THE REAL MASTERS OF ETERNIA Animated HE-MAN Reality Show Parody Series

Dreamworks has been on point with their web content as of late! Their latest project is a web based series that makes a reality show out of Masters Of The Universe. Using clips from the old show and redubs from actors, they've created The Real Masters Of Eternia!

Is it cheesy? Of course, it is! The show was cheesy! It's also very entertaining! Hopefully we see more than one episode of this!

Indie Horror Jumps On HARDCORE HENRY’s Success With DEAD RUSH

It was only a matter of time before Hardcore Henry started seeing imitators. Dead Rush is an indie horror zombie film where you are battling the zombie apocalypse...provided you are a guy. Here's the description:

For the first time ever, the zombie apocalypse has fallen upon the shoulders of the viewer. Dead Rush puts you in the center of the mayhem like never before by letting you experience the horror through the eyes of a few struggling survivors as they search for safety, defend their loved ones, and fight for their lives through waves of the undead! Dawn is on the horizon, and even the day seems dark as night. The dead rush has begun. Will you make it?

I'm still waiting on the film to be shot with 360 video! I would love to experience that in VR. Then again, this might be scary to watch with goggles on as well.

Starz Jumps On The Streaming Bandwagon, Launches Service For $8.99 A Month


Starz has officially launched a stand-alone streaming service. The Verge reports the premium subscription channel will offer its lineup for $8.99 a month, which puts it well below HBO's $14.99 and Showtime's $10.99. If you already subscribe to Starz, you will be able to download the service free of charge.

Another attractive feature of the streaming service is its option for "virtually unlimited download." Users will be able to download films and television shows to watch offline, which is an AWESOME feature. I can't tell you how often I've had to stop and restart an HBO movie because of lag in the streaming.

Add that on top of that, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is coming to the channel soon, and I think I'm sold! The app is currently available in the App and Google Play store.