Hilarious Fan Made DEADPOOL 2 Art Shows Cable Painting Deadpool

The geek section of the internet was on fire when Ryan Reynolds uploaded a Norman Rockwell style painting of Deadpool painting Cable for Josh Brolin's birthday, and this picture might just set it on fire once again.

In this great piece of Deadpool 2 fan-art, Cable is getting revenge on Deadpool for painting him as Josh Brolin's character Brand from The Goonies, by painting the version of Deadpool the geek world would rather soon forget from X-Men: Origins - Wolverine. Take a look at the picture below, and get ready for Deadpool 2 to hit theaters May 18th!

Those dirty old times... @joshbrolin here is my card for you to take revenge from @vancityreynolds ? #marvel #deadpool #fanart #memes #instagood #instagram #cable #marveluniverse #art #artwork #photoshop

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