Witness The World’s Largest NERF Gun in This Amazing Video!

It's NERF or nothin'? More like this will NERF you into nothin'! Seriously, I would not want to take a hit from what is recorded to be the "world's largest NERF gun." Created by Mark Rober, the gun is powered by a paintball air canister and shoots pool noodles with plungers on them at about 40 miles per hour.

As for strength? We see it's strong enough to break glass and stick to street signs, but then we see a kid take one to the leg. I would hope maybe he didn't go full power with that shot, but then how else will these kids learn respect?

Killability or not, could you imagine whipping this bad boy out at the park?

Learn About The Music of SWISS ARMY MAN in This Featurette

One of the biggest reasons I'm going to see Swiss Army Man is because one of my favorite bands is involved! Andy Hull, lead singer of Manchester Orchestra, did the score for the film and did a really good job! It's unique, which falls in line with a film about a corpse that essentially doubles as a Swiss Army knife. See how it all came together below!

By the way, if you've never heard of Manchester Orchestra, they've had two songs on rock radio: "I've Got Friends" and "Simple Math." Check them out below the featurette!

BLADE RUNNER Sequel Gets Its First Rather Underwhelming Promotional Poster

I'll be a little more straightforward than Collider was when they posted this. I'm a huge fan of Blade Runner, and when I saw the news that the first poster promoting Blade Runner 2 had been leaked I was ecstatic to check it out! Then I saw it:

What the hell is that?! This photo was snapped at the Licensing Expo in Las Vegas and I'm sitting here wondering if maybe they're selling the licensing to commission the poster?! Seriously, that can't be something you are going to go to market with! That's garbage! They don't even have the trademark text!

Well, so much for more info. Hopefully, we learn SOMETHING before the film's 2017 release date!

Campaign Documents Reveal Donald Trump’s Bizarre MAD MEN Connection

The internet is reeling after reports surfaced from Mediaite saying presidential candidate Donald Trump sent money to an ad agency called Draper Sterling. For those who didn't watch Mad Men, the name is the same as advertising executives Donald Draper and Roger Sterling, who ran their own ad agency in the show. While it is funny that this money was going to a fictional company, I'd like to point out that the actual name of the company in the show was SCDP (Sterling, Cooper, Draper, Pryce) and before that Sterling Cooper, and later, Sterling Cooper & Partners — at no point was it ever "Draper Sterling."

Still, the name was enough to bring curious eyes to the agency, which revealed $35,000 was shelled out to an address that, oddly enough, connects to a New Hampshire home. After much hubbub and jokes, it was revealed that Draper Sterling LLC is a registered business, although it's unclear as to exactly what their function is other than a clue pointing towards "medical devices" and cross-species organ transplants (?!).

Obviously, I'm not here to report on political junk so I'm not gonna weigh in on what's happening or whether it's valid or not. All I know is I was incredibly excited for a moment that someone actually named a valid business using Mad Men as a reference!