LAWBREAKERS Will Be Free To Play This Weekend On Steam


Lawbreakers, the game that has made headlines as of late for astronomically low in-game population numbers and their creator saying he needs to be less of a dick to sell more copies, is going to be free to play this weekend on Steam. From September 28th until October 2nd, anyone curious can jump in the game and give it a whirl. If you happen to like what you see, the game is running for 25% off its normal price for a total of $22.49.

Here's a new trailer to celebrate the event:

For what it's worth, I thought Lawbreakers was a fun game. That said, I remember many people complaining about it at launch as the specs were too high for most computers, and the game launched without a Team Deathmatch...which is just ridiculous. That's since been added, so perhaps more people will jump in this weekend and decide their fans of this game.

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John Boyega Breaks Down STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT 2 In Awesome New Trailer


Everything you're wanting to know about Star Wars: Battlefront 2 can be found in this video. Narrated by Finn actor John Boyega, Boyega breaks down all the modes, mechanics, and campaign of Battlefront 2 that will leave anyone who was dissatisfied with the first game with no doubt that things will be different this time around. 

Check out the video below, and get ready for Battlefront 2 November 17th. 


See The Touching Tribute To Former Linkin Park Frontman In RUNESCAPE


For those that are not aware, Linkin Park frontman Chester Bennington took his own life two months ago. Since then, fans of the band's music and many who knew Bennington have paid tribute to the singer in many different ways. Recently, Runescape updated their game to feature a tribute to the singer, and it's pretty touching. Check it out below, and if you don't get the reference, continue on for an explanation. 


The line "It flickers, flickers," comes from Linkin Park's latest single "One More Light," which was released after Bennington's death. 

Have you found the reference in game yet? Let us know what you think of Jagex doing this below!

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Latest Behind The Scenes Look At RICK AND MORTY Takes A Hilarious Dark Turn


While I was disappointed that this year's Interdimensional Cable episode was replaced by the episode "Morty's Mind Blowers," I can't deny it was a great episode for the show's canon. As the writers will point out in the video below, the revelation that Rick constantly removes Morty's worst memories may be the reason why he never grows as a character and tolerates the numerous bad situations his grandfather gets him into. 

As is tradition with all things Rick And Morty, things take a hilariously dark turn at the end of the video. Be sure to stick around for the bit with Justin Roiland!

Here’s That Slick Looking Main Title Sequence From STAR TREK: DISCOVERY


Star Trek: Discovery aired it's first episode last night, and I daresay it was much better than many were expecting. In fact, I liked it so much I actually subscribed to CBS All Access after months of publicly saying I would not. I still wish I didn't have to, and really if you're in the same boat you can just wait until the first batch of episodes are up in November, but man was that a great first episode.

I also really liked the opening title sequence, which if you didn't see it last night, feel free to check it out below! What are your thoughts on the premiere of the show? 

Video: Check Out This Guy’s Phenomenal Nintendo Switch Cosplay


For some cosplay is a hobby, and for others, it's an art-form. This guy at the Tokyo Game Show was someone who falls in the latter as he projected the gameplay of his Nintendo Switch on his mask as he walked around the halls at the show. Check out the impressive footage below, and ask yourself how he was able to see what he was playing while still being able to walk around the hall. 

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This Year’s Arrow-verse Crossover Will Feature Evil Doppelgangers From Earth-X


The villains for this year's Arrow-verse crossover have finally been revealed, and they feature quite a few familiar faces. That's meant in the most literal sense as "Crisis on Earth-X" will feature an invasion from evil doppelgangers of all of our favorite heroes as well as The Ray, who is getting his own animated show on CW Seed. Check out the reveal in the tweet below and continue reading:

While it feels like the Arrow-verse is REAAAAALLLLLY playing out the whole multiverse concept, it will be cool to see evil versions of Supergirl and Oliver Queen, so I'm stoked for it nonetheless. What are your thoughts on the crossover reveal? Thanks, Slashfilm for the heads up. 

PlayStation Australia Is Giving Away Actual Platinum Achievement Trophies


In what will be the ultimate journey in achievement hunting, PlayStation Australia and Europe are giving their communities a chance to win one of four replica platinum achievement trophies. Winning won't be as easy as entering and waiting, however, as all entrants who enter the contest will first have to get a platinum trophy in EA SPORTS™ FIFA 18Gran Turismo Sport, or Call of Duty: WWII.

Check out the trailer for the competition below, and for more information on the contest, head here.  

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DESTINY 2 Will Be Down For 6 Hours Today


If you called into work this morning to play Destiny 2 all day, you're about to be super upset. Beginning at 9 a.m. ET the game will undergo a 6-hour maintenance period which means it'll be back up around 3 p.m. ET.

Bungie has not specified why they're taking the game down for that period, but the game is starting their "Faction Rally Event" tomorrow so it could be tied to that. As of writing, this is the third time since launch that the game's servers have gone offline for an extended period of time. 

Hopefully, it happens less frequently going forward.

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THE BIG BANG THEORY With Ricky Gervais Laughing Makes The Show 100x Better


Whether you're a fan of The Big Bang Theory or you're one of those that hates it, everyone will love the show with Ricky Gervais sitting in for the studio audience! Everything is always funnier when someone has an infectious laugh, and Gervais has about one of the best laughs out there. 

If you don't believe me, check out this clip below and see if you can make it all the way through without cracking a smile.