AMERICAN HISTORY X Director Tony Kaye is Looking to Cast a Robot in His Next Film

Tony Kaye’s film 1st Born is being released later this year and Kaye is already planning the cast for his sequel, 2nd Born. In a controversial move, the director of American History X has decided he wants to cast an actual robot with artificial intelligence. He plans to teach the AI different acting methods and techniques. Deadline reports the following is Kaye’s goal:

The idea, which originated from Kaye and producer Sam Khoze, is to forgo the use of computer-generated effects in favor of a physical A.I. robot as an actor, who they are hoping will get SAG recognition.

The story of 2nd Born centers on a young married couple, "Iranian born Ben and American Kate, whose complicated first pregnancy forces their extended family, from differing backgrounds, to find common ground for the sake of the baby"

This acting robot is expected to join several of the cast members that are expected to return for the sequel. What are your thoughts on using artificial intelligence for acting?