Netflix Just Mashed Up BREAKING BAD With That Scene From BLACK MIRROR

Ever since Black Mirror featured a brief cameo by Aaron Paul, fans of Breaking Bad have been searching for a way to connect the two worlds. Now, Netflix has had a little fun and combined the two worlds by mashing together a scene from Breaking Bad with the scene from "U.S.S. Callister," and it's amazing. Check it out and let us know if you'd like to see Aaron Paul star in his own Black Mirror episode. 

Watch The BLACK PANTHER Cast Answer The Web’s Most Searched Questions


Wired is back with another edition of having celebrities answer the web's most searched questions about them, and they really went all out with Black Panther! Watch below as Chadwick Boseman, Michael B. Jordan and Lupita Nyong'o answer questions about themselves as well as the film. I was honestly surprised at the amount of knowledge Michael B. Jordan had on the comicbook universe of Marvel, but I guess this isn't his first rodeo in the MCU so he may have been a fan prior to filming this role: 

The Gambit Film We’ve Been Waiting Forever For Finally Has A Release Date


Come hell or high water, Channing Tatum's spinoff Gambit film will happen according to Fox. io9 reports that despite numerous delays, Gambit is still on the slate for 2019. Basically this film is set to hit around Valentine's Day next year. That sounds highly unlikely given the fact that we've heard nothing but development delays in regard to this film, but hey, far be it from me to judge Fox's ability to push out a half-baked X-Men movie. 

In all seriousness though I'm hoping this film does well. What about you?



In case you were wondering, The Asylum has no shame. The same people who brought you the Sharknado movies laid a trap for out of the loop moviegoers with Atlantic Rim back when Pacific Rim was first released. Now, they've got a sequel called Atlantic Rim: Resurrection, and they're not even waiting for Pacific Rim: Uprising to come out before they release it. Here's the trailer, in case you were interested in checking it out (via Slashfilm):

You can pick up this ass-tastic classic today on VOD...if you really must.

In Case You Thought White People Are Being Attacked At BLACK PANTHER Screenings…They Aren’t


Black Panther premiered in theaters today, and almost immediately the trolls took to Twitter to report instances of racial violence featuring Black-on-White crimes. Luckily, there are sane people on the web to combat these claims like The Daily Show's Roy Wood, who quickly helped circulate the truth behind another viral post circulating the web (via Slashfilm):

C'mon guys, we're smarter than this. There's enough going on in the world that no one should have to make up some fake shit just to cause tensions amongst a sea of viewers wanting to see Black Panther. I'd like to say I'm surprised something like this would happen, but yeah, I've been on the internet for quite a while. Just don't fall for the BS, and make sure to correct others you see spreading this nonsense.

Hilarious Fan Made DEADPOOL 2 Art Shows Cable Painting Deadpool

The geek section of the internet was on fire when Ryan Reynolds uploaded a Norman Rockwell style painting of Deadpool painting Cable for Josh Brolin's birthday, and this picture might just set it on fire once again.

In this great piece of Deadpool 2 fan-art, Cable is getting revenge on Deadpool for painting him as Josh Brolin's character Brand from The Goonies, by painting the version of Deadpool the geek world would rather soon forget from X-Men: Origins - Wolverine. Take a look at the picture below, and get ready for Deadpool 2 to hit theaters May 18th!

Those dirty old times... @joshbrolin here is my card for you to take revenge from @vancityreynolds ? #marvel #deadpool #fanart #memes #instagood #instagram #cable #marveluniverse #art #artwork #photoshop

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Video Imagines A World Where Apple Released Siri In The 80s, And It’s Horrifying

If Apple had released Siri in the 80s, I 100% guarantee she would not be around in the present day. This video, which imagines a hypothetical scenario in which Apple did release Siri in the 80s, is evidence of that as those voices are the stuff of nightmares! Why were we so cool with all cutting edge tech sounding like an otherworldly voice of death back then?! Check out the video below (via Squirrel Monkey) and let us know if there's any tech from the 80s you wish was still around today: