Video: Liam Neeson Explains How He Became An Action Hero

As he prepares for the world to see yet another film where he's playing an aging man intent on kicking ass, Liam Neeson is sharing just how he fell into the world of being an action hero. Apparently, it all started with John Boorman's Excalibur and really escalated from there if you want the two-second explanation. If you want something a little longer than that, check out Neeson's video below:

Video Reveals Why Vader’s Suit Undergoes Changes Throughout The Series

Do you know why Darth Vader constantly made changes to his suit during the Star Wars saga? Surprisingly, your response may not fit within the new canon, as the old explanation that Sidious was constantly changing it to keep him in a weakened state is no longer the case. According to the new saga, Vader was constantly working on the suit in an effort to optimize the suit to make him more mobile and prevent further harm to what remained of his body. Learn more about all that below, and let us know which story you like better for explaining why Vader's suit changes in the films. 

A Woman Is A “Catfish” Victim In Hilarious THE SHAPE OF WATER Parody

While The Shape Of Water looks primed to be the first monster movie to win major awards at the Oscars, folks like James Corden are poking fun at it in a hilarious way. Sally Hawkins goes on a Tinder date only to find out she's been "Catfished" by Corden, who's actually a sea monster. To be honest, the skit could be better, but I gotta share it for the amount of time it probably took to get in and out of that fish costume! Check it out below, and let us know what you think.

This Interview Shows Why You Never Give Tommy Wiseau A Microphone During A Timed Interview

When James Franco brushed off Tommy Wiseau while accepting his award at The Golden Globes, some thought Franco should've given him a chance to say a few words. Turns out Franco knew what this reporter from THR may have not, Tommy Wiseau never says just a few words. Listen to Wiseau ramble on a bit and talk in circles and let me know if you still wanted to hear what he had to say when he attempted to grab the mic at The Golden Globes:

Get Those Wallets Ready, HELLBOY Is Getting A Tabletop Game


He's been in graphic novels, video games, and film, and now Hellboy is headed to the tabletop. Mantic Games, who has a pretty steady track record of entertaining tabletop games is teaming up with Dark Horse Comics for a co-operative game that sounds like it could be fun. Admittedly, I'm not the biggest fan of co-op games on tabletop as it always feels like one or two people telling the rest what to do, but the branding on this one has me at least willing to give this one a chance provided its available at Gen Con this year. The Kickstarter is due to go live in April, and I don't see this one going unfunded, so feel free to rest on those donations and I'll be sure to seek it out in August if it's at the convention! Check out the details of the press release below:

The Hellboy board game will be a co-operative experience in which players face off against some of the comic’s most famous foes. Up to four people take control of iconic BRPD members, such as Hellboy, Abe Sapien and Roger the Homunculus, before exploring gothic locations and uncovering ancient artifacts.

Set to make its Kickstarter debut in April 2018, the Hellboy board game will feature stunning, pre-assembled plastic miniatures that accurately capture the look and feel of Mike Mignola’s world famous comic series.

Watch An Emotional Guillermo Del Toro Describe Monsters During His Golden Globes Speech


For the first time in 25 years, Guillermo del Toro won a Golden Globe award for Best Director for his work on The Shape of Water and he was beside himself on stage. In what was an incredibly beautiful speech, del Toro talked about the beauty of monsters, the sacrifice that goes into filmmaking, and how movies have saved his life. 

I'm rooting for del Toro to get an Oscar this year, what about you?

Watch Jack Black And The JUMANJI Cast Serenade The Japanese Media


Months of following Sony Japan on YouTube has finally paid off. When I first followed the channel, I did it because I began to notice that American actors typically act weirder for the media overseas than they do for us. I've been patiently waiting for one that's humorous enough to share, and today, it finally happened. Of course, Jack Black is always good for a bizarre celebrity interview, but how often does he manage to get his costars to go along with it as The Rock, Nick Jonas, Karen Gillan, Kevin Hart all join him in singing "Jumanji." 

People who have seen the movie, is this in the actual film, or did they just make this up before appearing in front of the press that night?

Listen To Alfred Hitchcock Fascinatingly Talk About THE BIRDS For 8 Minutes

To be a director, your mind has to work a certain way. To be a legendary director like Alfred Hitchcock, you really have to be on another level. Just listening to this guy talk about the importance of certain things that happened in The Birds that most people would watch and not even pick up on is amazing, and it makes me wonder just how much work certain directors put into scenes that go unnoticed by others. Check out the video below, and let us know what you think of The Birds:

3D Printers Are Now Making Minature Cityscapes, And It’s Amazing


Have you ever wanted to own a miniature version of your hometown? You will definitely want to after watching this video! Tested just did a video on a company how is using overhead shots of cities to create accurate 3D models of cities on a 1:5000 scale, and it's some pretty awesome looking stuff! Check it out below and then wish you had a 3D Printer to make cool stuff like this.