This “Real-Life” Homer Simpson Rendering Will Give You Nightmares and Matt Groening Reacts To It

Have you ever wondered what Homer Simpson would look like as an actual person? Many people have, I'm sure, although no imaginings have been as horrifying as this one by Miguel Vasquez! The artist rendered a real-life copy of the character and as you'll see below, the results are wild:

I think we have a new candidate for "Evil Homer." TMZ caught up with Matt Groening recently and asked him what he thought about this "real-life" Homer art and Groening was also unsettled by it! He said:

"Oh my God. Wow. Wow, that... well, that's the next movie, there you go, yeah. We're gonna do it exactly like that. That's the way to do it. That's exactly how I see Homer in my nightmares."