Zoe Saldana is The Only Actor Ever To Star in 2 Films That Made More Than $2 Billion

In case you haven't heard, Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War has crossed the $2 billion dollar mark at the global box office. That's a huge milestone! This also makes Zoe Saldana the only actor in history that has starred in two films that have made over $2 billion dollars!

Saldana also starred as the Na'vi warrior Neytiri in James Cameron's Avatar, which still holds the number one spot of highest grossing movies of all time. It's gotta feel pretty good to be a part of these epic franchises!

Hell, there's a chance that she'll add more movies to this $2 billion club box office list! She's got a bunch of Avatar sequels in the works! Then, if she somehow returns as Gamora in Avengers 4, there's that. 

I just thought this is a very cool milestone for the actress and it's earned her some bragging rights.

Via: Cinemablend

HBO Won’t Be Bringing GAME OF THRONES or WESTWORLD To Comic-Con This Year

I've got some bad news and good news for fans of Game of Thrones and Westworld. The bad news is that HBO will not be bringing these series to San Diego Comic-Con this year. They will not hold any panels for them. The good news is, you won't have to wait in that long ass line for Hall H! This is on top of Marvel Studios not showing up! HBO had this to say in a statement:

“Due to production schedules and air dates for ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Westworld,’ these series will not be presented at San Diego Comic-Con this summer. HBO has a longstanding relationship with SDCC, and we are very grateful for the fans’ enthusiastic response over the years. We look forward to returning in the future.”

I understand why they decided not to bring these series to Comic-Con, but still! As a fan, it still would have been great to see them there to talk about what is coming. 

Westworld Season 2 is set to come to a close on June 24, which is a month before Comic-Con. That would leave the cast and crew with nothing really to promote. Then there's Game of Thrones, which is currently in production on its final season. This is going to be the epic conclusion which promises an insane final battle between the living and the white walkers.

If Game of Thrones ever does have another Panel, it will most likely happen after the series comes to an end.

Are you bummed out to hear that these two shows won't have a presence at Comic-Con this year?

AMERICAN HORROR STORY Season 8 Will Be a ‘Murder House’ and ‘Coven’ Crossover

American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy just dropped a bid detail regarding the eighth season of the horror anthology series. If you're a fan of this series, you're sure to get a little excited because it will be a crossover of two of the more popular seasons of American Horror Story, 'Murder House' and 'Coven'. Oh, yeah! Season 8 is also set to premiere this year! Here's the tweet that Murphy posted:

The first season of the series was 'Murder House' which followed a family move into a crazy haunted mansion in Los Angeles. 'Coven' was the third season of the show, which followed a girl who is sent to a special academy in New Orleans after discovering she is a witch.

There's no information on how the next story will play out, or how the elements of those two seasons will connect, but witches are obviously going to be a big part of it. As a fan of those two seasons, I'm excited to see what comes of this! 

Murphy previously revealed that usual suspects Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters, and Kathy Bates will lead the eighth season of the series.

What do you think about the idea of 'Murder House' and 'Coven' getting a crossover season? How do you think the story will play out? How do you want it to play out?

Jeph Loeb Explains That CLOAK & DAGGER Exists in The Greater MCU and Has Crossover Potential


First of all, if you haven't started watching Marvel's Cloak & Dagger series yet you need to start. I was already excited about the series before it premiered but it still ended up being so much better than what I expected. The story and the character development is just so strong. If you have started watching, I hope you're enjoying it. 

Cloak & Dagger is the only Marvel series on the Freeform channel, but it still exists within the great Marvel Cinematic Universe. During a recent Reddit AMA with the head of Marvel TV, Jeph Loeb, he talked about the show's connection to the universe and the potential crossover possibilities. In a previous interview with CB, he said:

"Look, it's something that we talk about. A large time, it has to do with scheduling in a way that you're asking a different question that gets me into trouble to say '#itsallconnected.' But it is all connected, in the very basic sense that this is the world that we're living in."

Loeb has now elaborated on that explaining how they go about keeping the series set in the Marvel universe connected:

"One of the things that Marvel is very proud about is we don't have made-up cities, we don't have a fictional kind of world, or police force, or anything else like that. We try to stay within the lanes of what feels like a real show, and that we carry that form show to show, and that there'll be Easter eggs, and there'll be little things along the way.
"I think if you watch the pilot or even seen the trailer, Roxxon plays a very big part in that. Roxxon is a very big entity in any Marvel property that you're using, and Roxxon only exists in the MCU, so, you have to, thereby, go, it is all connected simply because that's one of the very significant points that happens during the show."

Now, even though there's talk of all these shows being connected do you think we'll ever see Cloak & Dagger crossover with any of the other series? Do you even think it should?

Personally, I think the show is great the way it is and it's strong enough to stand on its own without having to include some kind of crossover. I think that doing something like that would almost cheapen the story that they are telling with these fascinating strong characters.

FORTNITE For The Switch Hits Two Million Downloads In A Day


Nintendo of America was proud to announce that the newly released Switch version of Fortnite was able to sell more than two million units within 24 hours of release. 

The Switch port of the ever popular battle royale game by Epic Games was revealed during the Nintendo Direct presentation at E3. The game was released shortly after the announcement, and it seems that Switch players didn’t waste any time and downloaded the game immediately. 

The overnight success of Fortnite on a new platform is another milestone for developer Epic Games who recently revealed that the game has now been played by over 125 million players worldwide. Given the popularity of the Switch version, that number is expected to rise this year. 

In other Fortnite news, Sony recently commented on the controversy surrounding the accounts of players on the PS4 who are unable to use their Fortnite accounts to access the Switch version of the game. You can check out Sony’s comment on the issue here

Fortnite is now available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android. 


Chloe Grace Moretz Deals With a Mysterious Illness in Trailer For Netflix’s BRAIN ON FIRE

Netflix has released the first trailer for their upcoming film Brain on Fire. The story for this film revolves around a young woman played by Chloe Grace Moretz who is diagnosed with a mysterious illness that is devastating her body and mind. But, she's determined to find answers.

The movie is based on the true story of writer Susannah Cahalan, who published her experience in a memoir. EW reports:

Cahalan’s book is framed around her own investigation. Her condition caused her to lose her memories, so she had to revisit her own medical files, watch the footage of herself flailing in her hospital bed, and interview the people in her own life. 

The movie looks good and it also stars Tyler PerryCarrie-Ann Moss (Jessica Jones), Thomas Mann (Kong: Skull Island), and Jenny Slate (Obvious Child). Brain on Fire premieres June 22nd on Netflix.

Richard Armitage Was Up For the Role of Batman Before Ben Affleck Was Cast

The Hobbit star Richard Armitage recently confirmed that he was up for the role of Batman in Zack Snyder's films before Ben Affleck agreed to play the character. Apparently, the actor got pretty close to actually landing the role. During an interview with Digital Spy the actor said:

"There was a little flurry once upon a time just after I'd come out of The Hobbit where I auditioned for Batman. It was at the same time that Christian Bale was leaving, there were about five or six actors that were in line for that character, so I went through quite a process with that."

Even though Armitage didn't get the opportunity to play the caped crusader, he's still fascinated with the character, saying:

"The sort of darker side of a man, and the desire to right some wrongs... I think it's really interesting, that character Bruce Wayne."

It would have certainly been interesting to see Armitage in the role of Bruce Wayne/Batman. I think he's a solid actor and I thought he was great in The Hobbit films. Maybe Armitage could have pulled it off, but we'll never know.

Ben Affleck ended up landing the role and I personally liked Affleck in the role of Batman. I thought he was a good choice to play the character. I know not everyone will agree with me on that, but it doesn't sound like he'll be playing the character much longer anyway. 

Most recently, Armitage provided the voice of Wolverine in Marvel's podcast series Wolverine: The Long Night. With Hugh Jackman having retired from the role in Logan, Armitage admits that he'd be interested in taking on the role if given the opportunity:

"It would be a tall order, wouldn't it, to follow Hugh Jackman's performance? We look a little bit alike, which I think would be a bit weird. But of course, it would be amazing. It's a great character, a really great character."

Do you think Armitage would have made a good Batman? Do you think he could pull off the role of Wolverine if the opportunity presented himself?

Trailer For Finn Wolfhard and Vanessa Hudgens’ Dog Comedy DOG DAYS


If you're a fan of dogs and enjoy watching movies about dogs then Dog Days is definitely the movie for you. The film is a heartwarming comedy that "follows the lives of multiple dog owners and their beloved fluffy pals around sunny Los Angeles. When these human and canine's paths start to intertwine, their lives begin changing in ways they never expected."

The movie looks like it could be decent and it also comes with a fun ensemble cast that includes Finn Wolfhard, Nina Dobrev, Vanessa Hudgens, Eva Longoria, Adam Pally, Rob Corddry, Tone Bell, Jon Bass, Michael Cassidy, Thomas Lennon, Tig Notaro, and Ron Cephas.

I'll definitely be seeing the film because my girls love watching anything with dogs in it. The movie was produced by LD Entertainment (which has also produced The Zookeeper's Wife, Jackie, and Megan Leavey). It was directed by Ken Marino and will be released on August 10th.

Remember That Time Jason Voorhees Showed Up On The Arsenio Hall Show?

If you don't remember, or you've never seen this, in 1989 Jason Voorhees appeared on The Arsenio Hall show to promote Friday The 13th Part 8. It's pretty damn funny watching Hall try to talk to him and getting nothing back in return. Jason doesn't say a word. He just sits there making Hall uncomfortable and giving him that sinister look. 

I remember seeing this as a kid and I thought it was the coolest thing to see Jason on The Arsenio Hall Show! I love coming across old stuff like this that I forgot about that sparks memories from growing up. 

Watch 32 Stuntpeople Set Themselves on Fire To Set a Record For Most Simultaneous Full-Body Burns

Here's a video of 32 stuntmen and women lighting themselves on fire to set the Guinness World Record for most simultaneous full-body burns. Each person on fire had to remain flaming for a full 30 seconds for their participation to count, which they all achieved. If this doesn't make you want to be a professional stunt person for a living, I don't know what will!