STRANGER THINGS Creators Explain Bob’s Connection To Stephen King’s IT


The creators of Stranger Things, the Duffer brothers, recently opened up to Vulture about that Stephen King reference featured in the third episode titled "Chapter Three: The Pollywog" when Bob Newby (Sean Astin) gives Will (Noah Schnapp) what turns out to be some not so great advice, but it sounds awfully familiar. Fans recently pointed it out, but now the creators of the show are opening up about it.

In the scene, Bob recalls a recurring nightmare he experienced as a child in which he was terrorized by a clown named Mr. Baldo. He even goes as far as impersonating the Clown from his nightmares which ends up sounding a lot like an impression of Tim Curry’s iconic take on Pennywise the Clown from Stephen King’s IT

During their recap Matt explained that Bob’s fear of clowns comes from their own and that they took this opportunity to connect to the author whose stories serve as a major inspiration for the series:

“Well, we both have a problem with clowns. I’ve had it my entire life. I had it when I was really little, so when there were clowns at a party, it was a real problem for me. Then in 1990, we saw the It mini-series and Tim Curry’s performance as Pennywise really messed me up. Like, it scarred me in a major way. It was one of the first true horror things I had seen, and I had not experienced Stephen King before. That was my first experience with Stephen King, so that was a really huge point in my life. It was two weeks, at least, of no sleep because of that. So yeah, I think [Bob’s clown story] was really me describing something that just freaked me out. I didn’t have that experience myself. I just had nightmares like that.

I’m sure we were just like, ‘It would be cute if [Bob] suggests moving to Maine, right next to Stephen King.’ Stephen King exists in this world. Some of the characters have read Stephen King. But Bob definitely does not read Stephen King. He’s not interested at all in Stephen King because he hates that kind of story.”

Stranger Things 2 is now streaming on Netflix and stars Winona Ryder, David Harbour, Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton, Joe Keery, and Noah Schnapp. The second season has added Sean Astin (The Goonies), Paul Reiser (Aliens), Brett Gelman (Jobs), Dacre Montgomery (Power Rangers), Danish actress Linnea Berthelsen, and Broadway star Sadie Sink.

Every Easter Egg Found In THOR: RAGNAROK


So you've had the chance to see Thor: Ragnarok this weekend, maybe you really got into it and saw it a few times. If you did, did you catch all those easter eggs? This one is jammed packed full of references to other MCU films, Marvel comics, and even other films by director Taika Waititi. Our friends over at Screencrush put this video together that breaks down just about every possible easter egg seen in the film. Just so you know, it jammed full of spoilers.

Did they miss any? Let us know in the comments.

Natalie Portman Joins Animated Film FOXY TROTTER

Natalie Portman will be lending her voice and producing skills to the animated film Foxy Trotter.

Variety reports that the film will be directed by Chris Prynoski from a script written by Jess Rotter, Michael Reich, Jessica Hundley and Mike Pinkney

Foxy Trotter tells the story of a motorcycle-riding, rock and roll photographer name Foxy in the early ’70s on a mission to capture the perfect rock photo. Portman will voice Foxy’s best friend, Ronnie, who is seduced by her nemisis Gunter and offered as a sacrifice in Gunter’s evil plan to destroy the universe.

One of the producers calls Foxy Trotter a "wild mix of ‘Barbarella’ meets ‘Sausage Party’ meets Easy Rider,

Seems like we're getting more and more adult-centric animated films. It will be interesting to see if this movie is as risque as Sausage Party. What do you think, do we need more animated movies like this?

Jon Hamm Cast as Lead in Supernatural Thriller OFF SEASON


Jon Hamm has been expanding his acting range as of late taking roles that the actor has not done before, like in Baby Driver. Now Hamm is set to star in the supernatural thriller Off Season, which based on writer-director Jonathan van Tulleken's BAFTA-nominated short. It's set in the harsh, frozen Canadian tundra. Hamm goes looking for his elderly father who has mysteriously disappeared, his feverish search exposes shocking family secrets buried but not forgotten by vengeful forces at work.

The director explained to THR why landing Hamm in the lead role was so important to the film:

“Hamm in the lead role is the kind of good fortune few first-time filmmakers are a orded,” said van Tulleken. “I never imagined I’d have the opportunity to do this with such a highly esteemed team around me. Nira Park and Miles Dale are two of the most gifted and respected producers working in film.”

Off Season is being produced by Nira Park (Baby Driver) through her Big Talk Pictures and J. Miles Dale (The Shape of Water) under his Demilo Productions banner.

Michelle Pfeiffer Says She Would Have Done A Solo Catwoman Film


For many Batman fans there is no question as to who portrayed the iconic Catwoman best. Oscar-nominated actress Michelle Pfeiffer says she "loved" playing Catwoman in Tim Burton's 1992 Batman Returns. Now in a recent interview with the New York Times Pfeiffer reveals that she would have loved to play the patent leather villainess in her own solo film:

“Are you kidding me? In a heartbeat,” Pfeiffer said. “I loved that part. I felt like I was just getting comfortable and getting used to the claws and the mask, just figuring out how to move in all of that. There was a little bit of talk about that, then that kind of faded away.”

You might recall that earlier this summer Pfeiffer called her Catwoman outfit "the most uncomfortable costume I've ever been in," as she recalled how difficult it was for costumers to get her into the skin-tight suit. "They had to powder me down, help me inside and then vacuum-pack the suit," Pfeiffer said. "They'd paint it with a silicon-based finish to give it its trademark shine."

The suit was so tight that it came with another major problem: Pfeiffer was unable to use the bathroom while wearing the suit.

"Originally, they didn't leave me a way to use the restroom in the suit, so that also had to be remedied as well," Pfeiffer said. "I had those claws, and I was always catching them in things. The face mask was smashing my face and choking me. We had a lot of bugs to work out."

But despite the downsides of portraying Batman's enemy-slash-lover, Pfeiffer spoke positively about her time as the Cat.

"As a young girl, I was completely obsessed with Catwoman," Pfeiffer noted. "When I heard that Tim was making the film and Catwoman had already been cast, I was devastated. At the time, it was Annette Bening. Then she became pregnant. The rest is history. I remember telling Tim halfway through the script that I'd do the film, that's how excited I was."

Pfeiffer will be returning to the superhero genre, but this time in Marvel Studios' Ant-Man and the Wasp. She will play Janet van Dyne, the original Wasp and lost wife of Hank Pym (Michael Douglas). Ant-Man and the Wasp opens July 6, 2018.

There Was Almost a Scene in THOR: RAGNAROK That Included Fat Thor and Emo Loki


If you’ve seen Thor: Ragnarok, you know by now that this movie is hilarious and easily one of the most entertaining films in Marvel's Cinematic Universe. Most of the credit goes to director Taika Waititi who injected the film with a ton of comedy and helped Chris Hemsworth reinvent the iconic character of Thor.

During an appearance on Josh Horowitz’s Happy Sad Confused podcast, Waititi revealed that during his pitch to Marvel, he used some footage from a John Hughes movies and he initially planned an elaborate 1980s flashback sequence:

“Well I wanted this little thing, and maybe if we ever do a Thor 4 we can have it, but I wanted to do some flashbacks where Thor was a kid, a fat little kid. There was like an 80s version of Asgard where everyone had massive shoulder pads, and everyone had mullets (laughs). Our idea was Thor and Valkyrie meet and he’s like, ‘Hey I know you,’ and she’s like ‘Ha I remember you,’ and then it cuts back to this thing and he’s just this pudgy little kid walking around with a mullet and being picked on by other kids. And Loki’s like this little emo goth hanging out by himself. He was like the kid in Harry Potter, [Malfoy].”

Well that would have been hilarious, but that scene was never shot, as Waititi says they decided against including the scene when logic crept in:

“The problem was we needed him to not know Valkyire in the film and stuff. And then it became less and less of a thing to have a flashback. We would’ve been forcing it, so it would’ve been a situation where we would have been having a pointless flashback.”

That is a good thing because Ragnarok is already very funny and had he pushed too hard it may have slipped into the realm of ridiculousness. 

What do you guys think, could the film have benefitted from a scene like this, or were you happy with the final cut?

Mark Hamill Was “Insulted” With The Way Luke Was Depicted in THE LAST JEDI


Mark Hamill is best known for his role as Luke Skywalker and is arguably the most popular character from the entire Star Wars saga. But in a new interview with the New York Times Hamill reveals that while he tried not to debate with the filmmakers over the franchise's bigger decisions, he didn't hesitate to argue about the portrayal of the self-exiled Jedi Master as seen in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

“That’s the hard part. You don’t want to admit how possessive you’ve become. There are times where you go, ‘Really? That’s what they think of Luke? I’m not only in disagreement – I’m insulted.’ But that’s the process and you thrash it all out.”

Hamill made his return to the iconic role on the big screen in 2015's Star Wars: The Force Awakens, where he appeared only briefly in the final moments of the movie, with Hamill not even speaking a single word.

Hamill, who told the Times he's "more prominent in this one," and will get more of a focus this time around thanks to writer and director Rian Johnson, who took over duties from J.J. Abrams. Johnson said:

“I told him, everyone is going to be leaning forward for your first words in this. Obviously, Mark came into this one with higher expectations for what we do with the character.”

Hamill made headlines months ago when he "fundamentally disagreed" with the direction Johnson took with Luke in The Last Jedi.

The actor isn't upset about his diminished role in The Force Awakens, saying "it's not about us anymore," talking about the Original Trilogy's trio of Luke, Han (Harrison Ford) and Leia (Carrie Fisher). Even with The Last Jedi putting more of a focus on Luke — the grizzled Jedi appears a lot in all of the trailers, posters and even theater displays — but Hamill said the movie isn't about Luke.

"In this new one, I was saying to Rian Johnson: I need to know my backstory. It was kind of unclear. You read where he is now and what he's doing now and sort of have to fill in the blanks for yourself. So I did do a backstory myself. It's not about Luke anymore, so it's not really important. But I had to make sense of it for myself."

Rey will continue to be the focus in The Last Jedi, who has sought out the legendary Skywalker to figure out her place in the troubled galaxy and get some Jedi training along the way. 

Luckily we're only a few weeks away from finally seeing how Luke will fit into the new storyline.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi opens December 15.

Trailer For John Cusack’s Sci-Fi Film SINGULARITY

Trailer For John Cusack's Sci-Fi Film SINGULARITY-social

In the sci-fi film Singularity, John Cusack stars as the CEO of a company that is about to release a "super computer designed to end all wars." But, as you would guess the computer determines that humans are the real problem an must be eradicated. It unleashes an army of robots upon the world. Cusack is joined by a cast that includes Julian SchaffnerJeannine WackerEileen Grubba, and Carmen Argenziano. I will say this movie doesn't look very good at all. It's the kind of trailer that leaves you asking, why is Cusack making a movie this terrible? It doesn't even try to hide the fact that this is just a blending of The Terminator and The Matrix.

In 2020, Elias van Dorne (John Cusack), CEO of VA Industries, the world's largest robotics company, introduces his most powerful invention--Kronos, a super computer designed to end all wars. When Kronos goes online, it quickly determines that mankind, itself, is the biggest threat to world peace and launches a worldwide robot attack to rid the world of the "infection" of man. Ninety-seven years later, a small band of humans remain alive but on the run from the robot army. A teenage boy, Andrew (Julian Schaffner) and a teenage girl, Calia (Jeannine Wacker), form an unlikely alliance to reach a new world, where it is rumored mankind exists without fear of robot persecution. But does this world actually exist? And will they live long enough to find out?

You can see the official trailer and poster below for Robert Kouba's Singularity: