Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron’s FLARSKY Gets New Release Date From Lionsgate


The Seth Rogen and Charlize Theron comedy Flarsky has changed its release date. It was originally planned to release February 8, 2019. However, Lionsgate has pushed the film back to June 7, 2019, and put Liam Neeson’s Hard Powder in the February 8 slot. Flarsky is said to come from a Black List script by Dan Sterling and Jonathan Levine is directing it.

A self-destructive, unemployed journalist tries to woo a powerful woman who used to be his childhood crush.

Whenever movies are pushed back, I get a little worried for them. I hope it means they're just trying to not rush the film, but there are moments you wonder if the film is just doomed.

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Sinemia Wants You to Bring Your MoviePass Friends Over to Their Service

MoviePass is really screwing up and the other subscription services are taking advantage. For example, Sinemia has started up a referral program where Sinemia customers can get $10 of credit for each new user who makes the jump from a competing service such as MoviePass or AMC Stubs A-List.

The best part? Your friend also gets $10 for making the switch. This program is currently available in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Turkey, and Australia. I’m hearing more and more people switching to Sinemia in our comments section and several users are really enjoying it. This Refer-A-Friend program seems like a great idea, I just hope that Sinemia has a better plan for dealing with the financial problems that MoviePass has run into.

Do You Remember These Shows From The Early 2000s Cartoon Network?

There are so many times I mention a show from my childhood and no one has any idea what I’m talking about. That is the inspiration behind this new series of articles. I want to see who actually remembers some of the great shows from the past, but apparently, most people forgot. Today, we’re going to tackle shows that aired on Cartoon Network outside of anime in the early 2000s. Let me know if you remember these gems and what other shows you feel have been lost to the sands of time.

Sheep in the Big City

I’m going to be completely honest, I remember watching and loving Sheep in the Big City, but I had forgotten what it was about. I did a little digging, though, and was reminded how silly the premise for the show was. The show was dripping with puns and humor. It wasn’t great from a storytelling perspective, but it wasn’t designed to be. It was designed (or at least I saw it) as an almost slapstick comedy show that had a bit more of a story than Looney Tunes. Here’s a plot synopsis:

Sheep lives happily on a farm with his friends. Unfortunately, a Secret Military Organization, led by General Specific, needs Sheep for its Sheep-Powered Ray Gun (with a sheep-shaped hole in it).

General Specific will get Sheep at any cost, and, knowing that the farm is at stake, Sheep is forced to leave for the big city. Now Sheep is on the run from General Specific, who is assisted by his henchmen, Private Public, the Angry Scientist (who in the show is often wrongly referred to as “Mad Scientist”), a bunch of other military types, and the Plot Device.

In addition, Sheep has to come to grips with the Big City and trying to romance his love, Swanky the Poodle. All the while, he has to avoid the attentions of a host of unwelcome characters — Lisa Rental and Swanky’s owner, the sheep-hating Lady Richington, wielding a stainless-steel wig.

Time Squad

Time Squad was such a great show in my opinion. I’ve even gone back and re-watched some episodes and I still found myself enjoying the show. The premise is pretty wacky, but simple. You have an idiot time-traveling cop and his unhelpful robot sidekick trying to make sure nothing bad happens to the timeline. When they go back to stop Eli Whitney from building flesh-eating robots instead of the cotton gin, they end up in the year 2001 (because they don’t know their history at all) and come across an 8-year-old orphan who happens to be really good at history. The orphan, Otto, then joins the cop and robot to help fix the problems in the timeline using his expert knowledge.

This show was brilliant, and I think they could even find a way to revive it for kids these days if they so desired. I’m normally against reviving shows and would prefer original content, but this is one of the few times that I’ll make an exception.

Megas XLR

If you scrolled past the credits videos on the last two shows, stop reading this and go listen to the credits to this show right now! I feel like I shouldn’t have to explain any further why Megas XLR was great. Giant robots, alien monsters, and plenty of humor. I have a hard time finding people who remember this show existed though. I don’t understand why. I’ll be honest here and say I don’t remember how the series ended, but I’m pretty sure it didn’t wrap everything up and I wouldn’t mind them bringing this show back either if only to run a couple episodes and finish it properly. As a testament to how great this show is, this is the clip I think of every time I have to go to the DMV:

MoviePass is Shooting Themselves in the Foot Again by Limiting the Selection Available to Customers


If you haven’t canceled your MoviePass subscription yet, I’m surprised. I’m now especially interested to hear what you think of the movie subscription service’s choice to limit what movies are available each day.

That’s right, MoviePass will have different movies available to users depending on the day. For example, on Friday, August 17, you can go see Christopher Robin or Mile 22 using the service. However, if you wait to go to the movies on Saturday, those two films are replaced with Alpha and Slender Man. Luckily, MoviePass does release the schedule for the following week so you can have some planning with friends and they do allow about 7 movies a day.

Unfortunately, a lot of the films that take up those slots are smaller indie films that don't always get wide releases. For example, Juliet, Naked is available every day, but none of my local theaters are showing it. Same with Skate Kitchen, Summer of 84, The Miseducation of Cameron Post, and We the Animals. All but 2 of the movies aren't available in my area and I imagine I'm not alone in this isolation.

Are you ok with this change, or is it the straw that broke your camel’s back?


Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30 has dropped and that means we’re going to see what cool things we can spot. If you haven’t read it yet, this is your warning that spoilers are ahead.


This issue picks up with an interesting conversation between Zordon and Commander Cruger and Rita Repulsa. The two good guys try getting Rita to help save the day since if Drakkon gets his way, everything in existence will disappear and Rita’s part of that existence. She doesn’t seem to care too much about all of this until they bring up the fact that Drakkon killed his Rita and Drakkon’s powers are still rooted in Rita’s magic. Zordon then points out that he and Rita go way back and he wishes there was another way. I really liked this interaction between Zordon and Rita and it feels like it could potentially point to something like from the 2017 movie where they were both Rangers once upon a time. I’d love for Hasbro to really develop this idea in future movies.

Cut over to Drakkon who is pouring some molten ninja steel on Sabba and later we’ll learn this gives him the magical ability to drain the Ranger powers on the battlefield. However, the last panel of Drakkon starts a speech Jason is giving to all the Rangers that have gathered to attack Drakkon’s stronghold. During the speech we see awesome interactions such as Jen and Eric from Time Force reuniting, a hilarious introduction between the Phantom Ranger and the Magna Defender, and we see the Ranger Slayer has returned. Kimberly tells Jason the speech was awesome, and Jason then asks Kimberly to take control of the Megazord even though Pterodactyl isn’t part of the Dragonzord Battle Mode. With this, Jason hands over the Dragon Dagger and Power Shield to Kimberley, and I wish we got a better look at it.


The Rangers then begin their assault and we’re shown Cruger, Zordon, Rita, and Ninjor appear in what I believe is Rita’s throne room from Drakkon’s universe. We finally get to see what the grand plan is too. Rita lights a green candle like the one from Green with Evil and we find out that Drakkon’s powers are now linked to the candle just as they were in Green with Evil. This was an awesome way to bring Drakkon down in my opinion. While Drakkon isn’t defeated in this issue, it’s awesome to see this nod to the original show. Rita then decides to speed the candle up and for some reason, Zordon’s not ok with this. I’ll be honest, I didn’t understand why he wasn’t ok with speeding up the process that he seemed ok with starting.

Before Drakkon confronts Zordon and pals, Drakkon shows up and starts whooping the Rangers and stealing some more of their powers. Kimberly then shoots Drakkon with the Dragon Dagger which I assume is when the candle starts taking effect as that is when he seems to be weakening. Skip ahead a little and Drakkon learns that Zordon and Rita teamed up and Rita says she wants to speed things up. Finster 5 then shocks them all and seemingly knocks them out. Drakkon then decides he needs more power (understandably as his powers are being drained), but Finster 5 refuses to help him with the method Drakkon chooses as it could kill Drakkon. This, of course, angers Drakkon who snaps Finster 5’s neck (that’s two necks he’s snapped) and then goes on to try to boost his power.

We sadly don’t see the Black Drakkon from the cover, but I’m wondering if that’s the form he will have in the finale. My big question is, will the power boost stop the Green Candle from working? Also, what’s Ranger Slayer planning with a “moon rescue”? Was she referring to saving Zordon and company in Drakkon’s world?

My guess is that Ranger Slayer will play a role in bringing Drakkon down, but I kind of hope that Jason is the one to bring him down. I also don't see how Drakkon can come out of this alive. I hope that we get more of the battle that is ensuing.

Shattered Grid should be wrapping up with the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Shattered Grid #1 on August 29, 2018. What’s been your favorite part of Shattered Grid so far? 

Casting Details For DC’s STARGIRL Have Surfaced

DC is currently working on developing Stargirl for DC Universe. The TV show will center around its own version of Courtney Whitmore and they’ve begun looking for the perfect actor for the role. According to That Hashtag Show, the studio is looking for an 18-year-old to play the 15-year old character. They also seem to not be paying attention to race which means that the show’s version may not be the blonde haired, blue eyed girl from the comics.

The report goes on to describe the character as such:

The character is described as being “an intelligent, compassionate and athletic young woman” who was living a “perfect teenage life in Los Angeles” before she’s uprooted to Blue Valley, Nebraska when her mother gets married. In Nebraska, she discovers that her stepfather used to be a superhero’s sidekick and thus Courtney’s adventures begin.

Who would you like to see cast as Stargirl?

The Characters Ling and Po Will Be in Disney Live-Action MULAN

Mulan is officially in the middle of production and we have now learned of two new characters joining it. Ling and Po, two of Mulan’s friends from the original animated film will make an appearance. Ling will be played by Jimmy Wong and Doua Moua will play Po. There’s no word on what role these two will have in the film, but I imagine it will be similar to their roles in the animated film as two of her friends in the army.

Mulan is the epic adventure of a fearless young woman who masquerades as a man in order to fight Northern Invaders attacking China. The eldest daughter of an honored warrior, Hua Mulan is spirited, determined and quick on her feet. When the Emperor issues a decree that one man per family must serve in the Imperial Army, she steps in to take the place of her ailing father as Hua Jun, becoming one of China’s greatest warriors ever.

Niki Caro is directing Mulan and Lie Yifei is in the titular role. Mulan will release March 27, 2020.

Source: Deadline

Hasbro Has Announced National Power Rangers Day

Mark your calendars for August 28 because that is now officially National Power Rangers Day. This is a new campaign from Hasbro to help celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved show adapted from the Japanese original. It’s really simple to participate, too. Apparently, just color coordinate with your friends and post on social media with #NationalPowerRangersDay about memories and new things you’re doing. Of course, this year will also feature the special anniversary episode of Power Rangers Ninja Steel that will bring back some legendary Power Rangers. Here’s the blurb from National Day Calendar:

On August 28, It’s Morphin’ Time! National Power Rangers Day officially recognizes the original “teenagers with attitude” and celebrates all things Power Rangers!

In 1993, five ordinary teenagers exploded on the pop-culture scene with the launch of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Together they broke down barriers and defeated evil by demonstrating teamwork, inclusivity, and diversity to people of all ages. Today, this grand tradition continues as new Ranger teams and new generations of fans discover these essential values over and over again.

On National Power Rangers Day everyone gets to be a Power Ranger! What are your Ranger skills and abilities? Do you have super strength or enhanced memory? Maybe your talent hasn’t been discovered yet. That’s ok! No matter where you live or who you are, with discipline, mindfulness, and heart, anyone can become a Power Ranger. Ultimately, the goal is to call your friends, color coordinate and get ready to celebrate National Power Rangers Day!

What plans are you making?

MoviePass is Facing a Class-Action Lawsuit From Shareholders

It’s no secret that MoviePass is in deep doo-doo. The last month or so has featured several blunders with the most recent one involving resubscribing people who had canceled their service. Needless to say, customers aren’t happy with the company. However, it’s not just the customers that are angry. After reporting a loss of $126.6 million for the recent quarter, shareholders of MoviePass’ parent company Helios and Matheson (HMNY) are filing a class action lawsuit against the company. With stock down to $0.05 each, Jeffrey Braxton filed the suit against HMNY’s CEO Ted Farnsworth and CFO Stuart Benson touting:

MoviePass’ business model was not sustainable because there was no reasonable basis to believe MoviePass could monetize the model to a degree that could be maintained before being too buried in debt to survive.

False and misleading statements or material omissions … caused the damages suffered by [Braxton] and the other class embers.

You can read the full suit if you so desire, and how long do you think before MoviePass is officially dead?

Source: Deadline

THE MIDDLE Spin-Off Has Pilot Ordered by ABC

The Middle is a fun family show about a family. It just concluded with the end of Season 9 earlier this year and since then, rumors of a spin-off have been circulating. Well, those rumors aren’t rumors anymore. ABC has finally announced that they’ve ordered a pilot for a spin-off that will focus on Sue Heck played by Eden Sher. It is said that the spin-off will pick up a couple years after the end of the original timeline of the show, and before the flash-forward. This means that we’ll get to see Sue mature in the big city of Chicago. Honestly, it sounds a bit like Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt minus the bunker.

I enjoy The Middle. I think the characters are fantastic and the show is a lot of fun. However, for me, you need all the characters sharing the stage to make it good. I don’t think a show focusing on one family member is a great idea. I also don’t believe that most shows should go on for more than 5 or 6 seasons, so I guess you can take what I say with a grain of salt since this one lasted for 9. What do you think? Should they have focused on someone else? Should they have not bothered with a spin-off in the first place?

Source: TVLine