New Netflix Video Reveals Just How Many People Are Watching On The Go

I don't leave the house a lot, and when I do I'm usually driving so I don't use Netflix. For that reason, I was pretty shocked to learn that around 67% of Netflix users stream while on mobile! How many of you guys watch shows at work?! Is that a thing people do? Netflix also posted some additional facts about users watching on the go, which you can see in the video below. 

To those who stream in public, where are you streaming? I'm genuinely curious!

I’m Not Entirely Sure What’s Happening In This Zombie Short Film MOMBIE, But I Like It


A families life is changed forever when the mother is turned into a zombie, and beyond that I'm so pleasantly confused by Mombie. This film would be good enough had they cast a child in the role of the son, but the fact that they just made the kid a full grown man is so bizarre it elevates the entertainment value drastically!

Watch the film below, let us know what you think and if you would try to keep a family member who turned into a zombie.

Steve Harrington Gets His Own Cheesy 80s Romance Trailer Recut From STRANGER THINGS Footage

Guys, admit it. If today, it was announced that Steve Harrington would be getting his own Stranger Things spinoff, the world would be confused, but they'd also be psyched! I personally am convinced of this due to just how great this fan-made trailer that cuts footage from the show is. You watch this trailer, and you'll be convinced too. 

We need more Steve Harrington in our lives.

Bill Murray Has A New Series Coming To Facebook About Minor League Baseball! Watch the Trailer


Facebook has an original series coming to its platform, and they're tapping Bill Murray and his brother to tell some tales from minor league baseball. Bill Murray and Brian Doyle-Murray’s Extra Innings consists of 10, 8-minute episodes and will show Murray and his brother Brian Doyle-Murray as they travel across America and watch games. I'm on the fence about minor-league baseball, but I'm all about Bill Murray, so I'll definitely check this one out. The series premieres November 20th, will you be watching?

Here’s A JUSTICE LEAGUE VHS Trailer That Will Knock Your Socks Off

So often we post these VHS style trailers, and so often I get this feeling of nostalgia, but never quite that feeling that the trailer could actually exist within the height of VHS. That changes today, as this Justice League trailer hit just about every nostalgic trope you can imagine. In particular, the music just kills me! Check out the trailer below, and get hype to see Justice League very soon!

Will Ferrell Shares Just How Much Bostonians Love Mark Wahlberg


According to Will Ferrell, it's very hard to travel around Boston with Mark Wahlberg and not get noticed. The two appeared on Conan where Ferrell said that everywhere the two went there was someone who appeared who apparently knew Wahlberg personally from some portion of his life. 

That can be kind of a pain considering the Boston public at large are known to be ball busters. Most people who have been to Boston (or the East Coast in general) tend to know this, but the stories told by Wahlberg and Conan really drive it home with a hilarious result. Check out the video below. 

Hilarious Sketch Shows What Happens Between Crime Drama Montages

When you want to break through a lot of information and move the episode along to a new location rather quickly, a montage is always the way to go. Films and Television are both guilty of this, and to their credit, it's not like audiences are complaining about not seeing what happens in between. 

That's a good thing because when you begin to think about all the stuff that happens between reveals in montages, things get hilarious. Chris & Jack show us what happens between the montages we know and love in this great sketch. 

Ricky Gervais Talks About The Taboo Of Joking About Celebrities And The Hypocrisy

In the midst of all the drama that's going on in Hollywood, Ricky Gervais is simply asking for some consistency. Specifically, Gervais mentions his hosting duties throughout the years at celebrity events and the criticism he's drawn from those in Hollywood for those he has joked about. 

I'm sharing this because, let's be honest, he makes a great point. As Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein are being given the boot by Hollywood, let's not forget guys like Roman Polanski are still very relevant and it's public knowledge what crimes he's guilty of. Hollywood needs consistency in condemning predators across the board, and it took a British comic to drive that message home to me. Check it out below. 

Check Out Robert Downey Jr.’s Weird Windmill House


Considering Robert Downey Jr. has been making bank as Iron Man for Marvel for the past decade, one might assume his home is pretty lavish and huge. While the first part is definitely true, I have to say I'm a little surprised that the size of the home is pretty modest! He also has a windmill built into his home, so that's something. Check out that and more on how Iron Man lives in the video below. 

You Can Now Forward Your Scam Emails To Chat Bots That Will Waste Their Time


Are you someone smart enough to not fall for email scams, but also petty enough to actively scour your junk mailbox just to troll them? DO WE HAVE A PRODUCT FOR YOU! Re:scam is a service that utilize a chatbot AI with several different personalities that leads them to believe they have you on the line for a scam. Take a look at the trailer:

So obviously we're all doing this right? Get started today by forwarding scam emails to!