Some Netflix Users Are Reporting Ads Playing During Streaming

Netflix has long been a safe-haven from advertising, but it's possible those days could be at an end. This news comes on the heels of a Reddit user from the U.K. telling the following story about a recent Netflix watch session that was interrupted by an unskippable ad for Better Call Saul:

So I'm just sitting winding down after work watching some Rick and Morty and the episode finished. Rather than give me the option to skip to the next episode it came up with a full screen 'up next' for Rick and Morty and 'but first..." and proceeded to play a full screen trailer for it and I couldn't goto the next episode of R&M. It had what youtube ads have, a timed skip button meaning I'm forced to watch ads.

Another user on the thread reported a similar thing happening when he was watching Bob's Burgers, although the ad was for the Netflix series I Am A Killer. Netflix has yet to comment on what's happening, and we certainly would like to know. Would you stick with Netflix if they started to show you unskippable trailers for shows you might be interested in?