GAME OF THRONES: Best Moments From Season 6, Ep. 6 “Blood of My Blood”

Warning: spoilers ahead for season 6, episode 6 of Game of Thrones, entitled "Blood of My Blood." If you haven't seen the episode yet, turn back now. 

This season, I'm going to try to write up some quick thoughts about each episode the day after it airs. I won't get too deep into full-on recaps (you can find those all over the internet, and you've probably already read a few today if you're into that sort of thing) and will instead focus on what I consider to be each episode's best moments. This can be as many or as few as I want, and will likely vary every episode — today, there are four. I'll also toss in some additional observations that don't fit into the "best moments" category, which you can find at the bottom of the post. For the best moments of earlier episodes this season, click here. Onward!

4. Sam Taking Heartsbane

After being treated like absolute crap by his father, Samwell Tarley mans up, steals his family's sword "Heartsbane" (made of Valyrian steel, conveniently one of the only things we know can kill a White Walker), grabs Gilly and little Sam, and bails on his plan to leave them at Horn Hill. I feel like this entire diversion was just a way to get Heartsbane in Sam's possession, but I suppose I should be thankful Sam actually took action instead of moping around any longer.

3. Bran's Visions

Last week, Max von Sydow's Three-Eyed Raven told Bran that he needed to upload as much information to him as possible in a short amount of time, but because the Hodor reveal was the emotional crux of that episode, we didn't get to see any of that. But as Meera drags Bran away from the cave, we see Bran downloading all of that information in quick bursts, including what I believe is the first time we've actually seen the Mad King Aerys (Dany's father) in the flesh. For a complete breakdown of Bran's vision and what it all might mean, check out this piece at Vanity Fair.

2. The Return of Benjen Stark

This episode begins with another Stark reunion as Bran's uncle Benjen saves him and Meera from the wights. He's been missing since very early in season one, and though many members of the Night's Watch presumed him to be dead, book readers have had theories about Benjen's fate for close to twenty years. One of the biggest theories was that Benjen is the true identity of a mysteriously shrouded, undead character named Coldhands who guides Bran, Meera, and Jojen through the Wall all the way to the Three-Eyed Raven's cave. A Song of Ice and Fire author George R.R. Martin reportedly denied that Benjen and Coldhands were the same person in a conversation with his editor, so maybe this plotline goes down a little differently in the books. But in the show, Benjen and Coldhands are one and the same, and after the Watch's cruel use of the promise of seeing Benjen again to lure Jon Snow to his death at the end of last season, it was great to actually see Ned's brother in action and reunited with one of his nephews again.

1. Arya's Moment of Truth

This is what I've been waiting for ever since Arya buried Needle in the rocks outside the House of Black and White. As much as she tried to become "no one" over the course of the past two seasons, the Faceless-Man-in-training learned that she couldn't serve the Many-Faced God the way Jaqen wanted her to. Arya has undoubtedly done some disturbing things on her journey, but every time she's killed someone, it's been personal (or they were an obstacle preventing her from accomplishing something). Carrying out assassinations for questionable reasons doesn't sit well with her, especially when she actually likes and respects the target. So she foils her own plot, reclaims Needle, and embraces her true identity. The Waif has apparently sensed this betrayal would be coming all along (I guess that's why she was so mean to her?), and I'm excited to see how this plotline ramps up as Arya tries to survive with a target on her back.

Additional Observations

Well, Tommen's royally screwed it up this time (see what I did there?). In earlier seasons of the show, the writers did a great job of pitting Margaery against Cersei and letting the audience in on their thought processes and machinations during their political battles and quests for power. But I feel like it's been a long time since we've heard a real long-term plan from either of them, which makes it really hard to care about what's happening in King's Landing. Example: Margaery probably convinced Tommen to unite the crown to the Faith Militant with the intention of making sure the Lannisters don't regain full power, but since she's been cloistered, we've never seen her announce her plans to anyone, so everything that happens in that city seems unmoored and almost random. If the show gave me an anchor, someone or something to really care about there, I'd have enjoyed my time there much more this season. I guess I'll have to wait for that trial by combat to get invested again.

It was nice (well, maybe "nice" is the wrong word) to see the odious Walder Frey again, and the show seems to be setting up a big conflict at Riverrun in the weeks to come. Hopefully that subplot turns out to be more exciting on screen than it read in the books.

This week's title, "Blood of My Blood," serves as a direct callback to the language of how the Dothraki leaders address their blood riders, the key members of their khalasars (Dany now has a whole host of them at her command). But it works on multiple levels: it also references Bran's reunion with his uncle, Sam's reunion with his father, and Tommen's relationship to Jaime (and maybe even Margaery, now that they're married).

Dany's big speech on the back of Drogon seems ripe for one of the types of "best moments" I like to write about in each episode. But instead of the inspiring call to action it was designed to be, to me the speech just felt like a clarification of intent on Dany's part. Burning the khals and emerging from the fire a few episodes ago seemed like it earned her the loyalty of the Dothraki, and this just seemed like a way for her to say, "OK guys, here's our specific plan." But since we (the audience) already knew, or at least surmised, that plan, it seemed a little anticlimactic. Dany always talks a big game, and I'm not doubting that she'll follow through with this plan, but I'll be much more excited actually seeing her put it into practice than hearing her giving a rousing speech about it.

What did you think about this episode?

THE FUNDAMENTALS OF CARING Trailer: Paul Rudd Takes Craig Roberts on a Road Trip

Here's the first trailer for The Fundamentals of Caring, an upcoming Netflix movie starring Paul Rudd, Craig Roberts, and Selena Gomez. This looks like a buddy road trip comedy wrapped in some dramatic elements, and with a cast as enjoyable as this one, watching this should be a decent way to spend two hours. Everyone knows Rudd and Gomez at this point, but if you're unfamiliar with Craig Roberts' work, you should seek out a funny little indie movie called Submarine as an introduction to him.

The Fundamentals of Caring hits the streaming service on June 24, 2016.

The Fundamentals of Caring follows Ben, a retired writer who becomes a caregiver after suffering a personal tragedy. After 6 weeks of training, Ben meets his first client, Trevor, a foul-mouthed 18-year-old with muscular dystrophy. One paralyzed emotionally, one paralyzed physically, Ben and Trevor take an impromptu road trip to all the places Trevor has become obsessed with while watching the local news, including their holy grail: the World's Deepest Pit. Along the way, they pick up a sassy runaway and a mother-to-be who help test the pair’s survival skills outside of their calculated existence as they come to understand the importance of hope and true friendship.

Hot Toys Unveils CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Scarlet Witch Action Figure


I like what Marvel is doing with Scarlet Witch in the MCU. She's just such a cool character, and they seem to be having some fun with her and her powers. I'm curious to see how her character grows and progresses as these Marvel films continue. If you're a fan of the character as well, you might want to consider getting this awesome collectible action figure of her that Hot Toys recently unveiled for their Captain America: Civil War line. They managed to create a pretty spectacular looking figure to add to your collection. I'm not exactly sure why, but it even comes with a little Ant-Man! I guess they've become good friends.

“I can't control their fear. Only my own.”

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War has been critically acclaimed and enjoyed by audience around the world since its release! As the Avengers’ actions in Lagos have caused collateral damage where innocent people are killed, the Sokovia Accords proposed by the United Nations has divided the Earth’s mightiest heroes into opposing teams led by Captain America and Iron Man!

Today Hot Toys is excited to officially introduce the widely anticipated 1/6th scale collectible figure of the gorgeous and powerful member of #TeamCap – Scarlet Witch!

The highly-accurate collectible is specially crafted based on the image of Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch in the film featuring head sculpt with long curly brown real fabric hair and new makeup application, brand-new and specially tailored costume, interchangeable hands with red translucent fingertips and effect accessories to simulate Scarlet Witch using her powers, and an Captain America: Civil War themed figure stand. Furthermore, an approximately 2.5cm tall miniature running Ant-Man is included as a bonus accessory!

Do not miss out on the opportunity to add the stunning new Scarlet Witch to your collection today!

First Look at THE POWERPUFF GIRLS vs. TEEN TITANS in Upcoming Crossover Episode


The Powerpuff Girls are officially set to crossover with Teen Titans Go! on Cartoon Network, and the first image from the eventhas been revealed. The Powerpuff Girls returned to Cartoon Network last month, and they are already going to take on the Teen Titans and then eventually team up with them. According to USA Today, the episode sees the two groups team up to take on the villainous monkey Mojo Jojo, who comes in to cause trouble in Titans’ town. 

The Powerpuff Girls executive producer Nick Jennings talked about the episode saying:

"Jump City will never be the same when our little superheroes Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup meet up with the Teen Titans for the very first time. When these two worlds of superheroes collide, it will surely be something to remember.”

Jennings also offered some more info on what the story will entail and how Mojo Jojo gets involved with the Titans:

“Titans members Cyborg and Beast Boy find Mojo Jojo to be pretty cool for a talking monkey, the Girls compete with Raven, Starfire and Robin to see which superhero team is better, and there's a catchy song called Monkey Army that's bound to get stuck in fans' heads.”

If you're a fan of these shows, then it's obviously a crossover event that you won't want to miss. It should be fun to see all of these characters interacting with each other. 

The Powerpuff Girls will air today on Monday, May 30th at 6pm ET/PT. Teen Titans GO! will air on the same day at 6.30pm ET/PT on Cartoon Network. The crossover episode is set to air in June this year.

Awesome Collection of New CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR Concept Art

A series of concept art created for Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War featuring some cool fight sequences in the movie has been released. The first set comes from artist Maciej Kuciara. They feature some cool key frame art for the film. A lot of the art shows us how the final battle between Captain America, Bucky, and Iron Man came together. It also features a solemn piece in which Black Panther is confronting Baron Zemo. The second set of art comes from CosmicBookNews and shows Spider-Man in action during that epic airport battle sequence. I love seeing the key frame art that artists produce for these Marvel movies, and I’m sure that this won’t be the last of it for Civil War

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The X-Men Series LEGION Will Be Whimsical, Imaginative, and Unexpected

Fargo series creator Noah Hawley is hard at work developing a new X-Men series for FX called Legion. The series centers around a character named David Haller, who will be played by Dan Stevens. He is the son of Professor X, and he’s a powerful mutant with multiple personality disorder. Each of his multiple personalities controls a different aspect of his mutant powers, which makes him one of the most interesting characters in the X-Men universe. 

During an interview with Vanity Fair, Noah talked about the series and explained what will make it different from all of the other superhero projects in TV and film that we’re seeing get made these days. He says: 

“Film and TV have traded places where, you know, where you are now in a case-of-the-week movie world. One week, the Avengers fight this guy; the next week, they fight that guy. You can’t take the story too far in any one direction.”

Hawley is looking to completely avoid the episodic structure that we’ve become accustomed to, and will structure the show around the content of the story. He explained:

“I always feel like the structure of a story should reflect the content of the story. If the story, as in this case, is about a guy who is either schizophrenic or he has these abilities, i.e., he doesn’t know what’s real and what’s not real, then the audience should have the same experience.” 

He goes on to say that he is going to create a “more existential exploration” and “surreal or dreamlike quality where it’s not just about running and kicking.” He explained:

“There’s, whatever, 9,000 superhero stories right now. They’ve got all the running and kicking covered. I think my goal with this is to do something whimsical and imaginative and unexpected. Not just because I want to do something different, but because it feels like the right way to tell this story.”

That’s awesome. I love that kind of stuff. I think Marvel has done a good job with this kind of storytelling style in their Netflix series like Daredevil and Jessica Jones. They really get into the meat of the story and characters, and it’s just not the about the fighting.

Legion is currently shooing, and if the pilot gets picked up by FX it will run for 10 episodes. The series will not be connected to the X-Men cinematic universe as it supposedly takes place in a parallel universe. This will allow it to not be bound by anything that the films are doing.

Stan Lee Thinks Captain America’s Hydra Twist Is a Crazy but Cool Idea

As many of you already have heard, last week Marvel Comics released Steve Rodgers: Captain America #1 and revealed that good ol’ Steve has been a double agent working for Hydra all along. 

As a hardcore Captain America fan, I absolutely hate this twist. It pretty much spits on everything that Captain America is supposed to stand for. Captain America was a created as a symbol of hope to fight the freakin’ Nazi’s! He punched Adolf Hitler in the freakin’ face for cryin' out loud! He lifted the spirits of America during a dark time of war. Now we find how he was working for them the whole time!? Bullshit!

Who knows, maybe the story arc will take the character in another unexpected direction and it will turn out that he’s been a double, double agent or something. Infiltrating Hydra for the U.S. I don’t know, but as it currently stands I’m not happy with it. I'm currently pissed at Marvel for this stupid-ass twist. 

I know some people are on board with it, and they like the new direction. That’s fine, I don’t hate the supporters. I just hate the concept. Stan Lee appeared at MegaCon over the weekend, and during his panel he said that that he liked the idea and that it will probably make its way into the movies at some point. He tells the audience:

"It's a hell of a clever idea; I don't know that I would ever have thought of it for him to be a double agent, but it's going to make you curious, it's going to make you want to read the books, they'll probably do a movie based on it. So I can't fault it; it's a good idea. I think it's crazy, but it's a good idea."

People are definitely talking about it, but I haven’t heard a lot of talk supporting it. As for making people want to read the books… hearing this new has actually made me NOT to want to read the comic. I’m actually think I’m calling it quits on the Captain America comics because, well… he’s no longer Captain America! He’s Captain Hydra the lying double agent asshole.

Sam Mendes Will Not Return to Direct the Next James Bond Film

It looks like the next James Bond film is shaping up to be a fresh and new reimagining of the franchise. It’s not looking like Daniel Craig is going to return to the next film, and now director Sam Mendes, who directed Skyfall and Spectre, won’t be back either. While speaking at the Hay Festival of literature in Wales, the filmmaker made the announcement saying:

"It was an incredible adventure, I loved every second of it. But I think it's time for somebody else."

Mendes revealed that he is stepping down and away from the franchise, but said he hoped the next director to take on the 007 would come from an "unexpected direction.” The director explained that he is looking to tell fresh stories with new characters:

"I'm a storyteller. And at the end of the day, I want to make stories with new characters.”

I think it’s great that Mendes and Craig are looking to move on. I’m personally ready for a new version of Bond. Preferably played by Tom Hiddleston, which might actually happen! As we reported last week, the  actor is currently in talks to play 007. Who knows what will happen, though. Other actors that have been discussed for the role are Idris Elba and Jamie Bell

Mendes went on to say that it's pointless for fans to lobby for who should be the next Bond because the decision will be made solely by the series' producer, Barbara Broccoli.

"It's not a democracy ... Barbara Broccoli decides who is going to be the next Bond, end of story.”

It will certainly be interesting to see who she picks to continue the adventure of James Bond. I’m also curious to see who the next director will be! Who would you like to see come on board to direct the next James Bond film? I personally think it would be cool to see what Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat would do with the franchise! 

Source: THR