Dan Harmon Developing Adult Comedy Similar To THOMAS THE TANK ENGINE

Prepare to have your childhood twisted. Dan Harmon (Community, Rick and Morty) is creating a series Deadline describes as "Thomas The Tank Engine for adults." Happy City will feature a talking taxi named Tyler and his millennial best friends (a firetruck and a helicopter) as they tackle adult issues like relationship struggles...probably sex, I dunno it's weird to think about. Weird as it may be, it also sounds like it'll be hilarious!

No release date yet, but keep an eye on FX for more details!

Classic German Horror Film THE CABINET OF DR. CALIGARI Getting 4K Restoration

Indiewire says a horror classic is getting remade in 4K. The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is a 1920s German silent film still regarded as a legitimate horror film to this day! Most of this is due to its artistic style, lack of monster, and portrayal of murder. The Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation says their restoration will remove the burn marks and grain to allow for a very crisp view of the film that viewers saw back when it first aired.

There's no information as to whether we will see a release stateside, but hopefully we hear something soon!

ARROW Will Explore Oliver’s Bratva Connections in Season 5

Arrow season five will finally explore Oliver's Bratva connections. CBR says showrunner Marc Guggenheim says the flashbacks will continue as the series heads into next season. Guggenheim says fans who who are tired of flashbacks may be so due to the fact there isn't much of a difference in Oliver past and Oliver present at this point in the story.

Frankly, I have no clue where this show is headed. I haven't heard an utterance of Bratva since early season 2. If I would've seen these flashbacks season one they would've meant so much more, but the Russians literally have no presence in the story currently. For me, I feel like I'm basically going to learn how he got his tattoo. Hooray.

Video: Jackie Chan Has a Secret House Full of More Secrets

This is the coolest celebrity home I've ever seen! Jackie Chan gave a tour of his secret Hong Kong home (now no longer a secret), and it's just as incredible outside as it is inside! For starters, it's in an abandoned warehouse! Then he's walking us through the rooms and revealing secret rooms and chambers containing more secret rooms and chambers! But why would you showcase your secret house to the world!?

I think Chan is bored and is wanting to take on some thieves. Would you be brave enough to invade the home of a martial arts expert with several secret rooms?! I sure as hell wouldn't!

THE TWILIGHT ZONE Is Returning to Television…With ‘Audience Interaction’

I guess if it wasn't weird it wouldn't be The Twilight Zone! The Wrap is bringing the news this morning that the series will be having an "interactive reboot" headed up by film company Interlude, who is known for their "choose your adventure" style films. Before you ask, yes, I'm guessing this too will be exclusive to their streaming service as I don't know how this would work on television. The idea sounds pretty cool though!

In another cool bit of news, director of the Bioshock video game series Ken Levine is set to direct the pilot episode of the series. I'm open to the idea, provided the decisions actually have an impact on the show's plot. I won't be so keen if either decision ends in the same destination. I'm eager to see how this turns out.