Original TEEN TITANS Rumored to Being Held Hostage


I was on Twitter this weekend when I came across this tweet from the talented Tara Strong:

You can imagine my excitement when I first read the tweet. There’s real hope of bringing Teen Titans back! I’ve already shared how Michael Jelenic said that he wants to bring the show back so this is two sources saying that this very well could happen. In my excitement, I re-read the tweet and I was suddenly very displeased.

According to Strong’s tweet, the return of Teen Titans is conditional. It will only return if Teen Titans GO! to the Movies does well. This really rubbed me the wrong way. I’m a huge fan of the original cartoon, but I was really turned off by the commercials I’d seen of Teen Titans GO!. However, at the request of some of you readers, I decided to give it a fair shot.

I learned it’s not bad as a 5-minute short. When it gets longer than 5 minutes though, you start losing me. This means I don’t want to go see TTGttM, at least not at full theater price. However, I want freaking season 6 of Teen Titans. What am I to do?

Either, Strong’s tweet has been misread by many fans including myself, she was given a wrong impression of what’s happening, or this is a dick move in an attempt to boost box office numbers. I hope Teen Titans returns, and I hope that the return isn’t conditional as many of us have been led to believe. There are many fans of the original that don’t like TTGO! and that’s OK. Don’t twist our arms and dangle a carrot in front of us to go see something we don’t actually want to see.

Jon Hamm Talks About Jeremy Renner Breaking Both Arms During Production of TAG

I’m really excited for Tag to come out. The trailers make it look like a blast. According to Jon Hamm, the set was pretty intense though as there were several injuries on set. The most notable is one that he wasn’t around for, but apparently, Jeremy Renner broke both of his arms at the same time on day 3 of production. Hamm mentions in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that they put him in green screen casts that they could fix in post with CGI. You can watch the clip of Hamm talking to DeGeneres below. Are you looking forward to this movie?

Tag will hit theaters on June 15, 2018.

STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Gets a New Working Title

Star Wars fans are always trying to figure out the hidden meanings behind the working titles of the films. Just take the working title for Obi-Wan’s possible movie, Joshua Tree. There’s a whole article talking about how that probably points us just to where the film will be set, but I’m sure if you go elsewhere on the Internet, there’s more in-depth debate and theorizing happening. Before today, the working title for Episode IX was "Black Diamond." The new working title is "trIXie" according to Fantha Tracks, who gains some credibility when they explain, “the same research methods and public sources were used by the same team to uncover the production names of every Disney era Star Wars film to date.”

Of course, Red Cup was the working title for Solo for obvious reasons, but here are the other ones from the Disney era. Rogue One was "Los Alamos" where the Atomic Bomb was born. The Force Awakens was "AVCO", after the place where J.J. Abrams saw A New Hope. Finally, The Last Jedi was titled "Space Bear". Here's the explanation of how that came to be from the Lucasfilm Story Group:

"We were talking about how Luke had retreated and just taken himself out of the world and for some reason [it felt like] Legends of the Fall, when Tristan goes into the woods in the end. But then we were like, 'And then he gets mauled by a bear.' And then someone said, 'So Luke's like a space bear.'"
"Luke has to find his space bear, and then that became the code name for the movie. [Writer/director] Rian [Johnson], I think, wrote on a whiteboard in the Star Wars-type title font, 'Space Bear,' and it was forever known internally as Space Bear."

What do you think "trIXie" could mean besides the obvious visual pun? Will Trixie Tang appear and save the galaxy from Kylo Ren?

Benedict Cumberbatch is a Real Life Superhero as He Helps a Man Being Mugged!

Here’s something you don’t hear every day. Benedict Cumberbatch saved a cyclist from muggers. The Sun reports that Cumberbatch was taking an Uber near his fictional home of 221B Baker Street when he saw the cyclist being mugged and leapt into action. The report says that Cumberbatch went and pulled the muggers off the victim and as things started to look ugly, his Uber driver Manuel Dias joined him. Here’s Dias’ account of the event:

I was taking Benedict and his wife to a club — but I didn’t know it was him at first. I went to turn down into Marylebone High Street and we saw four guys were pushing around a Deliveroo cyclist. My passenger jumped out, ran over and pulled the men away. They turned towards him and things looked like getting worse, so I joined in.

He stood there instructing them in the street, shouting, ‘Leave him alone’.

It was only then I recognised Benedict. Then it all got a bit surreal. Here was Sherlock Holmes fighting off four attackers just round the corner from Baker Street.

I had hold of one lad and Benedict another. He seemed to know exactly what he was doing. He was very brave. He did most of it, to be honest.

They tried to hit him but he defended himself and pushed them away. He wasn’t injured. Then I think they also re­cognised it was Be­ne­dict and ran away.

Benedict was courageous, brave and selfless. If he hadn’t stepped in the cyclist could have been seriously injured. He asked the rider how he was and when he said, ‘I’m OK’ Benedict just hugged him.

How crazy is that!? Sounds like his training for Doctor Strange and Sherlock have rubbed off on him. It’s also great to hear that he’s not afraid of getting his hands dirty to help those around him.

Now That Hasbro Owns POWER RANGERS They Plan on Making More Movies

I was a little late to the party and only recently watched the new Power Rangers movie. I was surprised at how well I liked the movie right up until they morphed. For me, that was when the movie started going downhill and there’s a good chance a lot of that has to do with my inner fanboy raging about all the changes they made. With how the movie performed at the box office and Hasbro acquiring the franchise from Saban, many fans have been wondering if a sequel will happen. It might. CEO of Hasbro, Brian Goldner, recently outlined their plans for Power Rangers, and you may notice, they want to do movies.

As I mentioned, we’ve now announced the acquisition of Power Rangers. This is really a great statement about where we believe we are in developing our brand blueprint. The fact that we can acquire Power Rangers brand and plug and play that right into our strategy where we activate it in entertainment, motion pictures in the future and then of course across toys and games and consumer products and do so globally. We felt the brand was very under leveraged and undervalued. We feel we can exploit it to a much greater extent and it was a great opportunity to acquire the brand.

So we know that Hasbro wants to make Power Rangers movies. The question is, will they reboot the franchise or just continue it? The recent film was done through Lionsgate, but Hasbro partners with Paramount Pictures which is one of the reasons some are thinking it will be rebooted instead of continued.

I personally would not mind a reboot so they can get the Power Rangers part of the movie right. What do you think Hasbro should do with the Power Rangers franchise?

On a semi-related note; please make a Shattered Grid or Lord Drakkon series!

Source: TokuNation

BLEACH Artist Draws Harley Quinn

Masashi Kudo was a character designer for Bleach and he has recently done a new take on Harley Quinn. The drawing is reportedly to celebrate the character getting her spin-off movie and Birds of Prey. This picture puts Harley in the popular red, blue, and gold outfit and pigtails. Is it just me or does she look like she belongs in the Pokemon manga? This is Kudo’s second time tackling the character. You can see his first go below the latest post.

Second Half of Season 4 of UNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT to Release in 2019

The first half of season 4 of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt finally hit Netflix. We’d heard in the past that the second half would premiere later this year, but it appears those plans have changed.

THR is now reporting that Netflix announced the second season would be released January 25, 2019. According to the same report, there is still talk of the show ending with a movie, although it is unclear of the film would be a Netflix exclusive (let’s face it, it will be) or if it would be released to theaters.

How do you feel about this push back of the release? Are you loving the first half?

Character Designs for New YU YU HAKUSHO OVA Shared

In case you forgot, Yu Yu Hakusho is releasing a new OVA along with the Blu-ray box set. Said OVA will focus on Hiei and Kurama’s past, including when they first met. The character designs have been released for the OVA and you can see it above.

As you can see, Hiei hasn’t really changed at all. He’s in his usual black and white with everything looking the same. Kurama, on the other hand, is surprisingly different. His hair is shorter and seems more red and less pink than usual. You’ll also notice that he is wearing a blue uniform with white sneakers instead of his pink uniform or white outfit. The OVA will be titled Two Shots.

In addition to this great treat, another OVA will be released called All or Nothing which will be based on the second-to-last chapter of the original manga. Both OVAs are currently scheduled to launch on October 26 along with the Demon World arc (episodes 95-112) as the fourth part of the Blu-ray release. The first part will launch July 27 and will have the Spirit Detective arc (episodes 1-26) and the two previously released films Yu Yu Hakusho: The Movie and Yu Yu Hakusho the Movie: Poltergeist Report. August 28 will be the release date of part two which will have the entire Dark Tournament arc (episodes 27-66). The third part of the release will feature the Sensui arc (episodes 67-94).

I am very excited for this release and can’t wait to get my hands on a copy.

BLEACH One Shot Manga Will Help Fans Prepare for the Movie


The live-action adaptation of Bleach is set to hit theaters in Japan in July, and it looks amazing. The trailers and posters have brought Bleach fever back into full-swing and it looks like a new one shot manga will be made to help fans prepare for the movie. According to Twitter translator, Manga Keiton, there will be three parts to the one shot to help fans prepare for the movie. The translation mentions “[a] compilation of the best scenes!!” I’m curious to see what else they’ll do, but I imagine it will focus on Ichigo, Rukia, Uryu, Renji, and Byakuya as they seem to be the main characters. The one shot will appear in the July issue of Saikyou Jump.

The movie will adapt the first arc of the manga, the Substitute Shinigami Arc and there is potential for a trilogy to be developed if this one does well. Bleach will be released to Japanese theaters July 20, 2018.

Orihime and Chad will be in BLEACH and Here’s Their Casting

I had not heard anything about Orihime and Chad being in the live-action Bleach adaptation and it had me worried. My level of worriedness increased when I heard they may try to make this a trilogy of films since Orihime is a huge part of the Hueco Mundo arc which I imagine would be the third film. Well, we now know that both of these characters will be in the film and Orihime Inoue will be played by Erina Mano and Yasutora Sado (Chad) will be portrayed by Tomo Koyanagi.

I am relieved to hear they will both be in this film. Outside of Orihime’s importance, I don’t really care for her that much (they should’ve done more with Tatsuki), but Chad is an awesome character. Or at least he could’ve been until they continually held him back and then did that whole Fullbringer thing.

We don’t know what they will look like in the context of the film, but with a new trailer on its way, hopefully, they’ll be included. Bleach will premiere in Japan on July 20, 2018. Hopefully, it’s as awesome as it looks and we can get a western release.

Source: Bleach Tumblr