Billy Mitchell Calls People Who Doubt His Accomplishments “Jealous Crybabys”

Billy Mitchell has officially launched a "redemption tour" to clear his name after he was exposed as a cheater and stripped of all his video game records, and it's not off to a great start. Variety was there for the first night of his tour where Billy had the room for an hour to a standing room only crowd of around 150 people.

Mitchell opened the room to questions at the beginning of his speech, but then proceeded to talk for 55 minutes before his moderator, podcaster Bobby Blackwolf, was able to speak a full sentence. Those who attended said it was Mitchell speaking non-stop and providing stacks of emails and random documents that showed he was legit. People may not be too interested in all that, but what they will be interested in is what Mitchell had to say about the people who called him out as a cheater and continue to doubt his records are valid:

“They’re jealous crybabies who want to be worshipped sitting behind their keyboards.”

Mitchell then went on to describe a conspiracy which involved the new owners of Twin Galaxies plotting against him personally and seeking to besmirch his good name. There also was a brief moment where he mentioned pornography, his son, and a FBI investigation. Truly, it sounds like it would've been wild to sit through, which is good news because he's coming to a city near you to do it all over again! Unfortunately I can't find the details of where and when he'll be appearing, but I'm desperately hoping he's coming near me soon. I NEED to witness this.