KILL LIST and FREE FIRE Director Ben Wheatley Might Be Directing a Marvel Movie


Marvel Studios has had a very good track record for hiring directors to make their movies. Now it looks like British filmmaker Ben Wheatley actually might be one of them. This is the guy who previously made the films such as Kill List, A Field in England, and Free Fire. Wheatley is definitely an interesting choice and one that I wouldn't have expected. The guy just makes wickedly crazy films!

The news comes from actor and comedian Bob Mortimer while he was a gues ton Adam Buxton's podcast. While he was discussing a project that he is working on with Wheatley, he revealed:

"We were about to start that but then Ben got offered one of the big Marvel films, so it wasn't for us to say 'you ain't doing that Ben'."

That certainly sounds to me like Wheatley is directing a Marvel movie! Marvel obviously hasn't confirmed anything, so we have no idea what movie he'll be directing, but we'll eventually find out. 

This is just speculation for now based on what Mortimer said, but if Ben Wheatley is attached to direct a Marvel movie, what movie would you like to see him take on? The director has expressed interest in directing a Marvel Zombies film, but I seriously doubt that's going to happen.