An Early Draft Of The HALLOWEEN Script Has Revealed How Dr. Loomis Was Going To Die

Earlier this week we hit you with the information that John Carpenter prevented Danny McBride and David Gordon Green from killing off the character Dr. Loomis in their new film. Carpenter explained he thought the decision would’ve angered quite a few Halloween fans, and he was persuasive enough that he convinced the men to remove the scene from the film.

Since then, Bloody Disgusting has revealed an early draft of the film’s script, which breaks down exactly how the two originally planned to kill Loomis. This scene takes place during the original finale of Halloween, where Loomis shoots Michael out of the window and saves Laurie. This time around, however, things don’t work out that way.

“The Shape GRABS LOOMIS’ THROAT and throws him to the wall. Loomis drops the gun on the floor wheezing for breath. The Shape CHOKES Loomis, who struggles against the wall. 2. The Shape’s thumbs crush Loomis’ THROAT. He drops to the ground, DEAD. The Shape looks down at Loomis’ lifeless body.”

As Loomis goes limp, a bullet just misses Michael. It’s Laurie, sobbing, “No…” She fires over and over, sending Michael out the window and over the balcony. Here, Laurie peers over and sees the Boogeyman laying on the ground and continues to pull the trigger:

“Laurie shivers, holding the gun in the shadows. She moves to the edge of the balcony and aims the gun at The Shape’s body. She pulls the trigger but the gun is empty. She keeps pulling the trigger…”

Here, the cops arrive and swarm all over Michael as the camera follows Laurie back into the house.

“Laurie sobs, shivering against the wall, still holding the gun, still pulling the trigger over and over again in the dark…”

What’s interesting to note here is that this scene wouldn’t have just killed off Loomis, it would’ve retconned Carpenter’s original ending to Halloween. Personally, I think that would’ve pissed fans off a lot more than killing off Loomis? Luckily, Carpenter changed their minds and we can assume the film is better for it. Would you have been upset if that scene kicked off the new Halloween?

The Working Title For GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 3 Has Us Excited But Production Has Been Delayed Until 2021


The working title for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 has been revealed via Production Weekly, and we’re pretty excited. Granted, working titles don’t always have anything to do with the subject matter of the film, but if GOTG 3 does then we could be getting a superhero holiday movie! Guardians of The Galaxy 3 is currently working under the title “Hot Christmas”.

I’m really trying not to get my hopes up because I know I’ll just be crushed when the title is actually released, but if Marvel is making a superhero Christmas film that’s super exciting! I’m currently envisioning watching it every holiday season going forward and then subtly using it as an excuse to sneak in a viewing of every other Marvel film.

Unfortunately, the report also says that the movie won’t commence production until February 2021, which means the movie may not hit theaters until late 2022 at the earliest. 

Marvel still has yet to find a director to replace James Gunn, who was fired by Disney a few months ago. But, they still are planning to use the script that he wrote.

Someone bring me back down to earth here so I’m not too devastated. The world is too awful to give us something as awesome as a GOTG Christmas movie right?

THE SIMPSONS 2019 “Treehouse Of Horror” Will Be Episode 666


Not to downplay this year’s upcoming “Treehouse Of Horror,” but The Simpsons next installment in 2019 is primed to be its greatest of all time! Why? Executive producer Al Jean revealed to EW that next year’s Halloween episode will be episode 666:

Next year, ‘Treehouse of Horror XXX‘ will coincidentally be Simpsons episode 666. As we planned it in 1989!

We can all assume that second sentence was tongue-in-cheek, as who would’ve thought back in 1989 this series would STILL be on the air? I’m not complaining of course, but you gotta wonder just how many more seasons the series can go at this point before hanging it up? Let’s hope it goes at least one more season so we can see this awesome and coincidental milestone achieved!

Stephen King Is A Fan Of Netflix’s THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE


Netflix’s The Haunting Of Hill House has gotten a lot of attention from horror fans since its release, and it just got the stamp of approval from one of the modern masters of horror. Stephen King recently showed some love for the series on Twitter which, as you’ll read below, is kind of a big deal:

We all are well aware Stephen King has an ax to grind against adaptations that don’t follow books to a “t,” but apparently King made an exception for this series. Have you seen it yet? Do you think it’s as good as everyone is saying?

Tom Holland Announces SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME Has Wrapped Filming and Shares Photo


Spider-Man: Far From Home has officially wrapped filming. The news comes from actor Tom Holland, who shared the news alongside a picture from the set:

THATS A WRAP #farfromhome

That’s all super exciting, but can we learn a little bit about what the film is about now? I know we have a bit of information floating around the web, but I want some concrete details already!

We do know that Peter Parker will be on summer vacation with his friends in Europe and that at some point he will be facing off with Mysterio (Jake Gyllenhaal). You can see some video footage from the set of Spider-Man facing off with Mysterio here. You can also read up on some additional rumored information regarding Far From Home here.

The movie also stars Zendaya, Marisa Tomei, Jacob Batalon, Michael Keaton, J.B. Smoove, Samuel L. Jackson, and Numan Acar.

Jon Watts is directing the film from a script written by Erik Sommers and Chris McKennaSpider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters July 5th, 2019.

Are you excited for this film, or more curious as to what’s going on with Spidey in Avengers 4?

John Carpenter Says He Stopped The New HALLOWEEN Film From Killing Off Dr. Loomis


John Carpenter recently revealed he didn’t contribute much to the story of the new Halloween film, although he did prevent director David Gordon Green and Danny McBride from killing off Dr. Loomis. Carpenter told Collider he told the duo that was a mistake, and that doing so might anger a lot of fans:

Originally they were going to have Donald Pleasence’s character get killed. And I thought, ‘That’s a mistake. The audience won’t like that. That’s a revision I don’t think we should do. So that was my one big contribution… I thought the fans are gonna get pissed off at that. I don’t think you have to even deal with the ending of my movie; just start the movie where they did. I think that [director Green] did great.

Actor Donald Pleasence is the most prolific actor in the Halloween franchise next to Jamie Lee Curtis, which is why Carpenter was hesitant to sign off on Green and McBride having him killed off. Pleasence died in 1995 before reshoots could be completed on Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers, which resulted in his off-screen death and a disappointing end to the character.

I’m not sure I would’ve been so upset to see Dr. Loomis die in the Halloween sequel, what are your thoughts on this? Do you think the character is as beloved as John Carpenter thinks?

Warner Bros Not Moving Forward With Ben Affleck And Henry Cavill Superhero Films

A new report from Variety says Warner Bros. is re-evaluating their superhero universe, and that future projects involving Henry Cavill’s Superman or Ben Affleck’s Batman are off the table for now. Of course, we’ve learned the studio is expected to recast Affleck’s Batman, and with no Superman film on the horizon, one would think Cavill is too big of a talent to sit around twiddling his thumbs waiting to hear about his next project.

It’s a shame WB couldn’t build a franchise around Ben Affleck and Cavill’s performances, but I’m hoping the quicker they officially cut the cord and commit to a new idea the sooner we can put this behind us and get another fresh take on the heroes. I am wondering what this means for Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and The Flash though. While their movies may still be on the way, one would think any future Justice League films with the team are up in the air. We’ll just have to wait and see what Warner Bros. says!

A Leaked Synopsis Of DRAGON BALL SUPER BROLY Has Hit The Web


A leaked synopsis for Dragon Ball Super: Broly has surfaced online via a Colombian website (via Comicbook), and it lays out the details of the upcoming canon appearance of Broly. Take a look at the synopsis, which has been run through Google Translate, below:

Solid premise, although I’m not sure how Goku and Vegeta are going to be able to beat both Frieza and Broly. I mean, I’m sure they will, but at what point does this series ever try to protect the power levels of recurring characters and not make this a story about how they get their ass kicked until Goku gets stronger?

Dragon Ball Super: Broly will be in American theaters January 16th.

IZOMBIE Actor Rahul Kohli Cast As Scarecrow In Animated HARLEY QUINN Series


DC Universe has an animated series about Harley Quinn on the way, and they’ve snagged up quite a bit of talent for the upcoming adventure. Kaley Cuoco has already been announced as the voice of Harley, and now iZombie actor Rahul Kohli has announced he’ll be voicing Jonathan Crane a.k.a. Scarecrow:

Kohli is just the latest big name in a list of names attached to this project, which includes Wanda Sykes, Alan Tudyk, Ron Funches, Jason Alexander, Giancarlo Esposito, Jim Rash, Tony Hale and others. Will it be enough to keep people from complaining Tara Strong isn’t attached? We’ll have to see when the series premieres in 2019.

Here’s The New DOCTOR WHO Opening Credits


Doctor Who premiered its new title sequence recently, and like many things this season, it’s a good deal different from past seasons. The theme is relatively unchanged, but the intro features no TARDIS and a bunch of space and time warping before the new logo flashes across the screen:

Personally, I like it. The song sounds the same minus the small audio cue at the beginning, and the visual effects have certainly taken a step up this season. What do you think of the new visual design of the series, and how do you feel about Jodie Whittaker’s first two episodes as the Doctor?