DC’s Streaming Service Will be Called DC UNIVERSE an The Logos of the Shows Have Been Revealed

We’ve been waiting to hear any details about DC’s streaming service, and we finally have something. It has been announced that the service will have a simple name: DC Universe. DC Universe will be the home of Titans, Young Justice: Outsiders, Harley Quinn, and Swamp Thing. DC says that there will be much more added to the service (I imagine the Arrowverse will be headed to it in place of Netflix).

So far, it looks like it could be a solid service. I’m interested in all of the shows announced, and hope they all turn out well. Of course, this will be another streaming service to pay for (this is getting ridiculous) and it looks like only DC fans will be interested, so I would not be surprised if the pricing is a bit high. That’s right, we don’t have any details on pricing yet. Nor do we know when the service will launch outside of later this year. Are you interested enough to pick up another streaming service?

DC's Streaming Service Will be Called DC UNIVERSE an The Logos of the Shows Have Been Revealed

Jimmy Kimmel Will Be Batman in TEEN TITANS GO! TO THE MOVIES


Teen Titans Go! is a show that many fans hate because it's not the original, but many others love because it's very different. I feel like it works best as a 5-minute short to show us some of the shenanigans they get into when not fighting crime. However, no matter what your opinion of the show is, they are making a movie for it called Teen Titans Go! to the Movies. In a recent trailer we found out that Will Arnett will be voicing Slade Wilson, and in a recent tweet, Jimmy Kimmel trash talked Arnett as he will be the voice of Batman in the film. This, of course, refers to Arnett being the popular voice of LEGO Batman.

Arnett and Kimmel will be joined by Kristen Bell, Tara Strong, Khary Payton, Greg Cipes, Hynden Walch, and Scott Menville. From what I’ve gathered, this could be a fun movie for fans of the TV show, but I worry it’s too out there for non-fans to enjoy.

Teen Titans Go! to the Movies will premiere July 27, 2018.

Someone Gave All of the Avengers Beards and It’s Great

Many fans will agree that one of the best parts of Avengers: Infinity War is Captain America’s new beard. Fans have been going nuts over it since we first saw it. Well, someone at Mashable decided that all of the Avengers needed beards, so they went and gave everyone beards to see who else could be improved upon. The two worst ones were Scarlet Witch and Vision. The best ones in this gallery are Spider-Man, Bucky, and Groot. Who do you think should be rocking a beard in Avengers 4?

bruce_banner.jpg gamora.jpg scarlet_witch.jpg

Michael B. Jordan Teaming Up With Joe Robert Cole for Netflix Adaptation of FAILSAFE


I’m still cooling down from Michael B. Jordan’s amazing performance as Erik Killmonger in Black Panther. It appears he has once again teamed up with Black Panther co-writer Joe Robert Cole for the Netflix film adaptation of Failsafe from Vault. Jordan is set to produce the film through his production company Outlier Society Productions and he may star as well.

Failsafe was written by F.J. DeSanto and Todd Farmer and it sounds like it could be really cool. Here’s the synopsis:

When he executed the last nanotech-enhanced super soldier, John Ravane thought that was the end of the haywire Insurgence Program. Ten years later, in the wake of social unrest, its true legacy is revealed. As sleeper agents scattered throughout the country activate, Ravane must stand between a government he cannot trust and the soldiers he once hunted.

This sounds pretty awesome to me! No word about when we’ll get to see this adaptation, but I can’t wait to find out more. Do you think Jordan should star in it, or should they get someone else?

Source: Deadline

The Official Title For the Upcoming SABRINA Netflix Series Has Been Reveled


Netflix’s Sabrina series has been given a new official name. For a while, we’ve been calling the series based on the graphic novels The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, Sabrina. The creator of the series has revealed though that the series will have the same name as the graphic novels. This take on Sabrina the Teenage Witch will be a dark reimagining of the coming of age story. The more that I’ve heard about this show, the more excited I’ve become.

Sabrina reimagines the origin and adventures of Sabrina the Teenage Witch as a dark coming-of-age tale that traffics in horror, the occult and witchcraft. It’s described as in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby and The Exorcist and finds Sabrina wrestling to reconcile her dual nature as a half-witch, half-mortal while fighting the evil forces that threaten her, her family and the daylight world humans inhabit.

Kiernan Shipka will star as Sabrina with Ross Lynch playing her love interest Harvey. They are joined by Michelle Gomez, Jaz Sinclair, Chance Perdomo, Lucy Davis, Miranda Otto, and Richard Coyle. A premiere date has not been given yet, but Netflix has already ordered a second season.

Hasbro Buys POWER RANGERS Franchise From Saban Entertainment

Power Rangers is roughly 25 years old. I love this franchise, and I think Saban Entertainment has done some great work. It looks like it’s time to pass the torch though as Hasbro has struck a deal with them to acquire Power Rangers as well as other, undisclosed, franchises for $522 million. CBM points out that some of the other franchises may include Digimon, Beetleborgs (where’s that reboot?), Masked Rider, Cubix, and VR Troopers. I didn’t realize that Saban had Digimon and Cubix. This could lead to some unexpected reboots and revivals.

Hasbro had this to say about the deal:

Power Rangers is an iconic brand built on a heritage of great storytelling and merchandising with tremendous upside potential when fully executed across Hasbro’s Brand Blueprint. Shortly after entering into our licensing arrangement, it became clear that now was the time to begin investing in unlocking Power Rangers’ full potential. We see significant opportunity for Power Rangers across our entire Brand Blueprint, including toys and games, consumer products, digital gaming and entertainment, as well as geographically throughout our global retail footprint. We couldn’t be more pleased that Haim Saban will continue in a consulting role to further guide our development of this valuable property for the next generation of Power Rangers fans.

The founder of Saban Entertainment, Haim Saban, said this:

25 years after launching Power Rangers, I believe the future for this brand has never been greater. Hasbro’s leadership in innovation, storytelling and brand stewardship make it the perfect company to further develop the global reach and appeal of the Power Rangers property. I look forward to working with Brian and the team in the years to come.

John Boyega Hints at a Time Jump for STAR WARS: EPISODE IX

John Boyega was recently talking to UK Finance about an app to help fight cancer, DreamLab, when he dropped a little hint about Star Wars: Episode IX. He said:

I can’t wait to start shooting the next and final leg of the franchise. The first step is growing out my hair, so you can wait for the trailer to see why.

Could his longer hair signal a time jump between The Last Jedi and IX? It would definitely help in the ability to explain why Leia’s gone. It would also fit J.J. Abrams’ ability to borrow from the Original Trilogy. After all, there is a time jump between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi. A time jump is not a bad idea, plus, we already have a comic that illustrates what happens right after The Last Jedi ends. The real question is, how long will Finn’s hair be?

I recommend reading the whole article as he talks about the opportunities Star Wars has given him as well as a bit more about the DreamLab app.

Star Wars: Episode IX has a current release date of December 20, 2019.

Comic Book Artist and Writer Erik Larsen Reveals Why Venom’s Tongue is So Crazy

Most, if not all of us think of Venom’s tongue when we think of the classic Spider-Man villain/anti-hero. His tongue and monstrous teeth have become a defining characteristic of the symbiote and it’s awesome! Erik Larsen, the man who took over for Todd McFarlane on the Spider-Man comics, recently took to Facebook to explain how that tongue came to be. The short answer: he thought he saw it on some art that McFarlane made, but he was mistaken.

Venom will premiere in theaters October 5, 2018. Tom Hardy will play the titular Eddie Brock/Venom.

The untold(?) origin of Venom's tongue.
As you all know, Todd McFarlane was the first guy to draw Venom in the pages of the Amazing Spider-Man and I succeeded him on the title.
Years ago, Todd McFarlane drew a cover for a Spider-Man vs. Venom trade paperback which collected the Spider-Man vs. Venom stories that he had illustrated. On it, he drew Venom with his mouth open and his tongue visible.
I didn't buy the book because I had the individual comics already but my takeaway was that Todd was giving him a tongue now.
Determined to take it a step further, I gave Venom an even bigger, crazier tongue--not realizing that Todd didn't do anything special or unusual with his tongue at all--it was a perfectly ordinary, unremarkable tongue.
For years I'd been given credit for the tongue and I'd sheepishly confess that I got it from Todd from a TPB cover. Imagine my surprise when I actually saw Todd's cover, years later and saw that it looked nothing like I had remembered it! It turned out that I HAD given him that crazy tongue after all!

Zoe Saldana Offers an Update on AVATAR 2


Zoe Saldana recently gave an interview about her character Gamora in Avengers: Infinity War with the LA Times, but she also gave an update on Avatar 2 in the same interview. Don’t read the full interview unless you don’t mind spoilers for Infinity War. Saldana mentions that they are currently finishing up the motion capture work for Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 at the moment with the next part being pre-production on the live-action shots. They will then shoot the film in New Zealand. Here’s her full answer:

We are just about finishing motion capture production on the [second and third] movies, and then after that, they go straight into pre-production for the live-action part that will shoot for six months in New Zealand. So we’re kind of only halfway done. [Laughs] It’s wonderful. We’re not complaining. We get to drive every day to Manhattan Beach and go to Pandora with our favorite director and my most favorite role model in this town.

I know I can speak for Sam Worthington right now, we are exhilarated — we get to be up against Sigourney Weaver and Stephen Lang, and we’re working with an amazing cast who are finally getting the opportunity to work with James Cameron. We are having a lot of fun.

Avatar 2 is currently slated for a December 18, 2020, release.

Joe Russo Provides New Details about INFINITY WAR and Reveals a Scene That Tom Holland Improvised

Everyone that worked on Avengers: Infinity War is hard at work doing the press tour and dealing with interview questions while avoiding giving spoilers. That being said, we will be getting into some spoilers now, so look away if you haven’t seen the film yet.

Joe Russo recently did a Q&A at the University of Iowa according to CBM but a comment on Reddit points to the Q&A happening at Iowa City High School. During the Q&A we got some interesting details about the film.

First it was confirmed that Valkyrie from Thor: Ragnarok is alive. Some Asgardians survived via escape pods and my guess is that she went in case they ran into trouble wherever the pods landed. He did not comment on the status of Korg. I, for one, hope he’s still alive with Valkyrie and not a pile of rubble.

The most notable revelation from this Q&A though is about Peter Parker. According to the comments, Tom Holland improvised his death. Who would’ve guessed? That moment was incredible and wrecked people emotionally. I have to give major props to Holland for that performance. It was heart-wrenching for sure and very well done. What would you have asked Russo if you had the chance?

Avengers: Infinity War is out now.