Tom Hardy and Chris Pine Wanted For The Activision’s CALL OF DUTY Movie

Last week we learned that the director of Sicario 2Stefano Sollima, was hired to helm the first feature film adaptation of Activision's video game franchise Call of Duty. He seems like he is a great choice to take on the film, which is said to launch a Call of Duty cinematic universe. 


In a recent interview with Metro, the director reveals that he wants to cast Tom Hardy and Chris Pine in his movie. I think both of these actors would be a perfect fit for the film. When talking about Hardy, Stefano said:

"I mean, I like almost everything [he’s been in]. I’m waiting for his Venom. Even in Mad Max, he was great."

He then went on to talk about Pine and what he could bring to the movie:

"He’s tough, but he’s smart and he can have a sense of humour but he can [also] be in such a dramatic role. I like when you feel that an actor can play with different nuances and tone because this means they’re a good actor."

Only time will tell if he is able to get these two actors on board. As of right now, it's just talk. It'd be cool if things ended up working out, though! If they did end up staring in a film together it wouldn't be the first time. They were in a film called This Means War together, and they actually had great on-screen chemistry. So to see them work together again would be great! 

Tom Hardy is also set to star in the big screen adaptation of Ubisoft's Splinter Cell. Not sure if that would keep him from joining Call of Duty. I guess we'll just have to wait and see.