Dwayne Johnson’s RAMPAGE Looks Like a Ton of Fun! Watch the Trailer!

The first trailer for Dwayne Johnson's big screen adaptation of Rampage has been unleashed and the movie actually looks like it's going to be a blast! The movie isn't going to win any awards or anything, but I liked what I saw in the trailer and I think fans of the classic game might like what they see. It's pretty much the game in big-budget movie form. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm excited to see the movie. 

Primatologist Davis Okoye (Johnson), a man who keeps people at a distance, shares an unshakable bond with George, the extraordinarily intelligent, silverback gorilla who has been in his care since birth. But a rogue genetic experiment gone awry transforms this gentle ape into a raging monster. To make matters worse, it’s soon discovered there are other similarly altered alpha predators. As these newly created monsters tear across North America, destroying everything in their path, Okoye teams with a discredited genetic engineer to secure an antidote, fighting his way through an ever-changing battlefield, not only to halt a global catastrophe but to save the fearsome creature that was once his friend.

The film comes from director Brad Peyton and also stars Naomie Harris (Moonlight), Malin Akerman (Billions), Jake Lacy (Girls), Joe Manganiello (True Blood), Jeffrey Dean Morgan (The Walking Dead), P.J. Byrne (The Wolf of Wall Street), Marley Shelton (Solace), Breanne Hill (San Andreas), Jack Quaid (The Hunger Games: Catching Fire), and Matt Gerald (Daredevil).

Rampage opens in theaters on April 20, 2018. Check out the trailer and tell us what you think!

Check This New Dolby Cinema Poster for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI

DOsD9DsWsAAYmEU.jpgCheck This New Dolby Cinema Poster for STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI11

We are mere weeks away from the next chapter in the Star Wars saga's arrival in theaters, and we've got another new poster for The Last Jedi for the second new poster this week for the film. You can see the previously released IMAX poster here. This new one comes from Dolby Cinema, they revealed their exclusive artwork for the highly anticipated film on their twitter account.

The artwork is very similar to many of the other posters we've seen for The Last Jedi, all having a clear emphasis on the color red. Again Luke Skywalker appears to have a looming, ominous presence over the other cast of characters, Rey and Kylo Ren are prominent as well. The rest of the supporting cast, including Leia, Finn, Poe, Chewbacca and the rest of their allies can all be found scattered around the image.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi arrives in theaters on December 15th.

Last Jedi Dolby Poster.jpg

Nintendo Filed Image Trademarks For SUPER SMASH BROS. And Other Games


A new set of trademarks were recently filed by Nintendo for multiple games, including Super Smash Bros., The Legend of Zelda, Splatoon, Animal Crossing, and numerous amiibos. This isn’t a surprise to many since a Super Smash Bros. title has been long anticipated by fans ever since the Nintendo Switch was released earlier this year. Although nothing is announced officially, this may serves as a clue that Nintendo may actually be in the process of developing a Super Smash title for the Switch. 

This year has been a big one for the Nintendo Switch. The success of first party titles such as The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Splatoon 2, and most recently, Super Mario Odyssey, drove sales way above Nintendo’s expectations. Of course, since Super Smash Bros. is also an important franchise for the gaming company, it is very probable that the reason why Nintendo has been silent about the franchise is that they want to save the release for next year. 

On the flip side though, it is also possible that Nintendo may be giving the Super Smash Bros. a makeover just like the treatment Super Mario got that gave us the critically acclaimed Super Mario Odyssey. I mean, Odyssey has been doing pretty well, who knows if Nintendo has similar plans for Super Smash Bros.? 

Although the filing of trademarks doesn’t tell much about Nintendo’s plan, it is just a matter of time before they make an announcement about this. I’m pretty sure a Switch version of the Super Smash Bros. would drive sales even further that it will be foolish for Nintendo to miss.

Would you prefer a classic Super Smash Bros. on the Switch? Or just like Super Mario Odyssey, does Nintendo have to look at it with a different perspective?


The Monsters Jump on a Cruise in Fun Trailer For HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA 3: SUMMER VACATION

I don't know about you, but I actually really enjoyed the first two films in the Hotel Transylvania franchise. Samurai Jack director Genndy Tartakovsky has done a great job with these movies and he has come back to make a third! Today we have a couple trailers for Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation for you to watch and it looks like it will be another fun sequel! 

This time around all of the monsters end up taking a little vacation on a cruise. That includes Dracula (Adam Sandler), Mavis (Selena Gomez), Johnny (Andy Samberg), Griffin the invisible man (David Spade), Wanda (Molly Shannon) and Wayne (Steve Buscemi) the werewolves, Murray the mummy (Keegan-Michael Key), Dennis (Asher Blinkoff), Frank (Kevin James) and Eunice (Fran Drescher), and Blobby. Here's the synopsis:

In Sony Pictures Animation’s Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation, join our favorite monster family as they embark on a vacation on a luxury monster cruise ship so Drac can take a summer vacation from providing everyone else's vacation at the hotel. It’s smooth sailing for Drac’s Pack as the monsters indulge in all of the shipboard fun the cruise has to offer, from monster volleyball to exotic excursions, and catching up on their moon tans. But the dream vacation turns into a nightmare when Mavis realizes Drac has fallen for the mysterious captain of the ship, Ericka, who hides a dangerous secret that could destroy all of monsterkind.

Hotel Transylvania 3: Summer Vacation is set to be released on July 13th, 2018. Enjoy the trailers!

Joss Whedon Liked a Tweet That Criticized JUSTICE LEAGUE’S Villain and Now DC Fans Hate Him


Justice League hits theaters this weekend and for the most part, fans seem pretty excited about checking it out! Yeah, the reviews haven't been great, and it has a terrible score on Rotten Tomatoes, but fans will still flock to the theater to watch it because they know it will at least be a fun movie to watch.

We've got yet another controversy regarding Justice League to share with you before the movie is released, though. This involves director Joss Whedon, who took over for Zack Snyder after he stepped away from the project.  

Whedon ended up liking a couple of posts on Twitter that criticized the film's villain Steppenwolf, which reviews have said is a lackluster villain. One of the tweets reads:

"Steppenwolf is the worst comic book movie villain of all time and not even Malekith the Accursed comes close." 

Joss Whedon is apparently agreeing with them and DC fans aren't too happy with that. Why? Because liking these tweets is his first real statement about the film that he worked on and they are negative. 

A lot of fans are pointing out how Whedon praised Taika Waititi's Thor: Ragnarok yet has failed to make any mention of Justice League. Maybe that's because he's not very happy with the outcome of the film and he obviously liked what the director of Thor: Ragnarok did with his film. 

It's not like Whedon hasn't had bad things to say about his own movies before. As you all know, he had a lot of problems with Avengers: Age of Ultron and how it ultimately turned out. He's openly talked about that and how hard of a movie it was for him to make.

I've heard from people that I know that were involved with the production that Whedon was completely stressed out with trying to put this film together. A few people have said that he was trying to save and fix a broken film that was ultimately unfixable.

One thing is for sure, Whedon won't be getting any love from the DC fans for a while. Makes me wonder if this fan backlash will in any way affect his Batgirl movie. 

J. Scott Campbell’s DANGER GIRL Comic is Being Developed as a Film and TV Series!

J. Scott Campbell's Danger Girl was one of my favorite comic books to read when I was a teen. I loved the concept of badass female super spies! I've been wanting to see this comic adapted into a feature film or TV series for years and it's finally going to happen! 

According to Deadline, Constantin Film acquired rights to the comic book series and they are teaming up with Jeremy Bolt’s Bolt Pictures and Adrian Askarieh’s Prime Universe Films to produce a film and develop a TV show based on the property.

The creators of the comic, J. Scott Campbell and Andy Hartnell, are set to executive produce the series. The studio is currently on the hunt a writer and director to develop the film.

Danger Girl was launched in 1996 by the comic publisher Wildstorm. It eventually moved to DC Comics. The team known as Danger Girl is a top-secret spy organization the was formed by a former MI-6 agent known as Deuce in response to reports that a “Fourth Reich” had been formed and was nearly ready to unleash its forces upon the world. The first recruits under the Danger Girl organization were Sydney Savage, Natalia Kassle and Silicon Valerie. Together they track down and locate a series of mystical objects to keep them out of the hands of the criminal enterprise The Hammer Syndicate.

When talking about Danger Girl, Producer Robert Kulzer said:

"Looking at Danger Girl’s lead character Abbey Chase and her posse of thrill-seeking femme fatales, female empowerment and wish fulfillment have never been more fun."

Producer Jeremy Bolt added:

Danger Girl is the perfect opportunity to create a team of grounded, relatable, and dangerous young female characters, but with humor and spectacular action.”

And, producer Adrian Askarieh said:

“I have been a fan of Danger Girl for more than 20 years and the idea of being part of the team to finally bring Scott’s and Andy’s iconic creation to the screen is incredibly exciting.”

Being a longtime fan of Danger Girl, I can't wait to see how this film and TV series turns out! With the success of Wonder Woman and a Captain Marvel movie on the way, we are sure to see a surge of female-led action films. Danger Girl will make an awesome addition!

JUSTICE LEAGUE Comes Under Fire For Changes to the Amazon Warrior Costumes


Some pictures were recently released detailing the outfits for the Amazons in Justice League. The reception has not been great. Many are even saying it is a step backward from everything Wonder Woman achieved. Personally, I think the changes make no sense. Here’s a picture with the Amazons from Wonder Woman on the left, and Justice League on the right.


You will notice that in Wonder Woman, the Amazons have breastplates, their abs are covered, and overall seem practical for a group of warriors. The Amazons of Justice League have essentially a leather bra and a leather skirt. I have two problems with this. First, the Wonder Woman armor looks way cooler in general. Second, the Wonder Woman armor is actually practical and useful in a fight. Atte Timonen, one of many critics of the change, acknowledges in another tweet that the second image is of Amazons in a flashback to the prehistoric era. That helps me swallow it a little because people will evolve their armor over time, but there is still no practicality at all in any of the outfits outside of the girl in front with the sword, and that their hair is tied back.

Also, Timonen is kind enough to send out another picture that showcases Brooke Ence in three costumes. One from Wonder Woman, one from the Justice League flashback, and one from Justice League but in the present. Notice anything interesting about that last one? It’s supposed to take place after Wonder Woman, but the outfit is less practical for a warrior! Why not give her cooler armor that actually covers her body to protect her from the guns she now knows exist?

I love reading all of the comments out there about the outrage from GoldenLassoGirl’s, “Why mess with perfection?” to Melissa Silverstein’s (she’s the artistic director of the Athena Film Festival) “Here is a fantastic example of the difference between the male and female gaze.” My favorite one though comes from Aaron Sparrow who said:

James Franco Set to Star in a New X-MEN Universe Film Called MULTIPLE MAN

20th Century Fox is currently developing another Marvel film set in the X-Men universe called Multiple Man. According to Deadline, James Franco is set to play the lead role! The film is being written by Wonder Woman scribe and Allan Heinberg and it will be produced by Simon Kinberg who has been involved with all of the X-Men movies. For those of you not familiar with Multiple Man, here's a description: 

Multiple Man is Jamie Madrox, who, in the comics, conveyed his cloning powers at birth, when a second, identical version of him appeared after the doctor slapped the infant to get him to breathe. His father, a worker at the Los Alamos Nuclear Research Center, moved his family to a remote farm where his son — fitted with a special suit to control his powers designed by X-Men patriarch Professor Xavier — lived quietly until the suit malfunctioned and he began to go crazy. His cloning abilities drove Madrox to have various collisions and collaborations with both the X-Men and Fantastic Four. Jeremy Kramer will oversee it for Fox and the deals are being made now.

This is a fascinating character and I love that Franco is going to be playing him. He's perfect for the part! It's good to see Franco jumping back in the Marvel universe! He previously starred in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man movies.

The whole project came together from another collaboration between Franco and Kinberg. They are currently working together on a film project called The Hardy Men, which Kinberg wrote. James and Dave Franco both may end up starring in that movie. "The idea is for James and Dave Franco to play the grown-up versions of the venerable teen sleuths The Hardy Boys."

In addition to Multiple Man, Fox is also developing The New MutantsDeadpool 2, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, X-Force, and Gambit

What do you all think about Fox making a film based on the Marvel character Multiple Man?

The Masked Killers Return in Trailer For THE STRANGERS: PREY AT NIGHT

"Never Underestimate The Kindness of Strangers."

The first trailer has been released for The Strangers sequel The Strangers: Prey at Night. This sequel has been a long time coming and if you're a fan of the original film this looks like it will be a solid follow-up. 

I liked the original 2008 film with Liv Tyler! It's one of those horror movies that surprised me. I'm not expecting any surprises this time around. Just looking forward to seeing some fun horror entertainment. 

A family’s road trip takes a dangerous turn when they arrive at a secluded mobile home park to stay with some relatives and find it mysteriously deserted. Under the cover of darkness, three masked psychopaths pay them a visit to test the family’s every limit as they struggle to survive.

Johannes Roberts directs the film and it stars Christina Hendricks, Martin Henderson, Bailee Madison, and Lewis Pullman. Check out the trailer and let us know if it looks like a decent sequel to you. 

The Strangers: Prey at Night is set to debut March 9, 2018.

LORD OF THE RINGS Actor Says J.R.R. Tolkien Would Not Approve Of TV Series


Now that we know JRR Tolkien's seminal Lord of the Rings fantasy series, is getting its own Amazon series that will take place before the events of The Fellowship of the Ring, we have been getting mixed reactions all over the internet. Now one of the stars of the original Peter Jackson trilogy is sharing his opinion. John Rhys-Davies recently revealed his thoughts on the project, going as far as saying were he still alive, Tolkien would be "spinning in his grave" at the thought of the project. While talking to Den of Geek, he said:

"Well, you know they have the money to do it. Why we quite need Lord Of The Rings as a TV series baffles me slightly. I mean, poor Tolkien must be spinning in his grave."

A lot of Tolkien fans see this series as a financial opportunity instead of a creative one. Rhys-Davies feels the same way about it.

"This is the point you see - it’s not about doing it better, it’s about making more money, that’s all. If they think they can make more money, then they will."

Rhys-Davies also suggested what might be a better alternative to the fantasy realm.

"Actually, I've got a better idea for them, or for any company – Lord Of The Rings spun-off an awful lot of imitations about elves and dwarves and things like that and I would simply buy those up and put them together and make a wonderful elvish… there was a trilogy of books that were given to me the other day by a lady author, who’d written an account of the adventures of a dwarvish lady. That would make a far more interesting account of Tolkien's words, in a world like that."

With Game of Thrones wrapping up for good following its next season, there will be a gigantic demand in fantasy-themed programming, which this new series could potentially capture.

"And you know there are hundreds and hundreds of young writers, who have made their contributions and if was a well-heeled film producer, that’s where I'd be looking, because that gives more actors more chances and it’s still a great tribute to Tolkien. It costs less to make and it would be original and fresh, but then what the hell do I know!?"

What do you guys think? Do you agree with Rhys-Davies or do you really want to see what Amazon can do with the Middle Earth?