President Donald Trump Has Officially Been Added To Disney World’s Hall Of Presidents; Watch Him in Action


The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump has officially joined Disney's Hall of Presidents attraction.

The audio-animatronic figure joins the other 43 cyber-presidents. The exhibit, which premiered in 1971, has been closed for the last year for renovations, and will re-open on December 19.

Trump's figure stands at the center of the stage and is mounted next to a seated Abraham Lincoln. During the 25-minute show he recites the following speech:

"I, Donald John Trump, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of President of the United States and will, to the best of my ability, preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States, so help me God," the Trump figure says in a longer video shared by WDWMagic.
"From the beginning, America has been a nation defined by its people. At our founding, it was the American people who rose up to defend our freedoms and win our independence," says the animatronic in its speech.
"It is why our founders began our great Constitution with three very simple words: 'We the people.' Since that moment, each generation of Americans has taken its place in the defense of our freedom, our flag, and our nation under God."
“Above all, to be American is to be an optimist — to believe that we can always do better — and that the best days of our great nation are still ahead of us.” 

The animatronic features allow for smoother and more lifelike movements. President Trump actually recorded the dialogue exclusively for The Hall of Presidents, a tradition fulfilled by each sitting president since the early 1990s.

Walt Disney World's Hall of Presidents re-opens to the public December 19.

Watch The Trailer for LADDIE, A Documentary About The Man Who Made STAR WARS Happen


George Lucas may be known as the father of Star Wars, but Lucas may have never had the chance to make the movie the way he did if it weren't for Alan Ladd, Jr.(known as “Laddie” to his friends). Now a new documentary dives into Ladd’s career as an agent, producer, executive, and studio head, where he worked on movies ranging from Blade Runner to Young Frankenstein

Check out the Laddie trailer:

The documentary is made by Ladd’s daughter, filmmaker Amanda Ladd-Jones. She was able to speak with some of Hollywood's elite including Ridley ScottMorgan Freeman, and Sigourney Weaver to talk about their interactions with her father. 

When Ladd was at Fox, he saw potential in Lucas where others did not. Lucas credited Ladd by saying that he “invested in me, he did not invest in the movie,” and Ladd’s foresight is ultimately the reason fans have spent the past forty years celebrating stories from a galaxy far, far away.

Ladd also produced massive movies like AlienChariots of FireThelma and LouiseThe Omen, and Gone Baby Gone. In the trailer, he is referred to as “the most influential movie executive you’ve never heard of.”

Laddie doesn’t have a release date yet, but you can check out the trailer and the movie's official Facebook page for more information.

Apple Orders a Sci-Fi Space Series by BATTLESTAR GALACTICA Developer Ronald D. Moore


Ronald D. Moore is taking another show to space. Deadline reports that Apple has ordered the drama straight-to-series. This is is the third original scripted series ordered by Apple. 

The untitled sci-fi project is created and written by Moore (Battlestar Galactica, Outlander), along with Fargo co-executive producers Matt Wolpert and Ben Nedivi. The show will explore what would have happened if the global space race had never ended. 

Moore is a very talented TV writer. He started his career in the space genre with stints on three Star Trek series (The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager), before he created the acclaimed Battlestar Galactica reboot. 

Kevin Smith Was Offered To Direct The TOXIC AVENGER Remake But He Turned it Down


It's easily one of the biggest cult classic films of all time and Troma Entertainment's The Toxic Avenger has been in the process of being remade for a long time. Producers first got the remake rights back in early 2010, but by the end of that year, director Steve Pink (Hot tub Time Machine) had been hired to write and direct a PG-13 action comedy take on Troma's very R-rated original. Pink wrote the screenplay with Daniel C. Mitchell, their story followed an average teen who joins an environmental club in hopes to impress his crush. Then while investigating a waste plant, he falls into a tub of waste and transforms into a radioactive hero.

Arnold Schwarzenegger was even offered a role in 2013, but it wasn't clear if he would play, and John Travolta was even rumored to be up for a role.

Then last year, it was announced that Pink was out as director, with Sausage Party director Conrad Vernon coming on to direct and Archer's Mike Arnold and Chris Poole did a rewrite of Pink and Mitchell's first script.

Recently director Kevin Smith mentioned in an episode of his podcast Fatman on Batman that he was at one point offered the director job. When asked a question about receiving notes from producers or executives, Smith explained: 

I don't really deal in that world that much anymore, I don't have to sit with people that are corporate and have interests to protect, like, I'm in the walrus movie phase of my career. The last thing, and it wasn't even a big deal, it wasn't like 'I'm outraged!'... somebody asked me, 'Hey man, we've got THE TOXIC AVENGER and we're gonna remake it, do a reboot, and hey, you're from Jersey.' And you know, I always kind of dug what Lloyd Kaufman and the Troma people do, it was right in Jersey, I remember seeing them on the news all the time - 'Hollywood, motion pictures in New Jersey? Right here at Troma!' And TOXIC AVENGER was insanely well known. So I always respected the Troma world and Toxie franchise. So I was like, all right, I'll go down the rabbit hole a bit and see what's what. 

And we parted ways fundamentally on the budget, because I was just like, 'Part of the charm of the TOXIC AVENGER is that it was made for two nickels. If you're gonna do it again, don't spend a lot of money.' But they were like, 'No no no, it's a 35 million dollar movie.' And I was like, 'It's a f*ckin' remake of THE TOXIC AVENGER, the guy in a tutu with a bad makeup job, what are we gonna spend all the money on?' So right then and there, I'm clearly not on the same page. In my head, if I need to see a TOXIC AVENGER remake, it should be done in the spirit of the original. Instead, they were literally trying to start a franchise, Marvel-ize it and stuff like that. And I'm like, 'I don't know if you guys saw that movie.' So I just quietly stepped away. I understand what they were going for, but I would never want to see that version of the movie. It would be like somebody doing a 35 million dollar version of CLERKS. Why would you bother?"

At this point it doesn't seem like the remake will be happening anytime soon, but the idea of a family-friendly Toxic Avenger movie starring Schwarzenegger and/or Travola would be something that even the most imaginative person would struggle with envisioning. 

What do you say? Do you even want a remake?


Do The Big Risks Taken By STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI Help Or Hurt? – One Minute Movie Review


Rian Johnson's follow-up to 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens is one of, if not the most, anticipated movie to arrive in theaters this year, but does Star Wars: The Last Jedi live up to all the hype? 

Episode VIII definitely takes more risks than episode VII did, but with every risk comes the chance that fans will either love what they're seeing or hate it. So was the force strong with this one?

The Last Jedi arrives in theater on December 14.

Watch the 60-second review from One Minute Critic:

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Jury Sides With San Diego Comic-Con in Trademark Lawsuit Against Salt Lake Comic Con


The heated battle over the phrase "Comic-Con" has come to an end. On Friday a jury sided with San Diego Comic-Con in a court battle with Utah's rival pop culture convention over rights to use the phrase "comic con."

THR reports the panel decided that Salt Lake Comic Con used the trademarked phrase without SDCC's permission, but it did not do it knowingly. SDCC was asking for $12 million in damages, but ultimately the court awarded the San Diego event $20,000. 

In a statement San Diego Comic-Con said: 

"From the beginning all that we asked of the defendants was to stop using our Comic-Con trademarks. Today we obtained a verdict that will allow us to achieve this."

But Salt Lake Comic Con is not happy with the outcome, The Utah convention's co-founder Dan Farr told a Salt Lake City TV station that he plans to appeal the decision.

Lawyers for SDCC argued during the trial that Utah's event stole the conventions name to have instant success built on the reputation the San Diego Con has built over years of hard work.

"This case is about stealing, taking something that is not yours, something you have no right to. It's about right, and it's about wrong," Callie Bjurstrom, an attorney for San Diego Comic-Con International, said during closing arguments.

Salt Lake says the phrase is a generic shortened form of "comic book convention" used by 140 other events around the country. They said they saw dozens of other unaffiliated events using the same phrase and thought it was 100% usable.

Salt Lake Comic Con has made nearly $3 million since it started in 2013.

San Diego Comic-Con has grown into the biggest event of pop culture, since its start in 1970 and now has an annual attendance of more than 135,000.

This Fan-Made GREMLINS Short Is Perfect To Get You Into The Christmas Spirit


For many Gremlins is the perfect film to watch to close out the Halloween season and kick off the holidays. The 1984 classic is loved by horror fans and is considered by many to be one of director Joe Dante's funnest films.

Now Gremlins fan Ryan Patrick has made an unofficial sequel, Gremlins Recall which picks up 30 years after the events of the 1984 film, and imagines a world where Mogwai have been domesticated enough to be sold as exotic pets. The catch is that the Mogwai have to be kept medicated so that they don’t turn into the dangerous creatures that terrorize the innocent.

Gremlins Recall was shot in just three days, and uses pretty impressive puppets designed by former Face Off contestant on Syfy, Eric Fox. This short skips over the events of Gremlins 2:

“Making a Gremlins film is an idea that’s been on my mind for over a year. It’s one of those films you want to see a good sequel to—but Hollywood just hasn’t done it yet. Everyone on this crew is a Gremlins super fan. We just wanted to take people back to that world, and show some cool Gremlin kills along the way.”

Check out Gremlin Recall below:

Tom Hardy Confirms VENOM Will Be Based on The Venom: Lethal Protector Series


We have finally learned the direction filmmakers are going to take Venom. During Sony’s presentation at Comic Con Experience 2017 in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Tom Hardy, who will star in the film, spoke to the crowd from a pre-recorded message shot at the film’s set in Atlanta.

Hardy assured fans that he will do the character of Venom justice and promises to deliver lots of action and dark humor to the role. He also revealed that the movie would be inspired by the Venom: Lethal Protector miniseries.

Venom: Lethal Protector was a 1993 six-issue miniseries written by David Michelinie and drawn by Mark Bagley, Ron Lim, and Sam Delarosa. The series begins with Venom and Spider-Man making a truce and Venom moving to San Francisco. Hardy also confirmed that Venom will be set in San Francisco.

Once in San Francisco, Venom is hunted down by the Life Foundation, who wants to study the Venom symbiote and use it for their own purposes. They use it to create five new symbiote spawn: Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.

Hardy was announced as the star of Venom back in May, which will be directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland) and is the first installment of Sony’s Marvel Universe. Venom is currently shooting and is scheduled for release on October 5, 2018.

Via: Digital Spy

THE SHAPE OF WATER Proves That Looks Aren’t Everything In a Relationship – One Minute Movie Review


The Shape of The Water is Guillermo del Toro's latest cinematic fairytale about two very unlikely souls falling deep in love and they don't care how weird it might look.

Sally Hawkins stars in this science fiction romance and is joined by Michael Shannon, Doug JonesOctavia Spencer and Richard Jenkins.

Watch the 60-second review from One Minute Critic:

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Edgy Teaser For The Interactive Series Reboot of the 1983 Film WARGAMES

Wargames is a 1983 sci-fi hacker movie starring Matthew Broderick and Ally Sheedy. Now a WarGames reboot is coming in 2018, but it's not your typical reboot, as it will be released as an “experimental interactive series” in which viewers can finally answer the AI’s iconic taunt: “Shall we play a game?”

MGM has teamed up with the interactive video company Eko and they have been working with the HerStory creator Sam Barlow on putting a modern spin on the campy ’80s sci-fi film. The new WarGames is titled #WarGames, and instead of focusing on Cold War paranoia it's being rewired to focus on “modern espionage, hacking and government conspiracy.” 

The teaser for #WarGames shows only flashes of footage from the series mixed with real TV news footage and references to real-life news events including, Yahoo’s 2013 email hack, the 2014 Sony hack, the 2016 e-robbery of a bank in Bangladesh, and the Equifax security breach. We also get a brief clip of the main character and hacker Kelly appearing on webcam. We don't know what the plot for the series will be or if it will follow the original movie’s story that follows a brilliant high schooler who accidentally hacks into a U.S. military supercomputer.

In an interview with io9, Barlow expanded on how the interactive series will work for viewers, describing:

You’ll have a bunch of windows on your screen. We’re used to video chatting with our friends, having a big image, and smaller images of other people, things dropping in and out. So we decided to build the show around this concept. As the story’s progressing, all these different characters are talking to each other over the internet, and all of their windows are up on the screen. There’ll be additional video windows as well, so if they’re hacking into CCTV cameras, you’ll see that. If they’re watching a live TV broadcast, you’ll see that.

#WarGames is set to be released sometime in 2018. The series will be available to watch on the Eko website, and the Eko presents mobile app.