Samsung Disses On iPhones In Humorous Commercial


On the heels of yet another iPhone release, Samsung is running ads to inform Apple users they're never truly upgrading. This humorous commercial sees the iPhone troubles of one user from 2007 to the present, until he finally decides to truly upgrade and pick up a Samsung. As an iPhone user for the past 5 years, I thought the ad was hilarious, although I'm still too wary to move away from what I know to jump into the world of Android phones. 

Any past iPhone users who have switched, can you soften my fears of jumping ship?

Listen To CUPHEAD’S Developers Reveal What Classic Fighting Games They Chose To Emulate


The creators of Cuphead, Chad and Jared Moldenhauer, apparently packed a lot of nods to classic fighting games in the game, which may come as a surprise to those who have played it. For example, would you believe that the fight with the two frogs is almost entirely based on moves performed in Street Fighter 2? I definitely see it now that it has been pointed out to me, but listening to this video really drove it home for me. 

Check out those influences as well as a few other references to fighting games that are interesting to note. Is everyone already excited for Cuphead 2? 


Check Out Mel Gibson’s Son Milo Gibson As Al Capone In GANGSTER LAND Trailer

There's a new mob movie on the way, and it has one of Mel Gibson's sons Milo playing notorious mobster Al Capone. Check out the synopsis for the film, and head down lower for the trailer:

The story of America’s most famous mobsters and their rise to power, Gangster Land examines Al Capone's ascension through the eyes of his second in command, "Machine Gun" Jack McGurn (Faris). Once an amateur boxer, McGurn is lured into the Italian mafia after the murder of his step-father. Upon joining, he rises swiftly through the ranks along with friend and eventual Boss, Capone (Gibson). As the Italian mob becomes the most lucrative criminal organization in the country, tensions build with "Bugs" Moran (Facinelli) and the Irish mob which ignites a brutal gang war culminating with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

I can't be the only person who laughed when that Irish guy said "fought" and it came out sounding like "fart". Anyway, this film is out December 1st on VOD and in Select Theaters, will you be checking it out? Thanks First Showing for the heads up. 

This Guy Kills SUPER MARIO ODYSSEY’S Main Theme On Acoustic Guitar


The gameplay of Super Mario Odyssey isn't the only thing that's great about it, the music is absolutely wonderful as well! While many have surely heard the game's title track "Jump Up, Superstar!," you haven't REALLY heard it until you hear my main man Sam Griffin run through it on the acoustic guitar. 

You gotta respect the man for buying a red suit for this occasion, and if he owned one prior to now, then you have to give him even more credit for finding just the right moment to justify that purchase. Check out Sam playing below, and if you like what you hear give him a follow on YouTube. 



Call Of Duty WWII's launch week sales are already up over Call Of Duty: Infinite Warfare by over half. According to U.K. sales charts, the game is up a whopping 57% over its predecessor, which at its launch was around 48% lower than the launch numbers of Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3. Current speculation is that COD WWII's numbers are at least similar if not higher than COD BO3, although, without analytics for digital sales and a worldwide scope of sales, it's really impossible to say. 

Call Of Duty WWII managed to unseat the week prior's top game, Assassin's Creed Origins, and Super Mario Odyssey holds a respectable 4th place. The top ten of the U.K. games chart can be found below:

  1. Call of Duty WW2
  2. Assassin's Creed Origins
  3. FIFA 18
  4. Super Mario Odyssey
  5. Gran Turismo Sport
  6. Wolfenstein 2
  7. Forza Motorsport 7
  8. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
  9. Forza Horizon 3
  10. Middle-earth: Shadow of War

Reviews of Call Of Duty WWII's review roundup has been pretty solid, but is it really THAT much better than Infinite Warfare? Readers who have picked up the game, we'd love to hear your thoughts. 


Netflix’s Trailer For THE CROWN Season 2 Teases Some Intense Drama

The official trailer for The Crown Season 2 is here, and anyone who thought it was going to be a walk in the park for Queen Elizabeth going forward clearly doesn't know history. Things are only going to get more difficult for the monarch as she continues to struggle with her husband, as well as other changes in Britain throughout the season.

With the world undergoing great changes, a damaged British monarchy must confront its past in order to have a future.

Watch the trailer below and get ready for Season 2 to launch December 8th. Did you watch the first season and are you looking forward to Season 2?

Microsoft Executive Defends Lack Of Upcoming Xbox Exclusives

In the wake of news on The Last Of Us 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, some gamers are upset that Microsoft doesn't seem to be focusing too much on offering exclusives to their player base. Microsoft's general manager of publishing's Shannon Loftis defended the Xbox One's lineup of exclusive titles and says there are unannounced exclusives in the works:

"I think our offering is good and it is solid. I definitely hear that gamers want more. [...] We do have more coming; more that are in the works that we're not talking about now. But I feel good about what we have to offer for the launch [of Xbox One X]."

As for what else Microsoft might have planned, Loftis did provide an update on the Fable franchise not too long ago, and almost hinted that the company had something in development. As for what else Xbox owners can expect as some wait for the Xbox One X to launch this week, Loftis didn't indicate what was or wasn't being worked on. 

One thing she did get defensive about is some in the gaming community complaining that most current Xbox exclusives are currently available on the PC as well. Loftis' statement would appear to indicate that trend is not going to end anytime soon:

"I may be out in left field but I do not see how offering games on more platforms to more gamers is a bad thing necessarily, particularly in a multiplayer scenario."

That I can certainly agree with, and it falls in line with Microsoft's efforts to make cross-play across all platforms a reality. Why anyone would complain about making a game more accessible to an audience is beyond me, but I also understand gamers wanting developers to hoard their exclusives as to protect their console sales.

Are you disappointed by Microsoft's current offering of exclusives, or do you think they're doing alright?

Source: IGN


Pokemon Airs Its 1000th Episode This Month

November 9th, Japan will air it's 1000th episode of the Pokemon anime (via Crunchyroll). The series, which has seen several changes in style, Pokemon, and plot lines since it's first run in the 90s, will be holding a celebration in Tokyo following the episode's airing which will happen  6:55PM JST on November 09, 2017. 

As for what to expect from the episode, it sounds like the Hypno (who is part of the original 150) will be the center of the episode as Japanese comedian Sunshine Ikezaki will do the voice. Here's Ikezaki in action:

I don't get the comedy behind it, but I guess having this guy on is going to be a big deal! Can you believe Pokemon has been on this long?


If You Were Pumped About OVERWATCH’S Blizzard World, Wait Until You See The Skins

If you haven't been following Blizzcon 2017, there are some impressive things coming to Overwatch. In addition to a Blizzard-themed hybrid map and new character, some Blizzard-themed skins are making their way into the game as well! Take a look and continue on below:

In case you need a rundown of what all is being released...

  • Nova Widowmaker
  • Immortal Orisa
  • Magni Bronzebeard Torbjorn
  • Blackhand Doomfist
  • Barbarian Zarya
  • Butcher Roadhog
  • Crusader Reinhardt
  • Ecopoint Mei

So yeah, Blizzard heard you liked Blizzard, so they put some Blizzard inside your Blizzard game so you can be psyched about more Blizzard stuff. Is it enough for Overwatch fans? I think so considering they tend to get more updates than any other Blizzard game, but I want your opinion. 

Source: Twitter