A DOCTOR WHO Dalek is “Exterminating” Super Bacteria

Who would've thought one of mankind's greatest fictional foes would become vital in battling a real world foe? Gizmodo is reporting that bacteria found on the body of a Doctor Who Dalek prop has been found to be able to effectively combat antibiotic-resistant super bacteria!

The find came as part of a European university's initiative to "Swab and Send." The project asks individuals to swab items in their everyday environments and send them to their labs for analysis and the potential discovery of new bacteria. Supposedly a swabbing of a BBC Dalek provided multiple strains capable of eliminating super bacteria! From BBC science host Dr. Adam Rutherford:

“We’ve got at least three different types of bacteria from the Dalek that were able to ‘exterminate’ our Micrococcus indicator strain.”

Pretty awesome, right?! Also, this is a pretty awesome initiative! There should be a lab in America doing this! I want to EXTERMINATE...EXTERMINATE!

Video: Jeff Goldblum Hypnotizes You

These Omaze videos are probably the best contest videos I've seen on the web. I believe each one of their Batman v Superman vids went viral and looks like this one is on track to do the same! Jeff Goldblum hypnotizes you into clicking on a contest in which you can be a part of the Independence Day: Resurgence premiere with the man himself! You'll also get your airfare and hotel stay covered, and you'll get to sing a song with Goldblum at the after party! Who wouldn't want that? Click here to enter the competition.

Colin Furze Detonates 5000 Fireworks Simultaneously Because That’s What He Does

We cover a lot of Colin Furze here on GeekTyrant, and with good reason. The man is a real life MacGyver for one, and his inventions singlehandedly make me feel like the future is now! He also does a lot of cool shit, and you know we have that on lock here.

His latest video features him simultaneously lighting 5,000 fireworks to celebrate his new subscriber milestone. I didn't want to put "Death Star" in the title as this doesn't even look like the one we're all familiar with, but that doesn't make it any less cool. Watch below!

SUPER MARIO BROS. Director Says He Wanted Danny DeVito as Mario

Ricky Morton, the director of the horrid Super Mario Bros. film, said Bob Hoskins was not always the choice for the role of Mario, and that they originally wanted Danny DeVito in the role! His story (which he shared with scifinow) is rather anticlimactic:

Well, Danny DeVito turned us down. Mario was the main character in the cast, and Bob was available. It was basically about availability. There are all these stories about the way people are cast but it’s normally about availability…

The film would go on to be a light smear on the otherwise illustrious career of Hoskins, but I can't help but wonder what, if anything, it would've done to DeVito. Side note: how often would you have heard "we settled for Bob Hoskins because DeVito wasn't available," in Hollywood back then?

Part of me thinks the film would've been better with DeVito, at least comedy-wise. The script was still terrible...and to think we almost had a sequel!

The Rock Reveals First Poster For Disney Animation’s MOANA

It's weird because just the other day I was wondering whatever happened to that Moana movie Disney was making. Then, out of the blue, Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson electrifies Twitter by dropping the first teaser poster for the film!

Looks like he's also going to be showing the first teaser trailer for the film as well this Sunday! Be sure to follow him to keep abreast!