The STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Remake Got A Hilarious Parody Poster


Whether you love or hate Star Wars: The Last Jedi is fine with me, just don't act like you can write up a better film if you have no experience in doing so. That's what sank the community of fans who believed they could crowdfund a remake of the film and request Disney to allow them to use all their copyrighted assets and actors to do so, and it could happen to you too if you don't get off your high horse. Anyway, Fro Design Co made a parody poster mimicking the "ideas," a potential fan remake could have, and I gotta say, I like what I'm seeing. 

Have a laugh at the various images in the poster below, and if you're feeling extra inspired, pick up a poster right here:


Sony Accidentally Uploads The Full Film KHALI THE KILLER To YouTube Instead of The Trailer


I can imagine this issue will be fixed before too long, but for those who want to hear about an error of colossal proportions, check this out. Sony just uploaded a Red Band Trailer for the film Khali The Killer, which is out on DVD and Blu-Ray, except they didn't upload the Red Band Trailer. Instead, someone messed up and uploaded the entire hour and a half feature to YouTube for people to watch absolutely free. 

It's actually kind of stunning just how big of an error this is, to the point I almost have to tell myself it's some bizarre marketing tactic. Here's the synopsis for the film:

Khali (Richard Cabral) is a murderer and commits his murders in East L.A. His last job is the first time that his actions make him think about what he does for living.

The film is no longer available to watch on YouTube, but you can watch the trailer:

Kevin Feige Thinks BLACK PANTHER Deserves Oscar Love


Kevin Feige thinks Black Panther deserves Oscar recognition, although he's not too optimistic about it happening. The Marvel Studios chief recently spoke to Vox about the films chances of securing an Oscar, and while he doesn't think the odds are great, he does think the film itself is:

“I think there are a lot of amazing artists that helped to make that movie, and it would be wonderful if they could be recognized. Almost everyone involved in that movie, bringing that movie together, is great, and it would be wonderful to see if they’re recognized. We’ll see. This genre, typically not.

And I think it would be a wonderful thing for Panther and for our production designer Hannah [Beachler], and our costume designer Ruth [Carter], and for Ryan [Coogler] who co-wrote the script with Joe Robert Cole, and of course directed the movie. And Michael B. Jordan, and Chadwick [Boseman] and Lupita [Nyong’o] and Letitia [Wright]. There’s amazing performances, amazing artistry in that. I’d love to see them recognized, and I’d love to see this genre recognized. Yes, they’re visual effects, yes, they are fun explosions, yes, there are spaceships. But these are all hand-crafted. Maybe it’s in front of a computer; it’s often actual sets, actual hand-built costumes. As much passion and artistry and talent goes into every single one we do; it’d be amazing for them to be recognized.”

So basically Kevin Feige would be happy if the entire cast and crew of Black Panther got an Oscar. I suppose we shouldn't really expect much different. After all, wouldn't it be weird if he said "Nah, I don't really think it deserves praise." Do you think Black Panther is Oscar worthy in any category?

Captain James T. Kirk Gets his Own STAR TREK Bourbon Whiskey


A limited run of straight bourbon whiskey dedicated to James T. Kirk will soon be in circulation. This weird piece of officially licensed Star Trek merchandise may be a bit confusing, although it goes without saying that if there was one Star Trek captain who deserved his own liquor line, it's Kirk. After all, sipping too much Chateau Picard would give me a headache, and everyone looks much cooler holding a whiskey glass than a wine glass. If you're interested in picking up this one of a kind whiskey, click here. Those who want a little more information on what to expect from this upcoming alcohol, read the description below:

A serious Bourbon selected from choice barrels from Kentucky, Tennessee, and Indiana. Aging in range from 4 years old to 12 years old, each small batch release of James T. Kirk Bourbon exhibits a depth and richness seen in only the finest Bourbon. Crafted with the highest respect for the whiskey and for the man that bears its name, James T. Kirk Straight Bourbon Whiskey is for the serious Star Trek fan and serious Bourbon fan, alike. Notes of caramel, Asian five spice, and pecan are not to be missed in this very special small-batch Bourbon.

Facebook Has A Patent On Tech That Can Predict Upcoming Major Events In Your Life


We've all known for awhile Facebook knows a good bit about us, and they're using their findings to sell data to third party companies. What's alarming is that they've gotten pretty good at it, at least enough so that they have a patent on technology (via TechRadar) that can predict major upcoming events in your life based on your search history. 

Are you eating out a lot and cooking super unhealthy foods? You might not know it, but Facebook does and may currently be peddling you weight loss ads or even heart doctors for that upcoming heart attack. There's even some evidence the social media site could determine when you're going to die, although once again, this is purely based on the things you're utilizing search engines for. 

Honestly it's already feeling like some ads are in my head, so I can't imagine what it's going to be like a decade from now when most companies have this type of technology. Are you comfortable with the amount of knowledge Facebook can gather about your life through your general web searches?

Video Imagines What Life Would Be Like If We Remembered Everything


Imagine a life where you remembered every single thing that happened to you. Now try to remember what you did yesterday around that time and the conversations you had, and you can see just how unbelievable that is. It sounds like something amazing, but apparently, it's not. This video will explain things, although I can't remember why now that I've watched it. Check it out below:

Watch: Guy Makes The Local News Dressed As Sailor Moon

A man is making his rounds on the internet after a local news station interviewed him dressed as Sailor Moon. I don't know about where you live, but I swear anytime there's a convention on Indianapolis the slice of life pieces from the local news stations are like crack to people who are outside the culture. I've never understood why it's so fascinating to regular people, and I guess I never will know. Anyway, watch this guy act a fool on camera, and then say some really insightful stuff right at the end:

If You’ve Ever Wondered What Polar Bear Milk Tastes Like, Science Has An Answer


You've probably never wondered what polar bear milk tastes like, but if you're like me, you wanted to know the answer as soon as it popped in your head. The short answer is creamy, fishy, and a bit chalky, but otherwise good. Not so good that people are going to be drinking it en masse anytime soon (we probably don't have enough polar bears for that anyway), but solid enough according to scientists. Learn more about all that in the video below, and ask yourself exactly what kind of science you have to study in school to drink animal milk for a living:

Watch: Two Guys Beatbox With Sulfur Hexafluoride


Just when you think people have run out of ideas, someone finds yet another way to go viral on the internet. These two dudes discovered that inhaling Sulfur Hexafluoride and beatboxing sounds a whole lot like dubstep, and I'm not sure I agree with all that, but I do agree that it's pretty awesome to listen to. Check it out below, and let us know if you've ever inhaled some "Deep Voice Gas":