RESOGUN Creator Housemarque Announces A New Game Called STORMDIVERS

A few months ago, developer Housemarque, creator of Super Stardust HD and Resogun ended their stint in the arcade genre with their last title, Nex Machina, which was warmly received in the gaming community. However, Housemarque revealed that “lackluster sales” of the game forced the company to change directions if they want to stay in the business of making games. Now, the developer announced a new upcoming title called Stormdivers, which will be a “multiplayer-centric experience,” Housemarque announced ay Reboot Develop 2018. 

The developer has been working on Stormdivers for two years now, and Housemarque’s Ilari Kuittinen and Mikael Haveri shared the game’s first preview, which you can watch below:

Stormdivers will be the first title that Housemarque will “treat as an on-going service.” It will implement a “high flying and heavy hitting experience.” Although the first trailer doesn’t reveal much information on what the game will be about, it is apparent that this won’t be a typical top-down perspective game that has been a constant feature with Housemarque titles. 

“As a part of our recent transition away from our core genres, we’ve had a hard look at what really makes up an arcade game and how can we bring those elements to whole new heights,” said Housemarque. “Fortunately a few greats have been able to show the way and bring gameplay centric experiences to wider audiences. We hope to expand that progress as we bring our explosive effects and second-to-second gameplay to new genres.”

What do you think of Stormdivers’ announcement trailer? Share your thoughts in the comments down below. 


HEARTHSTONE Game Director Ben Brode Leaves Blizzard

After 15 years of working with developer Blizzard, Ben Brode, Hearthstone’s game director announces his departure from the company. 

Brode made his announcement via a post on the official forums of Blizzard today, saying to his colleagues and fans that, “After 15 years at Blizzard and almost ten years working on Hearthstone, I have made the incredibly difficult decision to embark on a new journey.” Furthermore, Brode explained in the announcement that, “I am very fortunate to be able to take a crazy risk right now in my life and I’m excited to be scrappy and a little scared.”

Brode also mentioned how he was appreciative and thankful of the Hearthstone team and that although he got too much credit for being the public face of the game, and he is confident of leaving Hearthstone in the best possible hands. Looking ahead, Brode discussed how he is taking a significant risk in leaving Blizzard as he will help establish a start-up company which Brode shared that “We’ll probably make games, but we haven’t figured anything else out, yet. I’m looking forward to designing, programming, and creating things again.”

Brode concluded his announcement by thanking Blizzard, the Hearthstone team, and the community that helped build the game to what it is today. 


Replacement Parts for Nintendo Labo Won’t Cost You an Arm and a Leg After All


Ever since the announcement of the Nintendo Labo a few months ago, people were excited to try out Nintendo’s latest innovation on interacting with the Switch. However, several people, including parents of children who are hyped for the Labo, are concerned on how much replacement parts will cost. Of course, given the nature of the Labo, which is primarily made of cardboard, the possibility of breakage is highly likely, and no one wants to spend about $80 on a robot kit that will break in one day. 

The good thing is that Nintendo will be selling individual kits for specific needs that will not have a crazy price tag attached to it. I mean, of course, it can still be a little bit pricey for a piece of cardboard, but it’s better than repurchasing a whole new set. You can check out the prices of individual kits as revealed by GoNintendo. Most kits are priced under $10, so you won’t have to worry about your young kids going a little rough on the Labo: 

  • Customization Set - $9.99
  • Robot Kit - Accessory Pack - $9.99
  • Robot Kit - Knobs Cardboard Pack - $5.99
  • Robot Kit - Main Body Cardboard Pack - $13.99
  • Robot Kit - Reflective Sticker Sheet - $1.99
  • Robot Kit - Slider Cardboard Pack - $9.99
  • Robot Kit - Straps Cardboard Pack - $5.99
  • Robot Kit - Visor + Feet + Joy-Con Holder Cardboard Pack - $5.99
  • Robot Kit - Weights Cardboard Pack - $7.99
  • Variety Kit - Accessory Pack - $9.99
  • Variety Kit - Fishing Rod Cardboard Pack - $8.99
  • Variety Kit - House Cardboard Pack - $5.99
  • Variety Kit - Motorbike Cardboard Pack - $11.99
  • Variety Kit - Piano Cardboard Pack - $11.99
  • Variety Kit - RC Car + Discover Cardboard Pack - $2.99
  • Variety Kit - Reflective Sticker Sheet Set - $2.99

The Nintendo Labo will be available starting today. Will you be getting the Nintendo Labo? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


GOD OF WAR Director Reacts To The Game’s Impressive Scores In An Emotional Video


After years of steady development, Sony’s God of War reboot is finally released for the PlayStation 4. For nearly five years, director Cory Barlog and his dev team have worked hard to bring fans the action-adventure game that would take the franchise to an even higher level of success. 

Now, in a video uploaded on Barlog’s YouTube channel, which you can check out below, the director was shown checking out God of War’s review scores for the first time. After hesitating at first, Barlog checked the review scores on several websites and was overwhelmed with what he saw. The almost perfect scores from multiple sites and seeing the praises critics are saying on the game drove Barlog to tears

“[The review scores] shouldn’t matter, but I’m just so f**king proud,” Barlog said in the video. “I’m just so lucky to work with the people that I work with. I’m glad I didn’t f**k it up.” 

In the video, Barlog mentioned that he was not sure if he wanted to make the video in the first place. However, the director got personal and said that he was thinking of what his son is “going through right now” and it is vital for him to let his son know that showing emotion is OK and that there is nothing wrong with it. 

“It is OK to cry. There is nothing to hide. I thought I would try to set a good example and show him that papa can cry in front of the world,” Barlog said. 

The video was released a few hours ago and has views of around 56,000 as of the writing of this article. After God of War’s almost perfect score from multiple game critics and reviewers, it is understandable and at the same time heartwarming to see Barlog’s reaction to all the recognition the game is receiving right now. God of War releases today, April 20, and is exclusive for the PlayStation 4. 

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FORTNITE Is Heading To China


It appears that the ever-popular battle royale game, Fortnite, is invading China next. Developer Epic Games posted an image on Twitter yesterday showing the fictional passport of Jonesy, one of the game’s famous characters. The interesting part of the image is that the passport is stamped for entry into China on April 23, which is probably a clue on the game’s release date in the country. 

It is not a surprising fact that Epic Games would like to release their game in China given that the country is a massive market for games. However, just as Fortnite’s competitor PUBG learned, hacking and cheating are major concerns in China. In fact PUBG previously reported that around 90% of cheaters in the game came from China. Given Epic Games’ stance on cheaters in the past, it will definitely be interesting to see how Fortnite will handle the Chinese market. 

Besides the tweet suggesting Fortnite’s attempt to enter China, not much details were released. We don’t know in which platforms Fortnite will be available in. However, Chinese gamers prefer PC and mobile gaming rather than home consoles such as the Xbox One and PS4

GameTyrant have contacted Epic Games for more information on this and we will update this article if we hear back from the developer. 


The PlayStation’s Collector Guide Is Finally Here


For those that have been collecting the classics and assortments that came from the early days of Playstation, then you will be excited to find an official Playstation Anthology novel exists! Covering from 1994-1997, this classic edition anthology contains the history of all the best games, joycons, controllers, interviews, gear, and most importantly the list of limited editions.

This massive tome of Playstation history carries over 4000 game titles, limited editions, gear, and so much more. Many of the items are featured in the book with a crisp, colorful image of the item and paired with details all about the merchandise.


The full list of features include:

  • A full history of the machine itself - from development to retirement
  • The definitive games collection - including the best of the special editions
  • 26 exclusive Interviews with those who shaped the console's success
  • Enemy Retaliation - the challengers to the PS1's crown
  • An insight into the "Sony Miracle" and the history of the company 

Remaining in the Top 5 Best Selling Consoles title, the Playstation is no doubt one of the most iconic and interesting machines. The 26 exclusive interviews provide insight into every aspect of the the console's evolution and success. This is easily a good read for both enthusiast and casual reader with an interest in video games. Do you plan to pick up a copy of the Playstation Anthology?



EA has announced a few days ago, that Burnout Paradise will be getting a remaster soon. The game will be an improved version of the original open-world racing title. Burnout Paradise Remastered is set to be released on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on March 16 and will be priced at $39.99. 

Previously released back in 2008 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and the PC, the game became widely popular for its open world approach to the racing series. Paradise is the last entry in the main series, and the last game overall was a spinoff released onto the mobile platform back in 2010. The remastered version of the game is currently in development by Criterion together with Guildford. 

The new and improved remaster of Burnout Paradise will support 4K resolution for both the PlayStation 4 Pro, and the Xbox One X. However, the game will not offer native 4K on all platforms. Furthermore, EA has revealed that the game will run in 1080p on the regular PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. 

Burnout Paradise Remastered will also include all previously released DLCs with the exception of the Time Savers Pack, which unlocks every vehicle in the game. The remaster will be available in both physical and digital forms, and EA has revealed that a PC version will release at a later date and will be exclusive in the Origin store. Currently, there are no announcements for a Switch version of the remaster, or if the developer is even planning on releasing one in the future. 

In addition, EA has confirmed that the remaster will include an eight-player online multiplayer mode, just as it did in the original version of the game. Subscribers to EA Access will be able to play the game in advance for 10 hours, starting on March 9. 

Are you excited for the release of Burnout Paradise Remastered? Have you played the original game before, if so, what were your favorite moments? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


Here Are The Xbox Games With Gold For March 2018


As the month of February draws to a close, Microsoft has unveiled the lineup of free games that will be available to subscribers of Xbox Live Gold for March 2018.

Xbox One players will start the month with Trials of the Blood Dragon, which is a game that incorporates a more action oriented gameplay on the Trials series. Trials of the Blood Dragon is a combination of the motorbike racing series Trials, and a spin off of Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The game will be available to subscribers for the whole month of March. 

Next up is Superhot, a classic shooter game wherein time will only move when the player does. It gives players the ability to setup a Matrix-style dodging bullets scenes in-game. Superhot will be available mid March until April 15. 

For Xbox 360 owners, 2 free games will be available for the month of March. First up is the video game adaptation of Brave, which revolves around the events of the Disney film of the same name. The game will be available to both Xbox 360 and Xbox One players from March 1 until 15. Both Xbox One and 360 players will also be able to download Quantum Conundrum, a puzzle-based first person game from Airtight Games and Kim Swift. 

To recap, the following games will be free to all subscribers next month: 

  • Trials of the Blood Dragon - March 1-31 (Xbox One)
  • Superhot - March 16 to April 15 (Xbox One)
  • Brave - March 1-15 (Xbox One, Xbox 360)
  • Quantum Conundrum - March 16-31 (Xbox One, Xbox 360)

What do you think the lineup of free games for Xbox Games with Gold subscribers this month? What was your favorite game from February’s lineup? Don’t forget that you can still access February’s Games with Gold titles, which includes Assassin’s Creed Chronicles: India that will be available until the first half of March. 


PUBG Unveils Two New Cosmetic Crates That Will Be Available Today


Although PUBG has been experiencing a slight dip with its number of players, which could be traced back to the growing competition with battle royale games, PUBG Corp is ramping up its game by adding two new cosmetic crates, which will go live on February 22. 

The new crates, called "Fever" and "Militia", aim to bring 70’s and 80’s inspired outfits in the game. According to the official announcement from PUBG Corp., the Fever crate will contain retro fashion items that will be available for players with Early Bird Keys or by purchasing them with BP. On the other hand, the Militia crate will include “the Ernagel resistance force outfit and Miramar frontiersman outfit.” The best thing about the Militia crate is that it will be free for all players. 

Furthermore, just like with the Gamescom Invitational Crate, players may be able to obtain the whole set of items in a single Fever crate, if they’re lucky. Check out the list below that shows the individual drop rate per item, all of which can be obtained through the new free/paid crate boxes. 

FEVER items

  • Zest Turtleneck (White): 15%
  • School Shoes (Beige): 15%
  • Mesh Polo Shirt: 10%
  • Combat Gloves (Khaki): 10%
  • Checkered Shirt (Coral): 10%
  • Hi-top Canvas Sneakers (Pink): 10%
  • Retro Polo Shirt: 5%
  • Combat Pants (Coral): 5%
  • Zest Sunglasses: 4.5%
  • Zest Loafers with Socks: 4.5%
  • Denim Bootcut Pants: 4.5%
  • Zest Bootcut Pants: 2.5%
  • Zest Silk Scarf: 1.3%
  • Floral Retro Jacket: 1.3%
  • Zest Retro Jacket: 0.6%
  • Zest Denim Jacket: 0.32%
  • Cropped Corset: 0.32%
  • Zest Checkered Skirt: 0.16%


  • Tank Top (Gray): 20%
  • Raglan T-shirt (Red/White): 20%
  • Polo Shirt (Pink): 20%
  • Vintage Polo Shirt: 20%
  • Military Shirt (Gray): 6.5%
  • Military Trousers (Black): 6.5%
  • Long Sleeved Turtleneck (Black): 3%
  • Utility Belt (Brown): 1.4%
  • Camo Tank Top (Red): 1.4%
  • Military Boots (Black): 0.4%
  • Battle Belt: 0.28%
  • Vintage Gas Mask: 0.28%
  • Leather Bootcut Pants: 0.08%
  • Military Jacket (Black): 0.05%
  • Military Cap (Black): 0.05%
  • Cowboy Hat (Brown): 0.028%
  • Faux Leather Jacket: 0.0128%
  • Cowboy Hat (White): 0.0128%
  • Military Skirt (Black): 0.0064%

What do you think of PUBG’s spring crates? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 



In May this year, Switch owners will be able to relive their Mega Man days as the Mega Man Legacy Collection and the Mega Man Legacy Collection 2, heads to the hybrid system. These two collections will feature all Mega Man 1-10 games and will be released as both digital and physical versions, Capcom confirmed today via their official blog

The eShop release of the Mega Man Legacy Collection is currently priced at $14.99, while Legacy Collection 2 will cost $19.99. For the retail version on the other hand, both collections will cost $39.99 with Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 on the game cartridge, and Legacy 2 will be available via a download code included. 

The Switch versions of both collections will feature several changes from the original Mega Man 1-10 games. These new iterations will include several challenge modes that will include remixed levels and online leaderboards, a sound mode that will allow players to listen to the game’s soundtrack, and museum mode, that will feature “a plethora of rare and insightful development archives.” 

Together with the the announcement of the release date of Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 & 2, Capcom also revealed some details regarding the previously announced amiibo support on the Switch:

“If you have a regular or golden Mega Man amiibo, you’ll also gain access to eleven additional fan-made challenges (from the Mega Man Legacy Collection Challenge Contest), previously exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS version of the game and now making their console debut on Nintendo Switch. The second collection will have unspecified “new challenges” for players to unlock with amiibo.”

Both Mega Man Legacy Collection and Mega Man Legacy Collection 2 will be available on the Nintendo Switch on May 22. Are you excited to take a nostalgic trip with Mega Man? What is your favorite Mega Man game? Share your thoughts in the comments below.