This Guy Built A Lego Crane Capable Of Lifting A Chair!

Because some people have too much time on their hands to create amazing things, here's this. Dawid Szmandra created a 1:24 scale Liebherr LR 11000 crane that's made of 99.9% Lego pieces. The exceptions are the pulleys, strings, wheels, and stickers...which is pretty damn impressive. It gets even more impressive when you see this guy lift a dining room chair with the device, which I still think is a bit unbelievable. Check out this beast in action below, and share the coolest thing you ever made with Lego blocks. 

Internet Legend Filthy Frank Officially Retires

One of the internet's most profane and prolific YouTubers is finally saying goodbye. George Miller, aka Joji aka the man behind Filthy Frank announced he's officially retiring his character due to health concerns and to focus on his music career. Miller posted a note to fans on his Twitter account announcing his decision a couple days ago:

For those who came in here strictly to say "who," Filthy Frank was one of the more crazy characters on YouTube who started a weird web of memes and lore throughout his time on the site. It was actually Filthy Frank who originally created the Harlem Shake meme:

He's also this guy:

And there's plenty more long-form videos that are totally worth looking up if you're not familiar. Aside from the character and comedy segments, Joji is also known for his character Pink Guy, in which he started his career in music with. At first, the videos started with random raps but after his now famed video "Pink Season" which featured collaborations between some of the biggest names in electronic music, he's focusing on his music career:

He was one of the weirder minds of YouTube, and I'll certainly miss him, although I'm happy he's walking away if it's been causing him health concerns. What's your opinion of Filthy Frank?

Apparently Karl Pilkington Predicted Episodes Of BLACK MIRROR Long Ago

Apparently, some of the plotlines from Black Mirror Season 4 have already been pitched, and it was Karl Pilkington of all people who predicted these stories would someday be told. That's not astonishingly surprising to me considering a lot of Pilkington's dim-wittedness seems as though it could be an act most of the time, but it's still impressive nonetheless. Of course, while everyone is sitting here praising Pilkington for his predicting of the future, no one is questioning the Black Mirror writers who may have seen his bits in the past and nicked his idea! Check it out below:

Here’s A Highlight Reel Of The Best Movie Trailers In 2017 Recreated Entirely With LEGO


As up and down as 2017 was, there's no denying there were some great trailers that came out of it. Even if the actual films left something to be desired, the trailers were on point and put your but in the theater to begin with. Huxley Berg Studios recognizes this, and because they do everything in lego, decided to make a compilation of some of the best scenes from their trailers throughout the year. Give it a look and share your thoughts below on who had the best trailer in 2017:

Video Reveals Differences Between DRAGON BALL Z And DRAGON BALL SUPER For Those That Haven’t Been Watching

If you were a fan of Dragon Ball Z back in the day and haven't watched Dragon Ball Super yet, you really should! As someone who watched religiously as a young teen, I've been DVR'ing all the dubbed episodes as they appear on Toonami and loving every week. If you're not sure whether or not you're ready to dive back into the series, this video should help you make that decision, and if you're a DBZ fan currently watching, this video does a good job of showcasing just how far the series has come!

Check it out below:

Short But Hilarious Video Shows All Skywalker Descendants Are Basically The Same


Do you think Kylo Ren is whiny, annoying and way too emotional for a Sith/Jedi? You may be right, but you also might be unaware that Anakin and Luke were literally the same at his age. Of course, these cherry-picked clips prove my point quite nicely, but even so you can't convince me that Kylo Ren was any worse than pre-Vader Anakin. Check out the video below, have a laugh, and then slowly let it all devolve into an argument in the comments. 

The Skywalker Men from StarWars

New VR Experience Gives Glimpse Of What The Future Could Be Like…And It’s Worse Than BLACK MIRROR

We like to think Black Mirror holds the throne for showing us a grim and dark future with technology, but there is another. A new VR experience is sweeping the web called VR Chat, and it's a cesspool of memes and weirdness. 

This is what happens when trolls can manifest their worst selves into physical anonymous beings. It's actually kind of funny, but I can't imagine spending $400 for a VR headset to sit in a chatroom like this for any period of time. Check it out below, and let us know if you feel the same.

Justin Timberlake Transforms Into A Robot In Surprisingly Cool Music Video


Justin Timberlake has a new song out, and the music video for it is surprisingly cool. I know, I know, I'm setting myself up to be roasted by the community for this one, but the concept of this video is cool enough I'm willing to risk it. In the music video for "Filthy," Timberlake plays a Steve Jobs type character who unveils a new robot to the world. I'm not entirely sure what this robot's purpose is other than doing sexy dance moves and singing, but damn that CGI work is pretty good! 

Watch the video, and be ready for Timberlake to unveil a similar looking robot at the Superbowl Halftime Show. 

Watch This Man Explain The History Of The Universe Using 13,799 Dominoes

If you're looking to learn everything that has happened to the universe since its creation and still be entertained, this is the perfect video. This guy used a warehouse to lay out 13,799 dominoes so that he could represent time as he went through his spiel. It took him four days to set all this up, so I feel like we owe it to him to watch the 13-minute explanation he definitely had to give in one take: 

Someone Modded Matt The Radar Technician Into STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT 2

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 is still a money-grabbing garbage machine,  but at least someone modded it with something that makes it all a little more bearable! As you can see from the above picture, Matt the Radar Technician from the amazing Saturday Night Live skit has been put into the game, and minus the lack of glasses, he looks perfect! 

Watch Matt slice and dice the competition in the video below, and if its been a while since you've seen the sketch, check out the video below that one.