Marvel Celebrates 10 Years Of Marvel Studios With Video and IMAX Will Host MCU Marathon

Marvel released a short video to its YouTube Account celebrating 10 years of Marvel Studios, and it's really understated how great of an achievement that's been for them. The build could've easily crumbled and fallen apart in the last decade, but the studio has consistently brought forward some great movies that kept fans on the line all the way until Avengers: Infinity War.  

It's also created a bond between all its actors, as folks like Robert Downey Jr. and Mark Ruffalo talk about how great it has been to be a part of the ride.

IMAX has also announced that in celebration of the 10 year anniversary, they will host an MCU marathon where you can relive all 20 films from the MCU in IMAX!

Check out the 10-year celebration video below, and find some time to thank Marvel today for 10 great years!

ANT-MAN AND THE FLY Is The Wondrous Trailer Mashup You Didn’t Know You Needed

Ant-Man and the Wasp proved "it takes two," in some situations, although now we're wondering if that's really the case. For example, what would've happened if Scott Lang teamed up with Seth Brundle from The Fly? Sure it would be great to see Paul Rudd and Jeff Goldblum side by side in a film, but is this the iconic duo capable of saving the day? 

We're not so sure about that, but this mashup trailer is about the most wondrous thing we've seen on the internet this week, so check it out below:

Trailer For John Carpenter’s 4K Re-Release of THE FOG

As you may have read a few days ago John Carpenter's classic horror film The Fog is getting a 4K theatrical re-release, and now the first restored footage of the film has surfaced!

Unfortunately, the theatrical re-release is only happening in New York, L.A., and Chicago throughout October, so this trailer is the only look some of us will get to see of the finished product. That said, what was shown looks incredible!

Check it out below, and let us know if you plan on making a trip to see the restored version of the film in theaters. 

The 4K re-release will open in theaters on October 26th for limited runs at the Metrograph in New York, Landmark’s Nuart in Los Angeles, and The Music Box Theatre in Chicago. Additional screenings will occur during the week of Halloween throughout the Alamo Drafthouse circuit and other specialty theaters.

Carpenter’s first post-Halloween venture into the H.P. Lovecraft-inspired, apocalyptic vein that he would continue to mine in films like The Thing (1982) and Prince of Darkness (1987), THE FOG depicts the seaside California town of Antonio Bay in the grips of an ancient curse and a creeping mist. Drenched in malevolent atmosphere and packing an ensemble cast that includes Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins, Hal Holbrook and the mother-daughter duo of Janet Leigh and Jamie Lee Curtis, this is the director at his ingenious, chilling best, servicing a contemporary taste for gore while simultaneously evoking the spirit of Val Lewton.   
Out of theatrical release for years due to faded, unplayable prints, THE FOGcan now be viewed again as it was intended, with the restoration of its breathtaking color cinematography by Dean Cundey (Escape From New York, Back To The Future (I-III), Apollo 13, Romancing The Stone), who deftly captured both the daylight beauty of the Point Reyes shore and the ghostly goings-on in the dark, eerie night. 

Trailer For Netflix’s MAGIC FOR HUMANS Looks Awesome

Netflix has a new series about a street magician coming next week, and I'm pretty stoked about it. I don't even care if these tricks are simple camera tricks or clever editing, that bit with the spider was all I needed to see to give this show a shot when it debuts August 17! Check it out below and let us know if you feel the same:

From baffling people on the street to orchestrating elaborate tricks, Justin Willman blends good-natured magic with grown-up laughs. Magic For Humans comes to Netflix on August 17.

Stan Lee Will Reportedly No Longer Do Public Signings

There's been a lot of headlines about Stan Lee in the past year, and all of them appear to point to the fact that the rampant schedule he used to keep is getting to him. Now, it appears Lee is scaling back his public appearances and no longer doing public signings as Bleeding Cool reports the following from one of the people looking after Lee, his ex-manager Max Anderson:

To be very clear, Stan is 100% not doing any conventions / public signings. In the last few years his well being had been compromised by people for monetary gain and that practice is over.

His private signings had also been paused for a month while Stan’s life gets back to normal and time could be given to review signing deals made by previous people involved in Stan’s life.

As of this week Stan is signing a very small amount of items per week at his discretion, some for Desert Wind. This has proven frustrating for some as people are used to Stan signing hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of books a day, however my concern is for Stan’s health and wishes so he signs what he wants when he wants, which is as it always should be.

Private signings will continue, but as those who've sought them out might've noticed, the price is skyrocketing. Basically, Lee is able to do less and less signings than he used to, which means the amount of things he signs is becoming more and more scarce. Personally, I think folks just need to leave him be, as it has to be hell at 95 to know you have to sign about 1,000 things period...let alone in the span of a couples of days. 

Perhaps that's what Lee wants to do, and far be it from me to say he has to slow down if he doesn't want to. That said, I can't imagine having to be one of the witnesses who sits there and watches him struggle to sign things like he did in that video we saw not that long ago. It feels like he's being taken advantage of, and it's heartbreaking. 

Ruby Rose Comments on Playing BATWOMAN and Fan Art Imagines What She Might Look Like


The news is out that The Meg star Ruby Rose will play The CW's Batwoman in an upcoming crossover and standalone series, and Boss Logic wasted no time in showing us what that could look like! Granted, a lot of this picture hinges on the Arrow-verse version of the hero using the same outfit from the comics, and while other heroes outfits are similar, they always tend to deviate just a bit.

Ruby Rose also offered a little statement about being cast as Batwoman, saying:

"I am beyond thrilled and honored. I’m also an emotional wreck, because this is a childhood dream. This is something I would have died to have seen on TV when I was a young member of the LGBT community who never felt represented on tv and felt alone and different."

Check out the fan art below, and let us know what you think of the casting in the comments below:

The Bat is out of the bag and I am beyond thrilled and honored. I’m also an emotional wreck.. because this is a childhood dream. This is something I would have died to have seen on TV when I was a young member of the LGBT community who never felt represented on tv and felt alone and different. Thank you everyone. Thank you god.

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ESPN 2 Turns Into THE OCHO For Today Only


For today only, ESPN 2 is reviving "The Ocho" to put a spotlight on obscure sports! Variety reports the stunt, which is based off a gag from the movie Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story,  was first done last year on ESPN U and was such a success the network is trying again on ESPN 2 in an effort to reach a larger audience.

Today's programming will feature loads of obscure sporting events as well as two screenings of Dodgeball,  which will be sandwiched between a whole bunch of KFC ads specially created for ESPN 2's transition. ESPN executives tease that if this years Ocho day goes as well as the last, there might just one day be an ESPN 8! I'd be down for that, would you?

Watch: MoviePass Founder Gets Progressively Worried In Great Parody


MoviePass started off as a deal that sounded too good to be true, and now a few months later we're learning it was. While the company scrambles to find some magic formula to keep its company and subscribers afloat, folks like Gus Johnson are making awesome parody videos that sum up exactly how things have gotten to this point. Check it out below, and take some time to acknowledge you're witnessing a part of movie history folks will be talking about years from now:

This AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE Trailer Will Disturb And Entertain You On Many Levels

Adult Swim has been on a roll with its uploading of bizarre shorts lately, although I'm not sure any of them top their latest installment. What you're about to see is a fake trailer for a film that features the cast of Aqua Team Hunger Force, and really that's about all I know. None of it makes sense, the art style is unnerving, and Carl inside of the hot dog bun is hilarious. See it all below, and share your thoughts in the comments:

Our Top 3 Games From GEN CON 2018 You Should Consider Purchasing


Gen Con 2018, one of the world's largest Tabletop gaming conventions has come and gone, and as always, we had a blast covering the event. For those who love Tabletop who were unable to attend, here's our top 3 games we played that we think you should definitely consider purchasing for an upcoming game night:

Die Quacksalber Von Quedlinburg

Die Quacksalber von Quedlinburg (or The Quacksalber of Quedlinburg in its English release this October) was this year's winner of the Kennerspiel, but unlike past Kennerspiel winners, this one is fairly easy to pick up and play. Each player is a snake oil salesman at the market in Quedlinburg and your goal each round is to score the highest amount of points possible mixing your fake potion.

Each player does this with their cauldron board in front of them, and blindly draws ingredients from their bag in order to constuct their potions each round. The object each round is to get the highest number on their cauldron as possible without "busting," which is what happens when your combined white flower tokens value over 7. Players then take their point totals and purchase new ingredients to go into their bag for the next round, and score victory points on the main board towards victory. 

There's more to it than that, but honestly, nothing that can't be taught in the course of a practice round. I also love the fact that everyone can resolve their phases at the same time, which means no one is ever just twiddling their thumbs during gameplay. Check out the video above for more details, and be on the lookout for this one from North Star Games later this year for about $59.99. 

Catan: Rise Of The Incas

I know, I know, you've played Catan before, but have you played Catan now that Asmodee is running the show? The company's Game of Thrones edition and the twists it presented had me curious about Catan: Rise of the Incans, and I was not let down.

There are a few variant rules in this version of Catan, although the most interesting one has to be declining civilizations. Every four victory points you acquire, your civilizations go into decline. You'll still be able to collect resources from them in the meantime, but if an opposing player builds a road up to your settlement, they can effectively capture and replace your territory with their own and you'll lose it. 

This change really fixes a big problem I've always had with Catan, which is poor placement. Gone are the days where you got the unlucky draw and now you're stuck in a territory with limited rolls. This feature allows you to swipe that prime spot from a competitor, and keeps the tension high as players civilizations will all go into decline at different points in the game. It also gives some incentive to keep an enemy close, as you'll always want to be a couple roads away for that opportunity to steal. 

If that sounds exciting check out the video above and be on the lookout for this one later this year.

Most Wanted

North Star Games gets another entry on the list this year, with a simplified Poker-style game that allows for a lot of fun. Most Wanted takes the traditional Poker game and removes Flush's and Straights, and also allows players to play a hand they're more confident they'll win. For example, you may not have the best hand at the table, but choosing the "Duel" scenario will allow you to single out one player in a contest for the highest card in your hand. Each victory moves you further up the board, and each loss can propel you down further unless you got the cash to maintain your position. 

Far and away this was the most fun I had playing a game at Gen Con this year, and my only regret was I couldn't hog the demo booth longer to play a few more rounds. This one is out October 1st and is the best value on the list at $34.99. It's also a simple enough game that most children can play along, which is always a plus.

Were you at Gen Con this year? Were there any games you found entertaining that didn't make the list? Share it in the comments below!