It Looks Like Marvel Studios Might Be Developing a IRONHEART Movie as IRON MAN Successor


There's a chance that Marvel Studios is developing an Ironheart movie. According to The Black Script, there's a great script that exists for the film that was written by Jada Rodriguez. The description for the story that was released reds:

"When a young African American girl loses hope in humanity, she dedicates her life with the help of Tony Stark, to becoming a super hero... not knowing she is her own worst enemy."

Here's the Tweet that was posted:

The Hashtag Show says that The Black List, which is a list of Hollywood's most popular unmade screenplays, could be a sign that she was commissioned by Marvel to write an exploratory draft. Marvel hasn't said anything about this project yet, but the script does exist. We just don't know if this is something that Marvel Studio will eventually move forward with or not.

For those of you not familiar with Ironheart, the character was created by Brian Michael Bendis. The character real name is Riri Williams, who is a young teenage prodigy who ends up reverse-engineering Starks Iron Man armor while studying at MIT and she builds her own. While taking some time to help people, she's eventually discovered by Pepper Potts and Tony Stark, who endorse and help support her on the road to becoming a superhero.

Ironheart is a great comic book character and if she does end up being a part of Marvel's Phase 4... awesome! What do you think about the possibility of seeing Ironheart being introduced to the MCU?