Darude Reveals The Origins Of “Sandstorm” In Interesting Mini-Doc

Even if you don't know the name, you'll be pretty hard pressed to find anyone who doesn't know the song "Sandstorm," by Darude. The song is played ironically and unironically in clubs, video game compilations, and around 90% of sporting events, but how did it come to be? Vice contacted Darude and he explains his origins, which in turn explains how the song came to be. Check it out below, and let us know how "Sandstorm," has affected your life. 

Video Shows The Hidden Easter Eggs Of OLAF’S FROZEN ADVENTURE, Don’t Worry It’s Not As Long As The Short

Judging by the amount of people that were complaining about the ridiculously long Disney short "Olaf's Frozen Adventure," that aired before Coco, it's safe to assume many weren't keeping an eye peeled for Easter Eggs that may have been spiked in there. If you're at all curious, this 40-second video will break down some of the major stuff you undoubtedly missed. Did you catch these things, or were you too busy gouging your eyes out in the theater?

This Is The Guy Voiced The Announcer In MORTAL KOMBAT II


If you've played Mortal Kombat at all throughout the years, you've definitely heard Steve Ritchie's voice. So, is the voice behind one of the darkest games in history an evil dude? It certainly doesn't appear that way, unless he's loading those pinball machines he builds with explosives or something. Given the fact there haven't been a ton of pinball-related deaths in 2017, it seems like Steve Ritchie was just a normal dude who got to be a part of something huge. Learn more about his story below:

This Guy Tried To Parkour Like Captain America and Did a Pretty Good Job


The films portray Captain America as a guy who's light on his feet and able to do some incredible things with a shield in his hand, but can he actually do a lot of the stuff we see in real life? While this YouTube athlete wasn't able to do everything Steve Rodgers would do in films or comics, he managed to do quite a bit! Take that, and the fact that he doesn't have enhanced strength and a Vibranium shield which is probably a bit more aerodynamic, and I'd say it's feasible Cap can pull these types of moves off. What do you think?

Say Goodbye To Christmas Songs With This Medley Featuring Owen Wilson Saying “Wow”

Christmas is over, and while that may be a sad thing, it's time to move on and acknowledge that life goes on following the holidays. If you're having a harder time letting go than most, take a listen to this version of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas," made exclusively with Owen Wilson saying "Wow."

If this doesn't kill your holiday spirit until next year, I'm not sure what will. 

This Chart Breaks Down The Color Of Every Known Lightsaber


Out of the 132 unique lightsabers in the Star Wars universe, blue and red are the most popular colors. That's not all that surprising considering that seems how popular those colors are in real life, but how prevalent are other colors? Luckily, this handy chart (via Geekologie) breaks things down quite nicely. I'm assuming the Other section are instances in which there are only a single color of that lightsaber, but I'm not for sure on that. If you had a lightsaber, which color would you choose? Me personally, I think I'd go silver. 


Someone Turned That Controversial Leia Scene In STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Into A Shooting Stars Meme, And It’s Pretty Hilarious

So...while I enjoyed the Leia scene in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, I can understand why a bunch of fans thought it was trash. Mostly because the minute I say I thought it was fine I get bombarded with every reason why it isn't. Regardless of how you feel about the moment, you'll appreciate this "shooting stars" meme that has Leia floating a lot more places than just back to the ship. Check it out below!

Video Examines Jamie Lannister Throughout GAME OF THRONES And Decides Whether Or Not He Is A Hero Or Villain

Jaime Lannister has done a lot of noble things since his beginning in Game of Thrones, but does all that really forgive the things he's done in the past? It's a very loaded question, and if you're ready to get into some deep character philosophy today, this video from Alt Shift X will really get your wheels turning. I'm not entirely sure where I fall after listening to this video, and truth be told, I was leaning more towards hero before listening. What do you think?

This Short Video Explains The Story History Of BRIGHT, And It Makes The Movie Better


Bright released last week, and while I thought the film was ok, a lot of what held it back from being anything more for me was a lack of explanation behind the world Daryl and Nick lived in. It seemed like anytime something happened I was waiting for the full story behind what was happening, and it never came. If you haven't seen Bright yet, watch this video first that details the story behind the modern day L.A. in the film, and I legitimately think you'll enjoy the film more having done so.

It still didn't explain why that dragon wasn't trying to attack, but it did give me a little more background on this world that makes me appreciate the film a little more.