3 TV Shows That Ended Too Soon (That Aren’t FIREFLY)


We all know those TV shows that end after one or two seasons and you’re left wondering what was going to happen, or you feel unsatisfied with the ending. A lot of people feel that way about Joss Whedon’s Firefly and are wanting it to be brought back. While I love Firefly, I don’t want it to come back. I feel like Serenity did a decent job of providing closure. In fact, I don’t know that I necessarily want any of these shows to come back. After all, it would be weird to try to start them up again years later. As with all of my lists, these are in no particular order.

3 – The Cape

The Cape was a superhero show on NBC in 2011. It was given 13 episodes, but after poor ratings, it only got 10 episodes. This lead to the main story not finishing. The story revolves around a cop named Vince Faraday (played by David Lyons) who switches over to working for a private security firm. Faraday is then framed for being the evil mastermind Chess and is “killed”. Faraday must then clear his name and defeat the real Chess as the superhero The Cape! As The Cape, Faraday has a special cape that he gets from the ringleader (Keith David) of a traveling circus/bank robbery ring known as The Carnival of Crime.

I know this sounds pretty cheesy, and believe me it is, but once they get the story going it starts to pull you in. I think that’s the problem the show had with getting good ratings; the first several episodes weren’t really progressing the plot very far if at all. Towards the end, we start learning more about Orwell (played by Summer Glau) and that story gets extremely intriguing. Unfortunately, we don’t find out what happens with it. I can understand why it was cut, but I wish they could have had at least one more season to actually give us a satisfying ending. Maybe they could bring this one back as a graphic novel?

2 – Better Off Ted

Better Off Ted was a hilarious workplace comedy that was on ABC for 2 seasons. While I’m a fan of the idea of ending a show before it gets ruined, I feel like this show had about one or two good seasons left in it. It would have been nice to have the romance between Ted and Linda actually end up happening, or have a resolution at all. Maybe have them try it and find out they don’t work well together as more than just friends. If you haven’t seen the show (it was on Netflix for a while) the premise is that Ted (Jay Harrington) works as head of a Research and Development team for Veridian Dynamics which is an evil corporation (watch one of their “commercials” and you’ll understand). His boss is Veronica (Portia de Rossi) who very much embodies the company but you see that hard exterior crack every now and then to reveal that sometimes she can have a heart. Then you have Phil (Jonathan Slavin) and Lem (Malcolm Barrett) who are the socially inept scientists who are potentially the best characters in the show. Linda (Andrea Anders) is one of the workers under Ted and the obligatory romantic interest. The show was solid, but just kind of vanished. It didn’t have a real end to it which just felt like they left the book open and the fans are just waiting for the final page or two. This one they could maybe bring back, but I’d be worried that it would just ruin the show.

1 – Jericho

I wouldn’t be surprised if you had never heard of Jericho; it’s the oldest entry on this list, first airing in 2006. Here’s a synopsis before I go into it:

A nuclear mushroom cloud appears on the horizon — and for the residents of Jericho, a small Kansas town, it could mean they’re the only Americans left alive. Fear of the unknown propels Jericho into mayhem, causing the town to come apart at the seams. Secrets are revealed, personal agendas take over and even the most sensible people become paranoid. But even in a time of crisis, some folks will find an inner strength they never knew existed, causing them to emerge as the most unlikeliest of heroes. As the citizens slowly rebuild Jericho, however, they also find themselves in a bitter turf war with the residents of another town, New Bern.

This show is one of my three favorite shows of all time. The first season is a masterpiece. Unfortunately, they were only given 7 episodes from CBS for the second season. This lead to a rushed story that could’ve been fleshed out for a much better ending. The show was given was given a third season in book form, but I haven’t read it so I can’t confirm how well done it is. The cast for the show was fantastic, and it really makes you think. You can currently stream it on Netflix. I recommend you choose this as your next show. I’ll shut up now before I ruin anything about the series.

Number of Episodes Confirmed for STRANGER THINGS Season 3

The first season of Netflix’s original series Stranger Things had eight episodes. The second season had nine. The third season does not have ten. In fact, the number goes down to eight again. This confirmation comes from TVLine who also reports that production for the season will start mid-April 2018. I’m really excited for this series to return, but am very sad that it probably won’t be until 2019. We still don’t know too much, but I’m glad to know that Will Byers will catch a break. I’ve felt so bad for him these last two seasons. My wife and I have joked before that season 3 should just be about Will having the best day of his life. Maybe he goes to Disneyland!

Apart from Will catching a break after two brutal seasons, I’m excited to see more Dustin and Steve. That relationship was a nice surprise and it really made me care about Steve. I’m sad we’re only getting eight episodes in season 3, but I’m sure they’ll be great just like the last two.

Chris McKay Offers Update on His NIGHTWING Film and You Can Help Him Cast The Character

Last we heard about Nightwing, Dacre Montgomery from Stranger Things was trying to get the lead role. Well, we still don’t have a name yet, and that could be because director Chris McKay hasn’t chosen anyone yet. In fact, he is asking fans on Twitter to help cast the character.

Now, he’s not giving us any names of people to choose from, nor is he asking for actors, what he is asking for though is for people to describe the singular most important quality the character has and then you can vote for one of four attributes for the actor to have. That’s pretty cool. Not many directors are asking this kind of input from fans, but then again, asking the Internet isn’t always the best thing. Remember Boaty McBoatface?

In addition to McKay asking for some help, we also have found out that the script is almost done. In another tweet he gave us this news:

I’m hesitant when it comes to Nightwing. I want it to be a good movie, and I hope they find the right actor for it. I am just hesitant because of DC’s current track record with their films. I’m hoping that with the changes made to the organization of the studio that things will improve. Who should they cast to play Dick Grayson?

Butch Hartman Has Left Nickelodeon and He Explains Why in a Video He Posted


Butch Hartman is most well-known for being the creator of The Fairly OddParents and Danny Phantom. Both of those shows were amazing as a kid. Well, he recently took to YouTube to explain that he left his home of 20 years, Nickelodeon. It’s crazy to think that Fairly OddParents is 20 years old, and it is sad that he has left the studio, but as he says in the video, this stuff happens. It’s great to see Hartman be positive about Nickelodeon and the future. In the video, he also talks about his history at the studio and how Fairly OddParents started with just 6 episodes they had to keep rerunning for a while. The part that made me the maddest was him talking about how Nickelodeon has the rights to Danny Phantom and therefore he can’t do much with it, but on the bright side, Hartman has said he will do as much as he is legally able to with his characters including Danny Phantom.

Towards the end of the video, Hartman reveals that he’s working on a number of projects and he’s even considering self-releasing a new show on his YouTube channel. That would be awesome! That would be a way for him to maintain control of the property which could lead to some awesome things in the future. Also, don’t forget to check out his app The Noog Network for more Hartman fun.

Stanley Tucci is Seduced By a Student in Intense Trailer for SUBMISSION

Submission is a film based on the novel Blue Angel by Francine Prose. It will star Stanley Tucci, Addison Timlin, Kyra Sedgwick, Janeane Garofalo, and Peter Gallagher.

It looks like it could be very interesting to see how the film is received given the current climate involving sexual assault. After reading the synopsis I thought it was going to be a much better Fifty Shades kind of movie. Then I watched the trailer and I noticed things got intense. I was not expecting that kind of a twist.Here’s the synopsis:

Ted (Stanley Tucci) is a once-acclaimed author who teaches writing at a small liberal arts college. Though his marriage to Sherrie (Kyra Sedgwick) is comfortable, he finds himself drowning in discontent -- stuffy departmental dinners at which he drinks too much, smug colleagues whom he dislikes yet fears he resembles, and an endless stream of untalented students. But when a new pupil, Angela (Addison Timlin), shows promise Ted focuses on nurturing her career, and she appears more than willing to devote the one-on-one time required. Basking in Angela's youth, talent, and admiration, just as she benefits from Ted's wisdom, experience, and professional connections, it's only a matter of time before lines are crossed and it becomes unclear whether Ted is predator or prey and Angela is victim or victimizer. 

Submission will be in select theaters in New York City on March 2, 2018. It will then be available in Los Angeles and other select cities on March 9, 2018.

Artist Creates Beautiful Drawings of Disney Characters

There are some amazing artists in the world. I would put Instagram user dada16808 up there. She has provided some freaking amazing art with the help of her wood crayons and I’m blown away. She’s taken characters from Disney films such as Tarzan and Frozen and combined them into one picture. For example, you have half of Tarzan’s face and half of who I assume is Kerchak’s face. The result is beautiful. This isn’t the only kind of drawing she does though, so I highly recommend checking out her Instagram for more amazing art.

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Zachary Levi Posted a Picture of Himself in Costume but a Coat Prevents Us from Seeing It

Zachary Levi will be playing the superhero Shazam in the upcoming DC film Shazam! I’m really excited to see him in this role since he’s one of my favorite actors. Well, Levi has released a picture of himself in costume, but unfortunately, he’s wearing a big coat that covers the costume. We do however see him with jet black hair and it seems someone has tanned a little. He’s looking more and more like the superhero from the comics and I’m hoping that DC can turn their luck around and turn out more really good films. I’m sure in the coming weeks and/or months we’ll get an actual look at Levi in full Shazam glory.

Shazam! is slated for release on April 5, 2019.

Under this cloak...I'm wearing my full Shazam! outfit. Jealoussssssssss??? #firstlook #likeaglooooooove

Shannon Purser Gets Message About Barb on Coffee Cup

Shannon Purser played the fan favorite Barb on Netflix’s Stranger Things. When she got taken by the Demogorgon, only Nancy and Barb’s mother seem to care which made many of us fans very sad. Why did no one care about this missing teenage girl? We then find out that Barb died in the Upside Down which made things sad, especially when we find out in season 2 that they don’t tell anyone.  Her death started the movement Justice for Barb. Well, Purser recently got a surprise at Starbucks when the barista wrote a special message on her cup.

I still think that while what happened with Barb is sad, where’s the Justice for Benny movement? He’s more innocent!

Elizabeth Olsen will Produce and Star in Facebook Dramady Series


When you think about TV shows and original series, you probably think of Hulu or Netflix. Well, Facebook has been trying to create some content as well and this one seems pretty big.

The series does not have a name at the moment but will run on Facebook Watch for 10 episodes and it will be a dramedy. Sadly, we don’t know anything but rumors about the premise. Rumor has it that Elizabeth Olsen will be, “a young widow dealing with grief while reconnecting with relationships from her past.”

The show will be executive produced by James Ponsoldt, Lizzy Weiss as showrunner, and Kit Steinkellner as the creator and writer of the series. I’ll be interested to learn more about this series as we get closer to production.

Source: Deadline

Video Compares Monster Sizes from Popular Movies

Who is your favorite movie monster? Mike Wazowski? Gamera? Godzilla? Have you ever wondered how it compares to other monsters? MetaBallStudios has been kind enough to provide this comparison for us. It goes from the small (.7 meters) Mike Wazowski from Monsters Inc. all the way up to the 900-meter-long Exogorth from Star Wars. It’s interesting to me to see how different some monsters are and how similar others are. I didn’t realize a Rancor was supposedly 5 meters tall and the Balrog was 6.