New Image Reveals Mirage is in Trouble in THE NEW MUTANTS Movie


The New Mutants looks to be a pretty interesting movie. The director, Josh Boone, has decided to make a horror film inside the X-Men universe instead of a superhero movie. That being said, our five heroes will have a lot to deal with in this movie, but according to this image from USA Today, Blu Hunt’s Mirage is in trouble. We see the other characters around her and it looks like at least most are trying to help the seemingly unconscious Mirage not get caught by the horrors that are after them.


I’m excited to see the movie. Boone also told USA Today a bit more about the characters, saying:

These kids could care less about being X-Men. They’re so (messed) up and have had such horrible things happen, they’re just trying to figure out how to get out of this situation. We just tried to pull this back and make it performance- and character-driven, and more grounded and credible than X-Men movies ever are.

If you haven’t seen the trailer for this movie, what are you waiting for? This looks really promising. It’s got some amazing talent including Maisie Williams and Charlie Heaton and I’m sure it has a good chance of being solid. Logan was a little different from a superhero movie and it paid off big time. Let’s see if The New Mutants can navigate these tricky waters just as well.

The New Mutants is slated for release on April 13, 2018.

Mavis from HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA Has Never Looked So Real

I really like Hotel Transylvania. The story is sweet and the jokes are great. Also, the character design is fantastic. Ryoko-demon has brought Dracula’s daughter, Mavis, to life (or is it unlife?) with one of her recent cosplay sets. Now, Mavis is not a complex looking character, but this looks like Mavis was dragged out of the movie and into real life. I think my favorite part is the Scream Cheese prop. It just helps the cosplay pop and it’s always nice to see great props in these shots. They help make a great cosplay into a phenomenal cosplay.

Photo credit goes to Maria Rukia


You Could Be the Medieval Clown Prince of Crime in this Insane Joker Armor

We’ve featured Prince Armory before with their amazingly terrifying Darth Vader armor. Well now, we can show you their take on Batman’s most famous enemy: Joker! Next year we’ll see the Joker in medieval Japan in Batman Ninja, but what would his armor look like in medieval Europe? Probably something akin to what Prince Armory has done. This suit of armor is fantastic and fits the Joker so well. The mask and the pauldrons (or maybe they’re spaulders?) really are the best parts though in my opinion. The details are incredible and bring the armor to life even though no one is wearing it. If you’re interested in a custom suit of armor you can contact them, but be warned these are not cheap by any means and will cost a pretty penny. What character do you want to see be turned into medieval armor?


Help Sailor Moon Fight Evil in New Attraction at Universal Studios Japan

I grew up watching Sailor Moon and I loved it. That’s why I’m a little jealous of the Japanese since Universal Studios Japan will be having a new Sailor Moon attraction entitled Sailor Moon: The Miracle 4D. Sounds like it will be one of those fun 4D experiences that theme parks run and while details are locked up tight, Universal has said this will be a brand new story and will have audiences join Sailor Moon and the Sailor Scouts to defeat a new evil. If you’re one of the lucky ones able to go to the park between March 16 and June 24 of 2018, you’ll be able to find Sailor Moon themed food at the Beverly Hills Boulangerie station and at the Wonder Pix station you will be able to get your picture taken with the original five Sailor Scouts. What fun, 4D attractions have you been able to enjoy?


Watch Luffy and Goku Black Fight in Awesome Flipbook Animation


As captain of the Straw Hat crew, Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece knows how to take down all types of villains. Can he take down a Super Saiyan though? This amazingly done flipbook animation by Trafalgar Z gives us a pretty epic fight that spans multiple flipbooks and has Luffy go all out against Black Goku from Dragon Ball Super. When Black Goku pulls out Super Saiyan Rose, Luffy is able to use his Gear Fourth form to help even the playing field. The fight is pretty incredible and the animation itself is great. Not to mention the sounds are spot on. It seems like they may have spliced together sound clips from the two shows, but the way they did it is really well done. I think someone has a bright future ahead of them. Who do you think would win in the end? A pirate, or a Saiyan?

Michael B. Jordan Drew Inspiration From Heath Ledger and Michael Fassbender For BLACK PANTHER Role

I cannot wait for Black Panther to hit theaters. I am more excited for it than I am Avengers: Infinity War or Solo. After watching Captain America: Civil War I decided that the movie was a long preview of the awesomeness to come in Black Panther. He was my favorite part of that movie and I’m sure he’s going to be even cooler in his own movie. While Chadwick Boseman is playing this awesome hero, Michael B. Jordan will be playing the villainous Erik Killmonger. How can you not be a villain with a name like that? Jordan talked to Empire about his experience and according to CBM, he talks about the impact Heath Ledger’s legendary performance as the Joker and Michael Fassbender’s phenomenal Magneto helped influence him. He states:

You see performances as an actor, and as a fan - you look at Heath Ledger’s performance, say, in The Dark Knight, and it’s like, “Wow”. I want to try to get something like that. You want Michael Fassbender’s Magneto. Just trying to find my place amongst those roles, and strive for that, even if I don’t make it

I am excited for Black Panther and am intrigued to see how Jordan brings Killmonger to life. He told Empire that preparing for the role took him to a “dark place” which sounds similar to experiences shared by many who have played villains including Ledger and Jack Nicholson when he portrayed the Clown Prince of Crime. How excited are you for this movie? Who are some of your favorite movie villains?

Black Panther comes to theaters February 16, 2018. I also included a couple new photos from the film to check out below:

black panther movie chadwick boseman.png michael b jordan chadwick boseman black panther.jpg

Look at this Awesome Concept Art for THE FORCE AWAKENS and THE LAST JEDI


The new Star Wars trilogy has seen a lot of praise as well as a lot of criticism. Star Wars: The Force Awakens was criticized by many for being Star Wars: A New Hope with updated characters. Also, everyone’s favorite smuggler got killed off. Star Wars: The Last Jedi is typically attacked for being very different than how people wanted the story to play out. We now have some fresh concept art for both movies (The Force Awakens art may not be new per se, but it hasn’t been seen before) that show how some scenes and characters evolved while they were being created. If you still haven’t seen The Last Jedi, be warned there’s some spoiler-y stuff in some of the images.

There are two main focuses of the art that I’ve noticed: the death of Han Solo in The Force Awakens and Benicio del Toro’s character, DJ from The Last Jedi. You can see that the death of Han went through a few different iterations, but it’s interesting to note that they all seem to point to him falling after the deed was done. When it comes to DJ, it’s very interesting to see how different he could’ve been with one of his costumes looking semi-Jedi-ish. There’s even concept of Kylo Ren with his mask having more of a gold material instead of the silver around his eye slot. What do you think of the different concept art? Do you prefer any of it to the final product?

han_death1.jpg han_death2.jpg han_death3.jpg han_death4.jpg dj3.jpg dj4.jpg kylo.jpg rey.jpg

Images courtesy of

SHAZAM! Adds Cooper Andrews to the Cast

Cooper Andrews is well-known for his role in The Walking Dead as Kingdom loyalist Jerry, and it looks like he’ll be joining Zachary Levi and the rest of the Shazam! cast in an unspecified role. I really hope Warner Bros can get their act together and make this a great movie. I think Levi is a fantastic actor and am excited to see what role Andrews will play as well. Warner Bros has some great talent to work with, hopefully, they can learn to use the talent they have and leave their legacy of turds behind. Here’s a synopsis to get you up to date:

Billy Batson, a youth who works as a radio news reporter is chosen to be a champion of good by the wizard Shazam. Whenever Billy speaks the wizard’s name, he is instantly struck by a magic lightning bolt that transforms him into an adult superhero empowered with the abilities of six mythical figures. S the wisdom of Solomon. H the strength of Hercules. A the stamina of Atlas. Z the power of Zeus. A the courage of Achilles. Finally M the speed Mercury. With a single word Billy Batson becomes Captain Marvel.

Who do you think Andrews will play in the 2019 movie?

Shazam! Is scheduled to hit theaters April 5, 2019.

Source: Deadline

Join The Dark Side, They Have an Awesome Darth Vader Gingerbread Cookie

The things people construct from gingerbread are insane. Some people go for the simple designs like the gingerbread man or the simple four walls and a roof house. Then you have people who make freaking Darth Vader out of gingerbread. I’m not talking about decorating a gingerbread man like Darth Vader. I’m talking a decent size Darth Vader sculpture out of gingerbread. This work of delicious art is brought to us by the same person that made the gingerbread Optimus Prime from this post. She’s pretty freaking incredible at this in case you couldn’t tell. I’ve also included a picture of her gingerbread Smaug too so you can just be even more jealous of her skills. What’s your favorite gingerbread creation?


I am a giant fan of the Knights of the Old Republic games. I also really enjoyed Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That’s why it puzzles me how I didn’t see the similarities before. Thankfully, The-Jedi-Apprentice shared this lovely post on Reddit to point out the obvious: The Force Awakens copied quite a bit from the first Knights of the Old Republic game.

Now, this does not affect my love for these classic games, nor does it change how I feel about the movie. I do find it funny that there are these comparisons though. I feel like Star Wars fans are finding more and more ways to compare different parts of Star Wars history with these new movies. Do you think these comparisons are a stretch or do you think they are spot on?