One Reason Why Lucasfilm Dropped The STAR WARS Extended Universe Was Because of Chewbacca

When Disney bought Lucasfilm and started on their journey to producing new Star Wars films, one of the first things they announced was that they would be ditching the Star Wars Extended Universe saying that none of it would be canon. This initially pissed a lot of fans off because the Extended Universe is full of great stories and characters. 

There are actually many reasons why they decided to drop the Extended Universe and rebrand it into what is now called Star Wars Legends. Lucasfilm originally released a statement explaining why, but Star Wars Story Group member Leland Chee got a little more specific explaining that one reason came down to Chewbacca.

Why Chewbacca, you ask. Because Chewbacca was killed off in the Extended Universe and they wanted to play with that character in the films. While talking with, Chee, who also oversees The Holocron, which is basically Lucasfilm’s official version of Wookieepedia, had this to say:

"For me it came down to simply that we had killed Chewbacca in the Legends — a big moon had fallen on him. Part of that [original decision] was Chewbacca, because he can’t speak and just speaks in growls, he was a challenging character to write for in novels. Publishing had decided they needed to kill somebody, and it was Chewbacca.

"But if you have the opportunity to bring back Chewbacca into a live action film, you’re not gonna deprive fans that. There’s no way that I’d want to do an Episode VII that didn’t have Chewbacca in it and have to explain that Chewbacca had a moon fall on his head. And if we were going to overturn a monumental decision like that, everything else was really just minor in comparison."

That kind of puts things into perspective. The Extended Universe is full of stories, events, and characters that would have made making all the future films a pretty complicated task. Had they actually kept the Extended Universe canon, the filmmakers would have been trapped and limited to the things they could do in telling their stories. Of course, some fans might have rather had the filmmakers boxed in like that. I know some of those fans would have loved to see the portrayal of Luke Skywalker from the Extended Universe rather than what we got in The Last Jedi.

In the end, their decision was obviously made to appease all the Star Wars fans because not all the fans are familiar with the Extended Universe. It was just a headache of explanations that they wanted to avoid. But, then these new films have raised a bunch of questions of their own that the filmmakers are trying to explain anyway.

I think most fans, though, can understand why keeping the Extended Universe canon wouldn't have ultimately worked. 

Jon Favreau’s THE JUNGLE BOOK 2 is Being Developed From Unused Ideas From The Animated Film

Director Jon Favreau and writer Justin Marks are currently in the process of developing the script for The Jungle Book 2 for Disney. During a recent interview with /Film, Marks offered up some details on where they are getting their ideas for the sequel. One of the cool things that he reveals is that they dove into the Disney archives and pulled out a bunch of unused ideas for the original 1967 animated film and they are going to implement them into their story. Those ideas come from a script that Walt Disney rejected. 

"In the second film, the idea is to go further through the Kipling but also go into some of the Disney resources from the ’67 film that maybe didn’t get to see the light of day in the first film. If you look back to Bill Peet’s work on the original film, some of which was thrown out by Walt Disney, Jon [Favreau] and I really dove deep into the Disney archives to see some of the ideas. We were like, ‘Wait, that’s a great idea. We really need that in the film.’ So we’ve built it out like that."

They will also dive into more of Rudyard Kipling source material. As you may or may not know Kipling also wrote a sequel to The Jungle Book so there's plenty of material to pull from. Marks went on to say:

"There is so much more Kipling to adapt. I just finished a draft of it quite recently. Even in the first film, we really looked to the other Kipling stories for inspiration, The Elephant and the history and the mythology and the creation of the jungle."

For those of you familiar with The Jungle Book story, it continues the journey of Mowgli as he returns to the world of men. The end of the book and the original animated movie ended with Mowgli returning to the village. Favreau's film didn't end that way, and when asked if that's where the sequel would go Marks said:

"I won’t get into spoilers. The Kipling [story] ends with Mowgli returning to the man village, returning to man in some way. Obviously we wanted to suspend that at the end of the film, mostly because I felt like in a story of identity and appropriated identity, a boy from one world raised in another, it was important to Jon and it was important to me to tell a story about family being what you make of it, and identity being the people around you and that’s who you are. So it didn’t feel right to send him to another place, at least in the first film. A later film, maybe we reevaluate that."

The Jungle Book 2 doesn’t have a release date yet, but Favreau will really start to dig in when he's finished with The Lion King.

Peter Griffin Epically Becomes Deadpool in FAMILY GUY’s 300th Episode and Things Get Bloody


Remember that time when FOX canceled Family Guy? That was a major brain fart. Thankfully they brought the show back and this weekend, the 300th episode of the show aired! Can you believe that it actually made it to episode 300!? That's pretty cool.

Anyway, in the story, Peter goes through a treatment that is supposed to give him powers. But things ended up taking a turn for the worse and Peter ends up contracting anal cancer. So he decides to become a superhero by the name of "Red Stool."

There was an awesome moment in the episode where Peter Griffin's Deadpool is attacked by some thugs while telling his story, and he violently fights back, brutally killing them in some pretty gruesome ways. They basically recreated the opening action sequence of the Deadpool movie. 

It turned out pretty funny and if you're a fan of Deadpool and Family Guy, there's no doubt that you'll enjoy this!

See Iron Man’s New AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Armor in Action in Disneyland Commercial

A new commercial for Disneyland Paris has surfaced online that shows Tony Stark's new suit from Avengers: Infinity War in action. The special effects aren't as good as what we'll see in the movie, but this is our best look yet at the full suit. 

The new suit of armor is known in the comics as the Prime Armor, which was created by Brian Bendis and Davis Marquez back in 2015. Some concept art previously surfaced showing off the suit. 

This is Stark's most sophisticated armor to date. It was built using nonotech technology and has the ability to change shape and color. It can essentially merge all of his armor modes into a single suit, which is badass. It also boasts a wide range of weapons, including plasma cannons, blades, wing boosters, and more.

Check out the commercial below and let us know what you think in the comments below.

Via: ScreenRant

It Looks Like Universal’s BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN is Going Back Into Development


After Tom Cruise's The Mummy bombed, Universal Pictures had to rethink their whole "Dark Universe" plan. The next film that was supposed to be developed in this Universal Monster cinematic universe was Bride of Frankenstein, but the last we heard, the studio shut down the production and removed it from their release schedule.

The reason for the project being shut down was so that director Bill Condon (Beauty and the Beast) and the creative team could rework the script and get the project in a place that everyone is happy with. At the time, Universal said:

"After thoughtful consideration, Universal Pictures and director Bill Condon have decided to postpone Bride of Frankenstein. None of us want to move too quickly to meet a release date when we know this special movie needs more time to come together. Bill is a director whose enormous talent has been proven time and again, and we all look forward to continuing to work on this film together."

According to Omega Underground, Universal Pictures is ready to get the project rolling again. The report says that Bill Condon has assembled some members of his crew that consist of cinematographer Tobias A. Schliessler (Lone Survivor, Beauty and The Beast, A Wrinkle In Time), production designer Sarah Greenwood (Darkest Hour, Beauty and The Beast, Atonement, Sherlock Holmes), composer Carter Burwell (Carol, Fargo, True Grit, No Country For Old Men, Three Billboards), and costume designer Jacqueline Durran (Beauty and The Beast, Atonement, Darkest Hour).


Javier Bardem is still set to star in the film and if Angelina Jolie doesn't make the movie, they want Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) in the role, which is a great choice! I think I'd much rather have her in the film than Angelina Jolie. 

It'll be interesting to see how this film turns out, but according to previous reports, it will "almost" continue the story of the original film. Condon explained:

“For me, the James Whale movie is really right there in the pantheon for me. As you know, the Bride is a character who appears in the last five minutes and then is destroyed, so it’s a way to almost continue the movie that you imagine the movie he might have made the third Frankenstein movie but in 2018.”

Are you happy to hear that the Bride of Frankenstein remake is moving forward? Do you think the studio will succeed with this one? If this one bombs, then you know Universal is just going to give up on the whole thing. 

Stunning New Trailer For Ridley Scott’s AMC Thriller Series THE TERROR


I loved the first trailer that was released for Ridley Scott's upcoming new series The Terror. Now today we've got another great trailer for you to watch that is sure to get you even more excited about what this show will offer! It's loaded with new footage and also offers us more details on the nightmarish story.

The Terror is set in the 1840s and if revolves around the terrifying story of two ships from the Royal Navy who are not only forced to survive the treacherous conditions of the Arctic, but they are also being hunted by an unseen terror in the night.

The series is based on the novel by Dan Simmons’ which was inspired by the true story of Captain Sir John Franklin’s lost expedition of HMS Erebus and HMS Terror to the Arctic in 1845–1848. This is a fictionalized version of the story and it looks like it's going to be an awesome series! Here's the synopsis:

Inspired by a true story, The Terror centers on the Royal Navy’s perilous voyage into unchartered territory as the crew attempts to discover the Northwest Passage. Faced with treacherous conditions, limited resources, dwindling hope and fear of the unknown, the crew is pushed to the brink of extinction. Frozen, isolated and stuck at the end of the earth, The Terror highlights all that can go wrong when a group of men, desperate to survive, struggle not only with the elements, but with each other.

Executive producers and co-showrunners David Kajganich and Soo Hugh previously had this to say about the series:

“The Terror captures a rare combination of fascinating history, complex and flawed characters, the inextinguishable human spirit and the horror and promise of an uncharted world. We are looking forward to bringing viewers into this world in March.”

The ten-episode show also has an amazing cast that include Jared Harris (The Crown, Mad Men) as Captain Francis Crozier; Tobias Menzies (Outlander) as Captain James Fitzjames; Ciarán Hinds (Game of Thrones) as Sir John Franklin; Paul Ready (Cuffs) as Dr. Henry Goodsir; Adam Nagaitis (Suffragette) as Cornelius Hickey; Nive Nielsen (The New World) as Lady Silence; Ian Hart (Neverland) as Thomas Blanky; and Trystan Gravelle (Mr. Selfridge) as Henry Collins.

The Terror will premiere with a special two-hour debut on Monday, March 26th. I can't wait!

Trailer For the Monster Film COLD SKIN is a Lovecraftian Tale of Isolation and Madness


If you're a movie fan looking for something a little different than the kind of films Hollywood keeps pumping out, here's a crazy looking unique film that you might enjoy. It's a creature feature thriller called Cold Skin and it tells a Lovecraftian type tale of isolation and madness.

The film comes from director Xavier Gens (The Divide, Frontiere(s), The Crucifixion) and it's an adaptation of the Albert Sanchez Piñol’s Spanish novel. The film has been in and out of development since 2009 and at one point 30 Days of Night director David Slade was attached.

The film is set on the edge of the Antarctic Circle a few years after World War I and this is the synopsis:

On the edge of the Antarctic Circle, a steamship approaches a desolate island. On board is a young man, poised to take the post of weather observer, to live in solitude at the end of the earth. But on shore he finds no trace of the man whom he has been sent to replace, just a deranged castaway who has witnessed a horror he refuses to name. For the next twelve months his entire world will consist of a deserted cabin, trees, rocks, silence and the surrounding sea. Then night begins to fall… 

The movie stars Ray Stevenson (Punisher: War Zone) and David Oakes (The Borgias, The White Queen). The movie doesn't have a release date yet, but it looks like a really good and fun movie worth checking out. Watch the trailer and hit us up with your thoughts!

Quentin Tarantino is Also Looking to Cast Al Pacino in His Manson Family Movie

For some reason, I never really imagined that Quentin Tarantino would ever work with Al Pacino but it looks like there's a chance that it might happen. According to Variety, the director is interested in casting the actor in his upcoming ninth film that is set in 1969.

Last week it was announced that Leonardo DiCaprio was officially cast in the film as an actor character in the story, and the director has also asked Margot Robbie to take on the role of Sharon Tate, but she has yet to accept the offer. He's also looked at casting Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt in another lead male role.

The untitled film is described as being a Pulp Fiction-esque type movie set in the 1969 Los Angeles during the summer of the Manson murders. According to a previous report, the story focuses on "a male TV actor who’s had one hit series and his looking for a way to get into the film business. His sidekick—who’s also his stunt double—is looking for the same thing. The horrific murder of Sharon Tate and four of her friends by Charles Manson’s cult of followers serves as a backdrop to the main story."

There's no information on who Pacino would play in the film, but I hope that he ends up being cast. It'll be cool to see him and Tarantino work together.

The film is being produced by Harry Potter’s David Heyman and the released on August 9, 2019, which coincides with the 50th anniversary of Tate’s murder. 

HBO Hopes To Start Shooting The DEADWOOD Movie This Fall

HBO is getting closer and closer to making the long-awaited Deadwood film. The possibility of this film has been discussed for years! Ever since the show was canceled in 2006. We recently heard that the cable network loved the script and that the film would start shooting in 2018. Well, 2018 is here and in a recent report from The Playlist, the movie will start shooting this fall if everything comes together. One of the main things that needs to happen is getting all of the actors from the series back! HBO Programming President Casey Bloys offered the following update:

“David Milch is doing a rewrite that he and the producers were talking about. If they can get all the actors together, which they’re trying to do — and everybody wants to do it — if they can get everybody back together, we’re looking at fall 2018 to shoot something. But a lot of things have to fall into place for that to happen. But I’m optimistic.”

Hopefully, everything falls into place! The fans really want to see this movie happen! We are getting closer and closer to finally see a proper ending to the story that David Milch started to tell all those years ago. The story focused on the rivalry between Sheriff Seth Bullock (Timothy Olyphant) and the villainous pimp Al Swearengen (Ian McShane).

If you haven't watched the series yet, you should start now!

The HALLOWEEN Reboot Has Started Production and The Full Cast Has Been Announced

Director David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride have officially started shooting their Halloween reboot. Above you'll see a cool graphic being used for the production. Judging from what has been said about this movie since it was first announced, it sounds like we actually might get a great sequel to John Carpenter's original 1978 film. 

The movie is said to be a sequel to the very first Halloween movie. It will ignore every sequel that has been made and after 40 years, Michael Meyers will return to finish what he started. 

Jamie Lee Curtis returns to reprise her iconic role as Laurie Strode, who is said to come to her final confrontation with Michael Myers, the masked figure who has haunted her since she narrowly escaped his killing spree on Halloween night four decades ago. Judy Greer plays Karen Strode, the daughter of Curtis’ character, and Andi Matichak (Orange Is the New Black, Underground) plays Allyson, the granddaughter of Laurie Strode.

Thanks to Bloody-Disgusting we now have a list of other actors that have joined the project. Those actors include Virginia “Ginny” Gardner (Project Almanac, Marvel’s Runaways), Miles Robbins (Mozart in the Jungle, My Friend Dahmer), Dylan Arnold (Mudbound, Laggies, When We Rise), and Drew Scheid (Stranger Things). It was also previously announced that the original who played Michael Meyers, Nick Castle, will return to the role.

Academy Award-winning make-up and VFX artist, Christopher Nelson (Suicide Squad, Deadpool, Sin City, Kill Bill Vol. 1 and 2) has also joined the production to help bring the bloody mess that Michael Myers leaves behind to the big screen.

Then, of course, there's John Carpenter, who will score, executive produce and serve as a consultant on the film.

Halloween will be released by Universal Pictures on Friday, October 19, 2018.