New SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY Poster and Photo Are All About Lando’s Coolness


It seems like there's one thing that everyone can agree on regarding Ron Howard's Solo: A Star Wars Story, and that's that Donald Glover looks amazing in the role of Lando Calrissian! Everything that we've seen of him is great and he's even got attitude down. 

Today we've got a new poster and photo from the film that once again oozes the coolness factor of the character. When talking about playing the character and his style with EW, Glover said:

"Lando’s always the best-dressed person on that set. And I don’t say that lightly. There’s a lot of cool costumes and a lot of cool clothing. He takes pride in the clothing. It makes things easier. When people see you and you’re debonair, they tend to want to give you stuff easier."

Han Solo actor Alden Ehrenreich went on to tease his relationship with Lando, saying:

"[Han and Lando’s] relationship is many different things, as it is when you see them in the original films. I think they have very different styles."

As excited as I am for this movie, the one thing I'm still not sure about is Ehrenreich as Solo. I don't think I'll be able to form a proper opinion of his version of the character until after I see the movie. But, when talking about the character and his journey in this story, Ron Howard says:

"It really is a rite of passage. The story sends him on an unexpected journey that hurtles him into a dangerous world surrounded by charismatic but lawless characters. And that’s where he needs to try to make his way and gain his freedom. So, so much of this is about trying to satisfy that yearning to really be free, to really call his own shots in a very lawless part of the galaxy and at a time when it was wide-open."

Regardless of what anyone thinks about Ehrenreich in the role of Han Solo, there's no doubt that the movie is going to be a blast to watch!


An Invisible Mutant Character Has Been Spotted in DEADPOOL 2!

There's a lot of awesome stuff that was thrown at us in the most recent trailer for Deadpool 2, and everyone is loving the new character Peter that has joined Deadpool's X-Force team. But, did any of you notice that there might be an invisible mutant character in addition to Domino, Shatterstar, Bedlam and the others?!

It was pointed out by CB, and if you look at the shot below you will see a parachute sitting on its own between Zazie Beetz as Domino and Bill Skarsgard, who may or may not be playing Zeitgeist. 


Now, I know you may be thinking that it's just a parachute pack that was just placed next to these characters. That was my initial first reaction, but it's the next screenshot from the latest trailer where the big reveal comes into play. It comes at the point where the team has already jumped out of the airplane and are free falling to Earth.

Do you see it? If not, here's an image that points it out to you:


That's an empty parachute that's free falling back to Earth on its own, and it's falling in the same formation as everyone else. there's got to be someone strapped into that thing! Right!? That's the theory, and if anyone has another explanation for the empty parachute I'm open to the explanations.

Do you think this is an invisible character? If so, who do you think it could be?

IT Star Sophia Lillis Set To Play Nancy Drew in WB’s NANCY DREW AND THE HIDDEN STAIRCASE


Sophia Lillis, who played Beverly Marsh in the big screen adaptation of Stephen King's IT, has just landed another perfect role. She is set to play Nancy Drew in WB's upcoming film Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase

Lillis is a talented young actor that gave a fantastic performance in IT, and I can't think of anyone better to take on the role of Nancy Drew! I'm excited for her because it's another step in what could be a very successful career in acting.

The Hidden Staircase was initially released in 1930 as the second volume in the Nancy Drew series, which was written by Mildred Wirt Benson and published under the pseudonym Carolyn Keene. Here's the description from the book:

After receiving a call from her friend Helen Corning, Nancy agrees to help solve a baffling mystery. Helen's Aunt Rosemary has been living with her mother at the old family mansion, and they have noticed many strange things. They have heard music, thumps, and creaking noises at night, and seen eerie shadows on the walls. Could the house be haunted?

Just as soon as she hangs up the phone, a strange man visits Nancy's house to warn her and her father that they are in danger because of a case he is working on buying property for a railroad company. This warning leads Nancy and  her father Carson to search for the missing Willie Wharton, a landowner, who can prove he signed away his land to the railroad and save the railroad from a lawsuit. Will Nancy be able to find the missing landowner and discover how these mysteries are related?

This will be the second film adaptation of the story. The first film was released in 1939. Ellen DeGeneres, Jeff Kleeman, and Chip Diggins are producing the project, which is expected to start filming soon.

Lillis will next be seen in HBO’s eight-episode Amy Adams drama series Sharp Objects, and she will be reprising her role in IT: Chapter 2.

Source: Deadline

GOD OF WAR Director Reacts To The Game’s Impressive Scores In An Emotional Video


After years of steady development, Sony’s God of War reboot is finally released for the PlayStation 4. For nearly five years, director Cory Barlog and his dev team have worked hard to bring fans the action-adventure game that would take the franchise to an even higher level of success. 

Now, in a video uploaded on Barlog’s YouTube channel, which you can check out below, the director was shown checking out God of War’s review scores for the first time. After hesitating at first, Barlog checked the review scores on several websites and was overwhelmed with what he saw. The almost perfect scores from multiple sites and seeing the praises critics are saying on the game drove Barlog to tears

“[The review scores] shouldn’t matter, but I’m just so f**king proud,” Barlog said in the video. “I’m just so lucky to work with the people that I work with. I’m glad I didn’t f**k it up.” 

In the video, Barlog mentioned that he was not sure if he wanted to make the video in the first place. However, the director got personal and said that he was thinking of what his son is “going through right now” and it is vital for him to let his son know that showing emotion is OK and that there is nothing wrong with it. 

“It is OK to cry. There is nothing to hide. I thought I would try to set a good example and show him that papa can cry in front of the world,” Barlog said. 

The video was released a few hours ago and has views of around 56,000 as of the writing of this article. After God of War’s almost perfect score from multiple game critics and reviewers, it is understandable and at the same time heartwarming to see Barlog’s reaction to all the recognition the game is receiving right now. God of War releases today, April 20, and is exclusive for the PlayStation 4. 

Have you got your copy of God of War yet? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


Michael C. Hall Goes Looking For His Missing Daughter in First Trailer For Netflix’s SAFE


Netflix has released the first trailer for an upcoming new crime thriller called Safe. The series stars Michael C. Hall (Six Feet Under, Dexter) and he plays a widowed surgeon named Tom Delaney, whose daughter goes missing. The story follows his journey as he goes out looking for her and in the process "begins unearthing dark secrets about the people closest to him in a wealthy gated community."

The series was created by best-selling novelist Harlan Coben (the “Myron Bolitar” novel series) with a screenplay by Danny Brocklehurst (Shameless, The Street). The series also stars Amanda Abbington, Audrey Fleurot, Hannah Arterton, Emmett J. Scanlan, Marc Warren, Nigel Lindsay and Laila Rouass.

I like Michael C. Hall and I've enjoyed the shows that he's made so I'll definitely be checking this new series out. Check out the trailer and let us know if you'll be giving it a shot!

Safe arrives on Netflix on May 10!

New DEADPOOL 2 Poster Art Released By Artist Rob Liefeld and Dolby Cinema


Following yesterday's amazingly entertaining trailer for Deadpool 2, two new pieces of poster art have been released. The first comes from Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, which is an homage to his well-known cover to The New Mutants #98, which was the first appearance of the character. When talking about the art during an interview with Fandango, Liefeld said:

"The cover to New Mutants #98 has become an iconic image, and it is the comic that introduced Deadpool and Domino to the world. New Mutants #98 has become a key image in the comic book pantheon, so I thought it would be great to pay homage with the movie cast… and I gotta be honest, man -- it turned out better than I imagined! I teamed up with a guy named Mike Capprotti, who I have worked with several times on many Deadpool covers. He has such a beautiful palette, and so we jammed together and came up with this great piece."

He went on to say:

"I didn't know that I was going to get a chance to recreate the cover of New Mutants #98 with actors as all these characters. That was my calling card. I brought the world Cable, Deadpool, Domino, and it changed the course of my career. It gave me the career that I've had, and so it was just a pleasure [to pay homage]. And now the fact that it's going to be a poster with Fandango! Fandango's a big deal. That’s huge. It’s my pinch-me moment."

If you want to get yourself a copy of the art, order your tickets from Fandango! The second poster that was released comes from Dolby Cinema and it features Deadpool sitting in a movie theater presumably watching Deadpool 2. The movie will be released on May 18th!


Universal Pictures is Developing a New Film Adaptation of DOOM!


Universal Pictures is planning to take another crack at the Doom video game franchise! Back in 2005 the Dwayne Johnson and Karl Urban film was released and, unfortunately, it wasn't really the best movie and it was a big flop at the box office. Obviously, they hope that things will be a little different this next time around.

The news of the film comes from actress Nina Bergman (Assassin X) who recently posted a series of interesting tweets revealing that Universal is prepping a new adaptation of Doom that she will be starring in.

The actress says, "Wow I’m doing the next “Doom” movie w/Universal Pictures! I just signed all the paperwork. I get to go back to Bulgaria again and work with some of my favorite people. This movie w/a super cool Director AND my new record coming out, I feel like the luckiest girl in the world."

Universal Pictures hasn't officially announced anything on their end yet, which make me think that Bergman should have looked at that paperwork she signed a little more closely before tweeting out this information. Normally this isn't the way a big studio would want an announcement like this made, so I'm wondering if she's saying something that she shouldn't be saying. But, it's out there now, and there's no takebacks!

In another tweet, Bergman said that the new adaptation will be better than the 2005 film, as it has a "much better script."

We have no other information on the film but as a fan of the Doom franchise, I can't help but be a little excited about how this might turn out. It really can't end up being any worse than the first movie! In case you need a little reminder of what that first movie was like, I included the trailer below.

Jamie Lee Curtis Says She’s Seen The Trailer For HALLOWEEN And It’s “Terrifying”


Jamie Lee Curtis is pretty psyched for the new Halloween film not just because she's in it, but because she thinks it's legitimately terrifying. The star of the film said that much will be evident from the trailer which she described as "full-tilt boogeyman," to Yahoo:

“I’ve seen a trailer and I’ve seen some footage, and it’s terrifying. They went full-tilt boogeyman. And I’ve never said that in my life, and I will say full-tilt boogeyman for the rest of the year as I go around talking about this.”

Of course, Curtis quickly followed it up by saying she probably won't see the film, as horror movies, surprisingly, aren't her thing:

“For people who like that sort of thing, I think it’s going to be really fun for them to experience. For me, that just doesn’t hold any interest to me. Because I’m frightened enough about all [today’s political climate]. So the idea of now paying money and sitting in a dark theater with a bunch of people and watching something really scary doesn’t really do much for me. But there are a lot of people who love it, and they’re gonna love this movie.”

Halloween opens on October 19. Do you believe the film will be as scary as Curtis alleges the trailer to be?

DEADPOOL 2’s Peter Has A Twitter Account, And It’s Gold


The final Deadpool 2 trailer has been released, and out of all the mutants who made an appearance, the team's newest member Peter is the fans new favorite of the team. It appears as though Ryan Reynolds and crew expected this, as they've already created an official account for the character, and it's comedy gold:

Peter's Twitter is rife with stuff that some lame middle-aged dude would post on the internet, which actually now that I'm thinking of it, might be low-key offensive to any lame middle-aged dude reading this post. There's also a sick burn delivered to star actor Ryan Reynolds, although Peter might be clueless as to how biting his tweet actually was:

Deadpool 2 is out in theaters May 18. 

Anthony Mackie Says Falcon is Safe in INFINITY WAR Because He Can Fly

Death pools for Avengers: Infinity War are being worked on by countless fans as they try to figure out who will die, who will live, and who will die but be resurrected. I myself am constantly editing my death pool (you can find an early draft here) as I try to put pieces together based on previous movies, interviews, etc. However, Anthony Mackie has something to say about the fate of Falcon.

I think Falcon falls into ‘you’re totally safe,’ because I fly. So the fact that I fly puts me above all the danger. So I can just grab Cap and get outta there, whereas if you’re the Winter Soldier, you’re done for, man. You’re in the thick of it, there’s no way outta that.

Of course, everything about the film is submerged in millions of layers of secrecy, so we should take everything with a grain of salt. That being said, I do think that during Infinity War or Avengers 4 Steve Rogers will die (or maybe be sent to the past?) and Falcon will become the new Captain America which means Falcon is safe from being killed off. I know many of you are saying Winter Soldier will become Captain America, and that is my second theory. Of course, if Falcon’s pack malfunctions or is damaged, that does put a wrinkle in his ability to fly which then throws Mackie’s argument out the window. Not to mention, if any of the bad guys have ranged weaponry, he's still in trouble. Also, what about all the other characters who can fly? Shouldn't they be safe? They're not. I have Iron Man as my #1 death (not my first, but the one I am most confident in). What do you think? Is Falcon safe in your death pool?

Source: Cinema Blend