4 Years Worth of Emails I’ve Received from People I’ve Helped Turn Super Saiyan

Four years ago I saw a funny video in which a kid attempted to go Super Saiyan....

After watching an event of such magnitude, I was inspired. I penned a post that continues to amuse/haunt me to this day. My 7 Step Guide To Becoming Super Saiyan has become a low-key viral success to obsessive fans of Dragon Ball Z and has helped many ascend to power levels over 9000. The following slideshow is every email I've received over the past four years regarding my guide. Some are serious, some are trolling, and almost all are pretty damn funny. Enjoy.

Side note: If this is some subtle practical joke being pulled on me by the GT team, I'm gonna go SS2 and Instant Transmit my foot up a butt.


ARROW Showrunner Explains This Week’s Shocking Ending

**If you read this article and then complain about spoilers, you have failed this website and everyone who reads it.**

We (supposedly) now know who is in the grave this season of Arrow. Laurel Lance was taken out by Damian Darhk, had successful surgery, then had a seizure and died in front of all her friends. With all the times Arrow has faked a character's death before, I refuse to believe it, but for the sake of this article, I'll play along.

Showrunner Marc Guggenheim tells Comicbook the decision has nothing to do with Olicity and everything to do with believing that death would resonate most with audiences...

"Obviously Arrow is always a show that's evolving, it's always a show where you know, every character arguably except for the Arrow is fair game...And you know we started off this year with the promise of a death, and when we sort of worked our way through our various different creative choices, we realized that you know, the thing that will give us the most pop going into the end of the season and into next season unfortunately would be Laurel, and we knew by the way, we knew that it would enrage a lot of people."

Hey, no love lost here. I always thought it was a slap in the face that she was such a competent hero after six weeks of boxing classes. As far as the Olicity thing and Laurel getting in the way, I don't think that's why they did it either. Truthfully, I think the Arrow writers knew this was a make or break season for many fans who already have enough hero shows to watch and are looking to drop one. What better way to get people talking than a high profile death?!

My only hope is that they continue to acknowledge Laurel's death in future episodes, as they certainly haven't with Moira Queen or Tommy Merlyn! We'll see if the death sticks or if it leads to a memorable finale.

Batman and Superman Settle Their Dispute in Other Ways

Batman and Superman meet for the first time and immediately are on the verge of coming to blows. You would imagine two guys regularly forced to show restraint would have a little better conflict resolution! Dorkly imagined an alternate reality where the two talked it out a little more before learning their mothers share the same name.

For the record, I think Batman would be pretty good at chess in real life.

Hope That One Day You Share the Love Indian Superman and Spider-woman Share

First off, let me set the record straight, I do not think this is an actual superhero film. While Bollywood has been known to blatantly infringe on American copyrighted franchises, I doubt even they would base an entire film on a romance between Superman and Spider-Woman! From what I can gather, this is a clip from a romance film (possibly a music video), but that doesn't make it any less hilarious and over the top!

Crazy as it may be, I hope one day I can fight crime and execute perfect choreographed dance moves with my beloved. Don't we all?


How It Should Have Ended is really milking the Star Wars: The Force Awakens train! We are now on their third installment of how they think the movie would've been better! This time, the group ponders why the Rebel Alliance didn't just build a competing Death Star.

My assumption was always due to the fact the Rebel Alliance was only united in their hatred of the Empire? Not trying to suck the humor out of it, I'm just saying.