Gucci Is Selling A Ridiculously Overpriced Paramount T-Shirt


Are you super rich and want the wardrobe of a fifty-something former studio rep? Gucci has just the product for you then as it and Nordstrom just rolled out an obscenely priced over-sized t-shirt with the Paramount logo on it. This shirt, which Slashfilm first caught our attention with, costs a whopping $590.00, and the only reason I can imagine why is that Gucci logo slung across the back of the shirt.

Now, I know a lot of high-end fashion is overpriced, but at least sometimes I can understand the cool designs and why someone might pay that type of money for it. This, however, is literally someone's pajama shirt with a Gucci logo on the back. I don't understand it, and have to imagine this is just some marketing stunt or bizarre misstep to make a new trend. Check out more pictures of the shirt below, and if you're gonna buy it click here