Watch Jerry Seinfeld Perform For Frank And Claire Underwood In Hilarious Netflix Commercial

Jerry Seinfeld's stand-up special Jerry Before Seinfeld launched earlier this week, so in honor of that here's yet another new commercial from Netflix that plays off their ad campaign "Netflix Is A Joke." In it, Jerry tries to entertain Frank and Claire Underwood from House Of Cards as the two stare at each other in silence, and in his typical Seinfeld way, Jerry makes the moment way funnier than it should be! 

Check him out in action below, and be sure to check out his special on Netflix!

Kyle MacLachlan Shares An Awkward Moment During A Sex Scene On TWIN PEAKS

Apparently, that sex scene Kyle MacLachlan had with Naomi Watts during their sex scene on Twin Peaks was a bit awkward. Of course, one would imagine that most scenes on the set of a show that bizarre would feel a bit awkward, but I digress. Maclachlan shares the moment, which featured an uncontrollable flopping of hands, below and Judi Dench shares she's down for any and all sex scenes she's had in her career!

Were you satisfied with the final run of Twin Peaks?

First Gameplay Footage For FIST OF THE NORTH STAR Game Looks Amazing


If you're a fan of Fist Of The North Star, or just anime in general, you're going to be very happy with what you see in this video! Some new gameplay for the game (called Hokuto ga Gotoku in Japan) just hit the web, and visually, it looks fantastic! Gameplay wise think the battles look a bit repetitive, but that might just be from the way the guy demoing is playing the game. Beyond the repetitive punches and mask ripping, the special kills are as insane as they were in the anime! 

The game is expected to launch February 22nd, 2018 in Japan, and unfortunately, there is no release date for anyone else at this time. Let's hope this game gets some love stateside so we can see it come to the PS4 over here!


RICK AND MORTY Have A New Batch Of Funko Pop’s On The Way


It's Friday and some of you just got paid, which means that money is already burning a hole in your pocket! Unfortunately, you'll have to find something else to spend those schmeckles on as these Rick and Morty Funko Pop's aren't out until this Winter. The latest round of announced Funko's feature Toxic Rick and the Szechuan eating Cornvelious Daniel (voiced by Nathan Fillion). Additionally, Toxic Morty is supposed to be on the way, but there isn't a picture of him to view at this time. 

Check out the pictures below and give some love to our friends at Comicbook for giving us the heads up. 


Guy Knocks Out Mike Tyson In PUNCH OUT In Under Two And A Half Minutes


Just getting to Mike Tyson in Punch-Out for NES is an incredible feat, let alone beating him! This speedrunner shows us how it's done in not only defeating one of boxing's legends, but manages to do it in under 2:30 which is truly an impressive feat! Believe it or not, this is only 10th on the leaderboard for World Record times, and the fastest Tyson knockout clocks in at 2:05! Hopefully, this guy makes it there sooner or later because I love his reaction to getting on the board!

Watch live video from Jimbo27007 on


Listen To Two Grown Ass Men Argue Over Who Is The Real Life Joker


In what I guarantee is the weirdest shit you'll see on the internet today, two grown ass men are arguing over Instagram over who is the real-life Joker. What's even crazier is one of the dudes involved, "Boonk", is actually an "Instagram Comedian", who according to the maker of this video, is on some really heavy drugs at the moment. Considering the massive amount of face tattoos both guys have, I kind of assumed as much, but I'm really just here to spread the word on a situation I never saw happening in real life...seriously this can't be real. 

Check out the beef below, and hear more details on the story at about the 4 minute mark. 

Data Suggest THE DEFENDERS Might Be The Least Watched Marvel Netflix Show


A recent study by a 3rd party company has shown that The Defenders could very well be the least watched Marvel show on Netflix. The data comes from Jumpshot (via i09) who, through their metrics, have determined that around 17% of the people who tuned in for Season 2 of Daredevil (allegedly the most watched Marvel series to date) tuned in to watch at least one episode of The Defenders.

If that's true, that's shockingly low, but from what I've heard from friends it's not at all that surprising. I've had several friends who didn't watch simply because Iron Fist was involved, and they hated the series that much they would not watch something with him in it again! Of course, we'll never know if these numbers are actually true as Netflix doesn't even reveal their numbers to the people who make their shows. That said, Jumpshot isn't just some ragtag company and they have some real analytics to prove their numbers, so fans shouldn't be so quick to dismiss their findings. 

Obviously, we're all a little biased seeing as we're geeks, but do you know anyone who tuned in for the other Marvel shows who skipped out on The Defenders? If so, let us know why they skipped it in the comments. 

THE WITNESS Just Launched On iOS For Only $10

The Witness has finally dropped on mobile, and it's going for an astonishingly low price! For only $10, you can now download the game on iOS and try to make sense of all the frustrating puzzle solving you have to do in serene landscapes. 

Truth be told though, if you're looking for a good puzzle game, you won't find a better challenge, and I can find the whole experience a lot less frustrating when you can take the game on the go. Will you be picking it up?

Source: App Store


MONSTER HUNTER Is Speaking In The Latest MARVEL VS. CAPCOM INFINITE Trailer…And It’s Weird


A new trailer highlighting Monster Hunter has been released for Marvel Vs. Capcom Infinite, and it's just weird. Maybe I've been out of the franchise too long, but since when does the main character in Monster Hunter speak? Here's another question, when did these guys get so fast because I've never seen a great sword get swung that quickly when I'm trying to take down a beast!

Jokes aside, it is a bit jarring to see such a generic customizable character in a franchise and try to give them a personality. Am I alone on this? Check out the trailer below for the DLC character and let us know if it's creeping you out as well.