FORTNITE Currently Has Cross Play Between PlayStation 4 And Xbox One

In a move that will either end in a dream come true for the gaming community or an all-out legal slugfest about contract violations, Fortnite currently has the ability to play cross-platform between Xbox One and PS4. Reddit has been sharing this video (among other things) as proof that the cross-play is real. Check it out and continue on below for the explanation:

Watch live video from psnprecision on

See that name? That's an impossible name to create on PS4 because of the space in the tag as PSN users are forced to make an underscore if they want to have space in their name. Soon after the discovery many other people began to hop online with their own forms of evidence. Still, it's good to be suspicious of this one as one can't even begin to describe the hell storm that will happen as Sony finds out today that one of the games on their console is cross playable with an Xbox One, and can't imagine any gaming company would take the risk of angering them and potentially getting their game dropped from the console. 

We'll keep an eye on this story and update you as we learn more. 

Source: Eurogamer


Cool Mini-Doc Unveils The World Of Competitive Drone Racing


About a month ago I was watching ESPN 2 when I saw about the coolest thing I've ever seen anyone with a drone do. There were these guys wearing VR cameras and racing drones around tight corners and weaving them through obstacles to see who could get through them the fastest, and it was surprisingly bad ass. 

Today, I learned more about this world via this Motherboard video, and if you're looking to do the same feel free to check out the video below. 

Video Shows Just How Deep The Jokes Go In ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT

Arrested Development gets a lot of love for how clever it is and how subtle some of the jokes are to the point fans can completely miss them until years later. This video is a perfect example of that as the show talks about George Michael's perfect internal clock and manages to sync the moment up perfectly with the amount of time that has passed since he stopped talking. Check it out below and if you're a fan let us know if you've ever caught any other subtle jokes or references the show has made!

WTF: Redditor Discovers They Are Color Blind After Looking At Hentai


In about one of the most hilarious things you'll read on the internet today, a geeky Redditor has discovered they are color blind after viewing a piece of Hentai art. The image (which can be found here) features a nude anime character with a blue and purple eye engaging in sex. Confused by the title of the post "Heterochromia" user RVUnknown took to the comments to find out why the post was named that way...

RVU:"Wait... Isn't heterochromia the thing where your irises are of different colours? Both her eyes are blue."

some other Redditor: "One is blue the other is purple."

RVU:"What I swear they're both blue. Oh god am I colourblind...."

A short while and tons of karma later RVUnknown resurfaced to announce that he had taken an online test, and yes, he was color blind. Specifically, he suffers from Mild Protan which causes a difficulty in distinguishing the difference between purple and blue.

What a way for the whole world to discover you're into Hentai. 

Modder Team Claims Every Nintendo Switch Has A Copy Of NES GOLF With Motion Controls Hidden On The Console


In a bit of mind-blowing news that sounds so crazy it could just be a hoax, a team of modders have come forward and announced there's a secret copy of NES Golf within every produced copy of Nintendo Switch. Even crazier, the team has claimed that this version of the classic game features joy-con motion controls...which is something Nintendo has never done with a retro title.

The file, which is named "flog" in the system, is supposedly an NES emulator built into the system with NES Golf already embedded within it. No word on how to access this title has been released, but the modders responsible for finding it wonder if it can be triggered by hitting a certain button combination. If not, most who've learned about it assume Nintendo will make the game available for play the same time NES games make their official launch on the Switch.

As mentioned, this could be a complete hoax, but here are some screenshots below of the game allegedly in action. Check out the pictures below and let us know what you think.


Source: Ars Technica


Pictures Surface Of New DRAGON BALL FIGHTERZ Orignal Character Android 21


Just a day after it was announced that Dragon Ball FighterZ would be adding a new original character named Android 21, pictures of her have found their way to the web! As promised, she looks to be the busty scientist type that was advertised, as well as have the same eye color and hair as Android 16, which might indicate a brother/sister dynamic similar to Android 17 and 18.

We'll find out for sure when the game launches in 2018, until then, check out the photos below!


Source: Kotaku


Solve The Riddler’s Riddle In New GOTHAM Promo

As we march towards the fall season, more and more teasers are hitting the web for your favorite DC hero shows! Today, the Gotham team uploaded a riddle from Edward Nygma himself! Does this mean that our pal Ed will get out of that block of ice in Season 4? I'm not sure but I do know the answer to this riddle! Try to figure it out for yourself and then drop down below for a hint.

Gotham returns September 28th. 

Hint: Pay attention to the letters that are covered by question marks.