Learn More About How The Costumes For X-MEN 2 Were Created

Costume work is taken for granted by fans, but for actors, it can be a huge deal. One of the biggest complaints you'll often hear from actors is that their tight leather-suits have very limited mobility, and they're extremely hot to wear. Hugh Jackman made it clear after the first X-Men he would not be wearing a suit like that again, so Ironhead Studio got to work ensuring he wouldn't have to. Learn more about the creation of that costume via this Tested video, and the next time you're watching a superhero film, think of the people who made the costume!

Video Examines The Art Behind The Use Of One F-Bomb In PG-13 Movies

PG-13 rated movies are only allowed to say the word "fuck," one time, and there's even rules beyond that. Despite those restrictions, films have used their one shot to create some of the most memorable moments in modern films. You'll see a lot of those moments in this video, which will really make you question exactly why we're so concerned about how many f-bombs get dropped in a PG-13 film to begin with:

Watch How Quickly These Two Robots Learn To Construct An IKEA Chair

With all the amazing things we see robots do on a regular basis on the web, it doesn't seem all that impressive that two robots managed to construct an IKEA chair. That changed for me when I watched this video, and saw just how quickly these two robots went from incompetent to chair constructing pros using their programming to learn the errors they were making on the fly. Didn't it used to take robots months to learn stuff like this?! Now they're doing it in minutes?! It's not looking good for humanity folks:

Rick Astley Performed “Never Gonna Give You Up,” With A Choir, And It Was Amazing

It has to be weird to be Rick Astley these days. Out of all the one-hit wonder artists to travel the world and perform their song, he's probably been on the longest stretch thanks to the bizarre trend of the early internet known as "Rick-rolling." Astley continued his tour once again by performing with the musical group Choir Choir Choir in a basement in Toronto. It sounds super weird, but honestly, it is a bit, but having a musically trained audience sing along to an artist's song is actually quite amazing. Check it out below, and let us know if you'd like to see a documentary of Rick Astley's life in 2018:

Resigned Board Of Governors Member Blasts Oscar’s For Hailing Small Films, Over-Promoting Diversity, And More

A leaked letter from resigned Board of Governor's member and producer Bill Mechanic has found its way to Variety, and its full of some hot takes regarding how the current Academy leadership has made The Oscars worse. Mechanic, who said the letter "says what it says," when asked for comment, blasted the Academy for making the Oscars long and boring, giving super small films far more credit than he thinks they deserve, and over-promoting diversity. Read the full letter below, and feel free to share your reactions to Mechanic's thoughts in the comments:

John Bailey
President, AMPAS
Dear John:
There’s a moment when if you fail to make an impact, the right thing to do is make for the exits. After Saturday’s meeting, I’m at that moment and I respectfully must resign from the Board of Governors.
I have great love and respect for the Academy. I grew up loving movies and watching the Academy Awards, never dreaming of being a nominee, producing the show, and certainly not becoming a Governor. Eventually all of these things actually came to pass and it was exciting when I was originally elected to the Board, serving with so many distinguished legends side-by-side in a non-hierarchical environment.
I left the Board after one term, but decided to run again a couple of years ago when many of the decisions of the Board seemed to me to be reactive rather than considered. I felt I could help provide some perspective and guidance.
But it’s exceedingly clear to me since returning to the Board that things have changed and there is now a fractured environment which does not allow for a unified, strategically sound, vision. I haven’t had any real impact, so now it’s time to leave.
I feel I have failed the organization. I feel we have failed the organization.
We have settled on numeric answers to the problem of inclusion, barely recognizing that this is the Industry’s problem far, far more than it is the Academy’s. Instead we react to pressure. One Governor even went as far as suggesting we don’t admit a single white male to the Academy, regardless of merit!
We have failed to move the Oscars into the modern age, despite decades of increased competition and declining ratings. Instead, we have kept to the same number of awards, which inherently means a long and boring show, and over the past decade we have nominated so many smaller independent films that the Oscars feel like they should be handed out in a tent. Big is not inherently bad and small is not inherently good. Moving into the modern age does not mean competing with the Emmys for non-theatrical features.
We have failed to solve the problems of the Museum, which is ridiculously over its initial budget and way past its original opening date. Despite having the best of the best inside the Academy membership, we have ignored the input of our Governors and our members.
We have failed our employees. Over the past seven years, we have watched dedicated employees of the Academy be driven out or leave out of frustration. Certainly, some freshening of an organization is a good thing, but that doesn’t seem the case here; this seems more like a “purge” to stifle debate and support management as opposed to the needs of the Academy.
We have failed to provide leadership. Yes, that includes the Presidency, which with a one year term creates instability, but moreover the CEO role has become much broader and far reaching, and the results are erratic at best. It also includes 54 Board of Governors, which is so large it makes decision-making difficult and makes it way too easy for the silent majority to stay silent.
Many of the problems I’m talking about come not from malfeasance but rather from the silence of too many Governors. A vocal few people are insistent that the problems are not really problems or would be too damaging to the Academy to admit. Not facing your problems means you are not addressing those issues and, guess what, problems don’t go away — they simmer under the surface and, if anything, get worse.
You can’t hide the drainage of employees, the cataclysmic decline in the Oscar ratings, the fact that no popular film has won in over a decade; that we decided to play Moral Police and most probably someone inside the Academy leaked confidential information in order to compromise the President; that the Board doesn’t feel their voice is being heard with regard to the Museum; that we have allowed the Academy to be blamed for things way beyond our control and then try to do things which are not in our purview (sexual harassment, discrimination in the Industry).
Perhaps I’m wrong about all of this and if so my resignation will simply make things better. If that’s the case, so be it. If it’s not, then I truly hope the majority of Governors will take action. Check in with our membership and get their input. If they respond as many have with me, then change the leadership of the Academy and put the Academy’s interests above any personal likes or dislikes.
Bill Mechanic

Watch A Man Eat A Military Ration That Was Around During The 1899 Second Boer Conflict

I can proudly say I've never eaten anything over a couple years expired, let alone 100, but maybe that isn't really a point of pride. I could be like this guy, who's been making a living on YouTube searching out, examining, and eating rations he's found from military conflicts. Today, Steve ate the oldest ration to date, with this one being provided by the British army during the Second Boer Conflict all the way back in 1899! I have no clue how this guy isn't dead yet, but it is fascinating to see him examine, and then eat this thing!

Here’s How To Make That Amazing Steak From THE MATRIX

Turns out you can have an amazing steak outside of a simulated universe, or so you think. We can debate whether or not we're all living the Matrix all day, but what you can't debate is that the steak seen in that film is delicious and you haven't thought about eating one exactly like it after seeing that scene. Now you can, thanks to the latest video by Binging With Babish. Check it out below, and let us know if you are "the one," capable of making this steak:

This Compilation Of 90s Marvel Theme Songs Will Wreck You With Nostalgia

Marvel has been on a strong cartoon streak for awhile, but no era of their cartoons will ever top the theme songs produced in the 90s. I know some of you are already humming the X-Men theme in your head as I make that statement, but damn that's only the tip of the Iceberg! Spider-man, Iron-Man, Hulk?! If you don't remember any of these, you need a refresher. This video will bring you up to speed, and probably have you humming at least one of these themes throughout the day:

Jim Carrey Showed Up During Jeff Daniel’s Conan And It Was Amazing

If you're looking for the best late-night interview on television in 2018, you've found it. Jim Carrey showed up during Jeff Daniels' Conan interview and it turned into the most amazing, hilarious, and heartfelt interview I've seen in a long time. Daniels and Carrey cut up like it was old times, told the viewers who didn't like the Dumb and Dumber sequel to go screw themselves, and generally proved they were best friends in real life. Check out the interview below, and then call up your best friend and tell them you love them:

Dwayne Johnson Explains Why He Almost Quit RAMPAGE After Reading The Original Ending

Dwayne Johnson is killing it once again at the box office with Rampage, but there was once a point where the actor threatened to not do the film at all after he got peeved reading the original ending. Spoiler alert for those who haven't seen the film, but The Rock took issue with the original film's ending featuring his albino gorilla buddy George kicking the bucket at the film's end. Johnson explained why he didn't like that ending, and why it almost kept him from doing the film (Source: Rolling Stone):

“I don’t like a sad ending. Life brings that shit – I don’t want it in my movies. When the credits roll, I want to feel great…We had a big meeting where they gave me all the reasons they thought George should die. He sacrifices himself saving the world. Killing these animals who had ill intentions to harm mankind. He sacrifices himself like a brave soldier. OK. But this is a movie! There’s a crocodile the size of a football stadium – we’re not making Saving Private Ryan.

My problem is I have a relationship with an audience around the world. For years I’ve built a trust with them that they’re gonna come to my movies and feel good. So every once in a while, you have to drop this card, which is: You’re gonna have to find another actor. We need to figure something out, otherwise I’m not gonna do the movie.”

Well, at least we never need to worry about a film with The Rock in it having a sad ending I guess? It's kind of crazy he has that kind of pull in Hollywood, but not surprising considering the money his films bring in! Do you think the film is better with the ending it has, or do you think the original ending would've been better? Does it really matter?