Peter Parker Will Be on Summer Vacation in SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME

We know that Spider-Man will embark on a global adventure in Marvel Spider-Man: Far From Home. That title is said to have multiple meanings, but the web-slinger will literally be far from home in this movie. 

So, what is it that is going to take Peter Parker (Tom Holland) to Europe? Summer Vacation! During an interview with io9, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige revealed this bit of info saying:

"Well, when does that movie take place? We know it’s the summer. I think it’s summer vacation. I think he’s going to Europe with his friends. I don’t know what summer... I mean, I do know [but you don’t]."

He'll just be having fun with his friends traveling the world when all hell breaks loose and Spider-Man will have to save the day again. We don't know many details regarding the story, but we do know that Spider-Man will be facing off with Mysterio.

There's a rumor that they might be changing up Mysterio's origin a bit. He will reportedly live in London and is "a failed magician and actor rather than a stuntman and VFX expert." Apparently, the first battle between the two will take place on London's Westminster Bridge. Michael Keaton also may make an appearance as Vulture again, which would be great!

Spider-Man: Far From Home is being directed by Jon Watts and it hits theaters July 5, 2019.

Here Are The Free PS Plus Games For July 2018

Sony just announced the brand new roster of free games for all subscribers of PS Plus for July. 

Starting on July 3, PS Plus subscribers will be able to download games such as Absolver, an RPG fighting game that features a combination of martial arts set in a wasteland. Furthermore Quantic Dream’s Heavy Rain, the interactive drama action-adventure game that features four unique characters set in story-focused gameplay. 

You can check out the full list of games for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PS Vita below:

Heavy Rain

Deception IV: The Nightmare Princess
Rayman 3 HD

PS Vita:
Space Overlords
Zero Escape: Zero Time Dilemma

Furthermore, players can also download Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which was announced for PS Plus on E3 2018, until July 11. Lastly, Sony’s streaming service, PS Now, will run a special promotion for a limited time to all of their subscribers. From today until September 25, all new, current, and those who extend their PS Now subscription will get three-month access to the service for just $29.99 (the regular price for a three-month subscription goes for $44.99). 

What do you think of July’s roster of PS Plus games? Share your favorite titles in the comments below. 


Community Effort Orlando 2018 Is Any Man’s Tournament To Take In Both Melee And Smash 4

This weekend, over 400 competitors will travel to the Ocean Center in Daytona Beach, Florida for the next iteration of popular—and somewhat confusingly named—fighting game tournament Community Effort Orlando. While over a dozen fighting games will be contested at CEO 2018, the cherries on top of the tournament’s metaphorical sundae are two stacked Super Smash Bros. brackets featuring many of the world’s best in both Melee and Smash 4.

The top three Melee seeds at CEO 2018 are all elite-level players: Juan “Hungrybox” Debiedma, Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman, and Justin “Plup” McGrath. Ostensibly, Hungrybox is the favorite to win the tournament, and three of these top four seeds hail from CEO’s home state of Florida.

Standing right beneath the top three is another Floridian: Justin “Wizzrobe” Hallett. Though he is effectively the tournament’s fifth seed due to William "Leffen" Hjelte's last-minute decision to focus on Dragon Ball FighterZ at the event, Wizzrobe has shown that he’s more than capable of hanging with the big boys, having won his last meetings over both Mew2King and Hungrybox. Even Plup has lost to the young Captain Falcon before, albeit only in a 2014 best-of-three. With four gods in his way, Wizzrobe is a dark horse to win it all—a distinction that few players could claim in this day and age.

On the Smash 4 side, any one of the top seeds could take the event, with heavy hitters such as Leonardo “MkLeo” Lopez Perez, Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada, and Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey leading the pack. Tweek is fresh off of a major victory at last weekend’s 2GG: Hyrule Saga, while MkLeo will be on the lookout for redemption after a disappointing performance at the same event. Also coming off of a strong Hyrule Saga performance is Ramin “Mr.R” Delshad, the top European who fought his way to a second-place finish at the California major. Rounding out the top seeds is Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby, the perennially high-placing Rosalina main.

As the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate dawns, many eyes will be on top Smash 4 players—both those of potential teams/sponsors and those of fighting game community members interested in jumping into the new Smash title. While December approaches, the results of Smash 4 tournaments will grow more and more important as indicators of the state of the early metagame in Smash Ultimate. At CEO, a large fighting game community event, it’s particularly important for Smash 4 competitors to put their best feet forward—and CEO is anyone’s tournament to take.


This IRON MAN And TRON Mashup Action Figure Is Too Cool For Words

If you're looking for the ultimate Marvel and Disney mashup, you've come to the right place. That said, Hot Toys Iron Man 2 neon collectible figure isn't technically a Tron mashup, although we all know the score. The figure comes with light up laser hands, and of course, has that sleek looking neon body. Unfortunately, this is going to be a hard one to get your hands on unless you're at CCG Expo 2018 or in Shanghai at Hot Toys flagship store, so make a point to pick one up (regardless of what price it will eventually be tagged with) if you happen to be near either anytime soon! 

Iron Man has always been the fan favorite armored super hero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! As a special edition release, Hot Toys has pushed the boundaries of possibility and re-imagines the tech-forward suit of armors in bright neon color with scenes of electro futurism inspired by modern computer technology. Based on the blueprint of Mark IV, the newly developed Neon Tech Iron Man demonstrates not only the harmonious interaction between
sophisticated device and advanced weapon, but also the visually striking armor that reflects the passion and craft of neon culture.
Today, Hot Toys is thrilled to officially introduce the brand new 1/6th scale collectible figure of Neon Tech Iron Man Mark IV that showcases the incredible talented masterpiece with the magical medium of neon. This high-arsenal suit which incorporated luminous reflective element is a Toy Fair Exclusive item only available in selected markets!
Crafted with phenomenal details that astonish fans with its high level of authenticity, the over 32cm tall diecast Neon Tech Iron Man Mark IV collectible figure has an array of features including movie-accurate proportion and highly detailed armor design with fully enhanced articulations, specially applied shiny black and teal colored armor with luminous reflective patterns appearing under specialized LED light, LED light-up functions on eyes, palms, lower chest and forearms, two sets of interchangeable forearm armor, a pair of attachable lasers, a specially designed hexagonal figure stand with graphic card.
Expand your Marvel collections with the innovative pop art-inspired Iron Man suit!
Iron Man 2 1/6th scale Neon Tech Iron Man Mark IV collectible figure will be firstly available on-shelf at Hot Toys’ Flagship store in Shanghai Disneytown Lakeshore and Hot Toys’ Booth B-13 at CCG EXPO 2018! Fans please stay tuned to our announcement on this awesome collectible figure at

The Release Date Has Been Revealed For JUMANJI 2 in a Brief Promo

Dwayne Johnson recently shared a brief promo announcing that Jumanji 2 will be released on December 13th, 2019. The promo also teases that the game is not over. No official title has been released and we don't have any plot details to share, but Johnson shared the following:

"Officially planting our JUMANJI flag. On December 13th, 2019 - the game is not over. I hold JUMANJI very close to my heart and I’m beyond grateful you made our movie into the global juggernaut ($1BILLION+) it became. Can’t wait for you to see what our new adventure & new characters have in store as Christmas comes early. And once again, I get to slap @kevinhart4real’s lip’s into next week. Love, 🎅🏾Dwanta Claus"

Karen GillanKevin Hart, and Jack Black will all be back to reprise their roles. The big question is, will the story take place inside the game again or will the characters from the game enter the real world? We'll just have to wait and see!

Officially planting our JUMANJI flag. On DECEMBER 13th, 2019 - the game is not over. I hold JUMANJI very close to my heart and I’m beyond grateful you made our movie into the global juggernaut ($1BILLION+) it became. Can’t wait for you to see what our new adventure & new characters have in store as Christmas comes early. And once again, I get to slap @kevinhart4real’s lip’s into next week. The world is happy. #FearTheDrums #TheGameIsNotOver #JUMANJI DECEMBER 13th, 2019

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Toby Kebbell Will Play The Villain in Vin Diesel’s BLOODSHOT

Toby Kebbell (Fantastic Four, Kong: Skull Island, Ben Hur) has joined Vin Diesel's feature film adaptation of the comic book Bloodshot. According to The Wrap, Kebbell will be taking on the villainous character Axe. I like Kebbell and this should be a good role for him to take on.

Diesel is set to play the title role Bloodshot, a super-soldier created by the secret government organization Project Rising Spirit when he was brought back from the dead through the use of nanotechnology and suffering total memory loss, and struggles to reconnect with who he was while learning what sort of weapon he has become, with the help of a group of other augmented combatants called Chainsaw.

Bloodshot has powers of regeneration, technomancy and meta-morphing, which was made possible through nanites that were injected into his blood. 

Kebbell also joins the previously cast Michael Sheen, Eiza González, Talulah Riley, Alex Hernandez and “Outlander’s” Sam Heughan

The studio will start shooting in July and it's being directed by Dave Wilson, who is Deadpool director Tim Miller's partner at Blur Studios. The film is being written by Eric Heisserer (Arrival) and the studio is looking to develop it as an R-rated film that is being likened to Robocop, Terminator, and Total Recall. They want it to have that classic 1980s tone. 

DRAGON BALL SUPER is Getting a Primetime Slot


I have not been able to watch Dragon Ball Super yet. I know I’m not the only one either. If you still have a cable subscription instead of a million streaming service subscriptions, you just lucked out. In the past, DBS has been airing in the US on Adult Swim at 8 PM EST Saturday evenings, but for fans wanting to start from the beginning it’s been hard. Now, Adult Swim will be airing DBS on Mondays as well starting on July 2, at 8 PM EST. DBS will be replacing King of the Hill in that time slot and will start from the beginning so fans can get caught up. Will you be able to catch Dragon Ball Super this time around?

The VFX Team Behind STRANGER THINGS Breaks Down Season 2’s Visual Effects


If you're anything like me and you enjoy what goes into creating the visual effects aspects of films and TV shows, I've got a video that you've got to watch. It's an episode of Vanity Fair's Notes on a Scene and it features Stranger Things VFX supervisor Paul Graff and visual effects producer Christina Graff breakdown of the various post-production elements that went into creating the creatures and other supernatural elements of the hit Netflix series. Some of those things include the demodog Dart and the final fight between Eleven and the shadow monster.

The DC Universe Streaming Service is Teasing a Big Announcement for Tomorrow

DC Universe is the upcoming new streaming platform from DC and Warner Bros. that will be the home of all kinds of DC content including new shows such as Titans, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol, and the Harley Quinn animated series. I’m intrigued by the platform, and if they can offer enough quality content, I may become a customer. They recently posted on their Twitter, though, that tomorrow they’ve got a big announcement on its way. What do you think the announcement will be? My guess is an official release date and pricing.

Enjoy The First 5 Entertaining Minutes of ZOIDS WILD

The Zoids franchise is coming back and I’m excited. The new anime will be called Zoids Wild and it will be accompanied by a manga and a video game and new models. We’ve seen a teaser before, but it looks like TOMY has decided to release the first 5 minutes of the anime on YouTube in an effort to promote it. The anime will release in Japan on July 7, and unfortunately, the clip is all in Japanese with no subtitles to help those of us who don’t speak Japanese. There’s also no word on if there will be a dub of the anime, so that may be a sad day for westerners.

The clip seems to feature the main character, Arashi, trying to capture or kill a zoid similar to a double sworder. His plan seems to fail and he’s saved by Bacon who is riding an awesome looking zaber fang-esque zoid. The tone seems to be different from Chaotic Century or Century Zero which should be nice and refreshing. The zoids seem to be more beast-like as well and pilots ride on top instead of in a cockpit. Are you wanting a western release? If so, who should do it?