This Video Shows You A Remarkably Simple Way To Make Cookies And Creme Popcorn


It's movie night, and whether you're sitting at home or the theater, you're going to need snacks. While I'm alright with the typical movie theater popcorn, I'm an absolute sucker for those overpriced bags of dessert popcorn from Popcornopolis. I used to think the people who made those were wizard, but now I'm learning the process is so simple a child can literally do it. 

You can too hopefully, and if you follow the directions in the video below, soon you'll be trying to sneak in your own delicious popcorn to your local theater! Skip to close to the end of the video for the popcorn snack, although I have to say the first few snacks looked good as well. 

This Streamer Accepting An Award Will Explain Twitch To Anyone Who Doesn’t Use It


If you're someone who has no idea why people watch people play video games on Twitch, you need to watch this video. Dr. DisRespect, who's one of the service's biggest personalities, recently won an industry award in eSports and his speech is funny and heartwarming. In it, he talks about the struggles people go through and how he had no idea he could help someones life by just playing games and being entertaining. For what it's worth, he is pretty damn entertaining, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's helped people get through some rough times. 

Check out his speech below, and hop down below that for some interesting highlights of his past streams on Twitch. 

Japan Actually Did A Version Of THE TRUMAN SHOW In Real Life, Except It Was Way Darker


I never thought someone would actually try and make a version of The Truman Show, but I suppose if I did, it would happen in Japan. Calling what the Japanese did the equivalent of The Truman Show, however, is far too kind as they basically destroyed a man's career in one of the most bizarre television shows you're about to learn about. 

Nasubi, a young comedian, was given an "audition" for a tv show and told he might get the job if he could complete the challenge. The challenge was to strip down naked in a room and continue to live there while recording his life 24/7 and surviving only on things he won in sweepstakes. For an astonishing 15 months he kept this up, all the while having no idea that his day to day exploits were being shown to a Japanese audience. No, I'm not making this shit up.

Check out the video below, which is honestly about the craziest thing I've ever heard! How did this go on for so long?! 

Will Smith Is Recruiting Other Guys Named Will Smith To Do Media Interviews For Him

When it comes to marketing tactics and ways to grab the world's attention, you gotta hand it to Netflix for always knowing how to make a headline. To promote their upcoming film Bright, Will Smith and the streaming giant are requesting all people named "Will Smith" to reach out to them so that they can do some media interviews on behalf of the actor. 

It's a goofy gimmick, but one I'm eager to see play out! If someone named Will Smith actually lands a big interview on a late night talk show in place of the actual actor I'll be so pleased with how this stunt played out. Anyone know a Will Smith? Make sure they see this!

Video Explains Why Doc Brown And Marty Are Friends, And It’s Still A Little Weird


I know I'm digging a deep hole for myself amongst the readership sourcing a Buzzfeed video to go up against Back To The Future, but dammit it makes a good point! A teenage kid makes buddies with the town's loon, and no one bats an eye about this? Of course, the audience knows Doc Brown is actually brilliant, but we only pick up the story when he invents time travel. How do Marty McFly and Doc Brown become friends? Where does this dynamic come from? Why is this whole situation now creeping me out? 

Obviously, it's just a movie, but I always love when people overanalyze things in a film as it leads to more theories and discussion. Hear some potential explanations as to why Doc and Marty are friends in the video below. 

Watch This Guy Trick His iPhone X Into Unlocking Using A Horrifying Mask

The iPhone X claims to be one of the most secure tech devices on the market, but is it really? Vietnamese tech security firm Bkav developed a mask that fools the phone to unlocking on any user, and they did it in less than a I'm guessing no. 

The mask (which looks horrifying) is specifically designed to fool the iPhone X into thinking they're looking at the face of someone who owns the phone. 

So who would use this? Criminals, basically, and that's it. That said, it'd be awfully hard to manufacture one of these if you didn't have a 3D printer, silicone, and all that jazz The Verge says you need to make this, so as long as no one starts mass producing them I think we'll be fine. Check out the phone getting tricked below. 

Video Breaks Down Why Superman Reversing Time Is A Terrible Idea

If you've ever wondered what it would take for Superman to affect the Earth's rotation, you're about to jump into a very long-winded answer. In case you didn't know this before jumping in, it would be incredibly impossible, even for Superman. Even if he did do that, everyone on Earth would die. That's the simple answer, but Kyle from Nerdist explains it all a lot better below, so check out his video. 

Check Out This Interview With The Woman Who Owns That Crazy Robot Bar In Japan

If you follow Japanese culture at all, chances are you've heard of Tokyo's Robot Restaurant. The restaurant boasts a live show with some of the craziest visuals you'll ever see and a bunch of humans and robots dancing around. 

Who would come up with an idea like this? Who would sit down one day and think, "I think this is commercially viable, and people would want to see this,"?

Enter Namie Osawa who used to work in the clothing industry until she got the idea for this and enlisted a bunch of her out of work dancing friends to make it happen. Learn more about her story below, and if you've ever been to Tokyo's Robot Restaurant, let us know in the comments!