Sinemia is Lowering Their Prices for the Summer

If you're looking for another option besides Movie Pass with all of its recent issues, Sinemia just got even better for new subscribers! The movie ticket subscription service has decided to lower their prices for the summer. This comes at a time when their main competition, MoviePass, is introducing the peak-pricing model which raises the price of the tickets. If you sign up with Sinemia now, you’ll get $1 off a month for a total of $3.99 per month for the most basic tier that allows for one movie a month or $13.99 per month for 3 movies a month. Since you have to pay for a year at once, that means that you’re saving $12 no matter what plan you choose. I know that’s not much, but every little bit counts. Plus, you’ll still be eligible for the gift cards from that the service recently announced. I wish Sinemia worked in my area since this seems like the perfect option for me. Does this help sway you to subscribe?