Badass Futuristic Batmobile Concept Design


Encho Enchev, a senior 3D artist and designer at Ubsoft, is the creator of this insanely awesome Batmobile concept. You can see that it was inspired by the previously designed Batmobiles of the past, but gives it a sleeker futuristic look. He even used actual bats as inspiration as well, you can see it in the front of the car. It’d be a shame if Zack Snyder, Ben Affleck, and the rest of the development ignored this. It’s just too badass not to be brought to life in the movies. This thing is built for speed and combat, and it sure does look like it could do some serious damage.


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Paramount Pictures’ CinemaCon Presentation – RINGS, TMNT 2, BEN HUR, JACK REACHER 2, BAYWATCH, and More


CinemaCon 2016 kicked off last night at Caesar's Palace in Las Vegas and Paramount Pictures took the stage to show off their upcoming slate of films. Those films included Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, Ben-Hur, Star Trek: Beyond, Jack Reacher: Never Go Back, Rings, Story of Your Life, XXX 3, and Baywatch.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows:

Will Arnett and Megan Fox came out on stage to introduce some footage from the upcoming Ninja Turtles sequel. What they showed was basically the most recent trailer for the film, which you can watch here. However, they did include an extended scene at the end with the turtles crash landing a giant plane. It was extremely over-the-top, and if you were a fan of the first film, chances are you're going to love this movie. If you didn't like the first film, I'm not sure if this sequel will win you over or not. I guess we're just going to have to wait and see!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows hits theaters on June 3rd. 2016.

Ben Hur:

Actor Jack Huston came out to introduce the footage for Ben Hur. The first part of the footage was the trailer that was released a few weeks ago. In case you missed it, you can watch it here. They tacked some new footage at the end of the trailer though that offered us an extended look at the chariot battle race in the Colosseum. I've gotta admit, that chariot race looks like it's going to be insanely intense. There is just so much chaos in that scene with men being killed, horses running up into the packed Colosseum, chariot destruction, and more. Of course, at the end it all comes down to Ben Hur and his brother. The footage we saw ended with the exact same footage the trailer ended with.

The film comes out on August 12th, 2016.

Mission: Impossible 6 and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back:

Tom Cruise recorded a video for the presentation to introduce the first footage screened for Jack Reacher: Never Go Back and talk a little bit about Mission: Impossible 6Christopher McQuarrie is back to direct M:I6, and Cruise promised that there will be "more incredible set pieces, stunts…and what I think is a very entertaining and compelling story.” I'm a big fan of the of the M:I franchise so I can't wait to see what they give us next time around.

As for Never Go Back, the film reunites Cruise with director Ed Zwick (The Last Samurai), and the actor explained that the film is about an “analog character in a digital world,” and went on to say that it would feature “real classic movie, movie stuff.” I thought the first film had that same classic movie vibe to it, so if they bring that back for the sequel... awesome! We then got to see the footage.

In that footage we see a group of men who had been brutally beaten on the street outside of a diner. The police show up and ask if a car came and ran these men over. A bystander tells the officer that they were taken out by one man, and that that one man was still in the diner where he sat drinking his coffee. The cop confronts Jack Reacher and him he’s looking at 10 to 20 years for aggravated assault. Jack proceeds to confidently tells them that two things will happen. The phone will ring, and then the officer will be the one wearing the cuffs on his way to prison. As the cop laughs at the remark, the phone rings. It then cuts to an action shot of Jack masterfully killing two men through a car window. We also get to see Cobie Smulders in action as she is on the run from the authorities joins. Smulders' character had the same job in the military that Jack had. Jack goes on to blow some stuff up, and as Smulders is driving him around, she questions Jack about his actions and tells him that she believes that he is enjoying all of it. The look on his face tells her that of course he is!  

I'm so excited for this movie, it looks supremely badass! It comes out in theaters on October 21st, 2016.


They showed off the first footage from their upcoming horror film Rings, which is a continuation of The Ring franchise. They hope to bring us one Rings movie every October until people get tired of it. I am a huge fan of the first movies in the franchise, but this new one looks way too forced. 

We see a male character talking to a female character on an airplane that is going through some heavy turbulence. He tells the girls that he watched a tape and that directly after he received a phone call saying that he would die in seven days. The time on the plane will go into the seventh day. As he is telling her this his nose starts to bleed and then the turbulence intensifies and he goes flying down the aisle near the cockpit. The cockpit door bursts open, and we seen a monitor on the dashboard that starts to flicker, then distort. As the guy is looking at the screen, the creepy Samara girl starts to crawl out of it, and then the guy dies. 

Story of Your Life:

Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams came out to introduce footage from their upcoming sci-fi film Story of Your Life. Renner said, “It’s Amy’s story, and there’s not enough cinema in Hollywood where we have a strong, badass, intelligent female lead. I think that’s important.” The two actors play members of a team brought in to help figure out the intentions of an alien race that has invaded Earth.

The footage they showed was very dark and moody. It starts out with Amy's character talking about the day "they" arrived. As she is teaching an almost empty college class, one of the student's phones start going off, and when Amy asks if she has any news to share we cut to a news report showing alien objects that have landed all around Earth. Forrest Whitaker also stars in the film, and it's at this moment that he shows up in her office and asks her if she would help translate a recording of aliens. Apparently, deciphering languages is her specialty. The recording features someone asking the alien why they are here, and the response is very creepy and strange sounding. We then cut to Amy's character in a helicopter with Renner, and they are headed to one of the spacecrafts, which stands upright and is extremely tall and kind of shaped like an elongated egg. It's levitating about 50 to 100 feet over the ground in a giant field. They throw on some hazmat suits and head on into the ship where they are met with a very bright light, and then we get a glimpse of the aliens, which kind of look like floating squids, but we really don't get a good look at them. Of course, Adams wants to communicate with them, so she puts her hand on a glass separating them, then a big tentacle slams into the other side. There's a news report that claims the aliens may be trying to pit humans against each other, which is definitely an interesting premise. There's some discussion regarding the aliens, and Amy insists that if the aliens stay, the humans have to stay. The footage then cuts to a series of chaotic shots and action with explosions, and we see a craft fall from the sky.

The movie comes out sometime in 2016.

XXX: The Return of Xander Cage:

A pre-recorded video was shown featuring Vin Diesel on the set of the film in Toronto. He introduces his co-stars Nina Dobrev and Donnie Yen, and he just gushed about how happy he is to be making this movie and how awesome it's going to be. He also talks about how amazing the cast is and really was trying hard to get people hyped up for the movie. He thanked everyone in the room for their help with his success and that was pretty much it. No footage was shown.

The movie will be released in 2017.


This is Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard's World War II drama, which is being directed by Robert Zemeckis. Pitt and Cotillard play two assassins who fall in love during a mission to kill a German official. They end up marrying, but their romance is cut short when Pitt learns a devastating secret about his wife that prompts him to turn on her. Paramount is really hoping that this movie will end up being an Oscar contender. They ended up showing off some footage from the movie, and it really looks like a great and intense film. Explaining that footage really isn't that interesting, though.

Allied comes out on November 23rd, 2017.


The presentation concluded by showing off some hilarious and fun footage from Dwayne Johnson's Baywatch movie. They started it off with a video of Johnson from the set of the film introducing the actors who will be playing the main characters in the story. Zac Efron as Matt, Alexandra Daddario as Summer, Kelly Rohrbach as CJ, Priyanka Chopra as Victoria, and then there's the comic relief, Jon Bass as Ronnie who says he's not in the movie for his body but also "sex stuff." The Rock promises that the whole team will at CinemaCon next year and concludes with, "This is our beach, bitch!"

The footage shown was definitely red-band stuff, because Johnson and Efron were dropping f-bombs all over the place. It starts out with Johnson diving into some water because that's what lifeguards do. There's another scene in which Efron runs up to Johnson and his lifeguard team with some donuts, and he's late for training. Johnson criticizes him, telling him that Little Johnny died while he was in line waiting to buy donuts. We get some crazy beach party shots and they end on Efron checking out Daddario's boobs, and she calls him out on it. They have a fun little exchange in which he does end up staring at them, and he tells her he wasn't staring at them until she mentioned it. There's then a conversion between Summer and CJ in which Summer asks, "Why does this suit ride so far up our asses?" To which CJ replies, “I designed it that way, it makes us swim faster." We later see a scene of Johnson and Efron having an exercise contest, flipping tires. Then we get another montage of shots with more parties, something going on with drugs, and some action. I probably butchered that footage, but that's what I remember. It's a helluva a lot funnier than I made it out to be, but I can't remember the dialogue, dammit! 

One other thing that took place during the presentation was Simon Pegg presented J.J. Abrams with the CinemaCon Showman of the Year Award.

I was really hoping for a surprise announcement for Jackass 4!

It Doesn’t Look Like Marvel’s BLACK PANTHER Film Will Tell an Origin Story

Everyone seems to be talking about how spectacular Spider-Man is in Captain America: Civil War, but Black Panther is seriously just as awesome, and he also has a much bigger part in the story that is being told.

After watching the movie, I wondered if the Black Panther solo film would go back and give us an origin story for the character, but it doesn’t sound like that’s what Marvel is going to do. It looks like Black Panther is just going to pick up from where Civil War ended with the character. During an interview with /Film, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige explained:

“We can [move forward from here]. We can deal with the aftereffects of Captain America: Civil War and going back to Wakanda, and he’s dealing with a geopolitical landscape that’s completely different now. That’ll certainly set him off in his own movie.”

I’m really happy that they are doing that. I thought the introduction of Black Panther in Civil War was perfectly executed. Maybe we’ll get some flashbacks in the solo film, but it sounds like the main story won’t involve his origin. 

Black Panther has a very heavy and personal role in Civil War, and what he experiences is sure to drive what happens next to him. Feige talked a bit more about the character and laying the groundwork for his place in the MCU:

“When you’re dealing with that level of leadership, you’re constantly faced with these serious choices. Laying the groundwork for that morality over the course of this movie was important.”

When you see the film, that will make more sense to you, but I don’t want to spoil it for you here. There is a very intense pivotal moment in Civil War with Black Panther that shows us what kind of man he really is. Talking about director Ryan Coogler and his last film Creed, Feige said:

“Best movie of last year. Great. I think he’ll bring all of that [to the film]. He’s already been involved for a number of months now. We’ve been working with him on the story. He watched early cuts of this film, and he gave very good feedback about Black Panther. I just think he’s one of the best filmmakers today. Creed, I think, was my favorite movie last year.”

Not only is Coogler directing the film, but according to Collider, he’s co-writing it as well. When asked if there was a completed script for the film, Feige said:

“Very soon. We have a number of writers on it including Ryan Coogler, who is also directing, he’s working on the draft right now. Between now and the end of the summer there will be more casting announcements. We start filming at the very beginning of next year.”

Black Panther opens in theaters February 16th, 2018.

Wolverine Reportedly Confirmed to Appear in X-MEN: APOCALYPSE?


The possible inclusion of Wolverine in X-Men: Apocalypse is something we’ve talked about on the site a few times in the past. His involvement is something that I think most of us fans were expecting because he’s shown up in every other freakin’ ensemble X-Men movie. The most recent big clue that Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine would show up in the film came about a week ago when Bryan Singer said that he didn’t fit in the story “as a central character.” It’s that moment that I believed Wolverine would show up in the film, but it would be more of a cameo.  

Now ElMayimbe has confirmed it in a recent scoop on Heroic Insider. He says that 20th Century Fox will be premiering a new trailer for the film at CinemaCon this Thursday, and that trailer will reportedly feature Wolverine. The report goes on to say that Wolverine wasn’t originally in the film, but was added during reshoots.

We don’t know exactly what Wolverine's part in the film will be, but Singer previously teased where the character could pop up. He explained:

"The quartet have been kidnapped by army twonk William Stryker following a cataclysmic event at the X-Mansion, and wake up in a holding cell. On a balcony above them, Stryker taunts his prisoners, demanding to know the whereabouts of Magneto."

The facility that Stryker takes the mutants to is Weapon X, which is where Wolverine got his famous adamantium skeleton and claws. I imagine he’s hanging around in there somewhere.

It’ll be interesting to see how Wolverine will briefly play into the story. X-Men: Apocalypse drops in theaters on May 27th, 2016.

Spencer Wilding Will Be Playing Darth Vader in ROGUE ONE: A STAR WARS STORY


Here’s an interesting tidbit of information regarding Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. As you know, the movie is set before the events of A New Hope and revolves around a group of Rebels on a mission to steal the plans for the Death Star. We know that Darth Vader will play a role in this story, and we know James Earl Jones will be back to provide the voice. Now, thanks to Flickering Myth, we know who will actually be wearing the iconic costume. 

His name is Spencer Wilding, and he’s a character actor who has had small parts in various films since 2005. He’s played a variety of creatures in the Doctor Who series and also portrayed a White Walker in Game of Thrones. But he’s probably best known for his role in Guardians of the Galaxy as the prison guard who steals Peter Quill’s Walkman.

Wilding has the one major thing that the physical role of Darth Vader requires… he’s a tall dude who stands at 6’7", which is two inches taller than David Prowse, who originally played the character. The report also says that the actor been running lines on set, which is also what Prowse did, but Wilding actually understands that his voice will be dubbed — it won’t be a surprise to him like it was to Prowse.

Disney Is Moving Forward With THE JUNGLE BOOK 2

Disney's upcoming live-action/CGI adaptation of The Jungle Book is a wonderful film, not only did I give it a great review, but so did a lot of other critics that have seen it. You can read my review of it here. Disney obviously feels that they have a hit on their hands, so now they are already moving forward with a sequel. 

The studio is in talks with director Jon Favreau and screenwriter Justin Marks to return to develop the sequel. Producer Brigham Taylor is also going to jump on board as the film's producer. After watching the movie, I was hoping we would see a sequel not only because it was great, but because the first film pretty much sets it up to continue the adventures of Mowgli, Baloo, and the rest of his animal friends.

The movie is expected to blow up at the box office this weekend when it opens in theaters. Favreau’s film features the voices of Bill Murray as Baloo, Ben Kingsley as Begheera, Scarlet Johansson as Kaa, and Lupita Nyong’o as Raksha the mother wolf. Neel Sethi took on the only human part in the film, Mowgli. All of these actors are expected to return for the sequel.

Heart-Pounding New Trailer for GAME OF THRONES Season 6

"Make no mistake, the dead are coming."

HBO has unleashed a new trailer for Games of Thrones season six, and by the end of it, you're just going to be pissed off that you can't watch the entire season right now! It's easily the most epic trailer we've seen for the upcoming season yet, and it looks like fans are in store for some incredible things! The latest trailer is packed full of new footage and touches on several of the storylines that we were left hanging at the end of season five. 

Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 24.

Daniel Brühl Teases Baron Zemo’s Role in CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR

Spider-Man isn’t the only character in Captain America: Civil War that has been left out of the marketing for the film. We’ve hardly seen anything involving Daniel Brühl’s Baron Zemo, and there’s a reason for that. He’s a very mysterious character, and he plays a large role in how that story plays out.

I’m not going to spoil anything for you, but I think audiences will be very surprised by how he factors into the movie. During an interview with Total Film, Brühl talked about his character and offered a little more insight. When asked to talk about his character he said:

“I was really told not to because there are so many secrets in the film. And also my character’s quite mysterious, so I’m really scared to say too much. The things I’ve mentioned in interviews before were already too much – and I thought it was nothing!”

I know a lot of fans are wondering how exactly Zemo fits in with the conflict between Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. Don’t worry, I’m not going to answer that for you, but I will tell you that he’s not your average kind of villain. The actor explains:

“Yes, but what I like is it’s not a stereotype. It’s not a guy who’s mean and sinister, but he’s actually very clever – a very smart guy who does everything out of a very understandable reason and motivation.”

He then goes on to tease how his character impacts the film. The following comment he makes might be considered light SPOILERS, so proceed with caution.


“Some of the things that happen in the film, and why they happen, are because of him. He is orchestrating things that happen throughout the film. I think that’s something I can say, goddamn it!”

Having seen the film, that’s something that he probably shouldn’t have said. However, it doesn’t give you the details of how he orchestrates everything. One thing I do hope is that the character will be set up as a long-term villain in the MCU.

Captain America: Civil War is scheduled to hit theaters May 6th, 2016.

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Alternate Colossus Character Design for DEADPOOL


We’ve previously posted concept art showing alternate character designs for Negasonic Teenage Warhead in the Deadpool movie, which were cool. Now concept artist Alexander Lozano has released a few images that show us a very different take on Colossus, and it makes you happy that director Tim Miller went with the look that they did in the film. I don’t like this alternate take on the character at all. What we saw in the film was the comic book version fans always wanted to see. In case you were wondering what in the hell the artist was thinking when he came up with this, here is an explanation:

"Before the 'final design' was found, I tried a few different ways. At that point of time, I didn't know if Colossus was planned as a 'walking around in bright daylight' character or more of a 'hide in the shadows' hero like in the old X-Men days. So I played around with a Darth Maul-hoodie and the idea to place the 'X' very subtle on his chest with the endings of his scarf. I also wanted to repeat the ripples in his arms with the design of the boots. ...and a lot of possibilities to fix all the X-Men mansion keys at his pants."

Colossus looks like a pretty-boy version of the character that you might see on a cheesy CW or MTV young adult series. Check out the alternate character designs below and let us know what you think!

alternate-colossus-character-design-for-deadpool1 alternate-colossus-character-design-for-deadpool2 alternate-colossus-character-design-for-deadpool4 alternate-colossus-character-design-for-deadpool45

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JUSTICE LEAGUE Will be More ‘Straightforward, Extremely Kinetic and Visual’

Over the weekend, I caught a very interesting article on Variety that talked about the future of Warner Bros. DC Films. They go into detail about how the studio is scrambling to catch up with Marvel; how the studio is panicking after Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice saw a 69% drop at the box office; and how the studio wants Geoff Johns to take on a Kevin Feige type role. In regard to that, the report says:

"For a period, WB was keen on Geoff Johns for such a role. But that’s a tall order for DC’s chief creative officer, who is already stretched very thin. While he is currently writing the upcoming stand-alone Batman film with Affleck, he also wears a number of other hats. 'Geoff is really smart, but he’s got like 10 different jobs,' a source says. 'He’s writing comic books, controlling DC, writes on [TV’s] ‘The Flash’ — I would imagine Feige’s is a full-time job just managing this stuff. So I don’t know how you ask Geoff, in the best of both worlds, to do that.'"

I personally don’t think the guy is as talented as Feige, but the studio is trying to work with what they have. One of the most interesting parts in the report is when they talk about director Zack Snyder’s plans for Justice League and how he is going to take it in a different direction than what we’ve seen him do with Man of Steal and Batman v Superman. We’ve already heard that the film will have a lighter tone, and now it seems they want to make more of a “crowd pleaser.”  The report goes on to say:

“As for 'Batman v Superman,' those involved weren’t prepared for the critical knives the film received, but they always knew it was going to be a transitional film, bridging the gap between 'Man of Steel' (which was produced with no plan in place to expand the universe) and anything approaching the Avengers/Super Friends mold. But I’m told 'Justice League' will be a crowd-pleaser more suited to Snyder’s talents, and that the upcoming two-part event is 'extremely kinetic and visual.' It will be far more straightforward than existential in its handling of superheroes.”

They don't say that this tonal shift in Justice League is in response to how people reacted to the darkness of Batman v Superman, but I’m pretty sure that it is. What do you think?