Jimmy Kimmel Turned INFINITY WAR Into a Romantic Comedy

If you have not seen Avengers: Infinity War yet, I highly recommend you do. If you’re seeing it this weekend, watch this video and then turn off your internet. I highly recommend you just become a hermit until you’re able to see the film. The less you know, the better it will be. Messing around with trailers is nothing new. Darth Blender is growing famous for his animated clip trailers like the one for Venom. It’s also been touched on before that a Marvel movie will be a romantic comedy by SNL. Fox is making an X-Men horror film and Marvel’s recent films have all had a lot more influence than just comic books. Black Panther definitely had some spy movie aspects and political intrigue film aspects. Spider-Man is a coming of age teen movie. Why not have a romantic comedy? The lovely folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live have edited clips from the Infinity War trailers to create Love Infinity.

This In-Depth Video Essay Re-Examines THE HOBBIT Trilogy and Everything That’s Wrong With It

For the record, I actually loved Peter Jackson's The Hobbit trilogy. I'll admit, it wasn't perfect and stretching the story out of the course of three films may not have been necessary, but I enjoyed it! I loved Peter Jackson's vision of Middle Earth and I am one of those fans that would gladly take everything I could get.

There was a lot of hype build up for this trilogy, but it seemed to fall flat with most audiences. There definitely seemed to be a lot of frustration with the adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkiens classic novel, which ended up weaving in several other story threads from other books and adding new characters, which I personally didn't have any issues with.

Anyway, whether you are a fan of The Hobbit trilogy or not, I have a fantastic video essay series for you to watch from Lindsay Ellis, who embarked on an adventure of her own to give us an in-depth dissection of the adaptation, and even though she sets out to try to give it "a fair shake", it really ends up breaking down everything that is wrong with it.

There are three videos in the series and you can watch them all below.

FAMILY GUY Boasts Harvey Weinstein And Kevin Spacey Prediction On Emmy Mailer

Family Guy was alerting the world to the problem of Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein long before they made the news for shocking revelations of sexual misconduct, and they're reminding everyone in their Emmy mailer. Deadline posted a picture of the mailer the voting staff for the award show received, and it's sure to make just a few Hollywood executives sweat:

Upon opening the DVD, there is a mirror that will show the person who opens the DVD their reflection! Pretty genius and a hilarious joke, but also low-key terrifying to some Hollywood celebrity with skeletons in their closet. You gotta love Seth MacFarlane and his sense of humor.

This $100 AVENGERS: INFINITY WAR Baseball Cap Is Pretty Awesome

If you're looking for the coolest piece of clothing to emerge out of the Avengers: Infinity War merch, look no further. Ok, maybe cool is stretching things just a bit, but there's no denying the charm of this leather hat from New Era stitched to resemble the Infinity Gauntlet of Thanos. Additionally, there's some pretty awesome art on the inside of the hat that is certainly worth checking out. Take a look below, and if you're interested enough to buy this $100 hat, pre-order it right here

capcap.jpeg infinitywarballcap2.jpeg

Survey Reveals Very Few Baby Boomers Are Aware Of Premium Theater Options

A recent survey of the AARP showed that a bulk of the Baby Boomer generation is completely oblivious to the addition of recliner seating and dining options offered by theaters despite the fact they regularly attend the movies. Interestingly enough, Variety reported that less than half of the generation interviewed at Cinemacon was aware of the features, and while only 15% of the unaware tried it after discovering, 76% enjoyed it!

The second half of this story makes a lot of sense, as I feel like when I tell people around this age the miracle of recliner moviegoing I usually get the same response:

"I couldn't do that. I'd fall asleep."

So while I didn't do a survey to prove my point, I would imagine many of the older generation don't want to spend a premium to risk sleeping through a film, or they're just stuck in their old ways of moviegoing and don't see the need to change things up. Do you know any baby boomers who go to recliner theaters?

A Girl Asked The Rock To Prom, And He Turned Her Down, But Made It Up In An Awesome Way

Asking a celebrity to the prom doesn't work that often, so I'm guessing the high school student who asked Dwayne "The Rock," Johnson to her prom didn't exactly expect the actor to respond. Because he's The Rock though, he totally did, and while he didn't go with the girl to prom, he did send her a very special message via her school intercom. Check out the video below, and then check out her reaction and tell me The Rock isn't one of the best actors in Hollywood today:

Check Out All The Roles Jimmi Simpson Played Leading Up To WESTWORLD


It's a rare talent when an actor is just as entertaining and intriguing to watch in one genre as he is in another, and it's not often Hollywood can find actors like that. Usually when they do, these folks get elevated to crazy levels of fame, although I would say Jimmi Simpson still has yet to hit his real peak in Hollywood. It's a real shame because the guy is just as great at making you feel as he is creeping you out, and I'd love to see the guy be a part of a major movie franchise some day. Anyway, if you're looking for evidence of Simpson's versatility, check out these roles he played on the road to HBO's Westworld:

Warframe for Beginners Part: 1 


So you've decided to pick up one of the most popular free-to-play games available on Steam. You are in for a treat, and there is more to this game then perhaps you were aware. It seems deceptively simple, space ninjas, what more do you need?!

Well, underneath the simple structure of choosing a character and weapons, then going out and kill baddies, there is an interesting, enigmatic story with some deep lore and a plethora of hidden content. While Warframe is an amazing game (I’ve put nearly 3k hours into it), it doesn't teach you everything there is to know. There is a great deal you must glean from playing the game or finding out from other players.

My hope with this series of articles is to lessen a bit of the learning curve and to give you some better insight into the game so you can make more informed choices from the get-go, in the hope that you will have a better experience.

Some basics first.

Mastery Rank 

Levels in Warframe can be…confusing, so I’ll try to give a decent summation of how it works.  All “equipment” in Warframe has a Rank that ranges from none to 30. These Ranks are easily filled by using the item to kill enemies mostly, or by getting residual “experience” from other items or completing objectives. 

Getting Ranks on an item does two things; first, it increases the mod capacity of said item which affects your ability to augment the item, to increase its stats or give it additional powers, etc. The second thing Ranks do is earn you Mastery Rank. This is gained only after the first time you level an item. Mastery Rank can be thought of your character level, like in an MMORPG. And like character level, there a perks that come with higher Mastery Ranks: access to better weapons -and mods in one particular case-, additional loadout slots, and a few other things. Also, like character level, the higher Mastery Rank you achieve, the harder it is to obtain the next level.

Currently, the max Mastery Rank is 30, but nobody can reach that yet as there is not enough equipment in the game to level to reach that, so the realistic max rank is 25 at the time of writing this.

What this means is that you are going to want to eventually get your greedy hands on every piece of gear, to at least level it once just for the mastery rank. Yes, this will mean slogging through a painful grind from time to time, but there are tricks to lessen that burden as well that I'll cover in a later article.


Warframe has a number of currencies that are used for a number of things.

Credits - These are the standard currency, used for purchasing the majority of in-game things such as paying the cost of crafting items and accessing certain special missions. Credits cannot be traded with other players. Credits drop of enemies areawarded for completing missions and often are additional bonuses for completing certain missions.

Platinum- This is the biggie, Platinum -sometimes referred to as plat or just P- is purchased with real-world money and is basically the universal currency in the game. With plat you can buy fully assembled weapons with bonuses -OrikinCatalysts, which doubles mod capacity and a weapon slot, for example, or a fully assembled Warframe with the same bonuses or even bundle packs of weapons and Warframes, sometimes with additional skins for these items. Practically anything in the game can be purchased with Plat one way or another.  Plat CAN be traded with other players. Plat can only be bought with real-world money or traded from other players. Pro tip: If you are trying to avoid spending money on the game, I highly suggest using the 5o Plat that you start with to buy an extra weapon and Warframe slots, as the only way to get more of either is to buy them with plat. If you are willing to put in a little extra effort (or have some amazing luck) you can get by without paying any real-world money.

Kuva – The last currency is a special case. Some may not even consider it a currency but rather as a crafting material. Either way, Kuva is required in order to “re-roll” Riven mods, which I will get into later as that is an endgame thing. Kuva like most other crafting materials cannot be traded with other players. Kuva is earned mostly through doing specific Kuva missions but is also a reward (in small amounts) from other kinds of missions.

Endo -  Endo is much like Kuva, somewhere between crafting material and currency. Endo is only used to level up mods. Endo is generally not tradable to other players. Endo is earned as drops from enemies, rewards for missions and bonus rewards from specific kinds of missions. You can also “generate” Endo by breaking down surplus mods at your mod station. 

Void Traces – Again similar to Kuva and Endo, Void Traces are not used to purchase things per se, they are used to refine Void Relics, which are items you need in order to have a chance of getting some of the best weapons and Warframes in the game. Think of Void Relics as Loot packs that you earn in game and have to complete missions to open.

In the next part of this guide, I will cover your choices when first starting, your choice of beginning Warframe and starting weapons, as well as delve further into the intricacies of this fine game.


The Box Art and Screenshots for SHADOW OF THE TOMB RAIDER Revealed


In preparation for the official reveal event tomorrow, Square Enix just revealed the box art and the first series of screenshots for the upcoming Shadow of the Tomb Raider.Check out the screenshots and box art below via Amazon:


The latest assets were revealed in an Amazon listing showing Lara in different environments in the game, including vehicles and our first look of the weapons available in the game. Shadow of the Tomb Raider was officially revealed last month. The game will serve as “Lara Croft’s defining moment as she becomes the Tomb Raider.” Furthermore, Square Enix said that the upcoming title will be the final game in Lara Croft’s origin story on how she earned the title Tomb Raider.You can check out some predictions we did on what players can expect in Shadow of the Tomb Raider where we talked about possible areas, enemies, and other elements we might see in the game. 

Shadow of the Tomb Raider is slated for release on September 14 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Don’t forget to check out the reveal event tomorrow, April 27, where Square Enix plans to reveal more details on the upcoming game. What are your predictions for Shadow of the Tomb Raider? Share your thoughts in the comments below.