Todd McFarlane Meeting With Actors To Find The Next SPAWN For Reboot

Todd McFarlane is on the hunt for the next actor to play Spawn in his reboot. The director took to Instagram to confirm the news that he was on the hunt, as he posted a picture with the original film's director Mark Dippe

WHAT..!? I was in Hollywood all day Friday talking casting roles to various actors about different character roles for the #Spawn movie. SOOO...of course when I am on my plane going back home the person who gets on last and sits next to me (literally) is the guy who directed the first Spawn movie (Mark Dippe)!?!? Had not seen him in years. Weird. TODD

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In all honesty, the announcement sounds way more exciting than it actually is. Those who have been following McFarlane's pitch for a Spawn reboot already know that he doesn't plan for Spawn to have a speaking role in this film, so I'm not sure why it's all that important who plays him! Instead the film will focus on private investigators Twitch and Sam, and other supernatural elements in addition to the appearance of Spawn. Did I mention it was going to be low-budget? Sounds like a blast, right?

I'm being a little too mean about this because, yeah, it is exciting, and I know few studios are looking to make a blockbuster franchise around Spawn, so I should be happy that McFarlane is doing it at all...but can't Spawn at least speak? How do you guys feel about this?