know they aren’t considered to be the best of the Marvel films, but they have still been incredibly fun and entertaining!

Ant-Man and The Wasp also plays a big role in the future of the MCU, especially with the inclusion of the Quantum Realm because we all know that’s going to play a big part in Avengers 4. Regardless, this is a fun episode of Honest Trailers that fans of the film will get a kick out of. Enjoy!

The Cast of HALLOWEENTOWN Reunite After 20 Years and Here’s a Photo

Growing up, Halloweentown was one of my favorite movies to watch at this time of year. It’s been 20 years since the film launched and the original cast has come together again. Kimberly J. Brown shared a picture recently on Twitter of herself with the rest of the main cast including Robin Thomas Grossman, Judith Hoag, Emily Roeske, and J. Paul Zimmerman.

Unfortunately, Debbie Reynolds who played Grandma Aggie is missing as she passed away back in 2016. It’s still fun to see the cast together after all this time. If you never got to see it as a kid, here’s a brief synopsis of the Disney Channel Original Movie:

Marnie and her kids get a big shock when they follow grandma home to Halloweentown - and find out they come from a family of witches. The town is the only place where supernatural beings can lead a `normal' life, but trouble is looming, and on her 13th birthday Marnie not only finds she is a witch, but that she and her family are involved in a fight against the evil that is threatening to take over the world.

You can check out the reunion photo below along with the trailer of the film. If you’ve never seen it and you have young kids, it’s a fun Halloween movie you should consider showing them!

Watch the Trailer for RWBY Season 6

I cannot wait for the end of October. In addition to Halloween, RWBY season six premieres on Rooster Teeth! We finally have a trailer for the sixth season and it was more intense than I expected.

Salem narrates the trailer and we see team RWBY traveling and it looks like they’ve got a new friend. The most shocking moment to me is the last line said by Ruby. What could it mean!?

RWBY Volume 6 will premiere on Rooster Teeth First on October 27, 2018, or as part of Fathom Events on October 25, 2018.

A New Action-Packed Trailer Has Dropped For MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM NT

Hey Gundam fans! A new crazy awesome trailer has dropped for Mobile Suit Gundam NT (Narrative) has and along with it comes some Japanese casting confirmation. If you watch the Japanese version, you’ll hear Ayumi Fujimura, Makoto Furukawa, Kazuya Nakai, and now Yuichiro Umehara has been announced to voice Zoltan Akkanen. Here’s the synopsis:

“U.C. 0097. The year the Laplace's Box was opened. Despite the revelation of the original charter for the Universal Century, which acknowledges the existence of Newtypes and their rights, the world remains largely unchanged.

After the destruction of the Neo Zeon remnant force known as the Sleeves, the event that has come to be known as the "Laplace Incident" seems to have drawn to a close. In the final battle, two Full Psycho Frame mobile suits displayed power beyond human imagination. The menace of the White Unicorn and the Black Lion were sealed away from public consciousness, and were consigned to be forgotten by history.

But now sightings of the RX-0 Unicorn 03, long thought lost two years ago, are being reported. Its name is Phenex, an immortal golden bird.”

Gundam NT will be released in Japan on November 30, 2018. Toshikazu Yoshizawa serves as director and it has been written by Harutoshi Fukui. Are you excited for this!?

Source: CB