HOLLOW KNIGHT Just Sold A Quarter Of A Million Units On The Switch In Two Weeks

Hollow Knight, the atmospheric action-adventure platform from developer Team Cherry just sold over 250,000 copies on the Nintendo Switch in its first two weeks. The news was shared by Team Cherry to IGN who reported that the dev is currently working to fix minor bugs in the launch build. 

Speaking to Waypoint, Reggie Fils-Aime from Nintendo said that “Hollow Knight on the Switch is doing exceptionally well,” and the game’s current numbers regarding sales is a reflection of its performance on the Switch. 

Hollow Knight started as a Kickstarter project that was able to earn their initial finding back in 2014. The game was then initially released for the PC in February of 27 and was subsequently released on the Mac, Linux, and now on the Nintendo Switch. 

In other Hollow Knight news, Team Cherry revealed in an AMA Session on Reddit that a physical version of the game is on its way to Nintendo’s hybrid system. 

Have you played Hollow Knight on the Switch already? Share your favorite moments on the game in the comments below. 


A Huge FINAL FANTASY Sale Is Happening On Steam Right Now


A massive selection of Final Fantasy titles joins the Steam Summer Sale that is currently on-going right now. Almost all of the Final Fantasy games listed on steam are fifty off, so this is the perfect opportunity for fans of the series or those who haven’t played any games in the franchise to snag up those games. The sale ends on July 5 so better buy the ones you like while you still have the chance.

Unfortunately, the first two Final Fantasy games are not on Steam’s library. However Final Fantasy III up to Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition are all on sale on Steam right now. You can check out the list with each game’s sale price below:

  • Final Fantasy III - $8
  • Final Fantasy IV - $8
  • Final Fantasy IV: The After Years - $8
  • Final Fantasy V - $8
  • Final Fantasy VI - $8
  • Final Fantasy VII - $6
  • Final Fantasy VIII - $6
  • Final Fantasy IX - $15
  • Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Remaster - $15
  • Final Fantasy XI: Ultimate Collection - $30
  • Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age - $25
  • Final Fantasy XIII - $10
  • Final Fantasy XIII-2 - $10
  • Lighting Returns: Final Fantasy XIII - $10
  • Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood - $20
  • Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - $15
  • Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition - $25
  • World of Final Fantasy - $20

Which Final Fantasy game are you most excited to play now that it's on sale?  


Check Out This Awesome Ultra Instinct Goku Mural in Brazil

I haven’t been able to see Dragon Ball Super yet, but I know enough to know that Ultra Instinct is a crazy new level that Goku has achieved to beat the bad guys. My lack of knowledge doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate how awesome this mural is. A reddit user shared a picture of this mural they saw in Brazil that was nearly 6 meters long. The fact that something like this is in Brazil is not surprising at all once you consider that South America has a lot of fans of Dragon Ball. If you want to watch Dragon Ball Super, the dub is available on Saturdays on Adult Swim or you can stream it on Funimation and Amazon Video. If you’re wanting to watch the sub, which is complete, you can find it on Funimation, Crunchyroll, and VRV.

Found this poece of art on the streets of brazil, thought you guys would enjoy it from r/dbz

Early Concept Art For IRON MAN 2 Shows Early Designs For Black Widow and War Machine


Here's a blast from the past! Let's go back to the year 2010 when Jon Favreau's Iron Man 2 hit theaters. This is the Marvel film that introduced us to Scarlett Johansson's Black Widow and Don Cheadle's War Machine to the MCU.

Thanks to CBM, we have some early concept art to share with you featuring early designs for these two characters in Iron Man 2. There are some great designs here, but I ultimately like what Marvel Studios ended up using in the film.

It's cool to see how these characters have grown and evolved over the course of the franchise. It will be interesting to see how their story arcs come to an end in Avengers 4.


Jim Carrey To Play The Villain in SONIC THE HEDGEHOG Movie

Jim Carrey is in negotiation to take on the role of the villain in the upcoming live-action/CGI adaptation of the classic Sega video game Sonic The Hedgehog. According to Deadline, he will play Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik. If negotiations go well, Carrey will join James Marsden and Tika Sumpter, who have already joined the cast of the film. 


As many of you already know, Dr. Robotnik is a rotund mad scientist who plans to conquer the world in order to build his own Eggman Empire. Of course Sonic The Hedgehog always ruins his evil plans.

It seems like the kind of role that Carrey would have a fun time playing because the character is such an over the top villain. He's kind of the perfect actor to take on the role and it will be interesting to see how Carrey and the director, Jeff Fowler, end up bringing the character to life for the film. 

I would love for this movie to turn out great. I like the cast that they are bringing together, but I'm afraid that it will just end up being like those crappy Smurf films. Live-action/CGI hybrid films, don't tend to end up being very good. 

Maybe Sonic The Hedgehog will work, though! What do you think about Carrey taking on the role of Doctor Eggman?

Disney Has Created Autonomous Robot Stunt Doubles, And They’re Pretty Amazing

We like to imagine autonomous robots one day destroying us all, but maybe they just want to be Hollywood actors? Disney has changed my outlook on this whole advanced robotics thing by showcasing their robots they're designing to be stunt doubles. I went into this video expecting to be impressed, and somehow it managed to exceed my expectations. Can you imagine the type of stunts we could pull off with robots instead of humans doing them? 

Sneak Peek At The SAILOR MOON Live Show Is Super Colorful


A new look at the upcoming Sailor Moon live show has hit the web, and it's looking super colorful. Unfortunately, the show isn't headed to the  states anytime soon, but if you happen to be in France in November, you might be able to see it there! Check out the teaser below, as well as the poster below that, and let us know if you'd ever go to a Sailor Moon live show:

The Highest Grossing Franchise of All Time is POKEMON

If I were to guess what the highest grossing franchise ever was, I would guess The Simpsons, Harry Potter, Marvel, or Star Wars. Only one of those is in the top 3 and two of them are in the top 5.

Pokemon is the king of franchises right now sitting at roughly $59.1 billion. Number 2? Star Wars with a whopping $42.9 billion.

This is especially shocking when you take into account the years since they started. Star Wars began back in 1977 with a movie that would later be called A New Hope. Pokemon started 19 years later in 1996 with the video games Pokemon Red and Pokemon Green.

Of course, when you break things down, you assume a lot of the revenue for Pokemon comes from the trading card game, Pokemon GO, and the countless movies and TV shows. However, it’s mostly from the video games and merchandise which make up roughly $48.5 billion which still beats out all the money Star Wars makes from everything.

What franchise did you think was number one?

Source: CB

OVERWATCH’S New Hero Is A Cute Rodent


After several teases from Overwatch’s official Twitter account, the latest hero in the game is finally revealed. Players assumed that the new champion will be Hammond after several clues through posters and the wrecking ball from Blizzard’s second teaser came to light. Now, Overwatch just released the final teaser and we get to see hero 28, which is a cute chubby hamster that no one could have anticipated. 

Although Overwatch didn’t confirm the latest hero’s identity, it is likely that this hamster is indeed Hammond, the missing specimen from Horizon Lunar Colony. The colony was a scientific experiment that intends to evolve gorillas into super smart scientists. Players will be familiar with Winston, the most famous result of the program funded by Lucheng Interstellar. 

In an unfortunate turn of events, a riot occurred that led to the subjects going rogue and was able to successfully launch the scientists into space. However, Lucheng’s systems detected two missing test subjects, namely Winston and Hammond. Given that we know Winston’s whereabouts, Hammond became a mystery and started the speculation that he is, in fact, the next hero of the game. 

A full reveal of Hero 28 will commence soon via the upcoming Overwatch PTR, which will confirm the hero’s identity and will preview his in-game kit. 

What do you think of Overwatch’s latest champion? Did you expect the cute hamster that was revealed recently? Share your thoughts in the comments below. 


Netflix Orders a Supernatural Martial Arts Crime Drama Called WU ASSASSINS with Iko Uwais!

Netflix has ordered an exciting new series called Wu Assassins which is a supernatural martial arts crime drama that will star Iko Uwais (The Raid). The series comes from Tony Krantz (24), John Wirth (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles; Falling Skies) and Nomadic Pictures (Fargo, Hell on Wheels). That's a solid team of talent right there. 

Wu Assassins, set in San Francisco’s Chinatown, is a martial arts crime series with supernatural elements. It stars Uwais as Kai Jin, who becomes the latest and last Wu Assassin, chosen to round up the powers of an ancient triad and restore balance once again.

Byron Mann (The Expanse) co-stars in the series and plays a character named Uncle Six. Wirth wrote the series and he also serves as showrunner. Steven Fung will direct the first two episodes, with Krantz expected to helm another. Uwais also will serve as producer, as well as lead the martial arts and fight choreographer and stunt coordinator.

This seems like it has the making of a great series and I can't wait to see how it turns out. I love martial arts, and Uwais is a complete badass so I'm 100% in!

Source: Deadline