Watch This STAR WARS LEGO TIE Silencer Built with the Power of the Force

We’ve all pretended to use the Force at some point in our lives. Whether to change the channel, summon the remote or other objects toward us, or convince someone that these are not the droids they’re looking for. Have you ever used the Force to build a LEGO set though? Shanks FX certainly has, and in anticipation of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, they have built Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer. This is a pretty sick looking TIE to begin with, but you add in how well the stop-motion animation is and this video will blow you away. Not only do you watch it being built with the power of the Force, appropriate sound effects are used to further increase your enjoyment. As an added bonus, Shanks FX builds Poe Dameron’s X-Wing. What’s your favorite way to use the Force?

GAME OF THRONES Pop-Up Paper Art Cards Make Other Cards Look Boring


If you’re like me, you dread having to send holiday cards out every year. It just seems like a lot of work for something that people will throw away. However, these amazing pop-up paper art cards based on Game of Thrones may change that. These officially licensed cards are available in five different styles and they look phenomenal. Lovepop makes the cards using their “Slicegami” style. You can send your family and friends the Night King on the back of Viserion breathing blue fire, Daenerys riding Drogon, the weirwood tree at Winterfell, Euron Greyjoy’s warship sailing across the sea, and of course, the Iron Throne itself. While the pop-up art is amazing, I implore you to check out the fronts of each card which are equally amazing looking. Each card will run you $15 on Lovepop’s site, or you can get a bundle with all five for only $50! Which one is your favorite?


GAME OF THRONES Fan Takes Pictures of Where the Show Was Filmed with Reference Photos

Andrea David is a travel blogger based in Germany. She also happens to be a fan of Game of Thrones. She embarked on a journey to travel to the locations of where the hit show was filmed scenes and took pictures in the exact spots. From Croatia to Northern Ireland, David has been where your favorite characters were. She even holds up a reference picture so you can see what scene is being referenced. The crazy things that some fans will do astound and impress me. One of these days I’ll make it to Tosche Station! Follow her on Instagram and you’ll be treated to similar photos from other movies and TV shows including Sherlock, Supernatural, and Skyfall.

All I want for Christmas is... Snow! 😉❄️ What's on your wish list this year?🎄 ••••••••••••••••••••••• #gameofthrones #got #jonsnow #youknownothingjonsnow #kitharington #winterishere #nightswatch #filminglocation #picinpic #sceneplacing #visiticeland #northiceland #myvatn #iceland #winter

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Another gate, another character, but the same city: Tyrion Lannister in Ulica od Rupa, Dubrovnik. He is still one of my favorite "Game of Thrones" characters! Who is yours? 🎬 •••••••••••••••••••• #gameofthrones #got #tyrionlannister #peterdinklage #picinpic #sceneplacing #sceneframing #kingslanding #dubrovnik #croatia @dubrovnik_tourist_guide

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As most of you I like "Game of Thrones" but also lots of other shows. What series do you watch? 🎬 •••••••••••••••••••• #gameofthrones #got #cerseilannister #cerseibaratheon #cersei #lenaheadey #picinpic #sceneplacing #filminglocation #kingslanding #dubrovnik #croatia

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Long time ago when you didn't have to care about Dragons, White Walkers or Cersei... 🐉 ❄️ ⚔️ #daenerystargaryen #emiliaclarke #gameofthrones #got #picinpic #sceneplacing #sceneframing #malta #visitmalta #pentos #khaleesi

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Noticed lots of new followers today on my account. ❤️Where are you all from? Wherever it is... welcome on board with this #throwback to my Dubrovnik trip. 🎬🐉#gameofthrones #got #emiliaclarke #khaleesi #daenerystargaryen #valarmorghulis #picinpic #sceneframing #sceneplacing #dubrovnik #croatia

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The Purple Wedding in "Game of Thrones" was filmed in Dubrovnik. The exact location in Park Gradac is not easy to recognize as they had to build the whole setting for the scene here. I found that quiet place with the help of @dubrovnik_tourist_guide. #gameofthrones #got #purplewedding #joffreybaratheon #cerseilannister #jamielannister #picinpic #sceneplacing #sceneframing #dubrovnik #croatia

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One year ago on the tracks of the Starks... 💚⚔️#robbstark #richardmadden #gameofthrones #got #picinpic #sceneframing #sceneplacing #ireland #loveireland #northernireland #discoverni #gotni

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Chaos is a ladder but Karma is a bitch... sooner or later. ⚔️ #got #gameofthrones #kingslanding #littlefinger #kleinfinger #petyrbaelish #picinpic #sceneplacing #sceneframing #malta #visitmalta

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Throwback to Daenerys wedding with Khal Drogo in Essos, actually Gozo, Malta. #gameofthrones #got #thronies #malta #gozo #visitmalta #sceneplacing #sceneframing #picinpic #khaleesi #daenerys #daenerystargaryen #emiliaclarke

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Who else misses good old Ned Stark? 🎬⚔️#gameofthrones #got #malta #visitmalta #kingslanding #nedstark #seanbean #picinpic #sceneframing #sceneplacing

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Alternate Ending Released For The Boba Fett and Star-Lord Face Off Short From SUPER POWER BEAT DOWN

Earlier this year we were treated to a new "Super Power Beat Down" from the folks at batinthesun that featured two of everyone’s favorite bounty hunters: Star-Lord and Boba Fett. They were both vying for a green lantern ring. One, of course, won the battle while the other was killed. After several months, we now have the Alternate Ending for the fight. The fight in the original video starts at 5:45 and in the alternate ending, it starts at about 1:02 with the alternate ending at about the 5:00 mark. Which ending was your favorite?

RESCUE is an Action-Packed Fan-Made STAR WARS Short Film

Have you had an itch for a good old-fashioned lightsaber fight? Well Rescue should help you get that itch before Star Wars: The Last Jedi is released. We don’t know too much about it, but it was posted by Romane P. who appears to have been the director. It also seems to have been entered into a Lightsaber Choreography Competition which I didn’t even know was a thing, but am really excited about now!

I will admit that the droids at the beginning are pretty bad as are the explosions they do. Also, the acting is not the greatest. However, this was entered into a lightsaber choreography competition and that’s pretty awesome. The costumes also look really cool. The short film gets to the fighting quickly and spends most of its time there. This creates a fun 5-minute video that reminds me of the Ryan vs Dorkman videos from the days of yore. What’s your favorite fan-made lightsaber fight?

First Look at the Return of Killgrave in JESSICA JONES Season 2

A few months ago, we learned that David Tennant would be reprising his role as Killgrave (or the Purple Man) in the second season of Jessica Jones. Now we have a photo depicting a scene from the show thanks to EW.

The image shows a disturbed Jessica (Krysten Ritter)  looking at something with Killgrave lurking right there beside her. There’s still no detail as to what role Killgrave will have in the second season since he was killed at the end of the first one, but my guess is that he will visit Jessica in stress-induced hallucinations. When talking about Killgrave, showrunner Melissa Rosenberg says:

“He’s such a part of her construction and her dilemma. I think just having him come back and be that mirror again is really important.”

Ritter goes on to talk about where Jessica's head is at when Season 2 picks up:

“Jessica is in a pretty dark headspace when we meet her at the top of season 2. What we’ve done again is kept the story very personal. If season 1 was in her head and in her mind, then this season will be more in her heart. It’s still a psychological thriller, but it’s more of an emotional thriller this time.”

Rosenberg adds:

“She was somewhat of a mess even before Kilgrave came into her life, so [season 2] is about digging deeper into that chaos and peeling back those layers.” 

What are your thoughts as to what Killgave's role is in Season 2? Does this picture change any previous theory you may have had?

Jessica Jones season 2 is currently scheduled for a 2018 release.

Five Tidbits Gleaned From The STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Press Conference


Less than two weeks until the release of probably the most anticipated movie of 2017: Star Wars: The Last Jedi. I know I can’t shut up about it and I have to be even more careful about what articles I read (and write) for fear of spoiling something. That being said, I do enjoy reading some things that shouldn’t spoil plot points. For instance, the global press conference for The Last Jedi was on December 3, 2017, and there was a lot of secrecy happening. The film was not screened for the press and the cast and director were very secretive in their comments. We have a short list of five things that were learned at the press conference that our own Joey Paur was attending. I’m going to throw up a Spoiler Alert here, but you should read #3. It’s hilarious and 100% spoiler free. I will be summarizing most of the points here.


1.    It follows the pattern of the other Star Wars trilogies by having a darker tone. I think most of us have already felt the darker tone this movie exudes in the trailers and I’m sure that’s not a red herring. Rian Johnson, the director, even admits that it’s, “a little darker” than The Force Awakens. This doesn’t mean it won’t be fun though.

2.    It is HUGE! John Boyega, Laura Dern, and Adam Driver all commented on how big of a spectacle this movie was. However, they also all commented on how the film is still intimate. Boyega states:

Every day was a new set. The practical effects like doubled. The sets were bigger. It was exciting and amazing. But you still felt an intimacy, like an independent film but with a big budget.

3.    This next one is the best thing ever. Basically, Mark Hamill is the BEST at keeping secrets. As you know Hamill is reprising the iconic role of Luke Skywalker. He apparently was dodging every question that was asked. And at one point someone asked what it was like for him to train Rey and he immediately responded with this amusing response:

"Well, you're assuming that I train Rey. Do I? I don't know. I have to be really careful. People ask me if it was difficult to pick up and wield a lightsaber and I go, 'Do I?'"

Regardless, he assured us that his screen time is at least twice what it was in The Force Awakens.

4.    The First Order is scary as ever. They are putting all of the pressure on the Resistance. The problem is that there are problems in the First Order. We already know that Kylo Ren and General Hux have a rivalry between them, so how is that going to help them? Domhnall Gellson who plays Hux even says, “I think it’s funny, the huge amount of drama going on in the First Order and the huge amount of bitchy infighting. A united front is difficult for them.”

5.    We will not be following the droids as much. A lot of the story in Star Wars: A New Hope was told through the “eyes” (optical sensors?) of R2-D2 and C-3P0. George Lucas purposefully did this. We have been told that The Last Jedi will not follow suit.

Which was your favorite of these tidbits? What are you looking forward to the most?

Star Wars: The Last Jedi hits theaters December 15, 2017.

The Federation and Rebels Join Forces to Fight the Empire in TREK WARS Fan Trailer


I love Star Wars. I love Star Trek. There is often heated debate in the geek community about which is better. I’ve always found this interesting since I was raised to very much enjoy both (although I will admit I prefer Star Wars), yet there are people who see the other as poison or grotesque. Maybe that’s why I loved seeing the fan-trailer Trek Wars. It combines both franchises, but not inherently as rivals. Captain Kirk teams up with the Rebel Alliance to fight the Empire who are about to use the Death Star on Earth. Can Han Solo and James T. Kirk put a stop to Darth Vader and the Emperor? Well, it’d be awesome if there was a full movie released exploring that idea (or even a slightly longer fan-made one) Which franchise do you prefer or are you truly neutral on the subject?

Cinemark Makes a Silly Attempt to Compete with MoviePass

Earlier this year, MoviePass announced that they were offering their subscription service for only $9.95. This deal lets you go and see any 2D movie at participating theaters whenever you want for only $9.95 a month. You can watch a movie every day for a month at that price. Many theaters weren’t too fond of this subscription service and as an example, Cinemark has now released their own subscription plan for moviegoers.

For those confused at or unable to watch the video below, I’ll help break it down. Cinemark wants to charge you $8.99 ($1 less than MoviePass) for one movie a month. Now, they offer other perks such as all tickets you buy are only $8.99 as well, you get 20% off snacks, unused tickets roll over into the next month, and they waive any fees for reserving seats in an attempt to sweeten the deal. SlashFilm is quick to point out that in Los Angeles, “[f]or years, the ability to reserve seats when you buy your tickets online has been free…”

I just checked my local Cinemark pricing and for a matinee, it’s already less than $7 and a General Admission ticket is $9. I wouldn’t be getting much of a bargain except on snacks I could save a couple bucks. I’m sorry, but if theaters want to compete with MoviePass, they’ll need a better deal than this. Not to say that this is completely useless though. I know some metropolitan areas have ticket prices much higher than $8.99 and Cinemark may be their only theater option. That is really the only time I see this being a good idea at all. However, most metropolitan areas I know of have dozens of movie theaters that I’m sure you could use MoviePass with or they are probably working on their own plan that is hopefully better than this.

Could the Force Be the Reason Behind Stormtroopers Being Terrible Shots?


Stormtroopers get dumped on a lot for being terrible shots in the Star Wars movies. I feel bad for them because we hear they’re freaking amazing and we know they are feared and can take down Jedi! Many theories have come up with explanations including they were ordered to not kill Luke and friends on the Death Star (pretty solid one actually), but that doesn’t explain the later movies. Now, we are pretending plot armor is not a thing. I recognize that the real reason for the inaccuracy is plot armor, but why can’t we have fun and make an explanation that fits the universe, though?

Jesse Gill over at Nerdist believes the answer can be summed up in two words: The Force. Both Chirrut from Rogue One and Obi-Wan Kenobi in A New Hope mention how the Force can control or influence the universe and tends to have a will of its own. We also learn from the anthology From a Certain Point of View, that “all Imperial military personnel–including stormtroopers–had their pay adjusted to correspond with their firing accuracy.” This makes some sense as you want to incentivize your soldiers to be the best they can be. This also helps explain the impossible shots that our heroes are pulling off constantly. How else could Chirrut take down that Tie Fighter? Check out the video below for all the arguments.

What’s your favorite theory about why Stormtroopers can’t hit anything?