STAR WARS Has Never Looked So Delicious with These Vegetable Carvings

Have you ever watched Star Wars and said, "that looks delicious?" Neither have I. However, these carved vegetables may change your mind. Sushi chef Okitsugu Kado carved some vegetables to look like Kylo Ren and Ren's TIE Silencer. The details are amazing, and I love how the lightsaber is not perfectly smooth similar to the one in the movie. Not to mention the lines carved on his mask. I wish he had carved more of these with the different characters. I’d love to see a Rey carving or a Finn one. Does anyone else want to go rewatch Star Wars: The Last Jedi and eat sushi? What's your favorite food carving?

Hilarious Comic Shows Us the Urinals of the Justice League

I never thought I would be writing about urinals, but this is worth it. Kerry Callen is very talented and makes fantastic comics that look like they were pulled from around the 1950’s and 1960’s. His latest one is no different and comes with this jolly note:

I had a little free time to draw over the holidays. Sorry.

It details the different urinals that members of the Justice League use from a titanium one with a red sun generator to a bat-shaped urinal that looks like a Golbat without the teeth. I think my favorite one is Aquaman’s. This is a little dose of joy for everyone to have a laugh. Go check out more of Callen’s work at his website and let us know what your favorite’s urinal would be like.

Gal Gadot Gives Tiniest of Teases for WONDER WOMAN 2 and Her Excitement is Contagious

Wonder Woman was one of my favorite movies this year, and I know a lot of people have it high on their lists as well. So far, she’s been the best thing to happen to the DC Movie Universe with all of the other movies having the tendency of being mediocre at best. That is one reason why we’re all excited about the sequel.

The first one was such a good movie that when it comes to Wonder Woman, we’re no longer expecting mediocrity. She is the reason some people watched Justice League. For many people that I know, she was the best part of Batman VS Superman. We’ve been hearing director Patty Jenkins talk about her excitement for the sequel, and now Gal Gadot has given us a bit of a tease for the sequel. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Gadot was asked about the sequel and while she doesn’t give us any additional details about the story, she gives us the tiniest of teases:

Other than the wonderful work Lynda Carter did in the TV show this character was never really told on the big screen. We just see her origin story. But there’s so much to explore with this character who has 75 years of legacy, there’s so much material and so many ways and I’m psyched about it.

Her excitement is contagious and I can’t wait until November 2019 when Wonder Woman 2 releases. Are you excited for this sequel?

Cool Fan Art Combines X-MEN with OVERWATCH

Overwatch, for those that don’t know, is an extremely popular game from Blizzard Entertainment. You choose a character and get into teams to fight over objectives such as protecting a cargo transport or specific regions a la King of the Hill. It’s a lot of fun with your friends and the characters are pretty awesome. Bosslogic has taken these characters that look awesome and combined them with Marvel characters to make them even more awesome. If you’ve seen any of his work before such as this Stranger Things and X-Men mash-up, you know you’re in for quite a treat. Soldier 76 gets paired with Cyclops from X-Men and it’s probably my favorite of the three, McCree fuses with the Winter Soldier for enhanced deadliness, and Zarya is combined with Captain Marvel for a little bit of amazing girl power! Bosslogic is amazingly talented and you should definitely go check out their Instagram and Twitter. Which is your favorite? Did he miss your favorite characters? I think a McCree and Gambit one would’ve been awesome.

76 was right! @playoverwatch Shout out to communitycall for the base reference

Winter McCree @playoverwatch

Zarya Captain Marvel (After a random conversation) @playoverwatch

Disney Princesses Become Pokemon Trainers in Amazing Fan Art

I’ve seen a lot of fan art depicting Disney princesses (and a couple of others) as Pokemon trainers, usually with a team of three Pokemon. Pavlover has taken this trend to a new level though. For starters, the characters have been redesigned to look like they belong in a Pokemon game. From body proportions to outfits to faces, I would not be terribly surprised if I saw any of these drawings in Pokemon Ultra Sun or Ultra Moon. Second, Pavlover has given each character a full team of six. I do find some of the choices a little interesting and don’t quite understand them all (why does Megara have an Umbreon), but overall these are great. I think Merida’s team makes the most sense, and I love how her arrow has a Pokeball tip. Which character design is your favorite, and which team is your favorite? What team of six would you give these characters?

New Trailer for Netflix’s THE END OF THE F**KING WORLD

If you caught the first trailer for The End of the F**king World you’ll know that this is an interesting looking series based off of Charles Forsman’s comic books. For those that don’t know what it’s about, here’s a quick synopsis:

James is 17 and is pretty sure he is a psychopath. Alyssa, also 17, is the cool and moody new girl at school. The pair make a connection and she persuades him to embark on a road trip in search of her real father.

We have a new trailer for the series and I have to admit, for some reason it has a Juno feel to me. Something about it reminds me of Juno and even Napoleon Dynamite,only a lot darker. Maybe it’s the music and the outcast teenagers. With the trailer, we also learn that those of us in the US will be able to watch the series, starring Alex Lawther and Jessica Barden, on Netflix starting January 5, 2018.

This Amazing STAR WARS TIMELINES Video Remix Mashes Together The Films in a Very Cool Way

Star Wars is amazing and while people are still hotly debating about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, here’s a new short fan film mashup that is awesome. Voordeel has put together a video called star wars || timelines with clips from the first seven Star Wars films and creates a work of art that Disney should use if they ever release a box set of all 9 movies (maybe ask vordeel to add in clips from Episode VIII and XI first though) as a trailer. The editing is key to this video and is fantastic. I hope voordeel continues to do awesome work like this and their Star Wars mash-up with “War Pigs” by Black Sabbath. I think they have a great future ahead of them if they continue to pursue editing. The song used in the video is SetMefree by BLVCK CEILING.

Trailer For Netflix’s Sorority Dance Film STEP SISTERS Shows Potential

Imagine Bring It On was combined with Pitch Perfect with a dash of The House Bunny. That is the vibe I get from the new trailer for Step Sisters. Overall this movie looks like it has quite a bit of potential. It was directed by Charles Stone III (Drumline) and choreographed by Aakomon Jones (Pitch Perfect) which will help. Here’s a synopsis for those that can’t watch the trailer:

Jamilah has her whole life figured out. She's the president of her black sorority, captain of their champion step dance crew, is student liaison to the college dean, and her next move is on to Harvard Law School. She's got it all, right? But when the hard-partying white girls from Sigma Beta Beta embarrass the school, Jamilah is ordered to come to the rescue. Her mission is to not only teach the rhythmically-challenged girls how to step dance, but to win the Steptacular, the most competitive of dance competitions. With the SBBs reputations and charter on the line, and Jamilah's dream of attending Harvard in jeopardy, these outcast screw-ups and their unlikely teacher stumble through one hilarious misstep after another. Cultures clash, romance blossoms, and sisterhood prevails as everyone steps out of their comfort zones.

It’s got racial tensions mixed with college step dance team competition mixed with potential for some great humor. Step Sisters will be on Netflix on January 19, 2018.

First Teaser Trailer For Netflix’s A SERIES OF UNFORTUNATE EVENTS Season 2


Netflix has given us a little present to start off 2018 in the form of a first look teaser trailer and a release date for the second season of A Series of Unfortunate Events. The teaser features Count Olaf, played by Neil Patrick Harris, as he informs us that the depressing tale of the Baudelaire children will return on March 30, 2018! I really enjoyed the first season and thought it was extremely well done with the choice of dividing each book into two episodes being a very smart one. It allows each individual story to breathe without dragging it out. If you haven’t seen season one on Netflix, I recommend you do so. If you don’t know what it’s about, here’s a brief synopsis:

This series follows the tragic tale of three orphans — Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire — who are investigating their parents’ mysterious death. The siblings are saddled with an evil guardian named Count Olaf, who will do whatever it takes to get his hands on the Baudelaire’s inheritance. Violet, Klaus, and Sunny must outsmart Olaf at every turn, foiling devious plans and disguises. The series is based on the best-selling series of books by Lemony Snicket (aka Daniel Handler).

The first season covered the first four books of the series out of thirteen. I would not be surprised if they kept this season at four as well for a total of eight episodes again with the third season covering the last five books to end with ten episodes. Are you excited to continue this fun, yet semi-depressing story?

This Fan-Made BLEACH Animated Short is Incredible

The Bleach anime ended in 2012 with the end of the Fullbringer Arc which is a shame because the 1000 Year Blood War Arc was fantastic, but didn’t finish in the manga until 2016. This 4-year gap would’ve just led to more filler which is annoying. I hate filler seasons with a passion. They’re pointless and don't contribute to the story. Whenever I watch Bleach, I make sure to skip the Bount Arc and the Zanpakuto Arc and any other filler storylines because they slow down the show. That being said, if you avoid the filler episodes like I do, Bleach is a great anime. Yes, the plot gets convoluted a little and it suffers from a serious case of only-the-protagonist-can-do-anything as well as a bigger case of the villain-started-out-well-thought-out-but-then-we-made-him-too-powerful syndrome that happens in a lot of anime. However, because the anime ended before the manga, we were never treated to the end of the Tite Kubo’s story which has some awesome moments as well as some crazy moments like when the Gotei 13 gets wrecked. I’m talking Byakuya-Kuchiki-ends-up-in-a-fatal-coma wrecked. You can watch the end of the fight that leads to Byakuya being in critical condition thanks to the talent at Retro Ryno that went ahead and animated it.

Overall, the animation is great. It's a different style than the anime, but I like it. The music is perfect for the situation and the voices were well thought out. Sadly, they only animated the last bit of the fight so Byakuya is already very injured at this point. His opponent is a Quincy by the name of As Nodt and if you want to learn more about the story, go read the manga. The whole fight starts around Chapter 494, but I would recommend starting from the beginning of the arc around Chapter 480. I wish they’d revive the anime just to help bring the last arc to life. Do you want to see the final arc presented in the anime, or are you fine just reading it?