A Television Adaptation Of THE TIME MACHINE Is In Development


H.G. Wells classic novel The Time Machine is getting yet another adaptation as Deadline reports Sky is taking a shot at making a version in a BBC-backed production. Apparently, things are in the "very early stages," of development, but the ultimate goal is for this television project to air on the international network Sky Atlantic. 

The Time Machine, which was published in 1895, and the story follows an "English scientist living in Victorian England who recounts that time is simply a fourth dimension and demonstrates to his dinner guests how to travel through it."

The project is being developed by Nick Payne (Wanderlust) and director Kibwe Tavares (Noughts & Crosses).

No word on an American channel that could pick up the adaptation, but I'm sure if the project starts to pull some Hollywood talent, that decision will be made sooner than later. Are you excited to see yet another rendition of The Time Machine, or do you think this is one property that needs to be left behind?