Jeff Goldblum Has A Jazz Record On The Way


Jeff Goldblum is currently working on his first Jazz album, and we're all in for a big treat. Variety reports Goldblum's album will be released by Decca Records, who first noticed the actor's skills as a pianist during a performance of Gregory Porter on The Graham Norton Show:

No other details regarding Goldblum's upcoming album have been revealed, but I can assure you I will be picking it up! What about you? 

Rosario Dawson Might Be Leaving The Marvel Netflix Universe


Claire Temple's days in the Marvel Netflix Universe may be numbered as Rosario Dawson is openly indicating she's looking to move on from the role sooner than later. Dawson spoke recently about the role at MCM Comic Con London (via The Mary Sue) and left nothing up to interpretation with her response:

“I don’t know if I’ll be back after this, to be honest, but it’s been an amazing few years. I’ve been on a lot of different shows. I mean, I don’t know if maybe they do a third season of Luke Cage potentially, or maybe if they figure out some kind of way for me to be on The Punisher—just so I can feel like I’ve done every show.”

The fact that Temple could potentially appear in The Punisher leads me to believe we're not going to see her character get a send-off in Luke Cage Season 2. That's a shame, because I'd rather see Claire Temple go out in a blaze of glory or on top as opposed to being that one person the team used to all know who just disappears without cause or reason. 

Those thinking Dawson has some big role like Ahsoka Tano waiting for her upon her exit need to chill out, as Dawson said her reasons for wanting to leave are more personal than anything. Specifically, Dawson said she has a teenage daughter she'd like to spend more time with and keep tabs on as opposed to being on set 3000 miles away. I can't say that I blame her, that would be rough.

Will you miss Dawson in the Marvel Netflix shows provided this is the beginning of her leaving?

Letters Of Alan Rickman Reveal He Wasn’t Entirely Satisfied Playing Severus Snape

Alan Rickman had a long and successful career in Hollywood, but I think most people would say his role as Severus Snape in Harry Potter was one of his most iconic roles. While Rickman always seemed high up on the Harry Potter franchise throughout his time in it, old letters from the actor now going up for auction reveal that may not have always been the case. Deadline said some of the letters featuring Rickman expressing frustration with the role, such as this snippet from when he was filming The Half-Blood Prince:

“It’s as if David Yates has decided that this is not important in the scheme of things i.e. teen audience appeal."

That one can be taken either way. After all The Half-Blood Prince was a very big turning point for Rickman's character, so I could see Rickman getting upset for not being able to express something the way he wanted or something like that. That said, there's another reference to the films earlier in a letter written to him from producer David Heyman which shows Rickman having issues with Snape's role wasn't exactly a new thing:

“Thank you for making HP2 a success. I know, at times, you are frustrated but please know that you are an integral part of the films. And you are brilliant.”

It's a shame we don't have more context to this! I would love to know what was going on in Rickman's head during these films, as well as page through all the other letters he wrote in 40 years of acting! Hopefully whoever ends up getting these letters will be generous enough to share some context with fans somehow. 

Colin Trevorrow Speaks Out For The First Time About His STAR WARS: EPISODE IX Exit


Eight months after being removed as director of Star Wars: Episode IX, director Colin Trevorrow is opening up about losing the job. Granted, he doesn't say much regarding what happened, his vision for the film, and what caused Lucasfilm to ultimately drop him, but you do get a sense that he really wanted to share his story with the world:

“I don’t want to talk too much about it because I don’t want to affect the way that fans get to see these films. When we were kids, these movies came to us from far away. They were a gift. And the more we talk about how they’re made, the more it reveals that they’re just movies. But they’re not just movies, they’re more than that. Beyond that, I got the opportunity to tell a story that is a celebration of everything I believe in, I got to tell it to George Lucas and I got to tell it to Luke Skywalker, and those are experiences I will cherish for the rest of my life.”

Good for Trevorrow for seeing the positive of it all. I'm sure that isn't easy to get and then lose a dream job all in the same year, so hopefully his good nature about it will be rewarded down the road. After all, there's gonna be a lot more Star Wars films in the future, so surely there will be another where he's a good fit? 

Stephen King Dissed Stanley Kubrick’s THE SHINING In His Latest Book

There may be some things that will be left unknown about Stephen King when he leaves this Earth, but his hatred for Stanley Kubrick's The Shining will not be one of them. It really says something when nearly 40 years after the film's release King is still slamming the film. King's latest diss towards the adaptation came in his latest book The Outsider (via Indiewire):

King introduces a character in “The Outsider” by noting that she’s watching Kubrick’s Paths of Glory because, in her words, it’s “better than The Shining,” 

I get that he doesn't like the film, but damn. It's not like Kubrick is alive to defend himself anymore, so you're just basically doing this now to shit on his legacy! It comes off as petty to me, and while he's completely entitled to his opinion of how his work was handled, dude needs to accept that Kubrick's version was great to a lot of people. Move on King! You have numerous other adaptations you could pick apart far more than the one made by a legendary director.

Opinion: The New STAR WARS Films Need To Tone Down The Humor


Don't worry, no spoilers here, just need to rant.

I went and saw Solo: A Star Wars Story over the weekend, and while I wasn't nearly as critical of the film's flaws as other critics, there was one element of the film that really got to me. In fact, it's kind of been something sitting in the back of my mind ever since my first screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and I think with the exception of Rogue One, it's been a complaint of mine with every film. I don't like the new style of humor the films are using, and it's making me cringe far more often than I laugh.

As I'm sure I'll be told by the dozens who see the headline and hop straight to the comments, Star Wars has always been a franchise riddled with humor. The original films had that smart-ass sarcasm and occasional slapstick routines, Jar Jar stepped in shit in The Phantom Menace, so I get Star Wars wants to modernize with the times and attempt a new style of humor into its latest batch of films. It works with Marvel films right? So why wouldn't it work with Star Wars?

I'm not entirely sure on that one, but for the latest Star Wars film I feel like a majority of the new films tense moments are almost immediately squashed by some attempt at The Office type humor. Remember that emotional scene between Rey and Kylo Ren in The Last Jedi? They're speaking telepathically and trying to understand their connection to one another and forming a strange sort of bond. The moment could've served to mount the tension between the two after they team up to defeat Snoke, but instead, we got:

"Can you put a shirt on?"

Great scene, instantly killed by a weak attempt at humor. It didn't make me laugh in the theater, and although I'm an unapologetic lover of The Last Jedi, I can't defend that scene. It sucked me out of a scene where something crazy was going on, and effectively ruined the fresh mystery of Rey and Ben's telepathic conversation. 

That happens a lot in Solo as well, and once again, I found myself unable to get engaged in the drama and high-stakes of a scene because characters are spouting off jokes during life-threatening situations and minutes after tragic deaths. It's like Disney doesn't want an audience to feel too tense, so anytime things feel the slightest bit serious someone needs to pepper in a half-hearted joke to get 2-3 people laughing their asses off in a theater while others just sit there. 

I'm not really sure what the best solution is towards fixing it, and if you think I'm suggesting Star Wars drop the humor entirely, I'm against that. Am I alone in feeling this way? How have you guys felt about the new style of humor the latest Star Wars films have had?

Shailene Woodley Said There Was Lots Of Puking While Filming ADRIFT


Shailene Woodley loved filming Adrift, but it was not the easiest film she's ever been a part of. Film shoots involved two hour motorboat rides out into the middle of the ocean, and lots of puking. Woodley told Jimmy Kimmel Live a majority of the cast and crew got seasick during days of shooting, and it was pretty gross. Hear her recall the story below, and see Adrift in theaters June 1. 

Someone Synced Up PEANUTS Footage To Rush’s “2112”, And It’s Just Too Much

I've been on the internet a long time, and if you've read the site, you know I've posted some pretty weird stuff throughout the years. I'm not sure any of that comes anywhere close to this. I've found a completely unironic upload of the entirety of Rush's "2112" made into a music video with clips from Peanuts. There's really no wrong way to start this video if you're a Rush fan, but if you're looking to laugh, I suggest skipping ahead to like 8:49 to hear Linus start talking about a guitar. I'm not sure I'll ever find anything as good as this again. Check it out below:

Here’s All Science Knows About Teleportation, And Why Humans Shouldn’t Do It


Teleportation sounded like an amazing thing for a long time, until scientists realized the only way to do it would be to destroy you as a person. Yeah, unfortunately teleportation wouldn't work like the Portkey in Harry Potter, but instead more like a 3D printer. Your original body would be vaporized, it's parts analyzed, and then reconfigured in a machine with the exact same components somewhere else. Of course, we could be wrong, but it's assumed that the person who comes out on the other side would for all intents and purposes be a new person without any of the memories that make you...well you. The good news is none of this will be achieved in your lifetime, or even your great grandchildren' no need to worry about relatives trying to force you into some pod to transport you to Hawaii in your old age. 

To learn more about what science knows about teleportation, check out this video below:

Watch Emilia Clarke Recreate Stock In Bizarre But Hilarious Video

Emilia Clarke is really searching for that big role she can transition into once Game of Thrones is over, and she's on the right track. The actress scored a sizable role in Solo: A Star Wars Story, and now, she's looking to dominate the world of stock photos. We gotta admit, it appears to be a business she was made for, although she might be squandering her talent just a bit. Watch Clarke pose for the camera below in this hilariously bizarre sketch you just gotta love: