Cool Animated Biker Zombie Short HORDE

Blessed are the content stealers, for their lies shall be exposed by the web and ultimately mean more publicity for the original. Some jabronis on Reddit tried to claim this very well made biker zombie short as their own, but something seemed fishy. How did something so cool only have 125 views? Well I did some digging, and it turns out "Horde" is about a year old and was made by BRVTS Collective!

It still didn't have enough views for my liking, so check it out!

Jesse Eisenberg Needed Multiple Takes for a Basketball Scene in BATMAN V SUPERMAN

Jesse Eisenberg appeared on Fallon last night to discuss Batman v Superman and revealed a little bit more about the film we're all dying to see! Apparently, there's a basketball scene that Eisenberg had to do as Luthor. Basically, Lex had to no look swish a 3 pointer and then turn around and begin his line.

If that sounds hard, try living it like Eisenberg did...

"That was like the 30th's not because I'm like terrible...I was making them all day...the pressure was so intense and then the character needs to turn around and have this very confident villainous greeting to these people but I just looked like a guy who just made a shot after 30 baskets which is exhausted and apologetic."

Glad he finally made it happen! Can't wait for this movie!

BETTER CALL SAUL Renewed for Season 3

Deadline is reporting AMC has given the go ahead for a 3rd season of Better Call Saul! For fans of Breaking Bad who HAVEN'T been're missing out! Sure we don't have Walter White, meth use, or Jesse saying "bitch," but damn this show holds up! Watching Jimmy McGill slowly become Saul Goodman is very much the same decline we saw in Walter White.

Obviously I'm a big fan of the show. Is anyone not watching? If you're looking to get on board now, watch the first season on Netflix and catch up on this current season ASAP.

Parody: ARROW Writing Staff Explains What Happened With Season 3

If you're someone who frequents the community of /r/Arrow, you hold these truths to be self evident...

  • The show has become too Felicity centric.
  • Season three sucked.
  • Oliver needs to kill again.

I agree with one of those three. To be honest, I'm completely fine with Felicity so long as it means less Laurel! Oliver doesn't need to kill but he could be a little hardcore I that leaves us with season three. Season three of Arrow was pretty bad. The big mid-season cliffhanger was Oliver dying... which we all knew wasn't going to happen.

Now, thanks to the token meme explanation video on the net, we finally have some answers. Someday we will get a real reason as to what went wrong, but this doesn't seem that far off! Nice work, Batman (Youtube not the real guy)!

DEADPOOL Has Surpassed IRON MAN in Global Earnings

Deadpool has made over $700 million worldwide, which, according to Screen Rant, puts it above Iron Man as one of the highest grossing Marvel films of all time! On a national scale, the film is sitting at about $328 million, which puts it on track to beat Guardians of The Galaxy's national record of $331 million by this weekend.

Now you can see why everyone is so eager to copycat the rated R hero film! We will see if those other films have as much success!

Learn What It Felt Like To Be a Stormtrooper in The Original STAR WARS Trilogy

GreatBigStory runs a bit too many advertisement stories on their channel for my tastes, but when they aren't doing that, their content is phenomenal! Take this for example. They found a Stormtrooper from who was in Star Wars Episodes V (Empire) and VI (ROTJ) and got his story about the entire experience!

Suddenly I want to be a Stormtrooper a lot less...hopefully they've made the suits a bit more comfortable since then!