Sam Rockwell Joins Scarlett Johansson in Taika Waititi’s WWII Film JOJO RABBIT

I'm a huge fan of Sam Rockwell so I'm extremely excited to hear that he will be working with Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi on his World War II film Jojo Rabbit. He will also be teaming up again with Scarlett Johansson, who was previously cast.

This is actually a really fascinating story that centers on a character named Jojo, "a young boy who longs to be part of the Hitler Youth and whose imaginary friend is Adolf Hitler. He discovers a Jewish girl living in his attic and, after initially trying to find ways to get rid of her, begins to see her as human."

Johansson is playing Jojo’s mother, a woman who is secretly working for the resistance. Waititi is playing the imaginary Hitler, and Rockwell will play a Nazi captain who runs a Hitler Youth camp.

This is such a different kind of film for Taika Waititi to tell, who is best known for his comedic work. But I think he will end up delivering a dramatic, intense, and touching story that will also have a touch of humor, especially with Waititi playing an imaginary Hitler. 

Rockwell recently won an Oscar for his role in Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, and he recently wrapped Adam McKay’s untitled biopic of former vice president Dick Cheney, in which he stars opposite Christian Bale who plays President George W. Bush.

Source: Variety

In Case You’re Wondering When Marvel Will Reveal Their Next Slate of Films, Here’s What Kevin Feige Had To Say


Marvel Studios already has several release dates carved out over the next few years for films that will be released after Avengers 4. We have no idea what those films will be, but fans have been wondering when the studio will actually make the big announcement of them. According to Kevin Feige, it's not going to happen for awhile, so it's time to work on those patience skills. While talking to Den of Geek, he was asked about when they would reveal the new slate of movies and he said:

"We won't do anything until after this time next year. After that, I think we'll announce where we're going. But we did a very big announcement in 2014 where we announced a lot of movies, and we added a few movies to it after that announcement. But it really felt important that we deliver on that before we do a big showcase of whatever is to come."

He then went on to confirm that this is the reason that Marvel Studios will not have a panel at San Diego Comic-Con this year:

"That's one of the main reasons we're not going to Hall H this year. is because Ant-Man & the Wasp will have just been released, Infinity War will be out, Captain Marvel will have just finished filming, Spider-Man will have just started filming, and we're not gonna be making any other announcements. So we're gonna wait until Comic-Con next year." 

So, it sounds like all will be revealed at Comic-Con 2019! 

The First Reactions For AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Have Flooded Social Media


Marvel Studios held the premiere for Avengers: Infinity War last night and several members of the press were invited to attend. For those of you who are interested in knowing what the reactions were, a ton of of those reactions flooded social media! I've included several tweets below that will show you what people thought of the film, but don't worry, there are no spoilers. These are just the initial reactions, and as you might imagine, almost everyone loved what directors Joe and Anthony Russo delivered!

Marvel has been building up to this moment for the past ten years and it sounds like they delivered one hell of an incredible film! I can't wait to finally watch it for myself! Check out the reactions below and let us know what you think!

AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Writers Explain Why Thanos’ Motivations Are Different in the Film Than The Comic

For those of you who are familiar with the comics, Thanos' motivation behind destroying half of the universe is his infatuation with Death and he is seeking for her approval. He thinks that he would obtain that if he accomplishes his mission. The character Death has not been introduced in the MCU, and she won't be introduced in Avengers: Infinity War. Thanos' motivations for obliterating half of the universe in the movie is very different from the comics and there's a reason for that.

During an interview with Comingsoon, writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely explain the reason behind changing things up for the film. They did consider following the comic book route at first, but then realized it wouldn't work for the film's story:

"At the very beginning, just because it’s such a focal point of the comics, we talked about it. It is not something that brings you closer to his motivation. It’s not something where the average moviegoer says, ‘Now I can kinda empathize with him because he’s in love with Death!'"

I'm sure that the exclusion of Death will disappoint some fans, but they go on to explain that they will still be staying true to many of the elements of Thanos in the comics, especially the emotional aspect of the character:

"But I think we took that passion that he has… he really is in love with Death in the comics! He’s a lovelorn, kinda sad little fella. We wanted to maintain that level of emotion on his part, just redirected."

That emotion will come from aspects of Thanos' past and the destruction of his home planet of Titan, which he tried to save. But, everyone thought that his idea of wiping out half of the population of the planet to save it, though he was a little mad, which earned him the nickname The Mad Titan. When previously talking about those motivations, Kevin Feige said:

"He’s from a planet called Titan that’s no longer inhabited because of things that he thought he could help prevent, and he was not allowed to do that. What he feared most happened, and the planet and everybody on it basically went extinct. He vowed not to let that happen again. He thinks he sees the universe going down the tubes. He thinks he sees life expanding outward unchecked. That will bring ruin, he believes, to the universe and to that life."

I think all of the characters emotions being redirected into this aspect of his life is going to work out just fine. I'm sure fans won't be disappointed after watching the movie!

What do you all think about the creative team changing up Thanos' motivations for Avengers: Infinity War.

Tom Hardy Transforms into Venom in a Substantially Better New Trailer For VENOM


You've all wanted to see what Tom Hardy looks like as Venom and now you're about to find out in the new trailer for Sony Picture's Venom! After fans were worried by rumors that we would hardly see Venom in this film, it looks like that's going to be the case at all! This feature film version of the character looks freakin' badass and I think a lot of fans should be happy with what they see. 

The movie was inspired by the 1993 six-issue Venom: Lethal Protector comic miniseries. The story followed Venom moving to San Francisco after he and Spider-Man made a truce. Once in San Francisco, Venom is hunted down by the Life Foundation, who wants to study the Venom symbiote so they can use it for their own evil purposes. From it, they create five new symbiote spawn including Scream, Phage, Riot, Lasher, and Agony.

Tom Hardy is joined by Michelle Williams (The Greatest Showman), Riz Ahmed (Rogue One: A Star Wars Story), Jenny Slate (Zootopia) and Woody Harrelson (True Detective).

Venom is being directed by Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, Gangster Squad) from a script written by Scott Rosenberg (Pain & Gain, Jumanji) and Jeff Pinkner (The Amazing Spider-Man 2), Venom is set to be released on October 5, 2018.

Does this trailer get you excited for the movie!?

We Won’t See The X-Men or Fantastic Four Join The MCU For a Very Long Time


Ever since the news broke that Disney was buying FOX fans have been wondering when we might actually see the X-Men and the Fantastic Four join the MCU. Well, according to Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige, It's not going to happen for a very, very long time. 

A lot of fans were hoping to see some of these characters pop up in Phase 4, but it might not even happen until Phase 5 or 6! During a recent interview with The Playlist, Feige was asked about this and he said:

"No, because any of that deal would take a while to get going and years from whenever and if ever it happens. So, certainly it won’t impact the five movies we’ve announced, and it probably wouldn’t impact anything for a handful of years after that. Because really, we’re not thinking about that. We’re thinking of delivering on what we promised. Any movie, especially for any characters we don’t have the rights to yet until someone tells us we do, would be even further after that."

That whole deal between Disney and Fox is still be ironed out. As far as I know, everything is on track to go through, but until there are signatures on a contract, anything can happen. If the deal actually does go through, though, then that's when Feige and the creative team at Marvel Studios will start figuring out how to make it work.

This is just another one of those things that we're really super excited about, but we are also going to have to be super patient. 

Marvel’s BLACK WIDOW Solo Film Will Reportedly Be a Prequel That Involves The Winter Solider


Marvel has been working on developing a Black Widow solo movie for a few months, but today we actually have some inside information on what the story might entail. According to a recent report from That Hashtag Show, the movie will be a prequel and it will involve The Winter Solider. So, if you were hoping for a Black Widow and Hawkeye team-up flick, it doesn't look like that's going to be the direction they take it. The report says:

"The film will find Natasha living in the United States 15 years after the fall of the Soviet Union! That timeline places the film firmly in the mid-2000s, meaning we'll meet up with Nat prior to the events of Iron Man 2. That time frame opens up plenty of options, and while many fans seem to want a Black Widow/Hawkeye team up in Budapest, we've been told that early discussions about the film involved Sebastian Stan's Winter Soldier."

There's a good amount of history behind Black Widow and Winter Soldier in the comics that this movie could play with. I actually like that their history is something that they may be looking to explore, and actor Sebastian Stan already said that he would be up for appearing in the film. When talking about the characters, Stan said:

“They have a very nice history in my opinion. It’s very intricate…the truth is he actually taught her in the comic books. He was a teacher to her. It’s all set during a specific, interesting time. The Cold War. It’s all a very… spy, thrillerish, noirish story…it would be very interesting to explore that on film. I would love if the do that. You know, I hope. Maybe they will.”

A prequel film involving these two characters could really turn out to be pretty badass. Black Widow is currently being written by Jac Schaeffer, and Thor: Ragnarok's Brad Winderbaum is on board as an executive producer.

What do you think about the idea of a Black Widow film that involves The Winter Solider?

Kevin Feige Confirms Marvel is Developing an ETERNALS Movie and The Lead Character May Have Been Revealed


Last week a rumor was reported that Marvel Studios was developing a big screen adaptation of The Eternals. Turns out that rumor is true! Kevin Feige himself confirmed the news during an interview with The Wrap saying:

"Eternals is one of many many many things that we are actively beginning to have creative discussions about to see if we believe in them enough to put them on a slate. We have started working on what are the films post-phase 3."

We know that the next phase of Marvel's plan will heavily involve the cosmic universe, so a property like The Eternals makes sense to throw into the mix. I loved Jack Kirby's style on this comic series and I would love to see that brought to life in film form.

The report goes on to say that the studio has been meeting with multiple screenwriters and the current plan is reportedly set the female Eternal known as Sersi as the lead. She can manipulate cosmic energy to grant herself virtual immortality, invulnerability, and reshape the molecules of other people or objects. In case you need a little info on The Eternals, here's a breakdown of their origin:

The Eternals first came into being about a million years ago when the First Host of Celestials arrived on Earth to perform genetic experiments on the nascent human race. To test the adaptability of the human gene, the Celestials accelerated the evolution of a handful of subjects and gave them the genetic potential to mentally manipulate limited quantities of cosmic energy, as well as other superhuman traits. Thus the Celestials created the race of Eternals, an evolutionary offshoot of humanity. The Celestials also performed similar experiments on subjects that led to the creation of the Deviants, another offshoot of humanity.
The Celestials altered the structure of the DNA complexes of the first generation of Deviants. The result was an unstable genetic code that radically changed the physical characteristics of Deviants with each generation. Thus a Deviant child will greatly differ in appearance from either of his or her parents. The Celestials experiments also involved implantation of latent genetic material in specimens of humanity's ancestors that would one day permit benevolent mutations in human beings.

I know that this Eternals movie isn't set in stone at this time, but I do hope that this movie does end up in their lineup of upcoming films.

Kevin Feige Says Playing with the Horror Genre in The Marvel Movies is Possible

Marvel Studios has done a great job so far with their films and we've seen them play with several different kinds of genres over the years. But one genre they haven't really played with yet is the horror genre. We know that Josh Boone is doing that with his New Mutants movie, but will Marvel Studios one day decide to dive into that genre and try something new with it?

While talking to CB, Kevin Feige says that it's certainly a possibility! When asked if the studio would eventually give it a try with characters like Blade and Man-Thing, he said:

"I like both of those characters that you named, and I think, again, horror can mean a lot of things. Horror, did you mean a movie like Texas Chainsaw Massacre or Hostel or a Friday the 13th or a PoltergeistPoltergeist is a little bit more my wheelhouse, that's such a great movie and it scared the heck out of me but it's really fun. I don't know, I certainly would like to play with as many genres as possible."

I hope they play with it! It would be a shame if they didn't! Hell, they could even get into horror comedy with a character like Hell Cow! One thing is for sure, to stay fresh and relevant, Marvel is going to have to keep pushing the boundaries and trying new things. Feige went on to say:

"I think it always and I hope will continue to vary. I enjoy very much the success of Thor: Ragnarok, and all of the articles that were being written around the release of that film that 'the MCU has now just gone full comedy,' 'MCU has just embraced the full silliness and is just embracing a very eclectic, strange sense of humor.' And I remember reading those and thinking, 'Yes, but wait till you see Black Panther.' And now Black Panther and the advertisements for Infinity War, 'everything's gonna be dark now, everything's gonna be...' I will say it always will vary depending on the story we wanna tell on any individual movie."

As long as Marvel keeps getting talented filmmakers to tell these great and compelling stories, I'll keep watching. Setting those stories in different kinds of genres is just all part of the fun! 

Would you like to see Marvel make a horror film? If so, what kind of horror movie would you like to see?

Netflix Orders an Animated FAST & FURIOUS Spinoff Series From DreamWorks Animation


Netflix has announced that they will be producing a Fast & Furious animated series that will be developed by DreamWorks Animation Television. Out of all of the animated series that could have been announced, I wasn't expecting this! 

The series will center around Tony Toretto, and he will follow "in the footsteps of his cousin Dom when he and his friends are recruited by a government agency to infiltrate an elite racing league serving as a front for a nefarious crime organization bent on world domination."

It sounds like it could be fun. Netflix has actually put out some decent animated content, so I'll be hoping for the best. The series will be produced by Tim Hedrick, who wrote for DreamWorks’ Voltron: Legendary Defender series, and Bret Haaland, who has produced DreamWorks’ animated shows like All Hail King Julien and The Penguins of Madagascar. They will also both serve as showrunners. Vin Diesel, Neal Moritz and Chris Morgan, will also serve as producers.

Margie Cohn, president of DreamWorks Animation Television, had this to say in a statement:

"We are excited to extend and expand our successful relationship with Netflix by not only delivering more high-quality DreamWorks programming, but connecting fans of Universal films with fascinating new stories. Our new home at Universal marks an exciting new chapter for storytelling at our studio, and Fast & Furious is only the beginning."

Melissa Cobb, vice president of kids and family for Netflix, went on to say:

"We are thrilled to take our fantastic partnership with DreamWorks Animation to the next level with new opportunities from the vast library of Universal Pictures. The ‘Fast & Furious’ franchise is a global phenomenon beloved by audiences of all ages, and we can’t wait to get started on the new animated series that will capture the action, heart, humor and global appeal of the feature films."

What do you all think about the Fast and Furious franchise expanding into the world of animation!?