Here’s How To Draw RICK AND MORTY


If you’re trying to learn how to draw the characters of Rick and Morty and just can’t seem to get the details right, this video is for you. Art director Jeffrey Thompson shows you the ins and outs of drawing the two characters and also reveals the common mistakes made in animating the duo or another character from the universe. Check out his tips below, and then get to work on that bootleg Rick and Morty t-shirt you’ve always wanted!

In-Depth Video Explains The Most Crucial Elements Of Disney Animation


I don’t know much about animation or drawing, and if you’re the same way, this video is going to blow your mind. I figured drawing was just something you sat down and did, but apparently when you’re at Disney there are hard and fast rules one must follow when animating a character for a feature. This includes crucial elements like winding up for an action, representing emotions based on a singular hard line, and so many other things your brain wouldn’t even think to comprehend unless you’re an animation artist who has to think of these things while working.

This video breaks all of those things wonderfully, and makes it easy to understand why Disney animation ranks among some of the best of the world. Check out the video below!

“Prison Mike” Is Made Into A Delicious Cake Honoring THE OFFICE

There’s so many cakes you could make to pay homage to The Office, but I really don’t care about those ideas now that I’ve seen this Prison Mike cake. This cake will scare you straight, and get you back on the right track, all the verdict is out on how delicious it is. I suggest watching this video at 2x speed if you don’t care much about how it was made, and just want to see an amazing cake get made:

Video Explores How SOLO: A STAR WARS STORY’s Kessel Run Monster Was Created


The summa-verminoth was one of the largest and most impressive creatures the Star Wars franchise has shown on screen to date, and creating it was no easy task. This video profile by ABC news really digs into how the creature was created, and some of the most challenging sequences in bringing the creature to life. Check it out below, and let us know if you think the sequence was money well spent:

David Cronenberg Says He May Retire From Film Directing

David Cronenberg made his career off his work in films like Scanners, The Fly, and A History Of Violence, but now it’s looking like he may be done with films for good. The director recently indicated to EW he may be done making films and instead devote the rest of his career to writing novels or doing a television series on streaming:

I’ve written one novel (2014’s Consumed) and I really quite enjoyed that. I think that there are things you can do in the novel that you cannot do on a movie. I just came back from the Venice film festival, and I was on a panel with Spike Lee and some others, talking about the future of cinema. There was a lot of discussion about Netflix, and streaming series, and so on, and I was saying that I thought that was the future of cinema, and that it was really an interesting idea, the idea of doing a TV series, a streaming series. Whether I end up doing something like that is a whole other thing. Obviously, it would be a huge commitment of time and so on. To do eight hours of TV is a lot. [But] once again, the idea of a series as being more novelistic than a movie. When you compare the two, a movie is really more like a short story than a novel, and the complexity that you can get into in a series is really quite interesting.

Does a television series by David Cronenberg sound like something you’d be interested in? For me, I think it would depend on the project he’s involved in because his films can be hit and miss for me, but I’ll never say no to a high profile director jumping into streaming.

Tom Hardy Is Sad In Remixed VENOM Interview Video


Tom Hardy’s remarks that his favorite scenes from Venom were cut from the film is spreading like wildfire, but no one is talking about Riz Ahmed’s hilarious attempt to save the damaging statement after it was made. This video highlights the moment where Ahmed, perhaps unintentionally, implies that the scenes were cut because they were garbage despite what Hardy thought when he was filming them. Hardy has a small reaction on his face to that, which is made much worse by the iconic song “The Sound of Silence.” Check out the video below, and let us know if you think Ahmed was trying to do damage control or he was just being honest:

Acclaimed Horror Comedy YOU MIGHT BE THE KILLER Is On Syfy This Weekend


If you’re already feeling the Halloween spirit this season and can’t find a film you haven’t already run into the ground watching over and over again, Syfy is offering a new and acclaimed horror comedy for you to watch over the weekend.

You Might Be The Killer tells the tale of a camp counselor with memory loss who finds himself in the middle of a murder massacre. The trailer features him on the phone with his friend (Alyson Hannigan) afraid he’s going to be murdered, but as the title suggests, he might be the one killing people after all. The film, which received some positive buzz at Fantastic Buzz (via Dread Central) and also features Keith David.

The film premieres on Syfy Saturday, October 5 at 10:00 p.m. ET. Check out the trailer below, and let us know if you’ll be checking it out

First Look At Brendan Fraser’s Robot Man For DOOM PATROL Revealed


The first look at DC Universe’s Doom Patrol was revealed at NYCC Comic Con, and we now have an official picture to show of Brendan Fraser’s Robotman! Take a look over Fraser’s shoulder at the character’s new look on the series:

I like it, mostly because it looks like most of that visual work is pulled off with practical effects and not CGI. I’ve seen enough speed battles on The Flash to know WB isn’t sinking top dollar into television productions for the latest and greatest effects, so knowing I won’t have to suffer through some bad CGI animated character the entirety of this new series is reassuring for me.

What are your thoughts on the look? Doom Patrol is expected to premiere in 2019 on DC Universe.

TITANS Will Introduce A New Version Of Deathstroke


Deathstroke is one of the most popular adversaries of the Teen Titans, so obviously people are curious as to whether or not Titans will feature the iconic villain. Series writer and producer Geoff Johns didn’t dance around the question at New York Comic Con (via Comicbook) when he told audiences they will bring him in down the line, and that they’d be fools to exclude him from the action. Johns also seemed to indicate this will be a new television actor portraying the villain, and not Manu Bennett’s Deathstroke from the Arrow-verse shows:

You'll see Deathstroke in Titans eventually, but it will be a new version.

That’s a shame, although I’m not entirely surprised. The grit and edge of Titans has all but ensured an Arrow-verse crossover would be problematic at best, so there’s no use in bringing in an actor who played Deathstroke on another show to confuse people. Still, I was a fan of Bennett’s portrayal and had hope he’d return to play the villain at some point.

Are you excited to see Deathstroke appear in Titans?