Latest Trailer For DARQ Shows How Mysteriously Strange It Will Be


Fans of the mysterious puzzle game genre have a brand new title to look forward to. Planning to launch during Q4 2018 is the mind bending indie game Darq by Unfold Games. There has been a few teaser trailers on YouTube for this game already, each one launched a year apart, but the latest trailer really shows how strange this game will be. Defying gravity and most of the other laws of physics while avoiding strange creatures as the protagonist makes his way through a dark and mysterious world, all shown in a short and confusing way. Check it out:

Despite the fact that I really don't understand what is going on, I'm really excited for this game. It looks to be an odd mix of Little Nightmares and Limbo. I can only imagine we will have yet another silent protagonist here as well.

It's not often we come across truly intriguing games that we don't even really understand yet, but this is sure to be an interesting title. I think Darq has all the weirdness that a mysterious puzzle game should have, but what are your thoughts on this strange upcoming indie title?


The True Spirit of DLC


I’m convinced that Downloadable content was a concept created by gaming executives to milk more money out of their customers. The actions of many companies support this theory, such as EA propensity to 'DLC lock' content from the core game (content that is installed with the game itself) behind a pay gate, or the Destiny fiasco from a few years back, where Bungie took content players had access to from the get-go and locked it behind a DLC lock.

But the development team behind FIRE EMBLEM WARRIORS sees DLC as a potential for something else.

Director Hiroya Usuda envisions DLC as a means to provide players with what they want and to shape the game as the community sees fit. One could suspect that this means characters, missions, and items/equipment, but Usuda even went so far as to say that the story of the game isn’t finalized, hinting one could hope on player actions and inputs could determine the stories outcome. Whereas other companies use DLC as a means to piecemeal out content to players, Usuda appears to be offering it up to players as a means to allow them to control the outcome of the game. Usuda has even made a call for users to bring comments and concerns up on their official Twitter account (although the interview covered on Cinema Blend does not indicate wither that is the official Nintendo Twitter or some other twitter account.) 

It’s refreshing to see when a company makes a decision for the benefit of its customers, and out of love for what they do or make. It’s very reminiscent of modding communities, where direct feedback is given and changes are made in support of the community’s desires.  Here is to hoping that Usuda and his team keep to their promises and use DLC for the power of good, to continue providing players with direct access to Usuda’s ear, so to speak.


MEGA MAN 11 Pre-Order Trailer Launches During Their 30th Anniversary

After eight long years since the last original Mega-Man title came out, we have a launch date for the next game from Capcom. While they have recently launched the Mega-Man Legacy Collection 2, their newest game in the series, Mega-Man 11, has been announced with a trailer featuring that the game is available for pre-order and will launch on October 2, 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

It's crazy to think of how long it has been since we had a new official title for the series, but it seems fitting with this year being the 30th Anniversary of Mega-Man as well. Check out the trailer and see how they kept the game in all its platforming, combat heavy glory:

Mega-Man 11 looks pretty awesome, but it isn't the only thing becoming available in honor of the 30th Anniversary. While the newest game will be available for all platforms, Playstation users get the added bonus option of using the Mega-Man Theme as well. Featuring the retro Mega-Man animated, the lab room, and even some classic music from the game,  you can check out the Playstation Theme in its own trailer feature.

I hope that Mega-Man 11 will be as difficult as all the older games of the series so that not only would Capcom be keeping to the genre, but they would be keeping to what the series is known for. I love how Mega-Man 11 looks modern and classic at the same time as well.

Are you looking forward to getting Mega-Man 11 or the Playstation Theme to celebrate the 30th Anniversary?


FORTNITE Is More Likely Coming To The Nintendo Switch

A leaked E3 document claims that the ever-popular battle royale game, Fortnite, is on its way to Nintendo’s hybrid console, the Switch. The alleged document surfaced on 4Chan, which indicated that Fortnite by Epic Games is one of the Switch games scheduled to be revealed at the gaming conference. 

Moreover, several sources who spoke anonymously with Kotaku confirmed that Fortnite will be announced at E3. However, it was not clear if Fortnite’s Save the World mode or Fortnite Battle Royale, or possibly both will be available on the Switch. The sources also claimed that Dragon Ball FighterZ will also be released on the Switch, with the official announcement taking place at E3. 

If what the document and these sources are saying turns out to be true, then this would explain Epic Games’ strong presence at E3, which will happen next week. It has been previously announced that the developer is one of the many exhibitors at the event. A booth will be available from June 12 to 14 where players can hang out and play Fortnite with a chance to win numerous prizes. Furthermore, several Fortnite tournaments starring famous streamers will also happen at the event on June 12. You can check out the full E3 schedule of Epic Games here


BORDERLANDS REMASTER May Be Coming To The PS4, Xbox One and PC

It seems that the original Borderlands will be getting a remaster soon on current generation platforms. Initially released back in 2009, the RPG shooter was released on the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Now, a Game of the Year edition is reportedly to be on the horizon. 

The reports of the remaster were revealed from Gematsu after the Korean Game Ratings Board released a rating for a game titled Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition. Although the upcoming remaster is not officially announced as of the moment, it is likely that the game will be released on the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The remaster of the original Borderlands game has long been overdue. Previously, the sequel to Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel, were both remastered in 2015 as Borderland: The Handsome Collection. 

In other Borderlands news, developer Gearbox announced a couple of years ago that the next game in the franchise, Borderlands 3, is already in development. Unfortunately, Gearbox also revealed that the upcoming sequel will not be announced at this year’s E3 conference. 


The Atari VCS Is Already Available For Pre-Order

The Atari VCS has officially gone on pre-order status through IndieGoGo, which is still active for another month with a status currently at 2240% success from their asking amount. There is the featured perk that will give you the Collectors Edition for $299, but if you don't have any interest in the look and just want to get the system then I would suggest the Onyx option that is currently only $199. The announcement of the pre-order came with a trailer that shows off what the system can do and includes commentary from the developers.

While I admit that I was a bit disappointed when the Atari VCS system was clarified as a classic remaster with modern improvements, previously expecting a new console meant to rival today's consoles, what it turns out to be does have some interesting qualities. Streaming services ready at the push of a button, pre-installed classic games available anytime, and even the system itself has a classy design mixed with modern lighting.

The Atari VCS is truly the dream system for gamers that started gaming with the ole Atari 2600 and would make a great addition to any gamers classic gaming collection. How long are you planning to wait before claiming the system yourself when it's available now?


Lego Launches The Announcement Trailer For DC SUPER VILLAINS


It's not often a game is made specifically to let players play as the bad guy, or at least they aren't up front about it. When it comes to being evil in a game, many players look forward to causing mayhem and destruction.

Lego is giving players the chance to not only be the bad guy, but to be a part of some of the most popular Villians from our favorite comic book series in their latest title DC Super Villians. While the trailer features enemies like The Joker and Reverse Flash, it showed that we will be able to customize our character with different outfits and powers. It even includes the launch date for the PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One set on October 16, 2018. Check it out:

The Lego DC Super Villians game is available for pre-order and will include both the season pass and the TV Series Character pack. Even if you choose to just get the game when it comes out, I'm interested to see what the story line will be that you will follow and what kind of powers we will be able to pick from.

It's going to be nice to not have to save the day for once or even go through the game thinking I'm doing good. Going on with the mind for chaos will be a great change of pace. What power are you most interested in having?



It wasn't long ago that we got an awesome Dragonball FighterZ character reveal trailer for Vegito, but it wasn't until now that Bandai Namco announced when he would be available. Coming out today, May 21st, is the DLC containing Vegito, and he's not alone!

The reveal of a character many have been waiting for, Zamasu, has been shared with the announcement of the latest DLC. They didn't make a trailer specifically for him, but the one they made for the Vegito and Zamasu DLC is nothing short of a tribute to the fusion god character. Check it out:

I love how they had it seem like Zamasu interrupted a regular match to come kick Goku's ass and then showed some of the unique cutscenes that coordinate with his role in the anime. They keep bringing out all these fitting characters, while its kickass I'm still waiting for some silly choices like Roshi.

After seeing them both of the newest fighters attack styles, which fusion choice will it be that makes it on to one of your roster team presets? I'm looking forward to giving Vegito a shot myself, but Zamasu just might be replacing Android 21 for me.


UNWORTHY Review: Perfect Blend Of Fun, Punishing, And Slightly Unfair

To make the perfect game you will need time, planning, and a whole lot of talent. While most indie games come with problems and issues that are often never handled, launching a game with next to no problems is practically impossible. My hats off to Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games for their work in Unworthy as they have created a game that is as brutal as Dark Souls with a story as mysterious as Little Nightmares and Limbo.


The essence of a soul who chooses to fight their way through volatile and dark creatures is not one of holy retribute. Following the path of a sinner, the search for peace and escape is not for those unworthy of its tranquility. Have you come to prove that you are worthy?


Unworthy is set up with a few customizable options so that it can be played on the way that best suits the player, when it comes to the combat. Initially starting out with just the chains that bound you, to what I believe was supposed to be hell or purgatory, and then surfacing to gain your first main weapon: Sword and Shield. Continuing through the game you will be forced to fight bosses in order to collect more items and weapons so that you can progress through the game. My favorite weapon is the hammer which is gained after defeating the second boss. Each weapon that you collect will have its own special ability that can be used once per charge. The most helpful item that I didn't expect to gain was the Crow's Eye, which let's you view the map from any Soulflame Alter (save location). I thought this game simply didn't have a map, but turns out they just make you earn it.

When you are fighting, there will be a lot of dodge rolling in order to survive. An almost expected feature for this game type, but the amount of dodging available is based on your stamina. The stamina meter applies for dodging and attacking, so watching it to make sure you don't run out is essential. Failing to keep a dodge at the ready at all times will often force you to take some damage from an attacking enemy.

As you progress through the game you will find runes that give a bonus to your stats, but at a cost. It is rare it find stat boosting items that don't bring down another stat, including your health.

Most items are a one use system though. By this I don't mean that you saved the game and so you can use the item, die, and still have the item to use when you load up that save. I mean that you use an item and so that item is now gone. This mechanic is a brutal addition since it applies to everything, from health to combat assistance items. The only item that doesn't follow this, kind of, is the Soulflame Flask, which provides health regeneration over a couple seconds. This item doesn't seem to follow this rule as your stock replenishes after ever death, but it also restocks when you save. The Soulflame Alter save points seem to refill your flasks, which is why it doesn't seem to follow this rule.

The combat is where the game gets unfair, or perhaps tests your worthiness. Even the simple enemies that you come across as your make your way through the map can be pretty devastating. While the obvious side of a brutal combat game is that you will need to learn the moves of the bosses in order to properly dodge, attack, and defeat, the same goes for every enemy. Learning their attacks and how to fight them helps you decide when it's best to defeat or avoid them. I found that in most cases it is best to avoid because you will often be heading into a boss fight and there is no save between where you started and the boss. Not to mention that when you venture into unknown territory you need to be prepared for the worst because it is likely what you are heading into.


The mechanic for the items that can only be used once is used in more ways than just to negatively impact you. The same "once it happened, it happened" type mechanic applies to a few aspects of your journey, including any experience you gain and section of the map you uncover. This helps when it comes to leveling up your character, but abusing it to raise your level is pretty pointless thanks to how Sin works.

Sin is the value system in the game, much like currency. You can use it in a few spots where a NPC acts as a shop, which they aren't obvious that they will sell items either. Other than that, the sin is used to level up your abilities as well. Once you enter the cathedral that first introduces the level up system to you, it will be accessible at any Soulflame Alter.

There is also a fair share of platforming in the game. You will need to learn how far of a drop causes your character to roll for this. I can't even remember how many times not taking that into account has caused me to roll into a field of spikes. The challenge presented with the various platforming sections are fun to go through, but once you obtain the Spirit Bow it becomes even more entertaining. 

Graphics and Sounds

Using various shades of grey, along with black and white, to build a world within the view of a 2D image is no easy task yet Aleksandar Kuzmanovic Games managed to do so nicely. The only other color you will find in the game is red, which is your own blood making a mess every time you get hit. Despite the graphics being made of pixels, the world appeared to be an unreal reality.

Every enemy had its own sound effect which only helped the immersion and imagination of what they would look like with a closer look. The music within the game held the atmosphere as a gothic style of long, and sometimes off key, tones. This changed for certain rooms and for the boss fights, but the style remained even when the energy fluctuated.



This game will never get easier, but your skills can continue to improve. Unworthy is easily a game that I see many players completing time and time again, constantly trying to beat the game with a better record than the last.

Hats Off Comments

This is usually the part where I would list in what ways the game could improve, but alas I fail to see what needs to be changed. Do I have a few complaints? Of course! This is a brutal combat focused game after all. Thing is, it is very fitting to the Dark Souls style of game and so my problems can all be answered in the famous Souls fan based way; "Git Gud."

It would of been nice to have more save locations so that when I die I'm not so far away - "Get Good." I could of used some hints on best ways to beat a boss, like weapon choices or what to avoid - "Git Good."


The entire map was a maze and you never knew what to expect around every turn. Figuring out where to go was an actual difficulty as well, but following my curiosity while being prepared for the worst helped me find my way every time. I did run into a couple glitches, but within the same day of reporting them, they were patched.

It is obvious that the developer, Kuzmanovic, put more than just his time and talent into Unworthy. This game was made with passion and the result was a brutal 2D gothic masterpiece.

Final Verdict

Unworthy is an incredibly frustrating game that is easy to enjoy. It's the perfect blend of fun, punishing, and slightly unfair so there is always a challenge to overcome. It will bring out the competitive side of gamers while testing both their patience and skill. With gameplay that is more than fitting to the name, this game is a gem that any gamer that enjoys proving their talents would enjoy from beginning to end.


OMENSIGHT Review: Armageddon With A Side Of Murder Mystery

The end of the world is coming. You know it, for you are the Harbinger; a being whose sole purpose and meaning of existence is to stop this very situation. To complicate matters, a murderer is running free and is probably the party responsible for bringing about the end of the world. Oh, and then there is the war going on. Taking place in an anthropomorphic world of magic, Urallia is fraught with conflict and steeped in war.


Part Groundhog Day, part ZeldaOmensight is an interesting game with a decent story. One that isn’t going to shock you, but has enough twists and turns to be mistaken as a soap opera mini-series.

As the Harbinger, you exist outside of time and are tasked with reliving the final day of existence. The hope is that you can stop the dark serpent Voden from invading and devouring our existence while simultaneously finding the killer of the Godless-Priestess; the one woman who held the balance. Most puzzling of all is why her soul hasn’t returned to the World Tree to pass on her responsibility and powers to the next woman.

With this overarching story, there is also the war that is being fought. The imperials (all the animals, under a banner of the birds, save for one) versus the rebellious holdouts, the rats. A conflict that on the final day of existence is reaching its climax, but how that pans out exactly is up to you and your choices.

Overall the story was pretty good. The pacing, while good, may have been a tad too fast. It could have easily been drawn out a little without annoying most players. The characters are consistent in their actions and motivations for the most part. There were a few moments that "came out of left field," that I can appreciate, but not everyone will.



Omensight gameplay is your standard Action RPG fair. You have your jump, light attack, heavy attack, dodge, and a few special attacks. One of the special attacks is based directly on whichever character you happen to be following at the time.

Typical gameplay begins at the beginning of the “final day of existence,” where you choose which character you are going to follow for the day. Initially, there are only two choices: A rat bard leading her people in a rebellion or a gruff bear mourning the loss of a dear friend. As you progress you will open up the possibility of following two other characters. It needs to be noted because it is such a helpful feature; when you go to choose a character, if following them will reveal nothing new for you, you will get a message letting you know as much and asking if you want to continue.

At various times throughout the game, you will be offered a chance to use your Omensight, the ability to telepathically share events (either past, present or future), which can drastically affect the way that events pan out.

Once the day has ended, all events have panned out for the day and reality has been torn asunder. Then you are transported to the tree of life and are able to upgrade your abilities, stats, and unlock new abilities. You then choose another character to follow and the day starts over.

As you are progressing you are also piecing together the mystery of the murder of the Godless-Priestess, learning tidbits about all the players of the drama, and finding their drives and motivations.

The combat in the game isn't going to really win any awards for originality, but was intuitive and remains true to what players would expect from the genre. The gameplay itself isn't anymore repetitive than any other action-RPG, but feels like it is due to the constant replaying of the same levels. The games core gimmick, playing sleuth while fighting bad guys, is sound novel and I like it.

Graphics and Sound

Omensight is done in a not quite cell-shaded art style, but fairly close. The art looks good, the characters are well animated, and the world is vibrant.

The sound is captivating and complements the game well. The music is catchy and there were parts that I enjoyed hearing and hearing again; a good thing for obvious reasons. The voice actors seemed well chosen and fit the characters well. My only qualms are with the voice acting/speech mannerisms of Ratika.


To be honest, I can't see this game having a whole lot of replay value. For starters, the mechanics require it to be redundant anyway, possibly making the process of playing the game all over again slightly gut-wrenching. That aside, I’m not entirely certain if changing the order that events pan out affects any of the outcomes, although I can see it possibly giving some new dialog and further elaborating on the colorful cast.

What Needs Work

My only major issue with the game is that it is short, really short. I beat it in around 10 hours. I enjoyed every minute of playing it, but I have to call it like I see it.

Smaller side issue: A more elaborate or in-depth skill system could have added a bit more of depth to the game and allowed for players to better control their gameplay experience when it came to combat. I feel it also would have made the game all-around more interesting. The linear progression of skills was a little bit of a letdown.


Sure it’s short, but it was a fun experience most of the time, the exception being a few moments of frustration caused mostly in-part by a misunderstanding on my part or hand fatigue after several hours of playing. If you have a penchant for action-RPGs, or RPGs in general, and want something with an interesting twist, then Omensight is a great choice for you. I'm begrudgingly giving it this score because I wish there was more. That is to say, I probably would have given it a higher score if there was more game to play.